neutral red supravital staining for cellular elements in the semen.human seminal fluid besides spermatozoa often contains other cellular elements. a supravital staining method designed to differentiate the above mentioned cellular elements was described. amongst the spermatogenic cells only spermatocytes were stained with neutral red. they displayed two peculiar structures designated as "y" granules and "enigmatic body". neutral red was absorbed by the spermiophage cells and was concentrated by them in the form of cytoplasmic granules. in addition the coarse gr ...197875699
a parasitological study on the chacma baboon (papio ursinus) from the northern transvaal.baboons imported into rhodesia from the northern transvaal proved to be heavily infected with intestinal protozoa and helminths. in fact, six protozoan species, one cestode and eight nematode species were recorded. a new concept in "identification graphs" is included in the paper which allows one to read off directly the species of strongyle eggs being passed by baboons in southern africa based upon length and breadth measurements of the eggs. treatment of balantidium coli and nematode infection ...1978104037
[effects of mebendazole and cambendazole on enterohelminths in pigs].mebendazole, administered at a dose of 30 mg active substance per 1 kg of feed, was found to have 100% effectiveness on ascaris suum and cambendazole, administered at a dose of 1.5 g per 1 kg of liver weight, showed the same effectiveness in the control of ascaris suum and oesophagostomum dentatum. the effectiveness of both drugs on trichocephalus suis and strongyloides ransomi was low. mebendazole and cambendazole can be recommended for mass dehelminthization of pigs in affected stocks. helmint ...1979111399
balantidium peritonitis diagnosed on cytologic material.balantidium coli were detached in a routine cytologic smear of ascitic fluid. the morphologic features were clearly discernible in the papanicolaou stained smears.1977264743
[acute appendicitis caused by balantidium coli].a patient who was surgically treated for acute appendicitis is presented. in the sections of cecal appendix many balantidium coli trophozoites were found. the history, characteristics, habitat, location, biological aspects and reproduction of this parasite are commented.1978358326
the effect of the electromagnetic field and 0,0-diethyl-0-1-(2,4-dichlorphenyl)-2-bromovinylphosphate and 0,0-dimethyl-3-1-(2,4-dichlorphenyl)-2-bromovinylphosphate on the survival of balantidium coli (malmsten). 1979524894
the prevalence of human intestinal protozoa in ibadan, nigeria.this study shows that the two intestinal protozoa, giardia lamblia, balantidium coli in addition to entamoeba histolytica are prevalent in the ibadan population and are responsible for many of the non-bacterial diarrhoea seen in patients. a high seasonal prevalence of the intestinal protozoa in the dry months of the year was associated with the use of contaminated water. both the high infection rates recorded in adults and children under five years old, and the high frequency of association invo ...1977563477
effect of terramycin in balantidiosis of an industrial pig farm in lubumashi, zaïre, balantidium coli produced severe clinical and fatal disease. terramycin at a dose rate of 15 mg/kg body weight administered twice daily with concentrates gave clinical recovery in all the pigs treated. the complete parasitological recovery was obtained in 14 out of 20 animals. in the remaining 6 there was significant reduction in the number of b. coli. keeping in view the large spectrum of activity of terramycin in various infections as well as b. c ...1977596795
studies on the intestinal parasites in african patients in owamboland, south west africa.the paper gives the results of a survey of intestinal parasites among 501 in-patients drawn from four mission hospitals in owambo and kavango in northern south west africa. most of the patients (90%) were examined twice by the formol-ether concentration method, while the remaining 10% had one stool specimen examined. 10 species of helminths and 3 species of potentially-pathogenic protozoa were recorded--necator americanus, strongyloides stercoralis, strongyloides fuelleborni, hymenolepis nana, t ...1978635971
case report of balantidium coli infection. 1978668618
balantidiosis in a chimpanzee (pan troglodytes).a young adult chimpanzee died after a brief gastrointestinal illness characterized by profuse soft stool, vomiting and dyspnoea. necropsy examination revealed a severe typhlitis and colitis with pseudomembrane formation, and acute aspiration pneumonia. balantidium coli, a common intestinal parasite, was found in large numbers in the mucosal and submucosal layers of the colon and caecum. the inflammation and degree of invasion associated with balantidium coli indicates that it was a primary patho ...1978732267
