thyroid hormone-induced protein (tip) gene expression by 3,5,3(')-triiodothyronine in the ovarian follicle of perch (anabas testudineus, bloch): modulation of 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta(5)-delta(4)-isomerase enzyme by tip.our previous reports had shown that 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (t(3)) induced the generation of a 52-kda monomer protein, i.e., tip (thyroid hormone-induced protein) in the perch ovarian follicle. tip, in turn, increased progesterone formation by stimulating delta(5)-3beta-hsd activity (3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta(5)-delta(4) isomerase) [eur. j. endocrinol. 134 (1996) 128-135; gen. comp. endocrinol. 113 (1999) 212-220]. in the present investigation, perch ovarian follicles were incubat ...200212093121
cytogenetic effects of sonication on spathosternum prasiniferum (grasshopper), anabas testudineus (fish), and mus musculus (mammal). 200111080345
plasma thyroxine levels in freshwater perch: influence of season, gonadotropins, and gonadal hormones.plasma thyroxine (t4) of a freshwater female perch anabas testudineus (bloch) has been measured by specific radioimmunoassay (ria). monitoring of plasma t4 throughout the year showed that july to early september (spawning stage) had the highest t4 and late september to january (postspawning stage) had the lowest t4. the plasma t4 cycle was coincident with the ovarian cycle. treatment of intact perch with salmon gonadotropin (sg-g100) or ovine lh (500 ng/100 g body wt) markedly enhanced plasma t4 ...19846421653
time dependent tissue distribution of 203hg in the white rat and anabas testudineus, a freshwater teleost.the distribution of mercury, an environmentally important toxicant, has been evaluated in a time dependent manner in different tissues of white rat and a freshwater teleost, anabas testudineus. sampling was performed at 15 min, 2, 6 and 48 h post injection (im) of 203hg mercuric nitrate. radioactivity of the 5% tissue homogenate, serum and bile was measured in a gamma counter. the rate of 203hg accumulation is higher in fish immediately after administration which, however, is more or less of equ ...19921489530
effect of beta-glucan on immunity and survival of early stage of anabas testudineus (bloch).the present experiment was carried out to study the effect of different dosages of beta-glucan suspension derived from barley on the innate immune response and disease resistance of anabas testudineus spawns against infection caused by aeromonas hydrophila. four different dosages of beta-glucan suspension in phosphate buffered saline at the rate of 0, 5, 10, 15 mg l(-1) were taken and 8 days old spawn were exposed for 2 h and 3 h. the cell suspension of spawn was assayed for total protein, acid ...200919699803
life cycle stages of heterophyid trematodes in vietnamese freshwater fishes traced by molecular and morphometric methods.a survey of digenean zoonotic trematodes infecting snails and fishes in a north vietnamese freshwater fish culture system revealed shedding of three types of parapleurolophocercous cercariae from the snail host melanoides tuberculata and the presence of metacercariae within the genus haplorchis (h. pumilio and h. taichui) and procerovum sp. in tissues of cultured fishes (silver carp, indian carp and climbing perch). no morphological characters were able to link the different cercariae specifical ...200919056180
in vitro antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria isolated from eus-affected fishes in india.twelve antibiotics were evaluated for in vitro sensitivity against 16 bacterial strains isolated from surface lesions of fishes affected with epizootic ulcerative syndrome (eus).200211967051
curcumin analogue inhibits lipid peroxidation in a freshwater teleost, anabas testudineus (bloch)--an in vitro and in vivo study.the effect of a synthetic curcumin analogue (salicylcurcumin) on fish lipid peroxidation was investigated in both in vitro and in vivo conditions using a teleost model anabas testudineus (bloch). curcumin analogue inhibited the formation of lipid peroxidation products and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (tbars) content at the three concentrations (10(-2) m, 10(-3) m and 10(-4) m) in vitro. tbars content was reduced by 80% in the liver and 68% in brain by the higher concentration of salic ...200918953661
angiotensin-converting enzyme in organs of air-breathing fish.angiotensin-converting enzyme (ace) was measured in tissue homogenates from the african lungfish and six species of air-breathing teleosts (heteropneustes fossilis, clarias batrachus, channa gachua, anabas testudineus, notopterus chitala, and monopterus cuchia) using a standard spectrophotometric assay. in most species, the highest levels of ace activity were found in the respiratory organs (gills and/or accessory respiratory organs). ace was also found in heart and kidney tissues from most spec ...20102830162
prevalence of haplorchis taichui and haplorchoides sp. metacercariae in freshwater fish from water reservoirs, chiang mai, thailand.a parasitological investigation on trematode metacercariae was made on 62 freshwater fishes of 13 species in northern thailand; cyclocheilichthys apogon, puntioplites proctozysron, labiobarbus siamensis, barbodes gonionotus, barbodes altus, henicorhynchus siamensis, osteochilus hasselti, notopterus notopterus, mystacoleucus marginatus, anabas testudineus, systomus orphoides, morulius chrysophykadian, and hampala macrolepidota. the fish were caught over the summer period (february-may 2007) from ...200818552549
gnathostoma infection in fish caught for local consumption in nakhon nayok province, thailand i. prevalence and fish species.between august 2000 and august 2001, 12,216 fish of 73 species were purchased from several local markets in nakhon nayok province, thailand, and examined for the presence of gnathostoma larvae. almost all species were fresh-water fish that had grown naturally, rather than raised commercially. eight species were found to be infected with gnathostome larvae. the overall prevalence was 5.1% (626/12,216) and a total of 5,969 larvae was recovered. the highest rate of infection (30.1 %) was found in m ...200415689060
tri-iodo thyronine regulates antioxidant enzyme activities in different cell fractions through a mechanism sensitive to actinomycin d in a teleost, anabas testudineus (bloch).the present study evaluated the effects of hyperthyroid state on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in the crude (cf), post nuclear (pnf) and mitochondrial fractions (mf) of the fish liver. the in vivo injection of t3 (200ng) did not change the lipid peroxidation products, malondialdehyde (mda) and conjugated dienes (cd), while actinomycin d (10microg), a potent mrna inhibitor when administered with t3 increased them. the antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase (sod) and catalase ( ...200616924834
