treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency with fungal lipase (author's transl).7 patients suffering from severe exocrine pancreatic insufficiency have been treated with a lipolytic enzyme extracted from rhizopus arrhizus. comparing the fungal lipase with a placebo the drug lowered the daily stool weight from 809 g to 443 g on an average, i.e. by 45.2%. the steatorrhea was reduced from 75.6 g/24 h to 32.9 g, i.e. by 56.5%. when incubating the enzyme in vitro in saline solutions of different ph for 1 h the loss of lipolytic activity is 13% at ph 5, 15% at ph 4, and 19% at ph ...19751053
simplified, totally enzymatic method for determination of serum triglycerides with a centrifugal analyzer.we describe a totally enzymatic method for determination of serum triglycerides (triacylglycerols) specifically adaptable to the centrifichem system. the method involves lipolysis with lipase from rhizopus arrhizus alone and quantitation of the resulting glycerol with glycerol dehydrogenase in a kinetic, fixed-time mode. hydrolysis by the lipase is complete, for concentrations up to at least 5.0 g/liter, in 10 min at room temperature. the unfavorable equilibrium for the oxidation of glycerol is ...19767367
environmental factors affecting the degradation of dyfonate by soil fungi.the ability of selected fungi to degrade the soil insecticide dyfonate (o-ethyl s-phenyl ethylphosphonodithioate) into water-soluble, noninsecticidal metabolites was found to be dependent on the supply of nutrients, incubation time, temperature, ph, as well as other factors. with yeast extract as the carbon source (5 g/liter) and ammonium nitrate (1 g/liter) as the nitrogen source, both rhizopus arrhizus and penicillium notatum degraded the insecticide to a larger extent than with any other comb ...197546772
development and evaluation of an immunodiffusion test for diagnosis of systemic zygomycosis (mucormycosis): preliminary antigen analysis with filtrate and homogenate precipitinogens of single isolates of the zygomycetes absidia corymbifera, mucor pusillus, rhizopus arrhizus, and rhizopus oryzae demonstrated the presence of common antigens among the three genera as well as antigens which permit their differentiation. selected homogenate antigens were valuable in developing a diagnostic immunodiffusion (id) test for systemic zygomycosis. when sera from 43 patients with various proven mycoses other than zygomycos ...197875212
phycomycotic gangrenous cellulitis. a report of two cases and a review of the gangrenous cellulitis due to rhizopus arrhizus following colostomy destroyed the entire abdominal wall of a young woman and caused her death. a similar infection in an 11-year-old kidney transplant recipient was diagnosed more promptly and treated successfully with extensive debridement and amphotericin b. nine similar cases found in the literature were reviewed. all 11 patients appeared to have had prior tissue injury at the original site of infection, and seven had diabetes mellitu ...1976131532
counterimmunoelectrophoresis and opportunistic fungal infections.sera from 35 apparently normal humans, 37 compromised human patients, 30 hedgehogs and 30 sheep, were examined for precipitating antibodies to four opportunistic fungi - absidia corymbifera, aspergillus fumigatus, candida albicans and rhizopus arrhizus-using counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie). precipitins to a. fumigatus were almost exclusively confined to specimens obtained from the compromised human group (51% of those examined) while candida precipitating antibodies were detected in the sera ...1977321971
damage to hyphal forms of fungi by human leukocytes in vitro. a possible host defense mechanism in aspergillosis and mucormycosis.evidence suggests that neutrophils are important in host defenses against invasive aspergillosis and mucormycosis, although hyphae in these lesions are too large to be phagocytized. interactions of neutrophils with hyphae of aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus oryzae were studed in vitro. light and electron microscopic observations indicated that neutrophils attached to and spread over the surfaces of hyphae, even in the absence of serum. this was followed by dramatic morphologic changes which su ...1978347942
the use of fluorescein-labelled lectins in the detection and identification of fungi pathogenic for man: a preliminary study.fluorescein-labelled lectins of known specificities for different sugars were used in an attempt to identify fungi in paraffin sections of surgical and post-mortem material. aspergillus fumigatus, blastomyces dermatitidis, candida albicans, cryptococcus neoformans, paracoccidioides brasiliensis and rhizopus oryzae have been studied with five fluorescein-labelled lectins and with basis of differences in their reactions with these stains. the results accord well with what is known of the chemistry ...1978355633
effects of amidination and chemical cross-linking on human factor viii (antihemophilic factor).the bifunctional reagent dimethyl suberimidate, reacting with primary amino groups of proteins, was used to cross-link highly purified human factor viii. reaction products were reduced with beta-mercaptoethanol or treated with rhizopus arrhizus triglyceride lipase. the proportions of the dissociated subunits and their oligomers were calculated from the relative staining intensities of individual bands following polyacrylamide electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate. low concent ...1977410451
the post-harvest fruit rots of tomato (lycopersicum esculentum) in nigeria.a survey of the post-harvest fruit rot diseases of tomato was conducted in five states of nigeria. during severe infections, the diseases could cause 25% loss at harvest and 34% loss of the remaining product in transit, storage and market stalls; thus giving an overall loss of about 50% of the product. two types of rots, soft and dry were recognised. the soft rot was found to account for about 85% and the dry rot about 15% of the overall loss. erwinia carotovora, rhizopus oryzae, r. stolonifer, ...1979471028
orbitofacial mucormycosis with unusual pathological features.a 52-year-old man with mild diabetes and acute stem cell leukaemia developed an orbitofacial mucormycosis. cultures showed the fungus to be rhizopus oryzae. vigorous treatment with amphotericin b and other bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics for a concurrent sepsis failed to suppress the infections, and the patient died. on post-mortem examination characteristic haematoxylin-staining, broad, aseptate fungal hyphae were found in the right eye, orbit, and lung. a striking and unusual featu ...1979508683
1,3-beta-d-glucanases from pisum sativum seedlings. ii. substrate specificities and enzymic action patterns.two purified pea 1,3-beta-d-glucanases (ec hydrolyse laminarin (degree of polymerization 20), laminaridextrins (degree of polymerization 3--7), and their reduced 3h-derivatives, 1,3-beta-d-glucans which are partially substituted (carboxymethyl-pachyman) or crystalline (curdlan), and mixed-linkage beta-glucans. enzyme kinetics and product-formation indicate endo-hydrolase activity with weak transglycosylase capacity. the enzymes do not hydrolyse beta-glucosides, the 1,3 linkage adjacent ...1979508768
