ruminal in situ disappearance kinetics of dry matter and fiber in growing steers for common crabgrass forages sampled on seven dates in northern arkansas.southern crabgrass (digitaria ciliaris [retz.] koel.) is often viewed as an undesirable weed, largely because it encroaches upon field and forage crops, gardens, and lawns. however, visual observations of livestock grazing mixed-species pastures suggest that cattle seem to prefer crabgrass to many other summer forages. the objectives of this study were to assess the nutritive value of crabgrass sampled weekly between july 11, and august 22, 2001, and then to determine ruminal in situ disappearan ...200515827259
a novel plant cysteine-rich peptide family conferring cadmium tolerance to yeast and plants.we have identified a novel cdna clone, termed dccdt1, from digitaria ciliaris, that confers cadmium (cd)-tolerance to yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). the gene encodes a predicted peptide of 55 amino acid residues of which 15 (27.3%) are cysteine residues. we found that monocotyledonous plants possess multiple dccdt1 homologues, for example rice contains five dccdt1 homologues (designated oscdt1~5), whereas dicotyledonous plants, including arabidopsis thaliana, brassica rapa, poplar (populus tr ...200919816106
novel cysteine-rich peptides from digitaria ciliaris and oryza sativa enhance tolerance to cadmium by limiting its cellular means of functional screening using the cadmium (cd)-sensitive ycf1 yeast mutant, we have isolated a novel cdna clone, dccdt1, from digitaria ciliaris growing in a former mining area in northern japan, and have shown that it confers cd tolerance to the yeast cells, which accumulated almost 2-fold lower cd levels than control cells. the 521 bp dccdt1 cdna contains an open reading frame of 168 bp and encodes a deduced peptide, dccdt1, that is 55 amino acid residues in length, of which 15 (27.3% ...200919017626
effect of crabgrass (digitaria ciliaris) hay harvest interval on forage quality and performance of growing calves fed mixed diets.twelve 0.81-ha crabgrass (digitaria ciliaris [retz.] koel.) hay fields were harvested at 21, 35, and 49 d of regrowth (average phonological growth stage of 30, 51, and 56, respectively). increased harvest interval exhibited a linear decrease (p < 0.01) in cp (14.1, 13.7, and 10.6% of dm, respectively) and increase (p < 0.01) in ndf (65.3, 70.6, and 70.2% of dm, respectively) and adf (35.7, 38.9, and 42.7% of dm, respectively). hays were incorporated into 3 diets that contained 20% (dm basis) cra ...200717060414
the fruiting body and its caterpillar host of cordyceps sinensis show close resemblance in main constituents and anti-oxidation activity.cordyceps (summer-grass, winter-worm), one of the most valued traditional chinese medicines, is used commonly for the replenishment of body health. it consists of the dried fungus cordyceps sinensis growing on caterpillar larvae. for medication, the fruiting body (fungus) and the worm (caterpillar) are used together. however, the pharmacological efficiency and the main constituents of the individual parts have not been determined. in the present study the water extracts from the fruiting body an ...200212120813
inhibition of very-long-chain fatty acid formation by indanofan, 2-[2-(3-chlorophenyl)oxiran-2-ylmethyl]-2-ethylindan-1,3-dione, and its relatives.indanofan and its analogs inhibited the elongation of stearoyl- or arachidoyl-coa by [2-14c]-malonyl-coa in leek microsomes from allium porrum. although the precise mode of interaction of indanofan at the molecular level is not completely clarified by the present study, it is concluded that indanofan and analogs act as inhibitor of the elongase enzyme involved in de novo biosynthesis of fatty acids with an alkyl chain longer than c18, called very-long-chain fatty acids (vlcfas). for a strong inh ...200911926546
identification and quantification of amines in the equine caecum.acute laminitis has been associated with the release of compounds, as yet unidentified, produced by hindgut fermentation which affect blood flow to the digit. the objectives of this study were to identify amine compounds in equine caecal and colonic contents, some of which are known to have vasoactive properties. in addition, the concentrations of amines in caecal contents of horses fed either grass or hay diets were compared. fifteen amines were identified in equine hindgut contents in concentr ...200312589734