sensory cues employed for the acquisition of familiarity-dependent recognition of a shoal of conspecifics by climbing perch (anabas testudineus bloch).in this study we showed that a freshwater fish, the climbing perch (anabas testudineus) is incapable of using chemical communication but employs visual cues to acquire familiarity and distinguish a familiar group of conspecifics from an unfamiliar one. moreover, the isolation of olfactory signals from visual cues did not affect the recognition and preference for a familiar shoal in this species.201525963252
effects of chlorpyrifos ethyl on acetylcholinesterase activity in climbing perch cultured in rice fields in the mekong delta, vietnam.climbing perch is commonly harvested in rice fields and associated wetlands in the mekong delta. despite its importance in providing food and income to local households, there is little information how this fish species is affected by the high use of pesticides in rice farming. organophosphate insecticides, such as chlorpyrifos ethyl, which are highly toxic to aquatic organisms, are commonly used in the mekong delta. this study shows that the brain acetylcholinesterase (ache) activity in climbin ...201525828891
histopathological and ultramicroscopical changes in gill, liver and kidney of anabas testudineus (bloch) after chronic intoxication of almix (metsulfuron methyl 10.1%+chlorimuron ethyl 10.1%) herbicide.present study aimed to investigate the effects of almix herbicide on histopathological and ultrastructural changes in freshwater teleostean fish, anabas testudineus (bloch) under field and laboratory conditions with a dose of 8 g/acre and 66.7 mg/l respectively for 30 days. in field experiment fish species were reared in special type of cage submerged in pond. cellular alterations of the concerned organs namely gills, liver and kidney were observed through light, scanning and transmission electr ...201526318971
experimental infection of aphanomyces invadans and susceptibility in seven species of tropical fish.epizootic ulcerative syndrome (eus) causes by aquatic oomycete fungus, aphanomyces invadans is a dangerous fish disease of a wide range of fresh and brackish water, wild and farmed fish throughout the world. the objective of the present study was to determine the susceptibility of a number of tropical fish species to the eus and compare the severity of infection between experimental groups.201527047195
trichodinid ectoparasites (ciliophora: peritrichia) of freshwater fishes of the family anabantidae from the okavango river and delta (botswana).during parasitological surveys in the okavango delta and panhandle in botswana, two species of climbing perches belonging to the family anabantidae were investigated for ectoparasites. the fishes were the blackspot climbing perch, microctenopoma intermedium (pellegrin) and the manyspined climbing perch, ctenopoma multispine peters. five trichodinid species were found from the skin, fins and gills of these anabantids. one is a known species, i.e., trichodina microspina van as et basson, 1992, for ...200212418809
evaluation of metabolic enzymes in response to excel mera 71, a glyphosate-based herbicide, and recovery pattern in freshwater teleostean fishes.metabolic enzymes such as alanine aminotransferase (alt), aspartate aminotransferase (ast), and alkaline phosphatase (alp) were evaluated in indian teleostean fishes, namely, anabas testudineus (bloch) and heteropneustes fossilis (bloch), for an exposure to 30 days of excel mera 71 (17.2 mg/l), a glyphosate formulation, and subsequent depuration under liv.52, a plant extract at a dose of 187.5 mg/d/250 l for the same period in the same tissues under laboratory condition. alt activity was signifi ...201425013782
differential regulation of leydig cell 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta5-delta4-isomerase activity by gonadotropin and thyroid hormone in a freshwater perch, anabas testudineus (bloch).leydig cells were isolated from the perch testes belonging to the pre-spawning stage by collagenase treatment and mechanical separation followed by percoll gradient. they were incubated in vitro either for 5 h or at different times in the absence (control) or presence of piscine gonadotropin (gth, 2 microg (1 x 10(6) cells)(-1)) or 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (t3, 50 ng (1 x 10(6) cells(-1)) or t3-induced protein (tip, 2 microg (1 x 10(6) cells)(-1)). 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta5-delta4 ...199910622432
a comparative study of allitin and garlic on lipid turnover in a teleost, anabas testudineus (bloch).both allitin and garlic have anti-lipogenic properties substantiated by the activity of three lipogenic enzymes and lipid profiles. the rise in the hdl levels and simultaneous fall in the ldl upon garlic intake is the most convincing indicator of reduced lipid concentration. however, the administration of allitin recorded a decrease in the hdl and ldl levels, but when calculated on a percentage basis, there was a marginal increase in the hdl level. on the basis of results, it can be concluded th ...200315267155
studies on the effect of growth hormone in vivo and in vitro on lipogenic enzymes and transaminases in a teleost anabas testudineus (bloch).the specific activities of three lipogenic enzymes, malic enzyme (me), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g6pdh) and isocitrate dehydrogenase (icdh), in liver and heart and two transaminases (ast & alt) in liver and muscle, were studied in response to the in vivo and in vitro administration of growth hormone (gh) in a teleost anabas testudineus. ovine growth hormone (ogh) in vivo significantly reduced the activities of lipogenic enzymes, except for heart g6pdh, which showed an increase at the hi ...199910596727
seasonal dynamics of camallanus anabantis infections in the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, from the freshwater swamps near kalyani town, west bengal, india.the seasonal changes of the nematode camallanus anabantis pearse, 1933, in the climbing perch (anabas testudineus) from the freshwater swamps near kalyani town, west bengal, india were studied during the period from february 1988 to august 1989. the nematode exhibited a one-year cycle. larvated females occurred in the fishes from october to february at a water temperature of 12 degrees-29 degrees c. new infection of fishes occurred from february to may and occasionally in september. the fourth-s ...19938325564
surface structures of gill, scale and erythrocyte of anabas testudineus exposed to sublethal concentration of cypermethrin.the present study was undertaken to assess the toxicity of sublethal concentrations (0.015, 0.030 and 0.045 ppm) of cypermethrin on the gills, scales and erythrocytes of anabas testudineus for 21 days. the morphological changes on the gills, scales and erythrocytes of the a. testudineus were observed using scanning electron microscope (sem). the sem studies on all the three treated groups revealed several kinds of gills, scales and erythrocytes alterations and modifications with abnormal morphol ...201424780535
