characterization of oil-palm trunk residue degradation enzymes derived from the isolated fungus, penicillium rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl.this study characterizes crude enzymes derived from penicillium rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl, a mesophilic fungus isolated from the local soil of malaysia. prior to enzyme activity evaluation, p. rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl was inoculated into a broth medium containing oil-palm trunk residues for the preparation of crude enzymes. oil-palm trunk residues were optimally hydrolysed at ph5.0 and 50°c. p. rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl-derived crude enzymes displayed higher thermal stability compared with the commercial enzy ...201626582429
evaluation of enzymatic deinking of non-impact ink laser-printed paper using crude enzyme from penicillium rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl.application of microbial enzymes for paper deinking is getting tremendous attention due to the rapidly increasing of waste paper every year. this study reports the deinking efficiency of laser-printed paper by the lignocellulolytic enzyme from penicillium rolfsii c3-2(1) ibrl strain compared to other enzyme sources as well as commercial available enzymes. high enzymatic deinking efficiency of approximately 82 % on laser-printed paper was obtained by pulp treatment with crude enzyme from p. rolfs ...201727596245
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