synthesis of various kinds of esters by four microbial lipases.ester synthesis by microbial lipases, using homogeneous enzyme preparations, were investigated. the amount of synthesized ester was estimated by alkalimetry, and products were identified by thin-layer chromatography and infrared spectroscopy. lipases from aspergillus niger, rhizopus delemar, geotrichum candidum and penicillium cyclopium synthesized esters from oleic acid and various primary alcohols. only geotrichum candidum lipase synthesized esters of secondary alcohols. esters of tertiary alc ...1979508776
pancreatic and microbial lipases: a comparison of the interaction of pancreatic colipase with lipases of various origins.conjugated bile salts inhibit the the hydrolysis of triglycerides (tg) by the lipases from rhizopus arrhizus and geotrichum candidum. this occurs for detergent concentrations similar to those which suppress the action of mammalian pancreatic lipases upon the same substrates. however, in opposition with what is observed with the latter enzymes, the activity is not restored by the addition of pancreatic colipase. both pancreatic and r. arrhizus lipases are inactivated at tributyrin/water interface ...1977558492
glyceride synthesis by four kinds of microbial lipase.apart from their usual mechanism of action, lipases from aspergillus niger and rhizopus delemar also catalyzed the synthesis of glycerides from oleic acid and glycerol. lipases from geotrichum candidum and penicillium cyclopium were inactivated by oleic acid, but were stable in the presence of casein, albumin or buffer of appropriate ph. lipases from aspergillus niger and rhizopus delemar synthesized glycerides from, not only fatty acid, but dibasic acids and aromatic acids, making ester bonds o ...1977563245
lipase hydrolysis of mammalian long-chain 1,2-alkanediol diesters. nonrandom distribution of fatty acids.long-chain 1,2-alkanediol diesters were isolated from the total surface lipids of golden syrian hamsters and swiss albino mice. hydrolysis of the diol diester waxes with exocellular lipase from rhizopus arrhizus delemar or with purified porcine pancreatic lipase produced free fatty acids and 2-acyl diols in about 60--80% yield. nonrandom distribution of the constituent fatty acids at positions 1 and 2 of the alkanediols was observed. in the diester waxes from the hamster, both straight-chain and ...1978568644
purification, characterization, and action-pattern studies on the endo-(1 linked to 3)-beta-d-glucanase from rhizopus arrhizus qm 1032.the extracellular (1 linked to 3)-beta-d-glucanase [(1 linked to 3)-beta-d-glucan glucanohydrolase, ec] produced by rhizopus arrhizus qu 1032 was purified 305-fold in 70% overall yield. this preparation was found to be homogeneous by ultracentrifugation (sedimentation velocity and equilibrium studies), electrophoresis on acrylamide gel with normal, sodium dodecyl sulfate, and urea-acetic acid gels, and upon isoelectric focusing. the amino acid composition of the enzyme has been determine ...1978647706
[experiences with substitution therapy using a new pancreatic enzyme of plant origin].the indication field of nortase, a combination of microbial lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, comprises the replacement therapy of maldigestion and insufficiency of pancreas. its efficacy and tolerance were tested in 100 patients in an open study under the conditions of general practice. during the 15-day treatment the following symptoms were evaluated: anorexia, flatulence, pressure and pain in the epigastrium, nausea after the meals, belching, pyrosis, the quality of feces and the body weight ...1978700583
synthesis of trinitrophenylaminolauric acid and the use of its glyceryl esters for assaying lipase by a spectrophotometric procedure.trinitrophenylaminolauric acid was synthesized from omega-aminolauric acid and trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid and then condensed with glycerol to yield mono-, di- and triacylglyceryl esters of this acid. hydrolysis of these glycerides was followed by isolation of the yellow fatty acid with the aid of one solvent extraction step and estimating its content by spectrophotometry. this procedure was used to assay the activities of lipases from hog pancreas, rat bile, microsomes of rat brain and rhizopu ...1978718973
the relative susceptibility of new zealand black and cba mice to infection with opportunistic fungal pathogens.the susceptibility of ageing new zealand black (nzb) mice to infection with a number of opportunistic fungi and yeasts wsd compared with that of similarly aged mice of the cba strain. the nzb mice showed a greater susceptibility to lethal infection with aspergillus fumigatus, candida albicans and cryptococcus neoformans than did those of the cba strain. both mouse strains showed similar susceptibility to lethal infection by allescheria boydii, absidia corymbifera, mucor pusillus and rhizopus ory ...1976772839
fungal infections after renal transplantation.fungal infections occurred in 3 of 22 renal transplants (13.6%). two patients developed rhinocerebral phycomycosis, and rhizopus arrhizus was isolated from cultures of the nasal conchae. both patients were treated with systemic amphotericin b. three-and-a-half months after transplantation the third patient developed an acute ureteral obstruction secondary to infection with aspergillus nidulans; this necessitated removal of the graft. there was no immediate mortality associated with these fungal ...1976786944
antimicrobial activity of econazole and miconazole in vitro and in experimental candidiasis and aspergillosis.the antibacterial and antimycotic activity of econazole base, an imidazole derivative, was examined in vitro and in experimental infections of mice. comparative minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) determinations indicate econazole as well as miconazole to be of moderate activity against gram-positive bacteria (mics: 0.78-25mug/ml) and yeasts (mics: 1.56-25 mug/ml). against filamentous fungi, econazole exhibits better in vitro activity than miconazole and - with the exception of rhizopus oryza ...1976817875
synchronous sporulation during idiophase development in surface cultures of rhizopus arrhizus (fischer).a method to obtain synchronous sporulation during idiophase development in liquid surface cultures of rhizopus arrhizus fischer in described and evaluated for use in studying metabolism associated with asexual sporulation. in this system growth and sporulation are effectively separated. the respiratory pattern indicates three metabolic phases. the first is associated with spore germination; the second, trophophase, with growth; and the third, idiophase, with sporulation. synchronous sporulation ...1977890600