dha and epa content and fatty acid profile of 39 food fishes from india.docosahexaenoic acid (dha) is the principal constituent of a variety of cells especially the brain neurons and retinal cells and plays important role in fetal brain development, development of motor skills, and visual acuity in infants, lipid metabolism, and cognitive support and along with eicosapentaenoic acid (epa) it plays important role in preventing atherosclerosis, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, alzheimer's disease, and so forth. being an essential nutrient, it is to be obtained through ...201627579313
metabolic effects of ovine growth hormone in a teleost, anabas testudineus. 19989629182
efficacy of exogenous hormone (gnrha) for induced breeding of climbing perch anabas testudineus (bloch, 1792) and influence of operational sex ratio on spawning success.the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, is an air-breathing fish having great consumer preference as a food fish and is considered a prime candidate species for aquaculture. spawning success is an important issue while using hormones for captive induced breeding. in the first experiment, a trial was conducted to assess the efficacy of a synthetic gonadotropin releasing hormone analog (sgnrha) on the spawning success of climbing perch. female fish were administered six different doses each with a ...201627346586
evaluation of the joint toxicity of chlorpyrifos ethyl and fenobucarb on climbing perch (anabas testudineus) from rice fields in the mekong delta, vietnam.organophosphates (e.g. chlorpyrifos ethyl) and carbamates (e.g. fenobucarb) are commonly used to control a wide range of pests in rice fields of the mekong delta in vietnam. this study assesses the combined effect of chlorpyrifos ethyl (cpf) and fenobucarb (f), applied at concentrations used by rice farmers, on the brain acetylcholinesterase (ache) activity in climbing perch fingerlings from rice fields in the mekong delta. it also investigates if pyridine-2-aldoxime methiodide (2-pam) can be us ...201627250094
effects of sequential applications of bassa 50ec (fenobucarb) and vitashield 40ec (chlorpyrifos ethyl) on acetylcholinesterase activity in climbing perch (anabas testudineus) cultured in rice fields in the mekong delta, vietnam.this study assesses the effects of sequential applications of the insecticides bassa 50ec (fenobucarb-f) and vitashield 40ec (chlorpyrifos ethyl-cpf), sprayed at concentrations used by rice farmers in the mekong delta, on the brain acetylcholinesterase (ache) in climbing perch fingerlings. after spraying the pesticides on the rice fields, the water concentrations of both insecticides decreased below the detection levels within 3 days. the sequential applications caused significant inhibition on ...201627075585
the complete mitochondrial genome of the anabas testudineus (perciformes, anabantidae) and its comparison with other related fish the present study, the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of anabas testudineusis reported using pgm sequencer (ion torrent, life technologies, la jolla, ca). the complete mitogenome of climbing perch, a. testudineusis obtained by the de novo sequences assembly of genomic reads using the torrent mapping alignment program (tmap), which is 16 603 bp in length. the mitogenome of a. testudineus composed of 13 protein- coding genes, two rrna, and 22 trnas. here, 20 trnas genes showed typical c ...201726709978
effect of chlorpyrifos ethyl on acetylcholinesterase activity in climbing perch (anabas testudineus, bloch, 1972).the high use of pesticides in intensive rice farming in the mekong delta constitutes a potential hazard to the environment and to people's health. chlorpyrifos ethyl (cpf) is a commonly used organophosphate (op) insecticide, but information about its potential negative impacts on the aquatic environment in the mekong delta is scarce. both acute and subacute toxicity tests were performed in a static nonrenewable system to investigate the effects of cpf on brain acetylcholinesterase (ache) activit ...201526135300
assessment of ems-induced genotoxicity in the indian climbing perch, anabas testudineus: cytogenetical vis-à-vis protein endpoints.genotoxic effects of ems have been assessed in fish, a. testudineus, using widely accepted cytogenetic protocols like chromosome aberrations, nuclear anomalies in red blood cells and abnormal sperm head morphology. in addition, gel electrophoretic protein profiles and total protein contents in nine selected tissues were analysed for evaluating their utility as potential indicators of genotoxicity. ems not only caused chromosomal aberrations in somatic cells, nuclear anomalies in red blood cells, ...200213677633
on the morpho-histology of the alimentary tract in the indian climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch), in relation to food and feeding habits.functional morpho-histology of the alimentary tract of the indian climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch) has been described. the fish possesses a wide, slightly upturned mouth. the presence of jaw, vomerine, palatine, pharyngeal, and horny pad teeth in the bucco-pharyngeal region indicates the carnivorous feeding habit of the fish. gill-rakers are toothed but the tongue is edentulous. the latter helps in manipulation of larger prey. the nature and disposition of the taste buds in the lips an ...19827152227
oxidative metabolism in a teleost, anabas testudineus bloch: effect of thyroid hormones on hepatic enzyme vivo administration of l-thyroxine (l-t4) in anabas testudineus, while significantly stimulated the activities of cytochrome c oxidase and alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase (alpha-gpdh), inhibited glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g-6-pdh), cytosolic and mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase (cyt. mdh; mit. mdh), and mg2+ dnp-dependent adenosine triphosphatase (mg2+ atpase) activities. the activities of lactate dehydrogenase (ldh), succinate dehydrogenase (sdh), and catalase remained unalter ...19892920903
a new species of henneguya, a gill parasite of a freshwater fish anabas testudineus (bloch) affected with ulcerative disease syndrome from manipur, india.a new species of henneguya parasitizing tissues affected by the ulcerative disease syndrome of a freshwater fish anabas testudineus (bloch) from khiodum and pumlen lakes of manipur state is described. of the fishes examined 75% were found to be infested with this myxozoan parasite. mature spores of the new species are elongated, biconvex, and oval with bluntly rounded anterior end and gradually tapering posterior end with a caudal prolongation, measuring 12.6-15.4 (14.0+/- 1.1) microm in length. ...200818351559
cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in the gills of the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, is involved in both hypoosmotic regulation during seawater acclimation and active ammonia excretion during ammonia exposure.this study aimed to clone and sequence the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (cftr) from, and to determine the effects of seawater acclimation or exposure to 100 mmol l⁻¹ nh₄cl in freshwater on its mrna and protein expressions in, the gills of anabas testudineus. there were 4,530 bp coding for 1,510 amino acids in the cftr cdna sequence from a. testudineus. the branchial mrna expression of cftr in fish kept in freshwater was low (<50 copies of transcript per ng cdna), but signi ...201222526263
