occurrence and molecular identification of anisakis dujardin, 1845 from marine fish in southern makassar strait, indonesia.anisakis spp. (nematoda: anisakidae) parasitize a wide range of marine animals, mammals serving as the definitive host and different fish species as intermediate or paratenic hosts. in this study, 18 fish species were investigated for anisakis infection. katsuwonus pelamis, euthynnus affinis, caranx sp., and auxis thazard were infected with high prevalence of anisakis type i, while cephalopholis cyanostigma and rastrelliger kanagurta revealed low prevalence. the mean intensity of anisakis larvae ...201424623876
[anisakis simplex larvae: infection status in marine fishes for sale in shantou].to investigate the infection status of anisakis simplex larvae in marine fishes for sale in shantou.201425223058
Heavy metals concentration in edible fishes from coastal region of Kalpakkam, southeastern part of India.Concentrations of Cu, Mn, Zn, Fe, Cr, and Pb were estimated using ICP-MS in nine commercially important and locally consumed fish species (Sarda orientalis, Scomberomorus commerson, Rastrelliger kanagurta, Sardinella longiceps, Paraplagusia bilineata, Cynoglossus lida, Cynoglossus macrostomus, Lepturacanthus savala, and Siganus javus) collected from coastal waters of Kalpakkam, eastern part of India. Their concentration (µg g(-1)) in the examined fish species ranged as follows: Cu (0.8-6.5), Zn ...201121922180
trace metal dynamics in fishes from the southwest coast of india.the concentration of fe, co, ni, cu, zn, cd, and pb in the muscle tissue of marine fishes like lates calcarifer, nemipterus japonicus, caranx melampygus, rastrelliger kanagurta, and cyanoglossus macrostomus was estimated from samples collected in the continental shelf waters off kochi and mangalore on southwest coast of india. species-specific and spatially heterogeneous patterns of tissue metals loads were apparent within the pelagic and demersal fish species for the two regions. the concentrat ...201019543989
analysis of heavy metals in marine fish from mumbai docks.seafood containing heavy metals as a result of environmental contamination causes toxicity in human beings. to evaluate such kind of contamination, our study targeted the analysis of metals such as lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic in muscle tissue of the fish. the fish commonly consumed such as brama brama (pomfret), rachycentron canadus (surmai/king fish), rastrelliger kanagurta (mackerel), eleutheronema tetradactylum (ravas/indian salmon), and metapenaeus monoceros (brown prawn) wer ...200919089595
fatty acid profiles of fin fish in langkawi island, lipid contents and fatty acid composition of 13 marine fish species namely, "jenahak" (lutianus agentimaculatus), "kebasi" (anadontostoma chacunda), "duri" (arius cumatranus), "tenggiri batang" (scomberomorus commersoni), "kembong" (rastrelliger kanagurta), "kintan" or "sebalah" (psettodes crumei), "kerisi" (pristipomodes typus), "kerapu" (epinephelus sexfasciatus), "gelama kling" (sciaena dussumieri), "malong" (congresax talabon), "laban" (cynoglossus lingua), "yu 9" (scolidon sorrakowah) ...200717898471
evaluating mercury biomagnification in fish from a tropical marine environment using stable isotopes (delta13c and delta15n).concentrations of total mercury (t-hg) and methylmercury (mehg) were measured in zooplankton and 13 fish species from a coastal food web of the gulf of oman, an arm of the arabian sea between oman and iran. stable isotope ratios (delta13c and delta15n) also were determined to track mercury biomagnification. the average concentration of t-hg in zooplankton was 21 +/- 8.0 ng g(-1) with mehg accounting 10% of t-hg. total mercury levels in fish species ranged from 3.0 ng g(-1) (sardinella longiceps) ...200717702328
bacterial production of histamine in some tropical fish.quantitative and qualitative distribution of histamine-forming bacteria associated with the fish rastrelliger kanagurta, sardinella longiceps, sillago sihama and liza subviridis, were investigated. these bacteria constituted a significant portion of the total bacterial population of fish and the values obtained in the present study were higher than those previously reported. the order of quantitative abundance of histamine-forming bacteria in the fish examined was: s. longiceps greater than r. k ...19902259288
larvae of anisakidae in marine fish of coastal waters near jakarta, indonesia.three species of marine fish were collected from the waters around seribu islands, near jakarta, indonesia, and examined for nematode larvae of the family anisakidae. larvae were found in 719 (49%) of 1.459 rastrelliger kanagurta, 445 (50%) of 884 decapterus russelli, and 217 (41%) of 531 sardinella sirm. larvae from a subsample of 150 infected fish, 44 r. kanagurta, 86 d. russelli, and 20 s. sirm, were examined microscopically and only anisakis type i and terranova type b larvae were found. in ...1978626282
changes in urocanic acid, histamine, putrescine and cadaverine levels in indian mackerel (rastrelliger kanagurta) during storage at different temperatures.histamine, putrescine cadaverine and cis-urocanic acid (uca) have all been implicated or suggested in scombroid fish poisoning. however, there is little information on uca especially during storage. changes in their contents during storage of whole indian mackerel at 0, 3±1, 10±1 for up to 15 days and 23±2°c for up to 2 days were monitored. fresh muscles contained 14.83 mg/kg trans-uca, 2.23 mg/kg cis-uca and 1.86 mg/kg cadaverine. histamine and putrescine were not detected. after 15 days at 0 a ...201223561112
efficacy of mint (mentha arvensis) leaf and citrus (citrus aurantium) peel extracts as natural preservatives for shelf life extension of chill stored indian mackerel.efficacy of mint (mentha arvensis) leaf and citrus (citrus aurantium) peel extracts in retarding the quality changes in indian mackerel during chilled storage was investigated. mint leaf extract showed higher quantity of phenolics and superior in-vitro antioxidant activities than citrus peel extract. gutted mackerel were given a dip treatment in mint extract (0.5 %, w/v) and citrus extract (1 % w/v), packed in ldpe pouches and stored at 0-2 °c. the biochemical quality indices viz. total volatile ...201526396373
