[preventive and therapeutic efficacy of the vaccine against trychophytosis in cattle].the effectiveness of vaccine against dermatomycosis, caused by trichophyton verrucosum, was studied in young cattle in three herds. the vaccines of czechoslovak and soviet production had almost the same effectiveness in prevention. in healthy calves without clinical signs of trichophytosis vaccinated at an age of one to three months with a dose of 2.5 to 5.0 ml, applied intramuscularly, and revaccinated with due respect to the rules of hygiene in the calf-houses, an incidence of 0 to 13% in the ...1979108837
[hendersonula toruloidea, causative agent of a fungal verrucous dermatitis observed in algeria].a verrucose dermatitis of the face, accompanied by onychomycosis was observed in a 30 years old male living in algeria. he was born there and 15 years previously he had been treated successfully for "dermatophytic disease" due to trichophyton verrucosum. a deficiency in his cellular immune mechanism was noted at that time. on this occasion hendersonula toruloidea was isolated from facial lesions and affected nails. the infection of the face, but not the nails, responded to treatment with amphote ...1978151336
[various considerations on the lesions and treatment of trichophyton verrucosum in calves. preliminary report].this paper is devoted to study the magnitude of the skin lesions produced by trichophyton verrucosum--previously identified--as well as the therapeutic measures taken. for this study were used 45 calves with a skin fungal process identified, by the adequate culture means, as from t. verrucosum. through the histic study of the skin biopsy were found several lesions due to tinea corporis dermatitis. the use of the drug employed is described. the cure rate obtained with this drug was the following: ...1977354651
[in vitro effectiveness of salicylic, benzoic and boric acid and diiodine thymol solutions on various strains of dermatophytes].in order to study the in vitro behavior of the drug used according to our formula cultures of trichophyton mentagrophytes. trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton verrucosum, trichophyton tonsurans, microsporum canis, microsporum gallinae, microsporum audouinii, microsporum gypseum and epidermophyton floccosum were prepared in order to prove its efficacy. it was found no growth in cultures to which the drug was added in different concentrations thus proving its efficacy as a fungistatic element. the i ...1979395583
[research of keratinophiles in the soil and their effects on human cutaneous pathology in the lyons area].between 1967 and 1977, the systematic research of keratinophiles of the ground in a radius of 30--50 km around lyon, has shown the ubiquitarian predominance of microsporum nanum, which is probably the most ancient occupant of the ground. the most intensive areas of human and animal occupation in the rhodanian tract show the predominance of microsporum gypseum, which is scarcely found in man. sporadic localizations, tightly limites, bound to cirulcation axes and international gathering, let us de ...1979488487
[13 years of veterinary mycological routine diagnostics. isolation of dermatophytes in the years 1965-1977].over a thirteen year period (1965 to 1977) a total of 4790 skin scrapings and hair samples of animals were examined mycologically. 887 strains of dermatophytes were isolated out of 885 of these samples (= 18,5%). most frequently trichophyton verrucosum was identified in samples from cattle, followed by microsporum canis isolated from cats, dogs and zoo animals. t. mentagrophytes was mainly found on guinea pigs, chinchillas and dogs and t. equinum on horses. although the total number of the sampl ...1979545713
elastolytical activity in vitro and in vivo of the mycelial and spore forms of the trichophyton verrucosum strains. 1978683205
early detection and identification of trichophyton verrucosum.a new medium for the early detection and identification of trichophyton verrucosum has been formulated. the key ingredients of the medium are 4% casein and 0.5% yeast extract. t. verrucosum is recognized by its early hydrolysis of casein and very slow growth. microconidia were produced by 19 out of 35 isolates (54%), and macroconidia were produced by 8 out of 35 isolates (23%). all isolates formed chains of chlamydospores at 37 degrees c, and 24 out of 35 isolates formed chains at 28 degrees c. ...1978744802
culture of trichophyton verrucosum in a liquid medium. 1976934186
