metazoan parasites of the red rockfish sebastes capensis off northern chile.the parasites of the red rockfish sebastes capensis off northern chile are described quantitatively for the first time and compared with those of congeneric species of the northern hemisphere as well as of other chilean marine fishes. sixteen species were recorded, including 8 ectoparasites (2 copepods, 2 isopods, 1 turbellarian, and 3 monogeneans) and 8 endoparasites (2 acanthocephalans, 3 digeneans, and 3 nematodes). the ectoparasites lepeophtheirus chilensis and caligus cheilodactylus, and th ...19989714211
influence of host size and sex on the endohelminth infracommunities of the red rockfish sebastes capensis off northern chile.the relationship between host size and sex and the abundance, prevalence, species richness, diversity, and total number of parasites in the infracommunities of sebastes capensis was analyzed. nine helminth species were obtained from 180 red rockfish captured off coquimbo bay, northern chile. these included the digeneans pseudopecoelus sp., diphtherostomum sp., derogenes sp., podocotyloides sp., and lecithochirium sp., the acanthocephalan corynosoma sp., and the nematodes ascarophis sebastodis, h ...200010958472
similarity and structure of the ectoparasite communities of rockfish species from the southern chilean coast in a temporal scale.the understanding of the patterns and processes underlying the structure of parasite communities has progressed significantly in the last years; however, much of the evidence available to date on parasite community comes from unconfirmed studies. in this study the ectoparasite communities of 2 related rockfishes, sebastes capensis and helicolenus lengerichi, from the southern chilean coast (ca. 40 degrees s) were examined to determine whether their specific compositions are similar, structured i ...200616753080
[residues of tetracycline and quinolones in wild fish living around a salmon aquaculture center in chile].the presence of residues of tetracycline, quinolones and antiparasitic drugs was investigated in wild fish captured around salmon aquaculture pens in cochamó, region x, chile. residues of both antibiotics were found in the meta [corrected] of two species of wild fish that are consumed by humans, robalo (elginops maclovinus) and cabrilla (sebastes capensis) [corrected] these findings suggest that the antibiotic usage in salmon aquaculture in chile has nvironmental implications that may affect hum ...200717369965
identification and genetic characterization of piscirickettsia salmonis in native fish from southern chile.piscirickettsia salmonis is the etiological agent of piscirickettsiosis, a severe disease causing high mortalities in salmonids. this bacterium has been previously identified and isolated in all cultivated salmonids in chile and worldwide, including salmo salar, oncorhynchus kisutch, and o. mykiss, in addition to being found in non-salmonid species such as dicentrarchus labrax and atractoscion nobilis. in this study, the 16s rrna gene and intergenic spacer its-1 of p. salmonis were amplified by ...201526290508
two new species of ascarophis (nematoda: cystidicolidae) in marine fishes from this study, we describe 2 new species of ascarophis van beneden, 1871 (nematoda: cystidicolidae), found in fishes from southern chile. ascarophis carvajali n. sp. was found in austrolycus depressiceps and patagonotothen cornucola, whereas ascarophis draconi n. sp. was taken from champsocephalus gunnari. these new ascarophis species differ from other species in a combination of several morphometric and morphological characteristics. although a. carvajali n. sp. was morphologically close to asc ...200718163355
nested patterns in parasite component communities of a marine fish along its latitudinal range on the pacific coast of south america.a major goal of community ecology is to identify and explain non-random patterns of species composition. to date, the search for nested patterns in parasite component communities of the same fish host species has not been attempted, despite the fact that this higher hierarchical level is more relevant to nestedness analyses. the aims of this study are first, to determine the structure of component communities--considering ectoparasites and endoparasites separately--of a marine fish (sebastes cap ...200516174422
spatial and temporal predictability of the parasite community structure of a benthic marine fish along its distributional range.the search for consistent patterns of organisation in parasite communities remains a central theme in parasite community ecology. however, to date, much evidence comes from studies without replication in both space and time; when replicate communities are examined, repeatable patterns are rarely observed. here we determine, using nested subset analyses, whether the infracommunities of ectoparasites and endoparasites of a benthic marine fish (sebastes capensis) show non-random structure. then we ...200516185695
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