genetic and metabolic diversity of trichoderma: a case study on south-east asian isolates.we have used isolates of trichoderma spp. collected in south-east asia, including taiwan and western indonesia, to assess the genetic and metabolic diversity of endemic species of trichoderma. ninety-six strains were isolated in total, and identified at the species level by analysis of morphological and biochemical characters (biolog system), and by sequence analysis of their internal transcribed spacer regions 1 and 2 (its1 and 2) of the rdna cluster, using ex-type strains and taxonomically est ...200312684020
genetic and metabolic biodiversity of trichoderma from colombia and adjacent neotropic regions.the genus trichoderma has been studied for production of enzymes and other metabolites, as well as for exploitation as effective biological control agents. the biodiversity of trichoderma has seen relatively limited study over much of the neotropical region. in the current study we assess the biodiversity of 183 isolates from mexico, guatemala, panama, ecuador, peru, brazil and colombia, using morphological, metabolic and genetic approaches. a comparatively high diversity of species was found, c ...200919439189
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