[some coccidia from the nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana cuvier, 1825)].the authors describe three coccidian species (eimeria arloingi, e. ninakohylakimovae, e. parva) found in the faeces of some nubian ibexes (capra ibex nubiana) in the "hai-bar wildlife reserve", israel. the results of the study represent the first finding of coccidia in c. ibex nubiana.1978553271
hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica: nymphal and larval identity and spiny mouse hosts in saudi arabia (acarina: ixodoidea: ixodidae).nymphal and larval hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica pegram, hoogstraal, and wassef, 1982, described herein, closely resemble those of hyalomma (hyalommina) rhipicephaloides neumann, differing chiefly in body size (both stages), nymphal basis capituli and scutal proportional dimensions, and distinctness of larval coxal spurs. females of these species are also structurally similar but males differ in major critical characters. nymphs and larvae of both species parasitize the spiny mouse (acomys spp.) ...19854057007
hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica sp. n. parasitizing goats and sheep in the yemen arab republic and saudi arabia.hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica sp. n. is described from 62 adults (29 males, 33 females) taken throughout the year from 23 goats and two sheep, mostly at 200 m altitude in the southern tihama foothills of ta'izz province, yemen arab republic. one female from a goat at 2,300 m altitude in this province may have attached to the host elsewhere and a male from mecca, saudi arabia, was on a goat imported from an unknown source for the traditional religious pilgrimage feast. we postulate that the origi ...19827077440
tear production in three captive wild herbivores in israel.the schirmer tear test (stt) i was performed to evaluate tear production in 12 captive nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana), 10 captive burchell's zebras (equus burchelli) and five arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx) at the tel-aviv ramat-gan zoological center (israel). mean (+/- standard deviation) stt values were 13.2 +/- 5.1 mm/min in the ibex, 23.4 +/- 3.4 mm/min in the zebra and 12.7 +/- 4.8 mm/min in the oryx. there were no significant effects of gender, age, weight, or side of the eye. there were no ...199910073364
arthropod parasites of nubian ibexes (capra ibex nubiana) and gazelles (gazella gazella) in a 20-year survey the following ectoparasites were collected from nubian ibexes: larvae of an unidentified oestrus sp. collected from the nasal cavities, sinuses and horns, hippoboscid flies (lipoptena chalcomelaena) specific to the nubian ibex, blood sucking lice (linognathus africanus) and unidentified biting lice (damalinia sp.). ibexes were severely infested with the cattle tick, boophilus annulatus; a few hyalomma anatolicum excavatum ticks were also collected. in five ibexes kept in two ...199910392972
evidence of three new members of malignant catarrhal fever virus group in muskox (ovibos moschatus), nubian ibex (capra nubiana), and gemsbok (oryx gazella).six members of the malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) virus group of ruminant rhadinoviruses have been identified to date. four of these viruses are clearly associated with clinical disease: alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 (alhv-1) carried by wildebeest (connochaetes spp.); ovine herpesvirus 2 (ovhv-2), ubiquitous in domestic sheep; caprine herpesvirus 2 (cphv-2), endemic in domestic goats; and the virus of unknown origin found causing classic mcf in white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus; mcfv-wtd). ...200314733283
ibex-associated malignant catarrhal fever in a bongo antelope (tragelaphus euryceros).a 4-yr-old male bongo antelope (tragelaphus euryceros) died after an acute clinical course involving a febrile illness, anorexia, lethargy, minor oculonasal discharge, and diarrhea. histologic lesions were compatible with malignant catarrhal fever (mcf). polymerase chain reaction (pcr) revealed an amplified region of a herpesviral dna polymerase gene sequence nearly identical to that of a mcf virus previously identified in nubian ibex (capra nubiana). the bongo had been housed across from an exh ...200717939356
nutritional ecology of dimorphic herbivores: digestion and passage rates in nubian ibex.we compared forage digestion and passage rates among three groups of nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana) - mature males, non-lactating females, and lactating females - to test hypotheses relating intraspecific digestive ability to body mass and reproduction costs. we hypothesized that large males (60 kg) would exhibit longer forage retention times and more complete digestion of fermentable cell walls than adult females (23 kg). we tested these predictions by measuring digestion and retention of a g ...199628307302
immobilization of captive nubian ibex (capra nubiana) with butorphanol-midazolam-medetomidine or butorphanol-azaperone-medetomidine and atipamezole reversal.seventeen captive nubian ibex (capra nubiana) were immobilized for transportation and/or hoof trimming, deworming, and vaccinations. of these, 11 were immobilized with a combination of butorphanol (0.13±0.03 mg/kg), midazolam (0.13±0.03 mg/kg), and medetomidine (0.13±0.03 mg/kg) (bmm), and 6 were immobilized with a combination of butorphanol (0.11±0.03 mg/kg), azaperone (0.22±0.06 mg/kg), and medetomidine (0.11±0.03 mg/kg) (bam) by intramuscular injection. induction and recovery times were recor ...201526056882
ibex-associated malignant catarrhal fever-like disease in a group of bongo antelope (tragelaphus eurycerus).a private zoological facility experienced an outbreak of malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) in 3 bongo antelope (tragelaphus eurycerus). all cases were periparturient bongos that presented acutely anorectic beginning ∼6 weeks after being housed with a nubian ibex. disease quickly progressed to respiratory distress and death within 24-72 hours of onset of clinical signs. consistent gross findings in affected bongos were pulmonary edema and small pale tan foci in the livers. histological lesions incl ...201122194357