study of bound phospholipase activities of fungal mycelia using an organic solvent has been possible to demonstrate and characterize high phospholipase activities in mycelia of rhizopus arrhizus and mucor javanicus by use of a system in which substrates were dissolved in diisopropyl ether. such activities were associated with bound enzymes and would have been difficult to detect using aqueous assay systems. in both cases, phosphatidylcholine hydrolysis was by phospholipase a1 (ec activity followed by the action of lysophospholipase (ec phospholipase d (e ...1976948251
mucormycosis in a transplant recipient.mucormycosis classically occurs in patients who have uncontrolled diabetes who develop rhinocerebral disease. a fatal case of rhinocerebral infection caused by rhizopus arrhizus in a 53-year-old man who had received a renal homograft three years previously is reported. only five similar cases have been documented, all since 1970. although direct smears of the purulent nasal exudate revealed the presence of numerous gram-negative bacilli, later identified as haemophilus influenzae, the diagnosis ...19751099897
fungal air spora at ibadan, nigeria.the fungal air spora at ibadan, nigeria, was investigated by using casella slit samplers. three sites, incorporating three locations at each site, were selected for the exposure of replicate plates during sampling. to provide data on a wide range of saprophytic and pathogenic fungal spores, isolations were made on sabouraud dextrose agar and malt agar plates incubated at 26 and 37 c. altogether over 60,000 fungal colonies were isolated and counted during the 12-month sampling period. the prevale ...19751124919
effects of local anaesthetics on the lipase of rhizopus arrhizus.1. a number of local anaesthetics were shown to inhibit the hydrolytic activity of a partially purified lipase from the mold rhizopus arrhizur towards both triacylglycerol and phospholipid substrates. 2. irrespective of whether triacylglycerol or phospholipid substrates were used, the inhibition was uncompetitive with respect to the substrate, independent of ca2+ concentration, but ph dependent. 3. the inhibitory activity of the local anaesthetics studied closely paralleled the anaesthetic poten ...19761252490
effect of fungicides on the production of amylase by rhizopus fungicides (brassicol), captan, dithane m-45, fytolan, parasan, sulfex and thiram) were tested for their effect on the production of amylase enzyme by rhizopus oryzae. the activity of amylase was determined by cup-plate method. all the fungicides were found inhibitory for the synthesis of amylase. out of these, parasan was the most effective causing hundred percent inhibition at 0.025% concentration. no amylase production was recorded when thiram, fytolan, brassicol, captan and dithane m-4 ...19921283859
oligounsaturated fatty acid production by selected strains of micromycetes.fifteen strains of filamentous fungi from the culture collection of fungi (charles university, prague) were tested for their lipid production, fatty acid composition with emphasis on accumulation of oligounsaturated fatty acids. all cultures contained palmitic (16:0), palmitoleic (16:1), stearic (18:0), oleic (18:1), linoleic (18:2) and gamma-linolenic (18:3) acid (gla). the mycelium of cunninghamella elegans, rhizopus arrhizus, mortierella parvispora, m. elongata and m. alpina contained arachid ...19921337332
an investigation of engineering parameters for the use of immobilized biomass particles in biosorption.immobilized, inactive mycelia of rhizopus arrhizus are preferential to native biomass for use in the biosorption of metal ions. refinement of a proprietary immobilization technique previously developed at mcmaster university enabled production of particles of immobilized rhizopus arrhizus biomass having a 12-23% wt of polymer additive. the effects of production stage parameters on the intrinsic uptake capacity of the immobilized biomass were examined. kinetic experiments showed the following tre ...19901366407
biosorption of radionuclides by fungal biomass.four kinds of bioreactor were evaluated for thorium removal by fungal biomass. static-bed or stirred-bed bioreactors did not give satisfactory thorium removal probably because of poor mixing. an air-lift bioreactor removed approximately 90-95% of the thorium supplied over extended time periods and exhibited a well-defined breakthrough point after biosorbent saturation. the air-lift bioreactor promoted efficient circulation and effective contact between the thorium solution and the mycelial pelle ...19901366965
activities of candida rugosa lipase and other esterolytic enzymes coated on glass beads and suspended in substrate and water vapor: enzymes in thin liquid films.candida rugosa lipase was enzymatically active when coated on glass beads and exposed to mixtures of substrate and water vapor over a range of relative humidities up to 100%. evidence was obtained for operation of the enzyme in a thin liquid film of concentrated buffer on the surface of the glass beads. formation of the thin film was associated with hygroscopicity of the buffer used to suspend the enzyme in preparation of the enzyme-coated beads. at some buffer concentrations estimated to be on ...19911367174
the glucoamylase cdna from aspergillus oryzae: its cloning, nucleotide sequence, and expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae.a cdna for aspergillus oryzae glucoamylase was cloned, using oligodeoxyribonucleotide probes derived from amino sequences of peptide fragments of the enzyme. the glucoamylase cdna, when introduced into saccharomyces cerevisiae, directed the secretion of active glucoamylase into the culture medium. the complete nucleotide sequence of the cdna contained an open reading frame encoding 612 amino acid residues. comparative studies with other fungal glucoamylases showed homologies of 67% with a. niger ...19911368680
fumaric acid production from hydrolysates of starch-based substrates.fumaric acid production by rhizopus arrhizus from commercial hydrolysates of corn starch (i.e. glucose molasses) was studied at different initial concentrations of glucose (s) and c:n ratios (r) by performing a 3(2) factorial experiment. by using the response surface methodology and statistical analysis, fumaric acid (yf) and mycelial biomass (yx) yields, as referred to the initial concentration of glucose and fumaric acid productivity (pf), were fitted to the only significant first-order effect ...19921368809
characterization of a monoclonal antibody (p40) against the 68 kd major allergen of penicillium notatum.a monoclonal antibody (moab p40) against the 68 kd major allergen of penicillium notatum (p. notatum) was obtained by immunizing the mouse with a crude extract of p. notatum. analysed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting, p40 reacted with two different isoforms of the 68 kd component of p. notatum with pis of 5.4 and 5.5. in addition to p. notatum, p40 showed positive elisa activity to aspergillus fumigatus (a. fumigatus) but not to components of six other fungi including al ...19921377093