[balantidium coli infection of the female genitals (author's transl)].two cases of therapy-resistant fluorine are reported in which balantidium coli from the class of the cilia (ciliophora, ciliata, infusoria) was identified. after a personal experiment, the balantidia must be considered extremely pathogenic. in international literature, no further indication of a ciliata infection of the female genitals was found.1976773739
parasitic infections in humans in west kalimantan (borneo), indonesia.a survey was carried out among inhabitants of eight villages in west kalimantan province (borneo), whereby blood smears were examined for malaria, stools examined for intestinal parasites and sera tested by the indirect hemagglutination test for antibodies to entamoeba histolytica and toxoplasma gondii. the prevalence of malaria among 3017 people examined was 5.6% (plasmodium vivax 2.8%, plasmodium falciparum 2.8%). brugia malayi microfilariae were found in 3.6% and wuchereria bancrofti in 0.3%. ...1976788263
the feeding habits of balantidium coli. 1976988665
massive development of amebas in the large intestine. fedor aleksandrovich lesh (lösch).fedor aleksandrovich lesh (lösch) 1840-1903. although lösch was a distinguished russian physician, little has been written about him in english. a graduate of the medico-chirurgical academy in st. petersburg (1863), he defended a doctoral thesis on pulmonary embolism and infarction in 1866, and became an assistant professor of medicine in 1871. from 1872 to 1885 he was a lecturer on diagnosis at the women's medical college and a consultant to the nikolayev military hospital. in 1885 he became pr ...19751098489
clinical trials with metronidazole in human balantidiasis.therapeutic activity of metronidazole against balantidium coli was evaluated by using two drug regimens in 20 human cases of balantidiasis. all patients also harbored trichuris trichiura. children received a total amount of drug that varied from 2.5 g during 5 days to 7.5 g in a period of 10 days. adults were given 5 g in 5 days or 12.5 g during a period of 10 days. in all patients b. coli disappeared after the 4th day of treatment. frequent posttreatment stool examination remained negative. all ...19751190365
[prevalence of balantidium coli infections in swine from santiago, chile (author's transl)]. 19751212287
prevalence of balantidium coli infection in different sex and age groups of pigs in japan. 19911836391
[intestinal parasites of agouti paca (rodentia: dasyproctidae) in costa rica].in a sample of 23 breeding places of pacas (agouti paca) in costa rica, the following parasites were found: eimeria agoutii, balantidium coli, capillaria sp., trichuris sp., taenia sp., strongyloides sp., and members of the superfamilies strongyloidea and ascaroidea.19911844153
infections due to balantidium coli in primates. 19911925298
balantidium coli infestation as a cause of acute appendicitis. 19912037808
typhlitis due to balantidium coli in captive lowland gorillas.typhlitis caused by balantidium coli and requiring surgical resection occurred in three captive lowland gorillas over a 30-month period. not one of the other gorillas in the colony or their keepers was ill. b. coli is distributed widely geographically and widely among mammals. asymptomatic commensalism predominates, but invasion of the colonic mucosa can produce diarrhea and dysentery and set the stage for local or systemic spread.19902267484
detection of balantidium coli from evacuated feces in cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis). 19902287142
human balantidiasis. a case report.a 58-year-old woman, who presented to hospital with melaena and faecal peritonitis due to a perforated terminal ileum, was found to be infected with balantidium coli. this protozoan parasite is commonly found in pigs, but can infect man, and may mimic amoebic infection. the diagnosis may be missed unless fresh stools are examined immediately. the patient died from septicaemia.19902339302
occasional parasitic infections of man in papua new guinea and irian jaya (new guinea).most parasites of man in new guinea are cosmopolitan species, widely distributed and highly prevalent in the island. reports of other parasite infections are reviewed. this impoverished fauna includes anthroponotic species normally occurring at low prevalences, e.g. isospora belli, dientamoeba fragilis, trichomonas hominis and a few zoonotic forms with pigs as reservoir hosts, notably balantidium coli and entamoeba polecki. other zoonoses are very few and extremely rare. this may be due to the r ...19892690759
