chewing lice from wild birds in northern greece.greece represents an important area for wild birds due to its geographical position and habitat diversity. although the bird species in greece are well recorded, the information about the chewing lice that infest them is practically non-existent. thus, the aim of the present study was to record the species of lice infesting wild birds in northern greece and furthermore, to associate the infestation prevalence with factors such as the age, sex, migration and social behaviour of the host as well a ...201728711426
new host records for haemoproteus spp. (apicomplexa: haemosporidiasina) in passeriformes from north-west of iran.the intracellular protozoan parasites of the genus haemoproteus occur in different avian hosts all over the world. various genus of blood sucking insects' families such as hippoboscidae and ceratopogonidae could transmit haemoproteus in avian hosts. there are very limited number of studies on wild infected birds with blood parasites in iran, so the aim of this study was to determine the frequency of haemoproteus spp. infection in passerine birds from northwest of iran.201729062848
different scales of spatial segregation of two species of feather mites on the wings of a passerine bird.the "condition-specific competition hypothesis" proposes that coexistence of 2 species is possible when spatial or temporal variations in environmental conditions exist and each species responds differently to those conditions. the distribution of different species of feather mites on their hosts is known to be affected by intrinsic host factors such as structure of feathers and friction among feathers during flight, but there is also evidence that external factors such as humidity and temperatu ...201121506774
two new species of feather mites (acarina: analgoidea) from the moustached warbler, acrocephalus melanopogon (passeriformes, acrocephalidae), in romania.two new species of feather mites ingrassiella melanopogoni constantinescu sp. nov. (xolalgidae) and trouessartia mironovi constantinescu sp. nov. (trouessartiidae) are described from acrocephalus melanopogon (passeriformes: acrocephalidae) from the south-east of romania. ingrassiella melanopogoni differs from all species of the genus by having extensions of the posterolateral angles of the prodorsal shield shorter than in other species and not extending to the hysteronotal shield. trouessartia m ...201326240910
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