an outbreak of ringworm in karakul sheep caused by a physiological variant of trichophyton verrucosum outbreak of ringworm in karakul sheep occurred during 1973 among the flocks of at least 14 farmers in south west africa and the northern cape province. infections spread from one farm to another as a result of introducing infected stud rams. on one farm a few cattle, a goat and a horse developed lesions after being in contact with infected sheep. some of the attendants handling infected sheep also contracted the disease. strains recovered from infected animals resembled trichophyton verrucosu ...19751187096
equine ringworm by trichophyton verrucosum. 19751238862
[verrucous mycotic dermatitis due to an unusual dematiaceous fungus. clinical and histopathological discussion (author's transl)].a case of "verrucous dermatitis" caused by a dematiaceous fungus has been observed in an 30 y. o. algerian patient. the lesion was localized on the face. the patient presented previously a chronic dermatophytic disease due to trichophyton verrucosum. the dematiaceous hyphomycete has been isolated several time from superficial specimens and portions of biopsies. this fungus has been injected by intra-testicular route in guinea-pigs. the aspect of the fungus in its parasitical morphology has been ...19751243749
experimental bovine trichophyton verrucosum infection. comparison of the rate of epidermal cell proliferation and keratinisation in non-infected and reinoculated cattle.the rate of epidermal cell renewal in normal bovine skin and that reinoculated with trichophyton verrucosum was measured using a radioautographic technique. the transit times of both nucleated and fully keratinised cells were measured in sequential biopsy samples removed at predetermined periods after intradermal inoculation with radio-labelled isotopes. the total time taken for cells of the basal layer to travel to the point of desquamation in the stratum corneum was 18 days in normal cattle. i ...19761265348
animal ringworm in upper thousand nine hundred and twenty animals (cattle, buffalo and sheep) and 60 humans suspected of ringworm were investigated in egypt. clinical and mycological aspects of the disease are described. trichophyton verrucosum was the commonest dermatophyter on all species examined. only t. mentagrophytes was isolated once from soil in the region of the clinical cases.19761265571
an inactivated vaccine against ringworm.a new vaccine against ringworm, containing the inactivated trichophyton verrucosum strain, was assessed on guinea pigs and calves under experimental conditions and on three herds of cattle under natural conditions. the vaccine elicited a distinct immune response of the cellular type. this type of immunity assessed by the migration inhibition test of leukocytes corresponded to the immunity evaluated by the challenge. in herds in which there were from 30 to 67% of naturally infected animals with t ...19921547619
keratinophilic fungi and other moulds associated with air-dust particles from and eleven species and three species varieties belonging to 39 genera were collected from 50 dust samples on the five media used at 28 degrees c. using the hair-baiting technique with horse hair, 10 species of chrysosporium were isolated: c. asperatum, c. state of arthroderma tuberculatum, c. indicum, c. inops, c. keratinophilum, c. merdarium, c. pannorum, c. queenslandicum, c. tropicum and c. xerophilum. true dermatophytes were isolated: trichophyton verrucosum and trichophyton sp. ...19901702081
isolation of trichophyton verrucosum from soil in cattle breeding environments. 19902202846
prevalence and distribution of ringworm by trichophyton verrucosum in sheep in the high atlas of morocco. 1979543735
[the development of immunity after vaccination of cattle against trichophytosis].trials were conducted with 262 one-month-old calves. good immunity was found to have developed within the period of 21 to 28 days after the administration of the czechoslovak live vaccine against bovine trichophytosis. after epicutaneous inoculation of a highly virulent culture of trichophyton verrucosum, performed 28 and 35 days after re-vaccination, no clinical form of trichophytosis was observed to rise in the calves. the same doses of challenge inoculum induced profound trichophytic changes. ...19892494794
epidemiologic study of dermatophytoses in salamanca (spain).an epidemiologic study of the dermatophytoses in salamanca (spain) from 1973 to 1976 was performed. dermatophyte species were identified in 224 patients with clinical tinea infections; 31 bovines, 18 rodents and 70 soil samples. the prevalence of trichophyton verrucosum and epidermophyton floccosum was strikingly high in relation to other statistics. the most common clinical forms were tinea corporis and tinea cruris. tinea capitis by anthropophilic species was uncommon.1979542885