epidemiology and pathogenesis of paranasal sinus a prospective study, 50 cases of paranasal sinus mycoses were diagnosed in 2 years out of 119 clinically suspected patients from north india. young men from rural areas were most commonly afflicted. patients with paranasal sinus mycoses could be grouped in three clinical varieties: noninvasive, 31; invasive, 17; allergic, 2. maxillary and ethmoid were the common sinuses concurrently involved in these patients, whereas sphenoid and frontal sinuses were also affected in invasive variety. asperg ...19921470451
the nutritive quality of sorghum-commonbean tempe.the nutritive quality of sorghum-commonbean (40:60) tempe manufactured by rhizopus oligosporus: rhizopus oryzae (1:1) mixed culture fermentation was determined. the protein, crude fat and ash content increased slightly, while carbohydrates decreased. the dietary fibre of the tempe increased by 10%. mould fermentation increased the content of reducing sugars, total acid and aminonitrogen 15.3, 6.7 and 4.6-fold, respectively. it decreased the phytate content by 44% and it increased the tannic acid ...19921502126
rhinocerebral mucormycosis following bone marrow transplantation.rhizopus oryzae was the causative organism in a fatal case of rhinocerebral and then pulmonary mucormycosis in a patient cured of her underlying leukaemia by bone marrow transplantation. we discuss the risk factors involved and the need for maintaining a high index of suspicion of fungal infection in the late post-transplant period.19921548420
orofacial fungal infections. nine pathogens that may invade during chemotherapy.immunosuppression due to antineoplastic drugs or malignant tumor leaves patients extremely vulnerable to infection. opportunistic fungi that rarely infect healthy persons can have very severe consequences in these patients. candida albicans is the pathogen found most often, but several other candida species may cause infection as well. aspergillosis is the second most frequently seen fungal infection of the face and mouth in patients receiving chemotherapy. less commonly seen but equally dangero ...19921561171
phenoloxidase production and vanillic acid metabolism by zygomycetes.the ability of 23 strains of zygomycetes to produce extracellular phenoloxidases was examined on solid media by using 10 different reagents. the results varied depending on the reagent and indicated that most of the strains were devoid of phenoloxidase activity. the production of inducible phenoloxidases was demonstrated by the bavendamm reaction. the study of the biotransformation of vanillic acid in synthetic medium indicated that the reaction most often obtained was the reduction of vanillic ...19921602986
fungi associated with bovine abortion in the northern plains states (usa).mycotic infection was diagnosed in 6.8% of 6,858 cases of bovine abortion and stillbirth examined during a 9-year period. aspergilli were associated with approximately 5% of all abortion cases and 71% of 446 cases that were cultured for fungi and diagnosed as mycotic abortion. aspergillus fumigatus was the most frequent isolate (62%), followed by a. terreus (6.7%), emericella (aspergillus) nidulans (3.0%), a. flavus (2.9%), and e. rugulosus (less than 1.0%). zygomycetes (absidia, mortierella, rh ...19921616983
preparation, characterization, and antiviral activity of microbial metabolites of stemodin.screening studies for microbial transformation products of stemodin [2] have identified a number of microbial metabolites. scale-up fermentation with rhizopus arrhizus atcc 11145 and streptomyces sp. nrrl 5691 have resulted in the production of five metabolites that have been characterized with the use of 2d nmr and x-ray techniques. these metabolites have been identified as 18-hydroxystemodin [6], 16,18-dihydroxystemodin [7], 8 beta-hydroxystemodin [8], 8 beta, 18-dihydroxystemodin [9], and 7 b ...19911667410
selection of rhizopus strains for l(+)-lactic acid and gamma-linolenic acid production.the production of l(+)-lactic acid and formation of gamma-linolenic acid by 50 rhizopus strains growing on saccharidic substrates were investigated. formation of acids was observed on solid cultivation media but mainly during submerged fermentation. strains with the highest selectivity of both l(+)-lactic acid production and gamma-linolenic acid formation were tested in a laboratory fermenter. the best producer was treated by uv irradiation to increase the fatty acid content in the biomass, espe ...19911668279
cloning, expression and characterization of a cdna encoding a lipase from rhizopus delemar.a lambda gt11 cdna library was constructed in escherichia coli using poly(a)-selected mrna from the fungus, rhizopus (rp.) delemar. lipase-producing members of the library were identified by means of a phenotypic score wherein the release of fatty acids by lipase causes a characteristic color change in the growth medium. one such isolate contained a 1287-bp insert (lip cdna) which hybridizes to 1.25- to 1.35-kb mrna species from rp. delemar. the lipase produced in e. coli containing the lip cdna ...19911756969
extracellular proteolysis by mucoraceae in serum-albumin agar tested by the agar block a preliminary study, three strains of absidia corymbifera (two strains from autopsy material of the lungs and one from the soil of a potted indoor plant in a hospital) and one strain of rhizopus oryzae (from the soil of a potted plant in a hospital) were tested for secretory proteolytic activity in serum-albumin agar (saa) with initial ph values of 5.0 and 7.0 by the agar block method and subsequent protein staining. within an incubation period of 5 d/37 degrees c, complete proteolysis took p ...19911795718
studies on glycolipids. iii. glyceroglycolipids from an axenically cultured cyanobacterium, phormidium new monogalactosyl diacylglycerols (1-7) and six new digalactosyl diacylglycerols (11-16) were isolated from an axenically cultured cyanobacterium, p. tenue. their structures were elucidated on the basis of physicochemical evidence and the results of enzymatic hydrolysis using a lipase (from rhizopus arrhizus). comparison of antialgal activity for p. tenue between monogalactosyl diacylglycerols (1-8) and digalactosyl diacylglycerols (11-19) revealed that the former showed more potent activ ...19911804541
microbial transformation of zearalenone to a zearalenone sulfate.the conversion of zearalenone by various microorganisms was studied. a new polar metabolite was formed in addition to alpha- and beta-zearalenols. the structure of the new metabolite was determined as zearalenone-4-o-sulfate conjugate on the basis of enzymatic and acid hydrolysis, followed by mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and infrared spectroscopic analysis. the results obtained demonstrate that rhizopus arrhizus catalyzes sulfation of zearalenone at the c-4 hydroxyl group.19911826596