ruminal in situ disappearance kinetics of nitrogen and neutral detergent insoluble nitrogen from common crabgrass forages sampled on seven dates in northern arkansas.southern crabgrass (digitaria ciliaris [retz.] koel.) is often an undesirable species in field and forage crops, but visual observations suggest that livestock prefer it to many other summer forages. the objectives of this study were to assess the nutritive value of crabgrass sampled weekly between july 11 and august 22, 2001 and then to determine ruminal in situ disappearance kinetics of n and neutral detergent insoluble n (ndin) for these forages. a secondary objective was to compare these kin ...200616478959
performance in students with seasonal allergy.two treatments for summer grass pollen allergy have been studied in university students who undertook performance tests before and after treatment.19807389990
cordyceps fungi: natural products, pharmacological functions and developmental products.parasitic cordyceps fungi, such as cordyceps sinensis, is a parasitic complex of fungus and caterpillar, which has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries particularly in china, japan and other asian countries. this article gives a general idea of the latest developments in c. sinensis research, with regard to the active chemical components, the pharmacological effects and the research and development of products in recent years.200919222900
field observations of climbing behavior and seed predation by adult ground beetles (coleoptera: carabidae) in a lowland area of the temperate zone.granivory is a specialized food habit in the predominantly carnivorous beetle family carabidae. most studies of carabid granivory have been conducted under laboratory conditions; thus, our knowledge of the feeding ecology of granivorous carabids in the field is insufficient. i conducted field observations of climbing behavior and seed predation by adult carabids in a lowland area of eastern japan, from early october to late november in 2008. this is the first systematic field observation of the ...201022546452
advanced development in chemical analysis of cordyceps.cordyceps sinensis, also called dongchongxiacao (winter worm summer grass) in chinese, is a well-known and valued traditional chinese medicine. in 2006, we wrote a review for discussing the markers and analytical methods in quality control of cordyceps (j. pharm. biomed. anal. 41 (2006) 1571-1584). since then this review has been cited by others for more than 60 times, which suggested that scientists have great interest in this special herbal material. actually, the number of publications relate ...201423688494
the chemical constituents and pharmacological actions of cordyceps sinensis.cordyceps sinensis, also called dongchongxiacao (winter worm, summer grass) in chinese, is becoming increasingly popular and important in the public and scientific communities. this study summarizes the chemical constituents and their corresponding pharmacological actions of cordyceps sinensis. many bioactive components of cordyceps sinensis have been extracted including nucleoside, polysaccharide, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide. in addition, these constituents' corresponding pharm ...201525960753
soil heavy metal contamination and health risks associated with artisanal gold mining in tongguan, shaanxi, china.soil contamination with heavy metals due to mining activities poses risks to ecological safety and human well-being. limited studies have investigated heavy metal pollution due to artisanal mining. the present study focused on soil contamination and the health risk in villages in china with historical artisanal mining activities. heavy metal levels in soils, tailings, cereal and vegetable crops were analyzed and health risk assessed. additionally, a botany investigation was conducted to identify ...201728285205
[concentration of pollen dust in the atmosphere of poland].the main allergic disorders of the upper airways are the airborne pollens of various plants. in order to determine the concentration of plant pollens in the atmosphere of poland in the years 1989-1991 studies were carried out determining pollen counts in 21 locations throughout poland. four main periods of pollination were observed: 1) early spring (trees, shrubs); 2) late spring (trees); 3) early summer (grass, hay); 4) summer and early autumn (combined plants). in northern poland and the mount ...19947951081