some observations on trichophyton verrucosum infection in cattle in morocco. 1979518157
[occurrence of trichophyton verrucosum infections in egypt, with suggestions for treatment using griseofulvin]. 1976765093
mutants of trichophyton verrucosum. 19862946175
comparative characterization of proteolytic enzymes from trichophyton gallinae and trichophyton verrucosum.the proteolytic activities of culture filtrates and cell homogenates of trichophyton gallinae and trichophyton verrucosum were compared when the fungi were grown in the presence of a readily assimilable source of c and n (sabouraud's broth) and a poorly assimilable source (mineral medium containing soluble keratin (ks) protein prepared from either chicken feathers or guinea pig hair). the proteolytic activity of t. gallinae was found to be located predominantly in the cell homogenate although th ...19892481024
dermatophytoses as occupational dermatoses in industrialized countries. report on two cases from munich.although interest in dermatophytoses as occupational dermatoses nowadays focuses on developing countries, pertinent cases are still also seen in industrialized countries. two recent cases from munich are reported in which trichophyton verrucosum had been acquired by a cattle farmer and microsporum canis by a veterinary surgeon from a pet cat.19902141106
[detection of dermatomycoses in horses with the dermatophyte test medium fungassay].for the inoculation of the dermatophyte-test-medium fungassay, 200 skin scrapings from horses, 13 from cattle and 13 from artificially infected guinea pigs were used. as control methods, the alkali method, the fluorescent microscope technique and the usual mycological culture were available. for the analysis of skin scrapings, the fungassay culture mediums are clearly inferior to the usual mycological culture. fewer dermatophytes were isolated and false positive as well as false negative results ...19873424359
[superficial trichophytosis caused by trichophyton verrucosum bodin 1902 under plaster of paris]. 19761260869
[occurrence of keratinophilic fungi on inanimate organic material in the surroundings of calves infected by trichophyton verrucosum]. 1976958242
kerion caused by trichophyton verrucosum.a 12-year-old girl developed a severe inflammatory fungal infection of the scalp caused by trichophyton verrucosm. the infection resulted in scarring alopecia. the natural history, differential diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatment of this infection of the skin are reviewed.1977865944
[immunological research on guinea pigs with living trichophyton verrucosum antigens]. 1977859512
[intrafamilial transmission of trichophyton verrucosum to a newborn].at the age of 4 weeks a suckling developed discoid erythema with scales and a few pustules at the face. previously, his father having contact with cattle as a farmer had fallen ill from tinea barbae. in both cases trichophyton verrucosum could be detected by culture. dermatophytosis in sucklings has recently more often been reported about in the literature. this, however, does not apply to tr. verrucosum infections.19892677718
an outbreak of ringworm in sheep in ireland caused by trichophyton outbreak of ringworm in sheep in ireland caused by trichophyton verrucosum is described. the flock consisted of 110 sheep and two separate groups within the flock were affected. eleven of the first group of 23 sheep and five of the second group of 25 sheep showed lesions. contact with infected cattle and fomites contaminated by the cattle are believed to have caused the outbreak. an excellent response was obtained in both infected groups by treatment with griseofulvin at a dose rate of 7.5 mg ...19873672829
effect of thiabendazole and tincture of iodine on cattle ringworm caused by trichophyton verrucosum.clinical trials were carried out on 3 groups of 30 friesian cattle naturally infected with trichophyton verrucosum. one group was treated with 3.75% thiabendazole in glycerine, another with 5% tincture of iodine and the last served as the control group without any treatment. both the preparations were applied locally on the ringworm lesions at 3 day intervals with a total of 4 applications. the percentage of animals cured was 86.7 by thiabendazole and 46.7 by tincture of iodine. no recrudescence ...1979505592