novel metabolite structures from biotransformation of a sesquiterpenoid ketone by selected fungal strains.the sesquiterpenoid ketone, 1,4,4-trimethyltricyclo[]undec-7-en-9-one (1), was subjected to microbial transformation by six fungal strains: aspergillus niger atcc 9142, aspergillus ochraceus dsm 824, beauveria bassiana atcc 7159, cunninghamella echinulata atcc 9244, rhizopus arrhizus atcc 11.145, and absidia blakesleeana atcc 10.148. four main metabolites were formed from 1: 10(r)- and 10(s)-hydroxy-1,4,4-trimethyltricyclo-[]undec-7- en- 9-one (2 and 3, respectively), bes ...19911872996
case reports rhizopus brain abscess: report of a case and review of the literature.the case of a 34-year-old intravenous drug abuser who survived brain abscess due to rhizopus arrhizus is presented. the diagnosis was made by brain biopsy. fungal brain abscess is a rare complication of iv drug abuse. phycomycetes cause venous thrombosis and infarction of brain tissue. medical versus surgical options are discussed.19911961435
invasive polymycotic pneumonia in an uncontrolled diabetic.we describe the clinical course of a patient with invasive polymycotic pneumonia due to rhizopus arrhizus and candida albicans. both organisms were recovered from antemortem sputum cultures, and their clinical significance was confirmed by histologic examination of the lungs at autopsy. circumstances leading to polymycotic infection are discussed, with special attention given to polymycotic infections involving zygomycetes.19912021322
cross-reactivity among antigens of different air-borne fungi detected by elisa using five monoclonal antibodies against penicillium notatum.cross-reactivity among antigens of 12 genera of air-borne fungi, 13 species of penicillium, and 5 species of aspergillus was studied by elisa using five monoclonal antibodies (moabs) against penicillium notatum. epitopes recognized by all the five moabs were susceptible to treatment of mild periodate oxidation and may therefore be associated with carbohydrates. furthermore, our results showed that there is cross-reactivity among antigens of penicillium, aspergillus, and eurotium species. by usin ...19902178052
production of paf-acether by human epidermal cells.the production of the inflammatory mediator paf-acether (paf) from human epidermal cells was investigated in vitro. human epidermal cells, freshly isolated from normal skin or in culture, were incubated in tyrode's buffer containing 0.25% lipid-free bovine serum albumin in the presence of 2 microm calcium ionophore a23187, at 37 degrees c, for 1 to 60 min. paf production slightly began at the first min of stimulation, was significant after 10 min, reached a maximum at 20 min (251 +/- 25 pg/l x 1 ...19902230220
acid triacyglycerol lipase inhibitor in chicken plasma: purification and properties.1. acid triacylglycerol lipase inhibitor was highly purified from chicken plasma by ammonium sulfate fractionation (0.6-1 saturation) followed by successive chromatographies on hydroxyapatite, blue-cellulofine, phenyl-sepharose and cellulofine gcl-2000 columns, and isoelectric focusing. 2. the lipase inhibitor showed its inhibitory action on triacylglycerol lipases in chicken erythrocytes ghosts and in chicken liver lysosome, but did not on pancreatic lipase, rhizopus arrhizus lipase, or wheat g ...19902279620
mucor cerebral abscess associated with intravenous drug abuse.we report on a case of a 26-year-old intravenous narcotic abuser with a primary cerebral mucormycotic abscess caused by rhizopus oryzae. he was treated with a combination of intravenous and intraventricular amphotericin b and surgical drainage with a successful outcome. there was no evidence that his infection was acquired by the rhinocerebral route, it seems likely that he injected himself with a contaminated batch of narcotic or amphetamine. mucormycosis presenting in this way has been describ ...19902322206
cutaneous zygomycosis in a diabetic htlv-i-seropositive man.zygomycosis, an invasive fungal infection, is usually seen in persons with diabetes, particularly in those with diabetic ketoacidosis. the infection most frequently occurs in the rhinocerebral region and rapidly spreads, causing a swift demise. rarely, the infection is confined to the cutaneous tissues. we describe a 31-year-old man seropositive for human t lymphotropic virus type i who had diabetic ketoacidosis with zygomycosis confined to the right arm. the lesion was presumed initially to be ...19902335589
purification of plasmalogens using rhizopus delemar lipase and naja naja naja phospholipase a2.bovine heart chogpl (choline glycerophospholipid) and bovine brain etngpl (ethanolamine glycerophospholipid) contain diacyl, alkenylacyl and alkylacyl analogs. purification of plasmalogens was achieved using r. delemar lipase and n. naja naja phospholipase a2 digestion. the r. delemar lipase hydrolyzes the acyl bond at the 1-position of 1,2-diacyl glycerophospholipids. the n. naja naja phospholipase a2 has greater activity with diacyl and alkylacyl than with alkenylacyl glycerophospholipids. the ...19902366631
disseminated zygomycosis associated with erythroleukaemia: confirmation by lectin stains.zygomycosis is not often diagnosed in the united kingdom, and so the possible importance of the findings in a patient with disseminated zygomycosis who had been treated with chemotherapy for erythroleukaemia was not appreciated until histological examination of specimens obtained at necropsy provided a presumptive diagnosis. no attempt had therefore been made to identify the organism by culture, and lectin binding methods were used to try to compensate for this. the characteristics of the hyphae ...19852413080
a rapid colorimetric assay of fungal viability with the tetrazolium salt mtt.a rapid colorimetric assay for viability of fungi that uses the tetrazolium salt mtt is described. all live species of a wide range of medically important fungi that were tested reduced mtt, with resultant intracellular formation within several hours of clearly visible purple crystals of mtt-formazan. the assay proved particularly useful in measuring viability of individual hyphae; greater than 99% of live aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus oryzae hyphae stained purple when incubated with mtt co ...19852413145
differences in active site structure in a family of beta-glucan endohydrolases deduced from the kinetics of inactivation by epoxyalkyl beta-oligoglucosides.the active sites of a spectrum of beta-glucan endohydrolases with distinct, but related substrate specificities have been probed using a series of epoxyalkyl beta-glycosides of glucose, cellobiose, cellotriose, laminaribiose, laminaritriose, 3o-beta-d-glucosyl-cellobiose and 4o-beta-d-glucosyl-laminaribiose with different aglycon chain lengths. the inactivation of each of the endohydrolases by these compounds results from active site-directed inhibitor action, as indicated by the dependence of t ...19892494179