sublethal toxicity of commercial formulations of deltamethrin and permethrin on selected biochemical constituents and enzyme activities in liver and muscle tissues of anabas testudineus.the freshwater fish anabas testudineus was exposed for 21 days to two commercial formulations of synthetic pyrethroids deltamethrin and permethrin at sublethal concentrations of 0.007 and 0.0007 mg l(-1), and 0.093 and 0.0093 mg l(-1), that represented 10% and 1%, respectively, of the 96 h lc50 of these two pesticides for this fish. the glycogen, protein and lactic acid contents, along with succinate dehydrogenase (sdh), aspartate aminotransferase (ast), and alanine aminotransferase (alt) enzyme ...201425307465
development of solar drying model for selected cambodian fish species.a solar drying was investigated as one of perspective techniques for fish processing in cambodia. the solar drying was compared to conventional drying in electric oven. five typical cambodian fish species were selected for this study. mean solar drying temperature and drying air relative humidity were 55.6 °c and 19.9%, respectively. the overall solar dryer efficiency was 12.37%, which is typical for natural convection solar dryers. an average evaporative capacity of solar dryer was 0.049 kg · h ...201425250381
impact of tannery effluents on the aquatic environment of the buriganga river in dhaka, bangladesh.this study presents an overview of the existence and effects of six heavy metals, chromium (cr), lead (pb), cadmium (cd), mercury (hg), manganese (mn), and aluminum (al), in tannery effluents released to the buriganga river in dhaka, bangladesh. the pollutants were found in three different sources, such as effluents from tanneries, contaminated river water and three species of fish-climbing perch (anabas testudineus), spotted snakehead (channa punctata), and black tilapia (oreochromis mossambicu ...201625216801
the complete mitochondrial genome of the anabas testudineus (perciformes, anabantidae).we present the complete mitochondrial genome of the anabas testudineus in this study. the mitochondrial genome is 16,603 bp in length and consists of 13 protein-coding genes, two rrna genes, 22 trna genes and a control region. the nucleotide compositions of the light strand are 29.40% of c, 28.63% of a, 25.79% of t, and 16.18% of g. with the exception of nd6 and eight trna genes, all other mitochondrial genes are encoded on the heavy strand. all the protein-coding genes begin with an atg initiat ...201624960569
biochemical effects of glyphosate based herbicide, excel mera 71 on enzyme activities of acetylcholinesterase (ache), lipid peroxidation (lpo), catalase (cat), glutathione-s-transferase (gst) and protein content on teleostean fishes.effects of glyphosate based herbicide, excel mera 71 at a dose of 17.20mg/l on enzyme activities of acetylcholinesterase (ache), lipid peroxidation (lpo), catalase (cat), glutathione-s-transferase (gst) and protein content were measured in different tissues of two indian air-breathing teleosts, anabas testudineus (bloch) and heteropneustes fossilis (bloch) during an exposure period of 30 days under laboratory condition. ache activity was significantly increased in all the investigated tissues of ...201424927388
time dependent distribution of [203hg] mercuric nitrate in the subcellular fractions of rat and fish liver.cytotoxicity of inorganic mercury to the liver of two species, anabas testudineus and sprague dawley male rat was evaluated. distribution kinetics of this metal in the different hepatic subcellular fractions were followed for 48 h after a single injection of [203hg] mercuric nitrate at a dose of 4mg/kg b.w. interaction of this metal with protein, dna and rna was also studied. in rat, nuclear and lysosomal fractions showed a significant increase in the protein content, while in fish, the amount o ...19937691081
thyroid hormones regulate lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities in anabas testudineus (bloch).the role of thyroid hormones in metabolic pathways are well known. however, their involvement in lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities is not known. in this study, the in vivo injection of 6-propylthiouracil (6-ptu) did not alter the concentration of malondialdehyde (mda) and conjugated dienes in liver. the administration of triiodothyronine (t3) or diiodothyronine (t2) increased the peroxidation rate in hypothyroid fish. however, in normal fish, only a high dose of t2 caused incr ...200111163315
ddt and derivatives in indicator species of the aquatic food web of rangsit agricultural area, central thailand.the presence of ddt and derivatives in the food web of freshwater ecosystems of rangsit agricultural area, pathum thani province, thailand were investigated from june 2004 to may 2007. by using gas chromatography (gc) with micro electron capture detector (mu ecd), ddt and derivatives in water, sediment, and fifteen indicator species i.e., 2 producers; eichhornia crassipes and plankton (phyto- and zoo- plankton), an herbivore; trichogaster microlepis (3) 3 omnivores; trichogaster trichopterus, or ...200920161116
effect of hormones and pharmacological drugs on the blood of anabas testudineus (bloch).effect of different gonadal steroids, hydrocortisone, catecholamines and antithyroidal agent on certain haematological parameters in an air breathing fish, anabas testudineus (bloch) commonly known as climbing perch, have been made. the treatment of hydrocortisone, adrenaline, noradrenaline and testosterone brings about a significant increase in rbc counts (polycythemia), hb content and pcv values as compared to control which were subjected to the treatment of normal saline. males were more susc ...199985576
tri-iodothyronine alters superoxide dismutase expression in a teleost anabas testudineus.the effect of tri-iodothyronine (t3) on superoxide dismutase (sod) expression was evaluated in a teleost anabas testudineus (cuthyroid fish) by native gel eletrophoresis and western blot analysis. sod is an essential enzyme for the survival of oxygen-utilizing organisms. its expression is altered by the stress, presumably due to the increase in concentration of superoxide radical in cells. variations of thyroid honnone levels are the major physiological modulators of cellular oxidative stress. t ...200819239125
acclimation of anabas testudineus (bloch) to three test temperatures influences thermal tolerance and oxygen consumption.teleost fish have developed their own specific adaptive mechanism, both behavioral and physiological, to maintain homeostasis in response to unfavorable temperatures. therefore, this study was aimed at assessing the critical thermal maxima (ct(max)), critical thermal minima (ct(min)), and oxygen consumption rate of anabas testudineus (17.03 +/- 1.2 g) after acclimating to three preset temperatures (25, 30, and 35 degrees c) for 30 days. the ct(max) and ct(min) were 40.15, 41.40, 41.88 degrees c ...201019082752
