exploring host and geographical shifts in transmission of haemosporidians in a palaearctic passerine wintering in india.this is the first molecular study of avian haemosporidia diversity in wintering populations of the blyth's reed warbler (acrocephalus dumetorum) in india that explores the extent of host and geographical shifts in transmission areas. in 156 birds, six haemoproteus lineages (37.8%; 95% ci 30.41-45.82%) and one plasmodium lineage (1.9%; 95% ci 0.053-5.6%) were recovered. of these, two haemoproteus lineages (acdum1 and acdum5) were detected in resident himalayan birds, albeit in low frequency with ...201730003008
surveillance of tick-borne encephalitis virus in wild birds and ticks in tomsk city and its suburbs (western siberia).to study the role of wild birds in the transmission of tick borne encephalitis virus (tbev), we investigated randomly captured wild birds bearing ixodid ticks in a very highly endemic tbe region located in tomsk city and its suburbs in the south of western siberia, russia. the 779 wild birds representing 60 species were captured carrying a total of 841 ticks, ixodes pavlovskyi pom., 1946 (n=531), ixodes persulcatus p. sch., 1930 (n=244), and ixodes plumbeus leach. 1815 (n=66). the highest averag ...201424380691
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