study on the evaluation of the use of thiabendazole in the treatment and control of bovine dermatophytosis.a study on the use of thiabendazole in the treatment of bovine dermatophytosis caused by trichophyton verrucosum was conducted. fifteen infected animals were included in the study. ten animals were treated with a thiabendazole-dmso-salicylic acid mixture and 5 animals were left untreated as controls. the thiabendazole mixture was used topically on the skin lesions. lesions resolved after 12 applications and 80% of the treated animals proved negative on mycological examination. all lesions healed ...19863713797
antifungal activity of ketoconazole with emphasis on zoophilic fungal pathogens.the antifungal activity of ketoconazole was studied against fungal pathogens associated with various mycotic infections in animals. a concentration of 10 micrograms of ketoconazole/ml of medium proved fungicidal to trichophyton verrucosum. the same concentration acted as a strong fungistat against the majority of the tested dermatophytes. yeasts were generally more sensitive than yeast-like pathogens. ketoconazole also proved fungicidal against pityrosporon canis and strongly inhibitory on crypt ...19863729122
vaccination of cattle against ringworm caused by trichophyton verrucosum.a live-trichophyton vaccine against ringworm in cattle which was based on an attenuated strain of trichophyton verrucosum was tested in controlled challenge-exposure experiments and in field trials. on the basis of data involving approximately 400,000 vaccinated animals over a 5-year period, it was concluded that trichophytosis in cattle can be controlled by immunoprophylaxis. side effects associated with the vaccination occur infrequently.19863789503
natamycin treatment of ringworm in cattle in the united kingdom.a total of 258 cattle clinically affected with trichophyton verrucosum (ringworm) were treated twice by spraying with a suspension containing the fungicidal antibiotic natamycin. one-hundred-and-forty-seven in-contact, but unaffected cattle were also similarly treated. forty-one of the affected animals were examined mycologically and clinically as they were taken to be representative of the whole group. at eight weeks after the last treatment 93 per cent of the affected animals had completely re ...1979316943
application of a two layer method of cultivation to determine the susceptibility of trichophyton verrucosum by a standard plate diffusion test. 19854079964
[contribution to the epidemiology of trichophytosis caused by trichophyton verrucosum (faviforme)]. 19694240003
mycological and clinical observations on ringworm in cattle after treatment with natamycin.a total of 41 calves which were naturally infected with trichophyton verrucosum were treated with natamycin used as a total body spray. ten other infected animals were not treated and considered as control animals. clinical observation and mycological examination show partial improvement to complete recovery with simultaneous sterilisation of the infected skin areas. five to six weeks after treatment, 88 per cent of the treated animals had recovered or showed a distinct improvement, 65 per cent ...1977303402
[nutritional requirements of 4 species of trichophyton verrucosum]. 19724344843
[the dynamics of dermatomycetes in the bashkir assr in 1979-1987].analysis of changes in dermatomycetes incidence in bashkiria in 1979-1987 has shown the predominance of zoophilic fungi in the latest 9 years, while the share of anthroponotic fungi has made up but 8.6%. the major agent of dermatophytosis in the republic was microsporum canis. the incidence of trichophyton verrucosum and trichophyton mentagrophytes v. gypzeune has grown of late, this necessitating the detection of new epidemiologic factors, contributing to dissemination of these mycoses and the ...19902343671
[experimental trichophytosis in calves caused by cultures of trichophyton verrucosum and trichophyton equinum].tests were performed on 130 one-month-old calves. in 16 animals, treatment with a suspension of trichophyton verrucosum culture at the dosage of 5 mil. conidia for an area of 10 x 10 of the clipped skin caused clinical trichophytic changes. the length of the incubation time was shorter in the calves scarified before inoculation of the infecting culture (10 to 13 days), as compared with the group of calves without scarification of the skin (11 to 19 days). only 3 in 6 calves, infected by the same ...19902102571
immunity in cattle vaccinated against ringworm.protective properties of a live, freeze-dried vaccine against ringworm, produced by bioveta, ivanovice na hané, czechoslovakia, were tested in a group of 422 calves. vaccinated and control calves were challenged by epicutaneous inoculation of a virulent culture of trichophyton verrucosum. between 4.4 and 9.5% of calves challenged between days 14 and 25 after revaccination showed only mild clinical signs of ringworm and 99-100% were fully protected from day 28, the immunity persisting for at leas ...19911820524