a study on the inhibition of aflatoxin b1 induced hepatocarcinogenesis by the rhizopus delemar.the effect of rhizopus delemar on the carcinogenicity in rats of aflatoxin b1 was studied. the aflatoxin b1 was administered in free drinks to each male wistar rat at 126 micrograms per week such that a total dose of 3.40 mg was given over a period of 27 weeks. the culture abstract of rhizopus delemar was added simultaneously to a group of these rats by mixing the aflatoxin b1 solution. animals were killed separately during 18th, 30th, 38th and 52nd week. liver cell altered foci and neoplasms we ...19892518699
treatment of experimental zygomycosis in guinea pigs with azoles and with amphotericin b.nonpredisposed albino guinea pigs were infected intravenously with rhizopus microsporus var. rhizopodiformis or with rhizopus oryzae. both strains were highly pathogenic. they killed all control animals between days 4 and 7 and between days 5 and 9 after infection, respectively. all animals presented invasion of almost all internal organs and skin eruptions developing into ulcers. oral treatment with ketoconazole, itraconazole, fluconazole or saperconazole was inefficacious. parenteral treatment ...19892548818
effects of deferoxamine, feroxamine and iron on experimental mucormycosis (zygomycosis).mucormycosis was induced in healthy guinea pigs by the i.v. injection of spores from rhizopus microsporus var. rhizopodiformis or from rhizopus oryzae, leading to a reproducible mortality. pretreatment with one dose of 50 mg of deferoxamine (dfo) shortened animal survival from 4.2 +/- 0.4 to 3.3 +/- 0.5 days for rh. rhizopodiformis and from 8.8 +/- 0.4 to 7.3 +/- 1.9 days for rh. oryzae (p less than 0.05). survival was shortened even more after 4 doses of dfo (p = 0.0013 for rh. rhizopodiformis ...19892601256
changes in nutritional value of guava fruits infected by major post-harvest changes in ascorbic acid, sugars, proteins and phenols were studied in guava fruits infected by major post-harvest pathogens which in order of importance were colletotrichum gloeosporioides, (penz.), botryodiplodia theobromae, pat., rhizopus arrhizus fischer., phomopsis psidii nag raj and ponnappa apud ponnappa and nag raj, and pestalotiopsis versicolor (speg.) steyaert. contents of ascorbic acid, sugars and proteins declined in the fruits infected by botryodiplodia theobromae, co ...19892631087
indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for zygomycosis.a 2-h indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using homogenate antigens of rhizopus arrhizus and rhizomucor pusillus was developed and compared with the existing immunodiffusion (id) test for zygomycosis, using homogenate antigens of r. arrhizus. utilizing 1:400 as a minimally positive elisa titer, 33 of 43 proven cases of zygomycosis were diagnosed. the sensitivity of the elisa was 81%. the id test, in contrast, detected only 21 cases and demonstrated a sensitivity of 66%. the specif ...19892674194
on the biological occurrence and regulation of 1-acyl and 1-o-alkyl-diradylglycerols in human neutrophils. selective destruction of diacyl species using rhizopus lipase.the occurrence and regulation of 1-ether-linked diradylglycerol in human neutrophils were investigated using a sensitive and practical analytical mass method which distinguishes 1-o-alkyl- (eag) versus 1-acyl (dag) diglycerides. after phosphorylation of diglycerides to the corresponding [32p]phosphatidic acids using [gamma-32p]atp and diglyceride kinase (preiss, j., loomis, c. r., bishop, w. r., stein, r., niedel, j. e., and bell, r. m. (1986) j. biol. chem. 261, 8597-8600), lipase from rhizopus ...19892753896
pyrenemethyl laurate, a new fluorescent substrate for continuous kinetic determination of lipase activity.a fluorescent acyl derivative of pyrenemethanol, pyrenemethyl laurate, was synthesized and used for the determination of several lipases by a continuous kinetic assay. the influence of the physical parameters of the substrate (pyrenemethyl laurate) and its hydrolysis product (pyrenemethanol), on the fluorescence emission was studied. the hydrolysis of pyrenemethyl laurate could be monitored directly in a spectrofluorometer because of the very high monomeric emission of pyrenemethanol at about 37 ...19892804074
rhinocerebral zygomycosis caused by saksenaea vasiformis.a fatal rhinocerebral zygomycotic infection caused by saksenaea vasiformis in a 71-year-old man was diagnosed based on the presence of broad, infrequently septate, branched, hyaline hyphae in tissue obtained from the right and left base of the skull, soft tissue, both maxillary sinuses and the sphenoid sinus; isolation of s. vasiformis from the tissue; and demonstration of mucoraceous antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. fluorescent antibody studies carried out with a rhizopus arrhiz ...19883063803
mucormycosis in diabetic ketoacidosis. role of unbound iron binding capacity of transferrin.increased susceptibility to rhizopus oryzae in diabetes was investigated using mice in which diabetic ketoacidosis was experimentally induced. all of the diabetic mice which had developed ketoacidosis died within four days after inoculation of r. oryzae and their serum uibcs (unbound iron binding capacity) were significantly lower than those of the normal control mice. this study suggested that the decreased serum uibc produced by diabetic ketoacidosis enhances the growth of r. oryzae in vivo.19863099540
acyl-acyl-carrier protein: lysomonogalactosyldiacylglycerol acyltransferase from the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis.membranes isolated from the cyanobacterium, anabaena variabilis, and washed free of soluble endogenous constituents, were capable of catalyzing the direct transfer of the acyl group from acyl-acyl-carrier protein to an endogenous lysomonogalactosyldiacylglycerol to form monogalactosyldiacylglycerol. other glycolipids including monoglucosyldiacylglycerol and digalactosyldiacylglycerol were not products of this reaction. the transfer was not dependent on any added cofactors. palmitoyl-, stearoyl- ...19883143419
[inhibition of aflatoxin b1-induced hepatocarcinogenesis by rhizopus delemar]. 19883150299
neutrophil chemotactic responses induced by fresh and swollen rhizopus oryzae spores and aspergillus fumigatus conidia.with the induction of germination, rhizopus oryzae spores and aspergillus fumigatus conidia activate the complement system and induce neutrophil chemotaxis. in contrast, freshly isolated r. oryzae spores did not induce neutrophil migration into lung tissue of mice after intranasal inoculation. moreover, in microchemotaxis assays neither fresh r. oryzae spores nor a. fumigatus conidia activated sera to stimulate human neutrophil chemotaxis above control migration until at least 10(7) or 10(8) spo ...19853157647