invasive balantidiasis presented as chronic colitis and lung involvement.a unique case of chronic balantidiasis is described, presenting with chronic colitis and inflammatory polyposis of the rectum and sigmoid colon and an intrapulmonary mass. histology of the colonic polyps showed balantidium coli, and both aspergillus and balantidium coli were found in the aspirate of the pulmonary mass. the patient was treated with doxycycline hcl 100 mg/day for 10 days with complete clinical recovery and marked improvement of the endoscopic appearance of the colonic mucosa.19892791818
[etiology of acute infantile gastroenteritis in gabon].rotaviruses are the main etiology of acute diarrhoeas in gabonese children (11 to 30% according to age). salmonellae (11.4%), shigellae (7.1%) and e. histolytica (7.1%), isolated or associated with enterobacteria, e. coli (3%), giardia and strongyloides stercoralis (1.4%), yersinia enterocolitica (1%) and balantidium coli (0.5%) were also found, without cholera.19852863005
survey of internal parasites in western australian pig herds. 1. prevalence.between september 1982 and march 1984, 101 western australian piggeries with 15 or more sows were surveyed to determine the prevalence of internal parasites and examine the relationship between parasitism and management practices. faecal samples were collected from 20 pigs in 4 age groups in randomly selected piggeries, and examined for the presence of eggs of helminth parasites and protozoan cysts. evidence of nematode parasites was found in 79% of piggeries. sows were more commonly affected th ...19892930392
parasitic diarrhea.this article reviews the biology, epidemiology, and clinical management of amebiasis, giardiasis, and cryptosporidiosis as well as the less common intestinal protozoa, dientamoeba fragilis, isospora belli, balantidium coli, and blastocystis hominis.19883074123
intestinal parasites in the camiri, gutierrez and boyuibe areas, santa cruz department, bolivia.a parasitological study was carried out on 381 apparently healthy subjects from camiri, boyuibe, gutierrez. intestinal parasites and non-pathogenic protozoa were present in 78.7% of the population sampled; multiple infections were observed in 67.7% of the parasitized individuals. the protozoon most commonly found was entamoeba coli (in 40.7% of specimens), followed by giardia intestinalis (30.7%), iodamoeba bütschlii (10%), chilomastix mesnili (8.7%). other protozoon parasites also present were ...19883271990
pathogenic micro-organisms and helminths in sewage products, arabian gulf, country of bahrain.fecal and sludge samples from the arabian gulf country of bahrain contained poliomyelitis and coxackie viruses, coliform bacteria, escherichia coli, salmonella spp., shigella sonni, fecal streptococci, balantidium coli, ascaris lumbricoides and hymenolepis nana eggs, and strongyloides stercoralis. sludge produced in the central sewage treatment plant is used for agricultural purposes and poses a threat to public health. recommendations to reduce the potential health hazards are made.19883341504
human cysticercosis and intestinal parasitism amongst the ekari people of irian jaya.a random sample of 242 people showed that 42 had palpable cysts of taenia solium. faecal examination recovered eggs of t. solium in seven (3%), while trichuris (83%), ascaris (83%), hookworms (76%), strongyloides stercoralis (10%) and strongyloides sp. (29%), entamoeba histolytica (14%), entamoeba coli (22%), entamoeba hartmanni (7%), entamoeba polecki (7%), balantidium coli (9%) and dientamoeba fragilis (21%) were the most common other intestinal parasites encountered. elisa tests, using antige ...19873430662
[a case of infection by balantidium coli]. 19873441732
[human intestinal parasites in subsaharan africa. ii. sao tomé and principe].in 1983 the authors carried out a survey in the democratic republic of são tomé and principe, analysing 1050 specimens of stools collected among the population from apparently healthy subjects chosen at random and in a number proportional to the distribution of the population in the regions of the country (about 1% of the population was examined). the examined subjects were divided into 3 age groups (0-3, 4-12, more than 12 years old), to have homogeneous groups in relation principally to modali ...19873508506