starvation induced cholesterogenesis in hepatic and extra hepatic tissues of climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch).cholesterol is a structural lipid, which may be differentially utilized or synthesized in response to stress or during insulin deficient states such as starvation. in the present investigation we estimated the levels of cholesterol in anabas testudineus, which was subjected to brief (15 days) and prolonged fasting (60 days). tissues such as liver, kidney, brain, accessory respiratory organ, pectoral and lateral line muscle were selected for the study. cholesterol content was estimated by the cra ...201223961210
sennetsu neorickettsiosis: a probable fish-borne cause of fever rediscovered in laos.neorickettsia sennetsu has been described from japan and malaysia, causing a largely forgotten infectious mononucleosis-like disease. because it is believed to be contracted from eating raw fish, frequently consumed in the lao pdr, we looked for evidence of n. sennetsu among lao patients and fish. a buffy coat from 1 of 91 patients with undifferentiated fever was positive by 16s rrna amplification and sequencing and real-time polymerase chain reactions (pcr) targeting two n. sennetsu genes. lao ...200919635868
zymosan-induced immune challenge modifies the stress response of hypoxic air-breathing fish (anabas testudineus bloch): evidence for reversed patterns of cortisol and thyroid hormone interaction, differential ion transporter functions and non-specific immune response.fishes have evolved physiological mechanisms to exhibit stress response, where hormonal signals interact with an array of ion transporters and regulate homeostasis. as major ion transport regulators in fish, cortisol and thyroid hormones have been shown to interact and fine-tune the stress response. likewise, in fishes many interactions have been identified between stress and immune components, but the physiological basis of such interaction has not yet delineated particularly in air-breathing f ...201627871800
increases in apoptosis, caspase activity and expression of p53 and bax, and the transition between two types of mitochondrion-rich cells, in the gills of the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, during a progressive acclimation from freshwater to seawater.this study aimed to test the hypothesis that branchial osmoregulatory acclimation involved increased apoptosis and replacement of mitochdonrion-rich cells (mrcs) in the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, during a progressive acclimation from freshwater to seawater. a significant increase in branchial caspase-3/-7 activity was observed on day 4 (salinity 20), and an extensive tunel-positive apoptosis was detected on day 5 (salinity 25), indicating salinity-induced apoptosis had occurred. this wa ...201323760020
effect of β-glucan on the immune response of early stage of anabas testudineus (bloch) challenged with fungus saprolegnia parasitica.the present study was carried out to study the effect of different dosages of β-glucan suspension on immune response and disease resistance in anabas testudineus spawns against a fungal pathogen saprolegnia parasitica. eight day old spawns were exposed for 3 h in four different dosages of β-glucan suspension in phosphate buffered saline at the rate of 0, 5, 10, 15 mg l(-1). the cell suspension of spawn was assayed for total protein, acid phosphate, lysozyme, bactericidal and nbt activity. the sp ...201323741642
protective effect of dietary curcumin in anabas testudineus (bloch) with a special note on dna fragmentation assay on hepatocytes and micronucleus assay on erythrocytes in vivo.the present study was conducted to evaluate the safety of long-term dietary curcumin at doses 0.5 and 1% in anabas testudineus employing hematological and cytological techniques. the fish were fed with curcumin-supplemented feed for 6 months. fine blood smears were prepared and subjected to three different staining techniques. the erythrocyte micronucleus frequency (mn) and the cytometric measurements of erythrocytes were determined. blood from the control and treated fish was subjected to the a ...201323515757
participation of camp-dependent protein kinase and map kinase pathways during anabas testudineus oocyte maturation.possible involvement of cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinase (pka) and map kinase (mapk) pathways during oocyte maturation in anabas testudineus was investigated. pre-incubation with phosphodiesterase (pde) inhibitor, 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (ibmx), inhibited 17α, 20β-dhp-induced gvbd dose dependently. pka inhibitor, h89 could induce resumption of meiosis independent of 17α, 20β-dhp, in dose and duration dependent manner. the maximum response was obtained with the dose of 10 μm of h89 ...201323174698
adrenaline and triiodothyronine modify the iron handling in the freshwater air-breathing fish anabas testudineus bloch: role of ferric reductase in iron acquisition.the effects of in vivo adrenaline and triiodothyronine (t(3)) on ferric reductase (fr) activity, a membrane-bound enzyme that reduces fe(iii) to fe(ii) iron, were studied in the organs of climbing perch (anabas testudineus bloch). adrenaline injection (10 ng g(-1)) for 30 min produced significant inhibition of fr activity in the liver and kidney and that suggests a role for this stress hormone in iron acquisition in this fish. short-term t(3) injection (40 ng g(-1)) reduced fr activity in the gi ...201323168087
nitric oxide rectifies acid-base disturbance and modifies thyroid hormone activity during net confinement of air-breathing fish (anabas testudineus bloch).nitric oxide (no), a short-lived freely diffusible radical gas that acts as an important biological signal, regulates an impressive spectrum of physiological functions in vertebrates including fishes. the action of no, however, on thyroid hormone status and its role in the integration of acid-base, osmotic and metabolic balances during stress are not yet delineated in fish. sodium nitroprusside (snp), a no donor, was employed in the present study to investigate the role of no in the stressed air ...201323153653
physiologic implications of inter-hormonal interference in fish: lessons from the interaction of adrenaline with cortisol and thyroid hormones in climbing perch (anabas testudineus bloch).adrenaline and cortisol, the major stress hormones, are known for its direct control on stress response in fish. likewise, as an important stress modifier hormone, thyroid hormone has also been implicated in stress response of fish. we tested whether the hypothesis on the phenomenon of inter-hormonal interference, a process that explains the hormonal interactions, operates in fish particularly between adrenaline, cortisol and thyroid hormones. to achieve this goal, indices of acid-base, osmotic ...201323153652