[the minimal effective dose of vaccine against trichophytosis in heifers].calves at the age of one month were vaccinated with a lyophilized vaccine against bovine trichophytosis, or with an avirulent vaccine against bovine trichophytosis (mfd by bioveta, ivanovice in haná). prophylactic doses of the vaccines (15 mil. cfu of production strain trichophyton verrucosum per calf) were used for immunization, and doses 10 times, 100 times and 1000 times lower. the calves were revaccinated with the same doses in 12 days after the first vaccination. twenty-eight days later sin ...19911807016
experimental trichophyton verrucosum infections in laboratory animals. 19684967998
experimental bovine trichophyton verrucosum infection. preliminary clinical, immunological and histological observations in primarily infected and reinoculated cattle. 19725036310
[periorbicular trichophyton verrucosum infections].three patients with periorbicular infections by trichophyton verrucosum are described. this type of fungal infection is much less common as compared to the usual kerion formation. the main characteristics of trichophyton verrucosum and of the epidemiology and clinical course of infections with trichophyton verrucosum are summarized. in this condition the identification of the causative agent as well as the therapeutic regimen chosen to eliminate fungal growth deserve careful attention.19911769836
[human infections induced by trichophyton verrucosum in the north of vand]. 19715129673
feather keratin as a ligand in an affinity chromatographic technique for isolation of protease from trichophyton verrucosum.a technique of affinity chromatography was developed and optimized for proteases from the postculture fluid of trichophyton verrucosum. the technique employs porous glass with adsorbed feather keratin or keratin covalently bound to the glass. modifications of the amounts of proteases introduced into the columns and the manner of elution (ph gradient, buffer concentration, edta) made it possible to achieve yields of the isolated enzymes of the order of 80%. the degree of purification of four frac ...19901707887
seasonal incidence of human trichophyton verrucosum infections. 19695391990
an epidemiological, clinical, and mycological study of human ringworm due to trichophyton verrucosum in japan. 19751104681
[trichophyton verrucosum in human parasitism (report of 3 cases)]. 19695406607
a rapid and simple method for the laboratory diagnosis of trichophyton verrucosum. 19705472920
[amino acid and carbohydrate levels in trichophyton verrucosum and homologous purified trichophytin].the object of this study was to determine of aminoacids and sugar contents of t. verrucosum mycelium and of homologous purified trichophytin tv-gp. the analysis of aminoacids contents was performed by ion-exchange chromatography on czechoslovak analyser (type aaa-881) in acid and alkaline hydrolizates. sugar were identified on gas chromatograph (pye-105) by sawerdeker and sloneker technique. seventeen identical aminoacids were determined in mycelium and trichophytin, but some quantity difference ...19873508516
[tinea caused by trichophyton verrucosum bodin 1902 in goats and sheep in the republic of somalia]. 19675629912
enzootic of bovine ringworm caused by trichophyton verrucosum in japan. 19685693433
isolation of trichophyton verrucosum from bovine enzootic dermatomycocis in japan. 19685712543
[mycological atlas: 42. formation of antibacterial and antimycotic antibiotics in the dermatophytes trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton terrestre, trichophyton verrucosum and epidermophyton gloccosum]. 19685736393
[dermatophytosis in humans caused by mixed infection of trichophyton verrucosum and trichophyton mentagrophytes of animal origin]. 19685761193
[on the epidemiology of mycoses caused by trichophyton verrucosum]. 19655844289
[trichophyton verrucosum infections]. 19655862618
[allergy in trichophyton infection in the cattle].the examinations have been performed with glycoproteidic fractions of trichophyton verrucosum (tv-gp) and t. mentagrophytes (tm-gp) purified by a method of gel chromatography. trichophytins were intradermally injected at a dose of 2.0 ml (1.0 mg of protein) and the results were estimated after 24 and 72 h on the basis of differences in skin fold thickness (rgfs). in animals infected with lice or scabies in a farm free of trichophytosis the median value of rgfs was below 1.0 mm and maximal value ...19873508520