control of shigella flexneri in celebes black macaques (macaca nigra).stool specimens collected systematically from a group of celebes black macaques (macaca nigra) with a high incidence of diarrhea were examined microbiologically. numerous isolates of shigella flexneri, campylobacter jejuni and pathogenic escherichia coli were recovered. previous parasitology reports had revealed that the majority of the animals had balantidium coli. subsequently, the group was treated with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, erythromycin and tetracycline. after treatment, shigella fl ...19863523037
[intestinal parasitoses in children of an indian community of bolivian altiplano].a survey about motion parasitosis has been carried out on one hundred indians (quechua ethnic group) living in a hamlet called amarete located in the bolivian altiplano. this community is living in a place difficult to reach (11,100 feet) where many pre-colombian traditions are still alive. all children were parasitized, 75% of them were carrier of 3 to 5 parasites. infestation with ascaris (91%) is the most frequent and the risks of getting amebic dysentery (entamoeba histolytica 41%) and balan ...19863731367
a coprological study of parasitism in orangutans (pongo pygmaeus) in indonesia.fecal specimens from 89 orangutans (36 captive, 34 rehabilitant, and 19 wild) at different locations in indonesia were examined. strongyloides spp, balantidium coli, and strongylid nematodes were the most common infestations detected. a syngamid nematode, mammomonogamus sp, is reported for the first time in orangutans.19863959059
[effect of electromagnetic field, monocrotophos and cartap on selected life functions of balantidium coli (malmsten, 1857). i. survival and reproduction]. 19854013337
[effect of electromagnetic field and the phosphates bromfenvinphos and methylbromfenvinphos on selected vital functions of balantidium coli (malmsten, 1857)]. 19854013338
[hepatic parasitosis caused by balantidium coli]. 19854058088
[experimental infection of the mouse and guinea pig with balantidium coli]. 19714104648
the application of fluorescent antibody test to balantidium coli using fluorescent isothiocyanate and rhodamine isothiocyanate. 19664224345
[epidemiological study on the occurrence of balantidium coli in the nitra region]. 19704248387
two new gastric mucin cultivation media and a chemically defined maintenance medium for balantidium coli. 19744436757
[balantidium coli dysentery syndrome in children]. 19744473196
[isolation of balantidium coli in culture and study of the speed of action of nitrimidazine and metronidazole]. 19724646006
balantidium coli in a cervico--vaginal smear. 19734701862
letter: effectiveness of nitrimidazine in treatment of balantidium coli infections. 19734777400
the lytic activity of immune and non-immune rabbit serum on balantidium coli. 19674864819
balantidium coli infection in a vietnam returnee. 19704914301
activity of contractile vacuole in the parasitic ciliate, balantidium coli. 19704914445
[effect of metronidazole and humatine on balantidium coli in in vitro and in vivo experiments]. 19714935415
ineffectiveness of metronidazole in treatment of balantidium coli infections. 19725046390
a divisional form of balantidium coli. 19725048061
the size range of balantidium coli. 19715097840
unusual isolates from clinical material--balantidium coli. 19705278126
[balantidium coli in itapetininga. report of 20 cases]. 19675304641
immuno-fluorescent studies on balantidium coli. 19665331574
evaluation of sensitivity of some diagnostic methods on the grounds of immunity to balantidium coli. 19665335569
[effect of flagyl, dehydroemetine and other chemotherapeutic drugs individually and in combination upon balantidium coli in culture]. 19695396560
balantidium coli infection in a vietnam returnee. 19705429130
[infestation with balantidium coli and lamblia intestinalis as a cause of the malabsorption syndrome with tetany. case report]. 19705433852
gastritis in sows due to hyostrongylus rubidus--in one case associated with balantidium coli. 19675624910
[hyaluronidase detection in cultures of balantidium coli]. 19666003160
the parasitizing effect of balantidium coli (malmsten) on the liver metabolism of mesocricetus auratus (waterhouse). 19846096179
[effect of balantidium coli (malmsten) invasion on liver morphology and metabolism in mesocricetus auratus (waterhouse)]. 19846100348
activity of phosphatases in balantidium coli. i. 19806247222
the activity of oxydoreductive enzymes in balantidium coli. ii. 19806253333
[effect of tinidazole, pimaricin and oxyteracine on balantidium coli (m) in vitro]. 19846335799