fecal testosterone is elevated in high ranking female ibexes (capra nubiana) and associated with increased aggression and a preponderance of male offspring.we monitored fecal testosterone and progesterone levels in 26 adult ibexes (17 males, 9 females) in a captive herd nubian ibex held on 250 ha tract to test if testosterone is associated with dominance. the ibexes were observed over a 20-month period, and including two mating seasons, during which time we collected fecal samples twice during early gestation and postpartum intervals and once during lactation and pre-rut season intervals. the social hierarchy was linear with age in adult males and ...200818242683
contagious caprine pleuropneumonia outbreak in captive wild ungulates at al wabra wildlife preservation, state of qatar.contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (ccpp) caused by mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae is a highly contagious and serious respiratory disease of domestic goats, characterized by coughing, severe respiratory distress, and high mortality rates. the lesions at necropsy are mainly a fibrinous pleuropneumonia with increased straw-colored pleural fluid. an outbreak of ccpp in wild goat (capra aegagrus), nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana), laristan mouflon (ovis orientalis laristanica), and ger ...200717469281
tonometry in three herbivorous wildlife species.tonometry was performed to estimate intraocular pressure (iop) in 12 nubian ibexes (capra ibex nubiana), 10 grant zebras (equus burchelli ) and five arabian oryxes (oryx leucoryx), using both applanation (tono-pen) and/or indentation (schiotz) tonometers. animals were anesthetized with a mixture of etorphine hydrochloride and acepromazine maleate. mean (+/- sd) iop in the ibex was 17.95 +/- 4.78 mmhg (24 eyes, indentation tonometry). in the zebra, indentation tonometry (20 eyes) yielded a mean i ...199811397205
migratory behaviour and desiccation tolerance of protostrongylid nematode first-stage larvae.migration of first-stage larvae (l1) from faeces to soil is a crucial stage in the life-history of protostrongylids transmitted via land snails. migration of muellerius cf. capillaris and a cystocaulus sp. l1 from fresh nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana) faeces (48-50% water content, w.c.) to substrate soils (at 100% r.h., 26 degrees c) was measured experimentally using dry (3 +/- 1% w.c.), wet (31 +/- 0.43% w.c.) and flooded (48.4 +/- 2.45% w.c.) soils. the highest migration rates (90.4 +/- 1.6% ...19979467736
[determination of escherichia coli shiga-like toxins by means of the mtt bioassay].tissue culture cells' metabolism and viability are measured by the mitochondrial reduction rate of a yellow tetrazolium salt (mtt) to blue formazan crystals in the mtt-bioassay. thus the mtt-bioassay is a standardizable and reproducible bioassay for measuring cytotoxicity or cytostimulation. it is shown that the mtt-bioassay is also very suitable for determining bacterial cytotoxins using escherichia coli's shiga-like toxins as example. 177 strains of e. coli, isolated from carcasses and organs ...19957483864
psoroptic ear mange (psoroptes cuniculi, delafond, 1859) in domestic and wild ruminants in israel.otoacariasis, caused by psoroptes cuniculi (delafond, 1859) is reported in sheep (ovis aries), domestic goats (capra aegagrus hircus), mountain goats (capra ibex nubiana) and yaez (a cross between domestic and mountain goats). captive and captured deer (gazella gazella and gazella dorcas) were found negative for ear mites. sheep and mountain goats were found to be the most affected while goats and yaez only sporadically so. the clinical manifestations are described and the results are discussed ...19854002605
nitrogen metabolism and kidney function in the nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana).the nitrogen economy of the nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana), a ruminant that inhabits harsh deserts, was studied in the laboratory when fed three diets of different quality. even on the low quality roughage (wheat straw) the ibex was found capable of balancing its nitrogen economy. on feeds low in protein, recycling of urea played a major role in helping the ibex maintaining a balanced nitrogen metabolism. when on wheat straw, the ibex recycled 71.6% of the urea synthesized in its liver. when o ...19852864193
sarcoptic mange in wild ruminants in zoological gardens in israel.sarcoptic mange (sarcoptes scabiei) occurred among wild ruminant species in five zoological gardens in israel, from 1984 to 1994. infestation of five ruminants by s. scabiei is reported for the first time: mountain gazelles (gazella gazella), nubian ibexes (capra ibex nubiana), a barbary sheep (ammotragus lervia), elands (taurotragus oryx), and an arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx). all animals in the herds were administered ivermectin orally at a dose of 200 micrograms/kg body weight daily for 3 cons ...19968627937
desiccation tolerance of muellerius cf. capillaris (nematoda: protostrongylidae) first-stage larvae.muellerius cf. capillaris is the most common lung worm of wild nubian ibex (capra ibex nubiana) in the northern negev desert, israel. the capacity of the free-living stages (l1) of the parasite to survive extreme desiccation was tested under 2 different dehydration regimes at 23 c: rapid dehydration through direct exposure to 0% relative humidity (rh), and a slow dehydration regime of preconditioning at 33% rh for 7 days prior to exposure to 0% rh for a further 21 days. in direct exposures to 0% ...19989714214
perineal hernia in a nubian ibex. 19827147674
taenia multiceps brain cyst removal in two wild nubian ibex (capra nubianas).two wild adult nubian ibex (capra nubiana) were captured and admitted to the hebrew university veterinary teaching hospital with various neurologic signs, including alerted mentation, head tilt, and pathologic nystagmus. the lesion in the central nervous system was localized to the forebrain in one ibex and to the cerebellum of the other. both ibex's were diagnosed with brain cyst using computed tomography (ct). craniectomy was performed to remove the cysts, and both animals returned to their na ...201424712185
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