[trichophyton verrucosum infections in sheep]. 19655893024
[mixed infection by trichophyton verrucosum and microsporum cookei in man]. 19665917938
a study of dermatophytoses in esfahan (iran).the present study determined the extent and causative agents of dermatophytoses in esfahan, a large city of iran. specimens from patients were examined for etiologic agents by direct microscopic procedure and by culture. out of 12,000 patients with skin diseases, 10.8% were affected with dermatophytoses. among the 10.8% group, lesions of tinea capitis were most common (72.1%) and trichophyton verrucosum was the most frequent (43.8%) dermatophyte isolated from the patients. we found a relationshi ...19872955224
[trichophyton verrucosum bodin (1902)--a highly differentiated zoophilous dermatophyte]. 19665950192
immunological response in guinea pigs and calves infected experimentally with trichophyton verrucosum. 1979530293
trichophyton verrucosum in brazil. 19666008541
inhibition of growth of human cancers by extracts from trichophyton verrucosum. 19826122007
keratinophilic fungi on sheep hairs from the west bank of jordan.the mycoflora of the hair in 285 sheep from the west bank of jordan was analysed and the frequency of occurrence and the relative importance value for different fungal species found were calculated. ninety six species which belong to 36 genera were isolated. forty one of these species were either well-known agents of animal and human mycoses (trichophyton verrucosum, t. mentagrophytes, microsporum nanum, m. canis, and others), or have been isolated from human and animal lesions (arthroderma cuni ...19892797114
[overview of dermatophytes in mali].517 isolations of dermatophytes collected in mali are reported. the various species are described and the main findings are: --trichophyton species are more common (85.5% isolated from scalp lesions and 77.5% from skin scrapings) than microsporum species. --trichophyton verrucosum and microsporum canis have been found found for the first time in mali. --ill-defined clinical forms of scalp lesions caused by either t. schonleinii or t. soudanense occur in the subsaharian areas of the country.1979498384
[trichophyton verrucosum infection in horses]. 19846484953
[tinea barbae caused trichophyton verrucosum].report on a 48-year-old man, incidentally occupied as a farmer who was infected by one of his calves. due to insufficient therapy he produced an expanded tinea barbae.19836685950
[testing the protective effectiveness of avirulent vaccines against trichophytosis in cattle].the protective action of live avirulent vaccine against bovine trichophytosis, produced by the bioveta national corporation at ivanovice na hané, was very good and fully comparable with the earlier vaccine produced from the virulent live culture of trichophyton verrucosum. experimental challenge with a massive dose of a virulent strain of t. verrucosum produced only minor surface dermal changes in the calves vaccinated with these vaccines, but these changes spontaneously disappeared in a short t ...19863085315
comparative studies on trichophyton verrucosum (bodin 1902) strains of human and animal origin. 19744851101
paciforgine: a new macrolide antifungicidal isolated from paciforgia sp-2.a new macrolide, paciforgine, has been isolated from paciforgia sp.-2. the structure of the new macrolide was determined by spectrometric methods. paciforgine is active in vitro against trichophyton verrucosum and candida albicans.19901983138
experimental bovine trichophyton verrucosum infection. the cellular responses in primary lesions of the skin resulting from surface or intradermal inoculation. 19744851972
trichophyton verrucosum infection of goats. 19836879971
[familial tinea caused by trichophyton verrucosum]. 19705315578
[inhibition of germination and growth of trichophyton verrucosum by repeated illumination]. 19695398016
[the problem of trichyophytosis (trichophyton verrucosum bodin, 1902) as one of anthropozoonosis in the svidník district]. 19827116475
[studies on the ultrastructure of trichophyton verrucosum bodin 1902 and trichophyton schönleinii (lebert) langeron and milochevitch 1930]. 19675593416
[comparative study of trichophyton mentagrophytes and trichophyton verrucosum].two species of the genus trichophyton are described t. mentagrophytes and t. verrucosum, etiological agents of ringworm in rabbits. they are distinguished by their macroscopic and microscopic features, their ability to produce enzymes and their ability to utilize and ferment carbohydrates.19817221802