pathogenic and free-living protozoa cultured from the nasopharyngeal and oral regions of dental patients.protozoa of nose, mouth, and pharynx of 30 randomly chosen female caries patients at an odontological clinic of the national autonomous university of mexico, were surveyed by culture from swabs. culture tubes of swabs from each patient were observed every other day during 5 weeks. pathogenic protozoa found included entamoeba histolytica schaudinn, 1903; naegleria fowleri carter, 1970; acanthamoeba castelanii douglas, 1930; acanthamoeba culbertsoni singh & das, 1970; and balantidium coli (malmste ...19846370674
dehydrogenase activity in balantidium coli. iii. 19846479373
balantidium coli colitis. a case report. 19685648512
intestinal parasites in pediatric patients with diarrhoeal diseases in bangkok.stool examinations of 147 pediatric patients with diarrhoeal disease were carried out at siriraj hospital, bangkok by using the direct-smear technique. stool of 27 patients (18.4%) were positive for intestinal parasites. children under one year of age were free of intestinal helminths and protozoa. parasites were equally prevalent in males and females and without any age group predilection. the prevalence of intestinal parasites were entamoeba histolytica 6.8%, giardia lamblia 6.1%, others were ...19846523173
in vitro trials of metronidazole against balantidium coli. 19695815241
balantidium coli in cervico-vaginal cytology. a case report. 19836646854
[effect of various external factors on encystment and excystment of balantidium coli (m)]. 19846537104
[invasiveness of the cysts of balantidium coli m. in golden hamsters (mesocricetus auratus)]. 19836868610
dysentery caused by balantidium coli--report of two cases.the authors present two cases of dysentery caused by balantidium coli with numerous colonic ulcers, documented by colonoscopy and diagnosed by endoscopic biopsies. the positive rectal exudate in one case permitted the isolation and ultrastructural study of the trophozoites. the good response to tetracyclines in the younger patient was not repeated in the older patient, who died in septic shock despite antibiotic therapy. the authors report the endoscopic findings and comment on the differential ...19836884287
diagnostic exercise. eimeria caviae infection with concurrent balantidium coli infection. 19827078069
epizootic of balantidiasis in lowland gorillas.acute enteritis characterized by watery diarrhea and lethargy occurred in 4 lowland gorillas (gorilla gorilla gorilla) during a 5-week period at the los angeles zoo. numerous trophozoites of balantidium coli were seen in fresh feces from each gorilla. potentially pathogenic bacteria were isolated from 1 fecal sample. results of fecal flotation examinations were negative for eggs of metazoan parasites. the gorillas were treated with antibiotics and metronidazole or paromomycin, or both. the most ...19827174457
experimental infection of pigs with oesophagostomum dentatum: pathogenesis and parasitology of repeated mass infection.pigs receiving a limited ration of 1 kg commercial feed per day were infected daily with 50,000 oesophagostomum dentatum larvae. the animals exhibited serious diarrhoea and anorexia. although there was neither anaemia nor hypoproteinaemia, there was a significant decrease in plasma sodium and an increase in blood urea nitrogen at the end of the experiment. large numbers of third and fourth stage larvae were found in the ileal, caecal and colonic mucosae. only fourth stage larvae, never adults, w ...19817313309
aspects of intestinal parasitism in villagers from rural peninsular 1977, a parasitological survey was undertaken of stool samples collected from 335 people from 5 villages in semi-arid regions of peninsular india. stools, which were collected from various individuals in a stratified sample of 40 matched households from each village, were examined by standard diagnostic procedures. eggs of ascaris lumbricoides and protozoan cysts, which were identified on morphological grounds as belonging to entamoeba spp., were most common. other protozoan cysts were consid ...19817329725
epidemiologic studies among amerindian populations of amazonia. iii. intestinal parasitoses in newly contacted and acculturating villages.the prevalences of intestinal parasites among the residents of three south american indian villages in the process of acculturation were compared with those found in earlier unpublished surveys in two newly contracted village.s although one individual in an acculturating village harbored 11 different intestinal parasites, in general the average number of different parasitic species carried per person was somewhat higher in the newly contacted villages. helminth egg counts, performed on direct sm ...19807406103
