surveillance for selected bacterial and toxicologic contaminants in donated carcass meat fed to carnivores.wildlife safari, a zoo located in winston, oregon, has fed donated carcass meat as a diet to carnivores for over 30 yr. carcass meat is an alternative to commercially prepared meat. donated meat arrives at wildlife safari as an entire animal. cattle (bos taurus), horse (equus caballus), deer (odocoileus hemionus), and elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) have been donated. bacterial testing was performed on site with the use of neogen reveal immunosorbent assays. testing focused on salmonella spp., l ...200617312786
severe hoof disease in free-ranging roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) in southwestern washington, usa.reports of free-ranging roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) with abnormal hooves and lameness increased significantly in southwestern washington, usa, during winter 2008. in march 2009 we examined five severely affected elk with clinical lameness from this region to characterize hoof lesions, examine the general health of affected elk, and potentially identify etiologies causing hoof disease. three clinically normal elk from an adjacent but unaffected region were also collected as normal c ...201424484504
vegetation changes associated with a population irruption by roosevelt elk.interactions between large herbivores and their food supply are central to the study of population dynamics. we assessed temporal and spatial patterns in meadow plant biomass over a 23-year period for meadow complexes that were spatially linked to three distinct populations of roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) in northwestern california. our objectives were to determine whether the plant community exhibited a tolerant or resistant response when elk population growth became irruptive. pla ...201525628868
bacillary hemoglobinuria in a free-ranging elk calf.a dead elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) calf was diagnosed with bacillary hemoglobinuria, a toxemia caused by the bacterium clostridium haemolyticum. the mortality occurred in southwest washington, usa (46 degrees 13'n, 123 degrees 22'w), in an area in which several previous mortalities, suspected but not conclusively diagnosed to be either bacillary hemoglobinuria, enterotoxemia, or leptospirosis, occurred. this is the first reported incidence of mortality attributable to bacillary hemoglobinuri ...199910484149
blood chemistry of roosevelt elk (cervus canadensis roosevelti). 19724144139
serological evidence of california serogroup virus activity in oregon.we wished to demonstrate evidence of the presence of california serogroup viruses in oregon and to test for the presence of certain other arboviruses in large ungulates. blood samples from black-tailed deer (odocoileus hemionus columbianus), mule deer (o. hemionus hemionus), and roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) from nine counties in oregon were tested by serum-dilution plaque reduction neutralization for antibody to california serogroup viruses, including snowshoe hare, california encep ...19873586196
myxofibrosarcoma in a roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti). 19836879958
listeria monocytogenes isolated from wapiti (cervus canadensis roosevelti).serotypes 1 and 4 listeria monocytogenes were isolated from 14 of 72 wapiti among four of five herds studied in northwestern california. more isolations of listeria were made during the summer months than during the other months of the study from one of the herds. the pathogenicity of the strains varied with their ability to ferment xylose and rhamnose.1975807750
yersinae isolated from wapiti (cervus canadensis roosevelti).yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica-like bacteria were isolated from 22 of 90 fecal samples taken from five herds of wapiti studied in northwestern california. the serotypes included: (5), (6), (11), (16), (2,19), (4,16) and (6,15). in one herd, all of the organisms were isolated from within a one hectare area. a significantly higher (p < .02) prevalence of isolations was obtained during april and may.197616498883
leptospira interrogans exposure in free-ranging elk in washington.exposure to one or more serovars of leptospira interrogans was observed in five of six sampled elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) killed in november 1993, from an isolated herd in southwest washington, usa (46 degrees 45'n, 123 degrees 6'w). in april 1994, exposure to l. interrogans serovars was documented in nine of 11 captured cow elk from the same herd. leptospires were not isolated from any of the exposed elk, and 10 of the 11 cows were pregnant. the high seroprevalence is evidence that exposur ...19968627923
yersiniae in the soil of an infected wapiti range.yersinia enterocolitica was isolated from 10 of 121 soil samples from an area inhabitated by infected wapiti (cervus elaphus roosevelti) in northwest california. significantly (p less than 0.05) more soil samples from a forest habitat were infected, compared to soil samples from prairie habitats. soil was found infected with yersiniae only on dates for which rainfall in excess of 17 mm had occurred during the previous 7 days.1979522222
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