isolation and characterization of fungal inhibitors from epichloë festucae.a series of studies was conducted to test the antifungal activity of clavicipitaceous endophytes and to identify potential fungal inhibitors in this symbiotic infection. a diverse group of endophytes was screened for antifungal activity using organic extracts from liquid fermentation cultures. fungal inhibitors were purified from fermentation cultures of epichloë festucae using a bioassay-directed extraction with cryphonectria parasitica as the test organism. compounds shown to have antifungal a ...200011052720
the evolutionary origins of three new neotyphodium endophyte species from grasses indigenous to the southern hemisphere.members of the genus neotyphodium are asexual, seedborne, protective fungal endophytes of cool season grasses that have likely evolved either directly from sexual epichloë; species, or by the interspecific hybridization of distinct lineages of epichloë; and neotyphodium. we investigated the evolutionary origins of neotyphodium endophytes from several grasses that are indigenous to the southern hemisphere using a multiple-gene phylogenetic approach. intron regions of the genes encoding β-tubulin ...200221156542
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