under pressure: investigating marine resource-based livelihoods in jakarta bay and the thousand islands.jakarta bay, next to the jakarta metropolitan area with around 30 million inhabitants, is facing extreme pollution. although local coral reefs are degraded and marine resources heavily exploited, they provide livelihoods for millions of people. this study investigates anthropogenic pressures on local fisheries resources and associated livelihoods. questionnaire surveys were conducted in 15 coastal communities (10 coastal neighborhoods in jakarta bay on the mainland and 5 of the offshore thousand ...201627241879
organochlorine pesticides in commercial marine fishes of coimbatore, india and their suitability for human consumption.organochlorine pesticide residues were determined in 10 species of fishes caught at cochin and rameshwaram coast, and sold in coimbatore, tamil nadu, india. species were selected on the basis of their regular availability throughout the year and commercial value. a total of 389 fishes were analyzed for organochlorine residues and their suitability for human consumption was evaluated. results show varying levels of residues of hexachlorocyclohexane (hch), ddt, heptachlor epoxide, endosulfan and d ...200918849026
revision of the monogenean subfamily priceinae chauhan, 1953 (polyopisthocotylea: thoracocotylidae).members of the subfamily priceinae are gastrocotylinean monogeneans of the gills of scombrid fishes of the genus scomberomorus (and perhaps the genera acanthocybium, rastrelliger and katsuwonus) from warm to warm-temperate seas of the world. we revise the diagnosis of the subfamily and regard the mexicotylinae lebedev, 1984 as a synonym. two monotypic genera are accepted as valid. pricea multae chauhan, 1945 is recorded from seven species of scomberomorus from the indo-west pacific, from off eas ...199910629725
a review of the lepocreadiidae (digenea, lepocreadioidea) from fishes of the waters around new caledonia.the lepocreadiid fauna of new caledonia is reported and discussed and a new species and several new host and locality records presented. hypoporus plataxi sp. nov. from platax teira is described and distinguished from its only congener by its terminal genitalia, the structure of the anterior part of the alimentary system and other morphological features. new host and locality records and a description are given of lepotrema cf. clavatum ozaki, 1932 in sufflamen fraenatum. new host and locality r ...201222875674
comparative study on protein cross-linking and gel enhancing effect of microbial transglutaminase on surimi from different fish.microbial transglutaminase (mtgase) has been used to increase the gel strength of surimi. nevertheless, its effectiveness varies with fish species. the aim of this study was to elucidate the effect of mtgase at different levels on protein cross-linking and gel property of surimi from threadfin bream, indian mackerel and sardine in the presence and absence of endogenous transglutaminase.201222413145
evaluation of the effect of n-3 pufa-rich dietary fish oils on lipid profile and membrane fluidity in alloxan-induced diabetic mice (mus musculus).marine fishes are important to health due to their high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids particularly those of the omega-3 family. these fatty acids play an important role in various physiological processes and as a consequence they may modulate and even prevent some human diseases. the aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the effect of fish oils of different origins (sardinella longiceps, rastrelliger kanagurta and clarias batrachus) on lipid metabolism and membrane flu ...201627101827
evaluation of trace metal content by icp-ms using closed vessel microwave digestion in fresh water fish.the objective of the present study was to investigate trace metal levels of different varieties of fresh water fish using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrophotometer after microwave digestion (md-icpms). fish samples were collected from the outlets of twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad. the trace metal content in different varieties of analyzed fish were ranged from 0.24 to 1.68 mg/kg for chromium in cyprinus carpio and masto symbollon, 0.20 to 7.52 mg/kg for manganese in labeo rohi ...201424744789
kudoa saudiensis sp. n. (myxosporea: multivalvulida) infecting oocytes of the indian mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta (perciformes: scombridae).during a survey the occurrence of kudoa quraishii mansour, harrath, abd-elkader, alwasel, abdel-baki et al omar, 2014, recently identified in the muscles of the indian mackerel, rastrelliger kanagurta (cuvier), a species of kudoa meglitsch, 1947 infecting oocytes of mature females of the same host fish was found. the new species, for which the name kudoa saudiensis sp. n. is proposed, infects oocytes that are enlarged with a whitish colour. the parasite develops in vesicular polysporous plasmodi ...201525960554
structural and molecular characterization of kudoa quraishii n. sp. from the trunk muscle of the indian mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta (perciforme, scombridae) in saudi arabia coasts.a new myxozoa, kudoa quraishii n. sp., is reported in the striated muscle of the indian mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta from the red sea and the arabian gulf in saudi arabia. mean prevalence of infection is about 20% and varies between localities. the parasite develops whitish and oval or rounded pseudocysts of 0.2-3 mm in the striated muscles of the body. pseudocysts are filled with mature spores. myxospores are quadrate in shape in apical view with rounded edges and ovoid in side view. each sp ...201424488108
comparison of microtox and xenoassay light as a near real time river monitoring assay for heavy metals.luminescence-based assays for toxicants such as microtox, toxalert, and biotox have been used extensively worldwide. however, the use of these assays in near real time conditions is limited due to nonoptimal assay temperature for the tropical climate. an isolate that exhibits a high luminescence activity in a broad range of temperatures was successfully isolated from the mackerel, rastrelliger kanagurta. this isolate was tentatively identified as photobacterium sp. strain mie, based on partial 1 ...201424977231
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