cloning and sequencing of the beta-lactamase gene and surrounding dna sequences of citrobacter braakii, citrobacter murliniae, citrobacter werkmanii, escherichia fergusonii and enterobacter further identify the origins of plasmid-mediated cephalosporinases that are currently spreading worldwide, the chromosomal beta-lactamase genes of citrobacter braakii, citrobacter murliniae, citrobacter werkmanii reference strains and of escherichia fergusonii and enterobacter cancerogenus clinical isolates were cloned and expressed into escherichia coli and sequenced. these beta-lactamases had all a single pi value >8 and conferred a typical ampc-type resistance pattern in e. coli recombinan ...200212393205
isolation of citrobacter murliniae from clinically ill and dead quail, ducks and chickens. 200414765902
purification, characterization and functional analysis of the immune molecule lectin from the haemolymph of blue swimmer crab portunus pelagicus and their antibiofilm properties.the present study reveals purification and characterization of immune molecule lectin from the haemolymph of blue swimmer crab portunus pelagicus (pp-lec). the pp-lec was purified by affinity chromatography with mannose coupled sepharose cl-4b column and it exhibits single band with a molecular weight of 155 kda in sds-page. the surface morphology of purified pp-lec displays the homogeneous nature of protein. a distinct peak with a retention time of 3.3 min was appeared in high performance liqui ...201728110033
metal-resistant rhizobacteria isolates improve mucuna deeringiana phytoextraction capacity in multi-metal contaminated soils from a gold mining area.phytoremediation consists of biological techniques for heavy metal remediation, which include exploring the genetic package of vegetable species to remove heavy metals from the environment. the goals of this study were to investigate heavy metal and bioaugmentation effects on growth and nutrient uptake by mucuna deeringiana; to determine the metal translocation factor and bioconcentration factor and provide insight for using native bacteria to enhance heavy metal accumulation. the experiment was ...201727854061
analysis of ampc beta-lactamase expression and sequence in biochemically atypical ceftazidime-resistant enterobacteriaceae from paediatric analyse the variation of ampc beta-lactamase gene sequence and expression in biochemically atypical enterobacteriaceae isolates, and to identify them definitively.200415014062
biochemical identification of citrobacter species defined by dna hybridization and description of citrobacter gillenii sp. nov. (formerly citrobacter genomospecies 10) and citrobacter murliniae sp. nov. (formerly citrobacter genomospecies 11).recent work describing six named species and two unnamed genomospecies within citrobacter has enlarged the genus to 11 species. dna relatedness and phenotypic tests were used to determine how well these species can be identified. one hundred thirty-six strains were identified to species level by dna relatedness and then identified phenotypically in a blinded fashion. by using conventional tests, 119 of the 136 strains (88%) were correctly identified to species level. three additional strains (2% ...199910405411
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