mode of action of tetrahydrolipstatin: a derivative of the naturally occurring lipase inhibitor lipstatin.tetrahydrolipstatin is a specific lipase inhibitor derived from lipstatin, a lipid produced by streptomyces toxytricini. in addition to pancreatic lipase, it is shown in the present study that tetrahydrolipstatin also inhibits human gastric lipase, carboxyl ester lipase (cholesterol esterase) of pancreatic origin and the closely related bile-salt-stimulated lipase of human milk. it does not inhibit the exocellular lipase from rhizopus arrhizus or a lipase recently isolated from staphylococcus au ...19883167082
rhizopus arrhizus in italy as the causative agent of primary cerebral zygomycosis in a drug addict.a rare case of primary cerebral zygomycosis in an italian drug addict is described. the diagnosis was based on the histologic detection of broad, aseptate, hyaline mycelium in fluid aspirated from a brain mass detected by computerized axial tomography. the zygomycete isolated from the clinical specimen was identified as rhizopus arrhizus var arrhizus. the patient had no known predisposing condition that would have suppressed his immunological defenses. once the diagnosis was established, treatme ...19883181379
[comparison of fungal lipase and pancreatic lipase in exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in man. study of their in vitro properties and intraduodenal bioavailability].assuming that acidic degradation of lipase was the major cause of failure for the correction of steatorrhea by pancreatic extracts, we compared the in vitro and in vivo activities of a fungal lipase (fl) (rhizopus arrhizus) with classical porcine pancreatic extract (eurobiol). the choice of fl was determined by its two optimum ph (3.5 and 7.4). five factors known to modify lipase activity were tested: ph, biliary acids colipase, trypsin and albumin. bioavailability was measured by using a double ...19883220231
semisynthetic preparation of 1-o-hexadecyl-2-acetyl-sn-glyceryl-3-phosphorylcholine (platelet activating factor).1-o-hexadecyl-2-acetyl-sn-glyceryl-3-phosphorylcholine (platelet activating factor, paf), (1.9 mumol) was prepared from the total lipid extract of the protozoan tetrahymena pyriformis 9 x 10(7) cells. the procedure involved mild alkaline hydrolysis of the total lipids, followed by acetylation and purification of the product by preparative tlc and hplc. the yield was 60% with respect to the content of 1-o-alkyl-2-acyl-sn-glyceryl-3-phosphorylcholine in the total lipids, determined after preparati ...19883245264
interaction of rhizopus delemar lipase with 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(4-chlorophenyl)ethane and structurally related pesticides: importance of 1:1 pesticide-lipase complexes. 19883378289
biosynthesis of paf-acether factor-acether by human skin fibroblasts in vitro.the synthesis and release of paf-acether by fibroblasts from normal human skin was investigated in vitro. when fibroblasts in suspension (1 x 10(6) cells) were stimulated with 2 microm ca1+ ionophore a23187 (io), they synthesized a material that aggregated aspirin-treated washed rabbit platelets and was identified as paf because 1) the platelet aggregation it induced was inhibited by bn 52021, an antagonist of paf putative receptors; 2) the factor was inactivated by phospholipase a2 but was inse ...19883397536
aflatoxins and fungal flora in lentil (lens esculenta l.).fungal flora of 20 samples of lentil seeds collected from assiut governorate, egypt, were studied. seventeen genera and 13 species were isolated on glucose- (15 genera and 27 species), cellulose- (15 genera and 25 species)- czapek's agar media at 28 degrees c. the most common species were as follows: on glucose-czapek's agar, aspergillus fumigatus, a. niger, a. flavus, a. terreus, penicillium notatum and rhizopus oryzae and on cellulose agar, a. fumigatus, a. niger, a. flavus and p. notatum. thi ...19883419482
enzymic degradation of the mycobacterial o-methyl-d-glucose polysaccharide by a rhizopus-mold alpha amylase, an enzyme active on enzyme activity that catalyzes hydrolysis of an alpha-(1----4)-linked 6-o-methyl-d-glucan was detected in, and purified from, rhizopus oryzae mold. the enzyme acts like an alpha amylase and digests unmodified amylo-oligosaccharides 10 to 15 times as fast as it does the 6-o-methyl and 6-deoxy derivatives. when the limit product obtained by digesting the mycobacterial o-methyl-d-glucose polysaccharide with pancreatic alpha amylase and aspergillus glucoamylase was further digested with the rhizo ...19863486714
proteolysis of von willebrand factor by lipase preparations from rhizopus arrhizus. 19873498236
in vitro killing of spores and hyphae of aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus oryzae by rabbit neutrophil cationic peptides and bronchoalveolar macrophages.the fungicidal activity of six rabbit neutrophil cationic peptides (np) against resting (dormant) spores, preincubated (swollen) spores, and hyphae of aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus oryzae was examined. whereas resting spores of both fungi were totally resistant to killing by up to 500 micrograms of np/ml, preincubated spores and hyphae were sensitive, under optimal conditions, to less than 1 microgram /ml. np-1 and np-2, also found in rabbit bronchoalveolar macrophages, were the most active ...19863525696
electrophoretic and immunoblot analyses of rhizopus arrhizus antigens.four antigen preparations from rhizopus arrhizus were made and analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page) and column chromatography. electrophoretic analyses of these antigens indicated that there are 18 to 28 component bands with a molecular mass range of approximately 10,500 to 83,000 daltons. seven of these bands appear to be components common to three antigen preparations. several of the bands identified by sds-page were composed of glycoproteins or carb ...19873546367
an improved method for the colorimetric assay of lipase activity using an optically clear medium.lipase activity can be spectrophometrically measured in an optically clear medium using long chain fatty thioesters of 1-mercapto-2,3-propanediol or 2-mercaptoethanol as substrates. with hexamethylphosphoric triamide solutions of these thiosubstrates, the michaëlis-menten constants of lipase from rhizopus arrhizus were determined. the effects of calcium chloride and of bovine serum albumin on the enzyme activity were established.19873626781
an enzymatic colorimetric assay of calcium-dependent phospholipases this paper we describe a new method for the assay of calcium-dependent phospholipases a. in this method released fatty acids are quantitated by an enzymatic colorimetric reagent kit which is commercially available. we have tested the applicability of this assay with enzymes from porcine pancreas (phospholipase a2), snake venom (phospholipase a2), and rhizopus arrhizus (a lipase with phospholipase a1-like activity) as well as with a phospholipase a2 activity of bovine seminal vesicle fluid. we ...19873674375