[report on the first nationwide survey of the distribution of human parasites in china. 1. regional distribution of parasite species].a nationwide (taiwan province not included) survey of the distribution of human parasites in china during 1988-1992 was conducted under the auspices of the ministry of public health, with stratified masses randomly sampling. a total of 2,848 pilot sites in 726 counties with a population of 1,477,742 were surveyed, according to unified standard, unified diagnostic method and control quality. the overall infection rate of parasites was 62. 632%. among them, the infection rate was over 50% in 17 pr ...19947720194
the prevalence of isospora suis and strongyloides ransomi in suckling piglets in the netherlands.faecal samples from suckling piglets from 113 litters on 25 farms in the netherlands were examined to study the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites, in particular strongyloides ransomi and isospora suis. s. ransomi was not found but i. suis was demonstrated in 17 of the 25 farms and in 41 out of 77 litters of these farms (53%). no other parasites were found. on the basis of these results, a longitudinal study on the incidence and significance of i. suis was performed on 10 farms (5 litters/ ...19947740744
diarrhoea in piglets and monkeys experimentally infected with balantidium coli isolated from human faeces.ten piglets and four monkeys free from balantidium were dosed with human faecal homogenate which contained 1.2 x 10(4)-4.8 x 10(4) b. coli cysts. the infection resulted in severe diarrhoea in piglets 1-6 and hydrocortisone-treated monkeys 1-2, moderate diarrhoea in piglets 7-10 and a subclinical infection in monkeys 3-4. in piglets 1-3 and monkeys 1-2, heavy infection of the intestinal mucosa extended from the terminal ileum to the rectum and the mucosa was severely damaged. in piglets 4-10, inf ...19957861483
the prevalence of intestinal protozoa in wild and domestic pigs.we examined faecal samples from 842 domestic and 91 wild pigs in order to record the prevalence of intestinal protozoa. we used staining of faecal smears by noller-westphal-gönnert method, cultivation in modified les broth and microscopical examination of native preparations using small magnification (for detection of balantidium coli). moreover, the faeces from wild pigs were examined by flotation in sheather's sugar solution for detection of coccidia. we found 8 coccidian species in the wild p ...19948073586
[drinking water and parasites].entamoeba histolytica, giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium parvum, isospora belli, balantidium coli, and microsporidia spp. are cosmopolitan parasites. they often cause diarrheal diseases. the waterborn transmission of all these parasites is possible (41). surface water supplies used for drinking water are potential sources of contamination. giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium spp. have received great attention in industrialized countries during the last years because they are the etiological agent ...19938253478
amebiasis and "nonpathogenic" intestinal protozoa.infection with single or multiple species of intestinal protozoa is common in humans and can result in either asymptomatic colonization or symptoms of intestinal disease. entamoeba histolytica serves as a paradigm for invasive colonic protozoal infection. the key to diagnosis and treatment of amebiasis is knowledge of the epidemiologic risk factors and clinical manifestations, a rational approach to diagnosis, and an understanding of the sites of action and uses of anti-amebic drugs. this knowle ...19938254155
detection of neospora caninum in tissue sections using a murine monoclonal antibody.a murine monoclonal antibody (mab 6g7), isotype igg2a, produced against tachyzoites of neospora caninum (isolate nc-1) reacted specifically with tachyzoites of n. caninum in an indirect immunofluorescent antibody test. mab 6g7 did not react with tachyzoites of toxoplasma gondii, sporozoites of isospora suis, eimeria bovis, or e. tenella, or merozoites of e. bovis in the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test. mab 6g7 reacted positively with both tachyzoites and bradyzoites of n. caninum in an ...19938286458
balantidium coli (vestibuliferida: balantidiidae): the persistence of an old problem. 19938303045
zoonotic intestinal parasites of hamadryas baboons papio hamadryas in the western and northern regions of saudi arabia.six hundred and thirty-three faecal samples were randomly collected and examined for ova and cysts of intestinal parasites from five groups of hamadryas baboons of different population densities, with different human contact and in different ecological conditions (al-baha, turabah and al-taif in south-western and al-rihat and al-akhal in north-western saudi arabia). nine parasites were recorded (giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica, escherichia coli, balantidium coli, enterobius sp., trichuris ...19958544227
