pf1270a, b and c, novel histamine h3 receptor ligands produced by penicillium waksmanii pf1270.three novel histamine h3 receptor (h3r) ligands, pf1270a (1), pf1270b (2) and pf1270c (3) were isolated from the culture broth of the fungal strain pf1270. the strain was identified as penicillium waksmanii on the basis of morphological characteristics. these compounds were obtained from the culture broth by solvent extraction and chromatographic purification. their structures were established by spectroscopic methods and x-ray crystallographic analysis. they possess pentacyclic spiroindolinone ...200718057695
alkali pretreated of wheat straw and its enzymatic hydrolysis.the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose can be improved by various pretreatments of the substrate. in order to increase the efficiency of enzymatic saccharification of the wheat straw, we determined the effect of different pretreatments on the physical structure, chemical components and enzymatic saccharification of wheat straw. our results showed that combination of grinding and sodium hydroxide (naoh) treatment had high effect on the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straws. the optima ...201224031803
fungus-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles: a novel biological approach to nanoparticle synthesis.the biological effects of nanoparticles and their uses as molecular probes are research areas of growing interest. the present study demonstrates an eco-friendly biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles. the pure colonies of penicillium aurantiogriseum, penicillium citrinum, and penicillium waksmanii were cultured in fluid czapek dox broth. then, their supernatants were examined for the ability to produce gold nanoparticles. in this step, 1 mm solution of aucl added to the reaction matrixes separately ...201323646653
purification, characterization, and specificity determination of a new serine protease secreted by penicillium waksmanii.the purpose of this work was to purify a protease from penicillium waksmanii and to determine its biochemical characteristics and specificity. the extracellular protease isolated that was produced by p. waksmanii is a serine protease that is essential for the reproduction and growth of the fungus. the protease isolated showed 32 kda, and has optimal activity at ph 8.0 and 35 °c towards the substrate abz-klrsskq-eddnp. the protease is active in the presence of cacl(2), kcl, and bacl, and partiall ...201323179282
in vitro protoscolicidal effects of fungal chitosan isolated from penicillium waksmanii and penicillium citrinum.hydatidosis is caused by a tapeworm which infects humans by the larval stage. in humans, the disease is so serious that it requires surgery for treatment. documents show that there have been many efforts in finding new scolicidal agents for reducing the rate of the infection. the objective of this study was determination of the scolicidal effect of two fungal chitosan types, produced from penicillium spp. and commercially chitosan (cc) on echinococcus granulosus protoscolex. protoscolices were a ...201526063992
mycological contamination in dental unit waterlines in istanbul, turkey.studies on dental units (dus) are conducted either for the prevention or the reduction of the density of bacterial contamination in dental unit waterlines (duwls). however, the existence of fungi in the these systems requires more attention. during dental treatment, direct contact with water contaminated with fungi such as candida, aspergillus, or inhalation of aerosols from high-speed drill may cause various respiratory infections, such as asthma, allergies, and wounds on mucose membranes, espe ...201324516467
identification of fungi associated with rotylenchulus reniformis.the objective of this work was to isolate and identify fungi associated with r. reniformis in cotton roots. soil samples were collected in cotton fields naturally infested with r. reniformis and from cotton stock plants cultured in the greenhouse. nematodes extracted from the soil were observed under the stereoscope, and discolored eggs and vermiform stages colonized with mycelia were cultured on 1.5% water agar supplemented with antibiotics, and incubated at 27°c. identification of the nematoph ...201022736864
temperature downshift induces antioxidant response in fungi isolated from antarctica.although investigators have been studying the cold-shock response in a variety of organisms for the last two decades or more, comparatively little is known about the difference between antioxidant cell response to cold stress in antarctic and temperate microorganisms. the change of environmental temperature, which is one of the most common stresses, could be crucial for their use in the biotechnological industry and in ecological research. we compared the effect of short-term temperature downshi ...200919089529
fungal flora of the digestive tract of 5 species of triatomines vectors of trypanosoma cruzi, chagas 1909.a study of the mycobiota in the digestive tract of 5 important species of triatomines, triatoma brasiliensis, t infestans, t. sordida, t. pseudomaculata and t. vitticeps, was made. the digestive tracts of 164 adults and 535 nymphs of those triatomines were studied and 393 fungal strains were isolated. the genera with the greatest number of species were penicillium (19 species), aspergillus (17 species) and acremonium (5 species) and the most frequent species, in decreasing order, were penicilliu ...200111502063
[new producers of biologically active compounds--fungal strains of the genus penicillium isolated from permafrost].screening of producers of secondary metabolites was carried out among 25 fungal strains of penicillium genus isolated from permafrost in arctic and antarctic regions and kamchatka. nearly 50% of the investigated strains synthesize biologically active substances of alkaloid nature: ergot alkaloids, diketopiperazines, and quinoline derivatives. a large group of the identified metabolites belongs to mycotoxins. a strain of penicillium waksmanii was found producing epoxiagroclavine-i and quinocitrin ...201221790032
detection of griseofulvin in a marine strain of penicillium waksmanii by ion trap mass spectrometry.a marine strain of penicillium waksmanii zaleski was isolated from a sample of seawater from shellfish-farming area in the loire estuary (france). the in vitro marine culture showed an important antifungal activity. bioassay-guided fractionation was used to purify the crude extract. dereplication by electrospray-ion trap/mass spectrometry (esi-it/ms) afforded the identification of the antifungal compound, after a semi-purification consisting of two stages. a comparison of the ionic composition b ...200415177904
degradation of parathion by penicillium waksmani zaleski isolated from flooded acid sulphate soil. 19744603203
assessment of relevant fungal species in clinical solid wastes.the study aimed to determine the fungal diversity in clinical waste samples from a healthcare facility in penang malaysia. different fungi species were detected in 83.75 % of the 92 clinical waste samples that were screened from different sections of the healthcare facility. one hundred fifty fungal isolates comprising of 8 genera and 36 species were obtained. they were purified by using single spore isolation technique. subsequently, the isolates were identified by phenotypic method based on mo ...201627417327
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