a simple enzymatic fluorimetric method for the determination of triglycerides in 10 microliters of assay for the determination of triglyceride (acyl glycerol) in microliter volumes of serum or plasma is described. the method is based on enzymatic hydrolysis of triglyceride by lipase from rhizopus arrhizus followed by enzymatic fluorimetric assay of the glycerol so released. under the conditions of the assay the enzymatic hydrolysis is complete for concentrations up to 5 mmol/l in less than 15 min at room temperature. the determination of free glycerol and glycerol released is based on the ...19863698322
inhibition of lipases by proteins: a binding study using dicaprin monolayers.we previously reported that the inhibition of pancreatic and rhizopus delemar lipases by proteins is due to the protein associated with lipid and is not caused by direct protein-enzyme interaction in the aqueous phase [gargouri, y., piéroni, g., rivière, c., sugihara, a., sarda, l., & verger, r. (1985) j. biol. chem. 260, 2268-2273]. in this study, using radiolabeled lipases, serum albumin, and beta-lactoglobulin a, we investigated their respective binding with respect to lipolysis of dicaprin m ...19863707907
rapid accumulation of diacyl lipid in rat liver microsomes by selective acylation of 2-acyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylserine.2-acyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoryl[u-14 c]serine (2-acylgps) was prepared by digesting 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoryl[u-14c]serine, mixed with pig brain phosphatidylserine (ps), with rhizopus arrhizus lipase. the labeled lysolipid was shown to be actively acylated by rat liver microsomes in the presence of acyl-coa thioesters, with the formation of diacylps. in experiments with unlabeled lysolipid and [14c]acyl-coa thioesters, digestion of the products with pancreatic phospholipase a2 showed t ...19863707975
fluorometric procedures for measuring triglyceride concentrations in small amounts of tissue and has been previously shown that triglycerides can be specifically hydrolyzed by lipase from rhizopus arrhizus in the presence of hog liver esterase and sodium dodecyl sulfate. the glycerol produced can then be measured by sequential reactions with glycerokinase, pyruvate kinase, and lactate dehydrogenase: glycerol and atp are converted to glycerol-3-phosphate and adp by glycerokinase; the adp reacts with phosphoenolpyruvate and pyruvate kinase to yield pyruvate; the pyruvate is converted to la ...19863723017
pulmonary mucormycosis presenting with horner's syndrome. report of a medical cure.a patient with pulmonary mucormycosis caused by rhizopus oryzae was treated with a total dose of intravenous amphotericin b 2060 mg which resulted in medical cure. this is the first reported medical cure in the rsa of pulmonary mucormycosis. mucormycosis with brachial plexus involvement and horner's syndrome has not been previously reported.19863750145
hospital-acquired gangrenous mucormycosis.a post-operative diabetic patient who had been treated for serratia marcescens bacterial sepsis developed recurrent thrombosis of the left femoral artery following intra-arterial instrumentation. pathological examination of arterial thrombus ultimately demonstrated invasive mucormycosis of the femoral artery and cultures of this material grew rhizopus oryzae. the occurrence of cutaneous and subcutaneous mucormycosis is reviewed, as well as recently recognized nosocomial risk factors for mucormyc ...19863765666
modification of serum, pancreatic, and microbial lipase activities by phorbol diesters.the influence of phorbol diesters on the in vitro hydrolysis of diacylglycerols was examined using enzymes from rat serum, porcine pancreas, and rhizopus delemar. two main phenomena were observed: 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa), when added to the enzyme assay system, stimulated 2- to 3-fold the hydrolysis of [9,10-3h]dioleoylglycerol by serum lipase. the hydrolysis of dioleoylglycerol by either pancreatic or r. delemar lipase was, on the other hand, inhibited by tpa. a 50% inhibition ...19873791200
effect of carbon and nitrogen sources on the chemical composition of lipids of rhizopus bean extract with glucose or oleic acid in the growth medium of rhizopus delemar affected the production of higher values of biomass, total lipids and total glycerides than when ammonium nitrate was used as a source of nitrogen. the highest amounts of biomass (12.35 g/l) and total lipids (310 mg/g dry biomass) were attained in glucose-grown mycelia. the high proportions of total glycerides and unsaturated fatty acids in lipids of rhizopus delemar suggest the utilization of such lipid materia ...19863825190
monitoring of filamentous fungal growth by in situ microspectrophotometry, fragmented mycelium absorbance density, and 14c incorporation: alternatives to mycelial dry weight.monitoring of filamentous fungal growth by spectrophotometry is generally considered not feasible. this report describes the monitoring of growth of the filamentous fungi trichophyton mentagrophytes, rhizopus oryzae, and sporothrix schenckii in broth by two new spectrophotometric methods and by 14c incorporation from [u-14c]glucose. microcultures (200 microliter) were prepared in 96-well, flat-bottom microtiter trays, and macrocultures (4 ml) were prepared in glass vials proportionally scaled up ...19853883895
subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by rhizopus oryzae probable nosocomial acquired infection. 19853938565
the sub-cellular localisation and regulatory properties of pyruvate carboxylase from rhizopus arrhizus.cell-free extracts of rhizopus arrhizus contain exclusively cytosolic pyruvate carboxylase and nad-glutamate dehydrogenase, a single mitochondrial isoenzyme of nadp-isocitrate dehydrogenase, and both mitochondrial and cytosolic isoenzymes of nadp-malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating). other enzymes examined have sub-cellular localisations similar to those characteristic of mammalian liver. purified preparations of r. arrhizus pyruvate carboxylase are subject to partial regulatory inhibition by ...19853971971
inhibition of lipases by proteins. a kinetic study with dicaprin monolayers.we report further investigations on protein inhibition of pancreatic and microbial lipases carried out with the monolayer technique. when beta-lactoglobulin a, melittin, serum albumin, myoglobin, and a protein inhibiting lipase from soybean were preincubated with a dicaprin film at a surface pressure of 35 dynes/cm, no activity was detected with horse pancreatic or rhizopus delemar lipases. by contrast, rhizopus arrhizus and geotrichum candidum lipase activities were not impaired under the same ...19854038705
degradation of dyfonate in soil inoculated with rhizopus arrhizus. 19744134574
the suitability of lipase from rhizopus arrhizus delemar for analysis of fatty acid distribution in dihexosyl diglycerides, phospholipids and plant sulfolipids. 19734214753
[rhizopus arrhizus lipase. i. action of the lipase on the triglycerides of chylomicrons and lipoproteins in vitro]. 19684236043
[rhizopus arrhizus lipase. ii. action of lipase on chylomicrons in vivo]. 19684236044
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