carbaryl exposure and recovery modify the interrenal and thyroidal activities and the mitochondria-rich cell function in the climbing perch anabas testudineus bloch.we examined the effects of carbaryl (1-naphthyl methylcarbamate; sevin), a carbamate pesticide, on interrenal and thyroid activities and mitochondrial rich (mr) cell function in climbing perch to understand the physiological basis of toxicity acclimation in this fish to the chemical stressor. carbaryl exposure (5-20 mg l(-1)) for 48 h increased cortisol and glucose, but decreased the t(3) level without affecting t(4) concentration in the plasma. these responses of the carbaryl-exposed fish were ...201323089249
total and inorganic arsenic in freshwater fish and prawn in and inorganic arsenic levels were determined in 120 samples of eight freshwater animal species collected from five distribution centers in the central region of thailand between january and march 2011. eight species with the highest annual catch, consisting of seven fish species and one prawn species, were analyzed. concentrations of inorganic arsenic (on a wet weight basis) ranged from 0.010 μg/g in giant prawn (macrobrachium rosenbergii) to 0.230 μg/g in striped snakehead (channa striata ...201223043844
ameliorative effects of vitamin supplementation on ethyl methane sulphonate-induced genotoxicity in a fish, anabas testudineus.the efficacy of 0.02% vitamin c (vc; l-ascorbic acid) and 0.05% beta-carotene (bc) at the rate of 1 ml/100g of body weight in amelioration of ethyl methane sulphonate (ems)-induced genotoxicity has been studied in an indian endemic fish, anabas testudineus by using several cytogenetical endpoints like chromosome aberrations, micronuclei (mn) and abnormal nuclei (an), and sperm head anomaly at 6, 24, 48, 72 and 96 h after treatment, as compared to suitable controls (distilled water (dw)-treated c ...200716904744
roles of three branchial na(+)-k(+)-atpase α-subunit isoforms in freshwater adaptation, seawater acclimation, and active ammonia excretion in anabas testudineus.three na(+)-k(+)-atpase (nka) α-subunit isoforms, nka α1a, nka α1b, and nka α1c, were identified from gills of the freshwater climbing perch anabas testudineus. the cdna sequences of nka α1a and nka α1b consisted of 3,069 bp, coding for 1,023 amino acids, whereas nka α1c was shorter by 22 nucleotides at the 5' end. in freshwater, the quantity of nka α1c mrna transcripts present in the gills was the highest followed by nka α1a and nka α1b that was almost undetectable. the mrna expression of nka α ...201222621969
both seawater acclimation and environmental ammonia exposure lead to increases in mrna expression and protein abundance of na⁺:k⁺:2cl⁻ cotransporter in the gills of the climbing perch, anabas testudineus.the freshwater climbing perch, anabas testudineus, is an obligatory air-breathing teleost which can acclimate to seawater, survive long period of emersion, and actively excrete ammonia against high concentrations of environmental ammonia. this study aimed to clone and sequence the na⁺:k⁺:2cl⁻ cotransporter (nkcc) from the gills of a. testudineus, and to determine the effects of seawater acclimation or exposure to 100 mmol l⁻¹ nh₄cl in freshwater on its branchial mrna expression. the complete cod ...201222179410
interactive effects of ambient acidity and salinity on thyroid function during acidic and post-acidic acclimation of air-breathing fish (anabas testudineus bloch).the interactive effects of ambient acidity and salinity on thyroid function are less understood in fish particularly in air-breathing fish. we, therefore, examined the thyroid function particularly the osmotic and metabolic competences of freshwater (fw) and salinity-adapted (sa; 20 ppt) air-breathing fish (anabas testudineus) during acidic and post-acidic acclimation, i.e., during the exposure of fish to either acidified water (ph 4.2 and 5.2) for 48 h or clean water for 96 h after pre-exposure ...201121910992
measurements of genotoxic potential of cadmium in different tissues of fresh water climbing perch anabas testudineus (bloch), using the comet assay.the present investigation was undertaken to study the induction of dna damage by cdcl(2) in freshwater climbing perch anabas testudineus (bloch) using alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay). the dna damage was measured in the tissue of gill, kidney and liver as the percentage of dna in comet tails and comet heads in the tissue of the fish specimens exposed to 0.1, 1.0, 2.0mgl(-1) concentrations of cdcl(2). it was found that at all the concentrations of cdcl(2), the liver tissue e ...201021787633
in vivo protective effect of dietary curcumin in fish anabas testudineus (bloch).the present study describes, for the first time, the protective effect of natural curcumin in vivo in a lower vertebrate, a teleost, anabas testudineus (bloch). two doses of curcumin 0.5 and 1% were supplemented in the 40% protein feed and fed to fish for the periods, 2 and 8 weeks. the antioxidant status, protein content, and the tissue structure in experimental fish were examined after the short-term and long-term feeding. in all the curcumin fed groups, the lipid peroxidation product, thiobar ...201221604159
ambient salinity modifies the action of triiodothyronine in the air-breathing fish anabas testudineus bloch: effects on mitochondria-rich cell distribution, osmotic and metabolic regulations.the hydromineral and metabolic actions of thyroid hormone on osmotic acclimation in fish is less understood. we, therefore, studied the short-term action of triiodothyronine (t(3)), the potent thyroid hormone, on the distribution and the function of gill mitochondria-rich (mr) cells and on the whole body hydromineral and metabolic regulations of air-breathing fish (anabas testudineus) adapted to either freshwater (fw) or acclimated to seawater (sa; 30 g l(-1)). as expected, 24 h t(3) injection ( ...201121295572
origins and functional diversification of salinity-responsive na(+) , k(+) atpase α1 paralogs in salmonids.the salmoniform whole-genome duplication is hypothesized to have facilitated the evolution of anadromy, but little is known about the contribution of paralogs from this event to the physiological performance traits required for anadromy, such as salinity tolerance. here, we determined when two candidate, salinity-responsive paralogs of the na(+) , k(+) atpase α subunit (α1a and α1b) evolved and studied their evolutionary trajectories and tissue-specific expression patterns. we found that these p ...201424917532
functional roles of na(+)/k(+)-atpase in active ammonia excretion and seawater acclimation in the giant mudskipper, periophthalmodon schlosseri.the giant mudskipper, periophthalmodon schlosseri, is an amphibious fish that builds burrows in the mudflats. it can actively excrete ammonia through its gills, and tolerate high environmental ammonia. this study aimed to examine the effects of seawater (salinity 30; sw) acclimation and/or environmental ammonia exposure on the kinetic properties of na(+)/k(+)-atpase (nka) from, and mrna expression and protein abundance of nka/nka α-subunit isoforms in, the gills of p. schlosseri pre-acclimated t ...201424795653