dermatophytic flora of ankara (turkey).during the period july 1, 1976, to december 31, 1978, 1,227 dermatophytes were isolated from 2,702 specimens taken from suspected cases of dermatophytosis. the dermatophytic flora was found to consist mainly of anthropophilic species. trichophyton rubrum was by far the most frequently isolated species. tinea capitis was caused in 36.1% of all cases by trichophyton verrucosum, in 13.9% by microsporum canis and trichophyton violaceum, in 11.1% by trichophyton schoenleinii and trichophyton granulos ...19817262383
[seasonal distribution of human dermatophyceses caused by trichophyton verrucosum bodin 1902]. 19655866260
ringworm caused by trichophyton verrucosum in young goats: a case report. 19817296024
trichophyton verrucosum infection in a two-month-old infant. 19665949796
observations on ringworm in goats caused by trichophyton verrucosum. 19807397477
[micromorphology of trichophyton verrucosum].using 6 samples of pathologically altered epidermis of guinea pigs and cattle, chosen strains trichophyton verrucosum (6 strains) and the two layer method of inoculation on a classic sabouraud's medium, arthropogenesis of the fungus was investigated. the authors described successive stages of the developmental cycle of t. verrucosum and they found that in all cases the process of arthropogenesis was very similar irrespective of the source of the material used for inoculation. using various modif ...19863620382
[following up some problems of trichophytic foci (trichophyton verrucosum bodin, 1902) in agriculture (author's transl)]. 1977852004
a case of human ringworm due to trichophyton verrucosum in south australia. 19665977945
unusual tinea corporis caused by trichophyton verrucosum. 19863804552
[rare dermatophytic causative agents of nail mycoses: trichophyton schönleinii, trichophyton verrucosum, microsporum canis and microsporum gypseum]. 19714251342
[polymorphism of cutaneous lesions caused by trichophyton verrucosum (study of a familial focus)]. 19724638075
immunoprophylaxis of bovine dermatophytosis.the literature on immunoprophylaxis as control method for ringworm in cattle is reviewed. scientific papers on immune response to dermatophyte antigens and vaccination against ringworm were obtained from personal files and computerized search in 4 relevant databases. vaccines with antigens of trichophyton verrucosum stimulate a humoral and cellular immune response. in animals vaccinated with inactivated vaccines, some protection is observed after challenge. however, the protective immunity is in ...19957773918
successful treatment with fluconazole of tinea corporis caused by trichophyton verrucosum (barn ich).a student in a veterinary program noted an inflammatory tinea corporis on the right forearm after working with cows. culture grew trichophyton verrucosum. a nine-day course of treatment with oral fluconazole, 100 mg daily, resulted in prompt resolution. awareness of the clinical presentations of barn itch, and familiarity with wet mount and histopathologic features, and special growth requirements of t. verrucosum will facilitate prompt diagnosis and treatment. therapy with newer antifungal agen ...19947813246
polymerase chain reaction-based detection of dermatophyte dna with a fungus-specific primer system.there is significant clinical interest in primers which are specific for fungi and do not hybridize to dna of other eukaryotes or prokaryotes. such primers would allow specific amplification of fungal dna from human tissue samples containing fungi. fungal identification to the species level could follow by direct sequencing or restriction analysis. several previously described primer systems cross-react with dna of plants and animals. we have designed a primer system that amplifies a fragment of ...19947845424
[generalized mycoses caused by trichophyton verrucosum: apropos of 2 cases]. 19734747622
lipid composition of the mycelial and spore forms of trichophyton verrucosum.neutral lipid composition and that of phospholipids of mycelial and spore forms of trichophyton verrucosum were examined. it was found that arthrospores had more than twice as high content of lipids (99.3 mg/g) than the corresponding mycelial form (44.7 mg/g). differences were also found in the qualitative composition: almost two times more neutral lipids (58.5 mg/g) and three times more phospholipids (40.8 mg/g) occurred in the spores than in the mycelial form 30.6 and 14.1 mg/g, respectively). ...19873445717
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