a systematic review of the mysterious caterpillar fungus ophiocordyceps sinensis in dong-chongxiacao ( dōng chóng xià cǎo) and related bioactive ingredients.the caterpillar fungus ophiocordyceps sinensis (syn.cordyceps sinensis), which was originally used in traditional tibetan and chinese medicine, is called either "yartsa gunbu" or "dongchongxiacao ( dōng chóng xià cǎo)" ("winter worm-summer grass"), respectively. the extremely high price of dongchongxiacao, approximately usd $20,000 to 40,000 per kg, has led to it being regarded as "soft gold" in china. the multi-fungi hypothesis has been proposed for dongchongxiacao; however, hirsutella sinensis ...201324716152
cordyceps fungi as natural killers, new hopes for medicine and biological control factors.the cordyceps genus includes many species of fungi, most of which are endoparasitoids on arthropods.the distribution of these fungi is cosmopolitan, but many occur in regions such as asia with a hot, humid climate. these pathogens of insect pests are promising candidates for use as biological control factors. entomopathogenic fungi including the famous cordyceps sinensis produce bioactive compounds. lately cordyceps sinensis was renamed ophiocordyceps sinensis. this fungus has a long history as ...201425281812
a high degree of african streak virus diversity within nigerian maize fields includes a new mastrevirus from axonopus compressus.the a-strain of maize streak virus (msv-a; genus mastrevirus, family geminiviridae), the causal agent of maize streak disease, places a major constraint on maize production throughout sub-saharan africa. in west-african countries such as nigeria, where maize is not cultivated year-round, this msv strain is forced to overwinter in non-maize hosts. in order to both identify uncultivated grasses that might harbour msv-a during the winter season and further characterise the diversity of related maiz ...201424796552
quality control of cordyceps sinensis, a valued traditional chinese medicine.cordyceps sinensis, a well-known and valued traditional chinese medicine, is also called dongchongxiacao (winter worm summer grass) in chinese. it is commonly used to replenish the kidney and soothe the lung for the treatment of fatigue, night sweating, hyposexualities, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, asthemia after severe illness, respiratory disease, renal dysfunction and renal failure, arrhythmias and other heart disease, and liver disease. as the rarity and upstanding curative effects of natu ...200616504449
population dynamics of digitaria spp submitted to selection pressure by herbicides in sugarcane crop.the objective of this research was to study population dynamics of the weed crabgrass, genus digitaria, submitted to selection pressure by herbicides currently applied in sugarcane crops in brazil. in the first experiment two crabgrass species (digitaria nuda and digitaria ciliaris) and eight herbicide treatments applied in preemergence were used, and control percentage was evaluated at 7, 14, and 21 days after herbicide application (daa). in the second experiment the level of tolerance through ...200515656158
translation of in vitro inhibition by marine natural products of the c4 acid cycle enzyme pyruvate p(i) dikinase to in vivo c4 plant tissue death.marine organism derived extracts, previously identified as containing compounds that inhibited the c4 acid cycle enzyme pyruvate p(i) dikinase (ppdk), were assessed for their ability to exhibit an effect on the c4 plants digitaria ciliaris and echinochloa crus-galli. oxygen electrode studies revealed that over half of these extracts inhibited c4 acid driven photosynthesis in leaf slices. seventeen extracts had a deleterious effect on c4 plants in vivo within 24 h, whereas 36 caused an observable ...200515884807
comparison of the biological properties of several marine sponge-derived sesquiterpenoid quinones.eight naturally occurring marine-sponge derived sesquiterpenoid quinones were evaluated as potential inhibitors of pyruvate phosphate dikinase (ppdk), a c4 plant regulatory enzyme. of these, the hydroxyquinones ilimaquinone, ethylsmenoquinone and smenoquinone inhibited ppdk activity with ic50's (reported with 95% confidence intervals) of 285.4 (256.4-317.7), 316.2 (279.2-358.1) and 556.0 (505.9-611.0) microm, respectively, as well as being phytotoxic to the c4 plant digitaria ciliaris. the poten ...200717909493
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