binding of thyroid hormone to isolated ovarian nuclei from a freshwater perch, anabas testudineus.high affinity, low capacity 3,5,3'-triiodo-l-thyronine (t3) specific binding was detected in the pure nuclei preparation from ovarian tissue of freshwater perch by employing an in vitro thyroid hormone binding assay. under standardized assay conditions of ph 7.0 at 30 degrees and 1 hr incubation time, the binding in the ovarian nuclei was saturable with a kd 9.1 x 10(-9) m. for comparison, a scatchard analysis of t3 binding to perch hepatic nuclei was done and a higher kd value (16.89 x 10(-9) m ...20133781224
histopathological alterations of the gills, liver and kidneys in anabas testudineus (bloch) fish living in an unused lignite mine, li district, lamphun province, thailand.the acidity of mine water generally makes it toxic to most organisms. the gills, kidneys and livers of anabas testudineus bloch fish inhabiting the acidic water (ph 2-4) of an unused lignite mine in li district, lamphun province, thailand were examined and compared to those of farmed fish. tissue abnormalities were found in all investigated organs. deterioration and telangiectasia of gill filaments were found. liver tissue revealed hemorrhages, blood congestion and necrotic cells with mononuclea ...200919842397
molecular phylogenetics of centrocestus formosanus (digenea: heterophyidae) originated from freshwater fish from chiang mai province, thailand.this study aimed to investigate the morphology and reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships of centrocestus formosanus originating from 5 species of freshwater fish, i.e., esomus metallicus, puntius brevis, anabas testudineus, parambassis siamensis, and carassius auratus, in chiang mai province, thailand. sequence-related amplified polymorphism (srap) and phylogeny based on internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) and mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (co1) were performed. the results s ...201728285504
hormonal control on enzymes of osmoregulation in a teleost, anabas testudineus (bloch): an in vivo and in vitro study.hormonal control of osmoregulation in teleosts is not well understood. role of cgh, ogh, prl, t3 and insulin on gill na+,k+-atpase, mg2+ and ca2+ atpases was studied in a. testudineus. short term administration of cgh, prl or t3 significantly increased na+,k+-atpase, mg2+ and ca2+ atpases, while ogh influenced only mg2+ atpase, and insulin stimulated na+,k+-atpase. long-term treatment with cgh and prl also significantly increased na+,k+-atpase activity. gh had an additive with t3 on stimulating ...200010921446
activation of both mos and cdc25 is required for g2-m transition in perch oocyte.resumption of meiosis from diplotene arrest during the first meiotic prophase in vertebrate oocytes is universally controlled by mpf, a heterodimer of cdk1 and cyclin b. activation of mpf depends on the withdrawal of cdk1 inhibition by wee1/myt1 kinase on the one hand and the activation of cdk1 by cdc25 phosphatase on the other. it is relevant to know whether both these pathways are necessary to rescue diplotene arrest or if either one of them is sufficient. in mih (17alpha, 20beta dihydroxy-4-p ...200918671273
uptake and elimination of 137cs by climbing perch (anabus testudineus).this work describes the uptake and retention/biological elimination of 137cs by climbing perch (anabus testudineus) under laboratory conditions. the accumulated 137cs concentration in the whole body of the fish was measured at certain intervals up to 38 d. a significant accumulation of 137cs was found, but a steady state accumulation of 137cs was not achieved by the end of the experiment. the bioaccumulation factors and the distribution of the radionuclide in edible parts of the fish were determ ...199910568552
effect of sublethal concentrations of monocrotophos on erythropoietic activity and certain hematological parameters of fish anabas testudineus (bloch). 199910475917
gonadotropin triggers the generation of proteinaceous factor in vitellogenic perch (anabas testudineus) oocyte which stimulates ovarian aromatase activity.oocytes of vitellogenic stage were collected from a. testudineus and incubated in vitro for 4 hr in the absence (control) or presence of 500 ng of piscine gonadotropic hormone (gth). after the termination of incubation, oocytes were repeatedly washed and then homogenized and ultracentrifuged at 100,000 g to obtain the supernatant fraction (100k sup). addition of 100k sup from gth treated oocytes to the oocyte incubation caused a 3-fold increase in ovarian aromatase activity as compared to the co ...19979475053
thyroid status alters gill ionic metabolism and chloride cell morphology as evidenced by scanning electron microscopy in a teleost anabas testudineus (bloch): short and long term in vivo study.gill is the main organ of osmotic regulation in teleosts and chloride cells are the sites of ion transport across gill epithelium. thyroid hormones are implicated in the regulation of osmotic balance in teleosts also. treatment with 6-propyl thiouracil (6-ptu) inhibited the membrane bound enzyme na+k+ atpase in the gill while triiodothyronine (t3) injection stimulated it in a short-term in vivo study in the teleost anabas testudineus. na+, k+ and ca2+ ions were also decreased in the 6-ptu treate ...200718254206
purification of putative thyroid hormone receptor from the ovarian nuclei of fresh water perch, anabas testudineus.perch ovarian putative t3 (3,5,3'-triiodo-l-thyroxine) receptor was purified to 580-fold by extracting the ovarian nuclear preparation with 0.4 m kcl, gel filtration on sephadex g-25, deae-sephacel chromatography and fplc superose 6 chromatography. to monitor the t3 binding protein at each purification step, aliquots from each peak protein fractions were incubated with (125)i-t3 (0.16 pmol to 3.2 nmol) in the absence or presence of 500-fold excess of unlabelled t3. maximum binding capacity (bmax ...199424197075
behavioral changes in an air-breathing fish, anabas testudineus, exposed to malathion. 19948130421
changes in tissue free amino acid contents, branchial na+/k+ -atpase activity and bimodal breathing pattern in the freshwater climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch), during seawater acclimation.this study aimed to examine effects of short- or long-term acclimation to brackish water or seawater on the climbing perch, anabas testudineus, which is an aquatic air-breathing teleost living typically in freshwater. a. testudineus exhibits hypoosmotic and hypoinoic osmoregulation; the plasma osmolality, [na+] and [cl-] of fish acclimated to seawater were consistently lower than those of the external medium. however, during short-term (1 day) exposure to brackish water (15 per thousand) or seaw ...200717963240
handling of ferric iron by branchial and intestinal epithelia of climbing perch (anabas testudineus bloch).with a view to test how the branchial and intestinal tissues of fish, the two sites of metal acquisition, utilize the water-borne ferric [fe(iii)] iron and whether the accumulation of this form of iron influences cellular na/k gradient in these tissues, the gills and intestines of climbing perch adapted to freshwater (fw) and acclimated to dilute seawater (20 ppt; sw) were analyzed for ouabain-sensitive na+, k+-atpase activity, fe and electrolyte contents after loading a low (8.95 microm) or hig ...200717948738
