ixodid ticks and lice infesting red duikers and bushpigs in north-eastern natal.eighteen red duikers, cephalophus natalensis, from the charters creek nature reserve and 2 from fanies island nature reserve were processed for arthropod parasite recovery. they harboured 8 species of ixodid ticks and 2 lice species. all were infested with haemaphysalis parmata and the nymphs of rhipicephalus muehlensi. two bushpigs, potamochoerus porcus, from the ndumu nature reserve, 5 from the eastern shores nature reserve and 1 from cape vidal were examined for ectoparasites. they were infes ...19911780129
parasites of south african wildlife. x. helminths of red duikers, cephalophus natalensis, in natal.the helminths of the following red duikers, cephalophus natalensis, were examined: 24 from 3 game reserves in natal and 1 that had originated from charters creek, natal, shortly before it died in the national zoological gardens, pretoria. the 21 animals from charters creek harboured 16 nematode species, a nematode genus, 2 cestode species and paramphistomes. the 2 red duiker from fanies island harboured 4 nematode species, 3 nematode genera and 1 cestode species, while the single red duiker from ...19911923384
mammalian pheromone studies, vii. identification of thiazole derivatives in the preorbital gland secretions of the grey duiker, sylvicapra grimmia, and the red duiker, cephalophus natalensis.2-isobutyl-1,3-thiazole and its 4,5-dihydro derivative were identified in the preorbital gland secretions of the grey duiker, sylvicapra grimmia, and the red duiker, cephalophus natalensis, but are absent from the preorbital secretion of the blue duiker, c. monticola. these two compounds which are present in high, but varying concentrations in the secretions of male grey duikers, are present in low concentrations in the secretions of females. this seems to be the only consistent significant diff ...19883245266
arthropod parasites of common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, in natal.twenty-five common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, from the himeville region, 21 from the eastern shores nature reserve, 4 from the charter's creek nature reserve and 2 from the st lucia game park, natal were examined for arthropod parasites. the reedbuck from himeville were infested with 4 ixodid tick species, those from the eastern shores with 7 species and those from charter's creek and st lucia with 6 species. rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi was the only tick common to the 4 localities. the lice ...19883353095
trichostrongylus angistris n. sp. from the red duiker cephalophus natalensis a. smith, 1834 and a redescription of trichostrongylus minor mönnig, 1932.trichostrongylus angistris n. sp. was found in the abomasa of 13 red duiker cephalophus natalensis a. smith, 1834, culled in the charter's creek nature reserve, natal. the species is closely related to trichostrongylus minor mönnig, 1932 and can be differentiated from it by the shorter dorsal ray and the different shape of the gubernaculum and spicules. the shoes of the spicules of t. minor are set at an angle to the long axis, while those of t. angistris are curved. upon re-examination, the tri ...19863796948
the helminths of various antelope species from natal.helminth parasites were collected from 2 bushbuck, tragelaphus scriptus, 2 red duiker, cephalophus natalensis, 1 oribi, ourebia ourebi, and 4 reedbuck, redunca arundinum, that died or were culled in various parts of natal. one trematode genus, 1 cestode genus and 12 nematode species were recovered. haemonchus contortus. ostertagia harrisi, trichostrongylus capricola, trichostrongylus vitrinus, cooperia rotundispiculum and setaria scalprum are new parasite records for the red duiker. trichostrong ...19846241958
variation in hunting behaviour in neighbouring chimpanzee communities in the budongo forest, uganda.hunting and sharing of meat is seen across all chimpanzee sites, with variation in prey preferences, hunting techniques, frequencies, and success rates. here, we compared hunting and meat-eating behaviour in two adjacent chimpanzee communities (pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) of budongo forest, uganda: the waibira and sonso communities. we observed consistent between-group differences in prey-species preferences and in post-hunting behaviour. sonso chimpanzees show a strong prey preference for g ...201728636646
novel predators and anthropogenic disturbance influence spatio-temporal distribution of forest antelope species.understanding the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on species' behaviour is crucial for conservation planning, considering the extent of habitat loss. we investigated the influence of anthropogenic disturbances including agriculture, urbanisation, protected areas, and the presence of novel predators, on the temporal and spatial behaviour of sympatric forest antelope (tragelaphus scriptus, philantomba monticola, sylvicapra grimmia, and cephalophus natalensis) in an anthropogenic matrix contai ...201930552995
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