intestinal protozoa.giardia is the best known cause of protozoal gastrointestinal disease in north america, producing significant but not life-threatening gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea. although diagnosis of giardiasis may be challenging, treatment is usually successful. entamoeba histolytica poses a rarer but far more difficult clinical challenge. dysentery caused by e. histolytica may be the most feared intestinal protozoal infection, although cryptosporidium parvum, balantidium coli, isospora belli, sar ...19968644565
[epidemiologic survey of intestinal parasitoses in peruvian amazonia].an epidemiological survey was carried out in 4 native villages from tribe cashibo, in amazonia (peru). among 165 stools examination, 92% were positives for helminthic (hookworms: 72%, roundworms and whipworms: 55% each, strongyloides: 5%) and protozoan infections (entamoeba coli and endolimax nana: 50% each, entamoeba histolytica 24%, giardia intestinalis 17%). balantidium coli is not seldom (6%). polyparasitism, very frequent, is reported with a maximum of 10 species. the most important village ...19846525727
[cytophotometric analysis of trophozoites and cysts of balantidium coli].in trophozoites and cysts of balantidium coli the contents of nucleic acids were compared, with the use of cytochemical methods. there is more rna (nuclear and cytoplasmatic) in trophozoites, but the content of dna is the same in both trophozoites and cysts. some morphometric parameters, allowing to compare trophozoites and cysts of b. coli, were obtained on the basis of cytophotometric determination of the cytochemical reactions' intensity and its computer analysis. these studies showed greater ...19968967075
parasitic contamination of stored water used for drinking/cooking in hyderabad.a study was undertaken to investigate the parasitic contamination of water in hyderabad city, india. a total of 232 samples of water were collected from different places; social welfare hostels, small restaurants, different households, public places like railway stations, bus depots, street food vendors, hand washings from the food handlers, and vegetable washings from vegetable vendors. of these 232 samples 61 samples indicated the presence of pathogenic parasites which include protozoans (cyst ...19959139396
presence of very high prevalence and intensity of infection with fasciola hepatica among aymara children from the northern bolivian altiplano.coprological studies of school children from four communities in the northern bolivian altiplano were carried out in order to estimate the prevalences and intensities of fasciola hepatica infection. single stool specimens were collected at random from 558 school children (308 boys and 250 girls) aged 5-19 years old. nineteen different parasite species (13 protozoan and six helminths) were detected. of the children examined, 98.7% (96.5-100%) presented infection with at least one parasite species ...19979177091
intestinal parasitism--protozoa and helminths--in primates at the barcelona zoo.the faunistic results regarding intestinal parasitism by protozoa and helminths in 21 primate species (three cebidae, thirteen cercopithecidae, one hylobatidae, one lemuridae, three pongidae) are reported. the primate species were housed in four separate galleries. six faecal samples of each host species were subjected to coprological analysis. fifteen parasite species were detected: 11 protozoa (entamoeba coli, e. chattoni, e. hartmanni, iodamoeba bütschlii, endolimax nana, giardia intestinalis ...19969210027
the incidence of balantidium coli among local and exotic pigs in ibadan, nigeria. 19836665266
intestinal manifestations of experimental siv-infection in rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta): a histological and ultrastructural study.intestinal lesions were studied in 32 rhesus monkeys experimentally infected with different strains of simian immunodeficiency virus sivmac (251/32h, 251/32h-spl and 251/mpbl) by light microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy. a spectrum of primary and secondary manifestations of siv-infection were detected. primary changes included 'siv-enteropathy' in 12 monkeys and virus-induced syncytial giant cell formation (gcf) of the intestine in two animals. a primary virus-induced ente ...19979394615
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