sem study on the effects of crude oil on the gills and air breathing organs of climbing perch, anabas testudineus. 19911786459
gill lesions in the perch, anabas testudineus, subjected to sewage toxicity. 19902400839
effects of corticosteroids and protein synthesis inhibitors on activities of oxidative enzymes in a bony fish, anabas testudineus (bloch).the activities of oxidative enzymes of hepatic mitochondria of anabas testudineus increased following exogenous administration of hydrocortisone and corticosterone. the inhibitors of protein synthesis prevented the hormone-mediated increase of hepatic enzymes, suggesting that corticosteroids regulate the oxidative metabolism of this teleostean species through the protein synthetic machinery of liver.19902354770
effects of lead on the spawning potential of the fresh water fish, anabas testudineus. 19892597790
oxygen uptake in relation to group size in the juveniles of a climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch).the present work reports oxygen uptake in relation to group size in the juveniles (body weight: 0.70 to 1.30 g) of a climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch). the experiments were conducted at 21.5 +/- 1.0 degrees c using a cylindrical glass respirometer having continuous water flow system. with an increase in the number of fish at an interval of 5 from 5 to 40 in each fourth subsequent experiment, the weight specific aquatic oxygen uptake of a fish decreased from 0.192 +/- 0.030 to 0.800 +/- ...200717718002
influence of thyroid hormones on hepatic mitochondrial enzymes of thiouracil treated teleost anabas testudineus (bloch). 19883243587
thyroid hormone stimulation of the perch (anabas testudineus bloch) ovarian mitochondrial steroidogenesis. 19883192280
inductive changes in hepatic metallothionein profile in the climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch) by industrial pollutants. 19863817880
morphology and vascular anatomy of the accessory respiratory organs of the air-breathing climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch).the vascular organization and endothelial cell specialization of the air-breathing organs of anabas testudineus were examined by light and scanning electron microscopy of fixed tissue and vascular corrosion replicas. the vessels supplying blood to the lining of paired suprabranchial chambers and the plicated labyrinthine organs within the chambers are tripartite, having a median artery and paired, lateral veins. hundreds of respiratory islets, the functional units of gas exchange, cover the surf ...19863739954
triiodothyronine and melatonin influence antioxidant defense mechanism in a teleost anabas testudineus (bloch): in vitro study.the effect of the hormones triiodothyronine (t3) and melatonin on antioxidant defense system was studied in 6-propyl thiouracil (6-ptu)-treated or photoperiod-exposed teleost anabas testudineus. 6-ptu (2 microg/g) treatment or photoperiod exposure (24 h) increased malondialdehyde (mda) and conjugated dienes (cd) concentrations, indicating increased lipid peroxidation (lpo) in the experimental conditions. t3 or melatonin (10(-6) m) treatment for 15 min in vitro in ptu-treated fish reversed the ac ...200717650585
phenthoate-induced changes in the profiles of acetylcholinesterase and acetylcholine in the brain of anabas testudineus (bloch): acute and delayed effect.a concomitant decrease in acetylcholinesterase (ache) activity and increase in acetylcholine (ach) concentration was observed in the brain of anabas testudineus (bloch) during a 48-h phenthoate treatment. on return to phenthoate-free fresh water, the decline in enzyme activity and rise in ach concentration was found to persist for up to 20 days following exposure. normal values for brain ache activity and ach concentration were restored only after 60 days following transfer to phenthoate-free fr ...19836836603
influence of gonadotropins and gonadal hormones on climbing perch thyroid nucleic acids.climbing perch thyroidal rna content fluctuated in different phases of the reproductive cycle, highest at spawning (36.08 +/- 3.69 micrograms/mg tissue) and lowest at postspawning (6.88 +/- 0.76 microgram/mg tissue) whereas dna remained unaltered. treatment of intact perch with salmon gonadotropin (sg-g100) or ovine lh for 15 days significantly stimulated thyroidal rna content. stimulatory effect of sg-g100 was greater (p less than 0.001) than lh (p less than 0.005). fsh had no such effect. gona ...19826186473
autoradiographic studies on the chronology of meiosis and spermiogenesis in a freshwater teleost fish, anabas testudineus (bloch). 19827140379
detection and localization of phosphatases, dna, glycogen, mucopolysaccharides and bound lipids in the testis of a teleost fish, anabas testudineus (bloch) during the annual cyclical changes by histochemical methods. 19826280108
role of thyroxine & gonadotropins on the mobilization of ovarian cholesterol in a teleost anabas testudineus (bloch). 19817275201
toxicity, biotransformation & elimination of endosulsfan in anabas testudineus (bloch). 19807439956
metabolic and thyroidal response in air-breathing perch (anabas testudineus) to water-borne address the physiological compensatory adaptations in air-breathing fish to a toxicant, we studied the metabolite pattern, serum and liver enzymes and thyroidal response in a tropical air-breathing perch, anabas testudineus (kept at 30 degrees c in a 12-h l:d cycle) after exposing the fish for 48h to the water-soluble fraction of kerosene. the concentrations of serum glucose (p <0.05), triglycerides (p <0.01) and liver total protein (p <0.05) were significantly increased in kerosene-exposed f ...201317574248
pituitary cytology of the freshwater teleost anabas testudineus (bloch).in the pituitary of a. testudineus the rostral pars distalis (rpd), proximal pars distalis (ppd) and pars intermedia (pi) are arranged in a rostro-caudal axis. the rostral neurohypophysis (nh) extends dorsal to the pars distalis, while the caudal part vertically penetrates into the pi and ramifies in its component. the rpd mainly consists of erythrosinophils and pgh-positive cells which are comparable to the lactotropes and corticotropes mentioned in the literature. in the nonbreeding season, ac ...19806158808
form and function of jaws during feeding: ctenopoma acutirostre, anabas testudineus and macropodus opercularis. 1979474196
molecular mechanism of oocyte maturation.maturation of vertebrate oocytes is regulated by maturation inducing hormone (mih), which is progesterone in all vertebrates except in fish, where it is 17alpha, 20beta dihydroxy progesterone. once the full growth of the oocytes is achieved, they arrest at prophase of meiosis i. mih releases oocytes from this arrest. mih promotes the formation of a dimeric protein kinase complex known as maturation promoting factor (mpf), the regulatory component of which is cyclin b and the catalytic component ...200717566260
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