relationship between biological characteristics of eggs and female brood stocks of persian sturgeon acipenser persicus: a comparison with other fish species.we have determined a number of biological characteristics of the persian sturgeon egg (including diameter, surface-to-volume ratio, yolk sphere and perivitelline space) and of female brood stocks (including age, length, weight, condition and absolute fecundity) in 420 specimens of the migratory population of acipenser persicus in gorgan bay of iran from 2001 to 2004. in the hydrated egg, the average egg diameter, yolk diameter, surface-to-volume ratio and yolk sphere-to-perivitelline space ratio ...200919468849
biochemical characterization of hemoglobins from caspian sea sturgeons (acipenser persicus and acipenser stellatus).hemoglobin (hb) variability is a commonly used index of phylogenetic differentiation and molecular adaptation in fish enabling them to adapt to different ecological conditions. in this study, the characteristics of hbs from two sturgeon species of the southern caspian sea basin were investigated. after extraction and separation of hemoglobin from whole blood, the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page), cellulose acetate electrophoresis, and isoelectric focusing (ief) were used to confirm ...201121833671
parasitic infection in various stages life of cultured acipenser persicus.the present study was conducted to evaluate the status of the parasite fauna in acipenser persicus at different development stages, in order to find prevention protocols for parasitic diseases in this valuable species. for this purpose, sampling from each sex breeder, 10 egg samples, 5-day-old larvae (n = 20), 20-day-old larvae (n = 80) and fingerling of a. persicus (n = 60) released in earthen ponds were done. after the bioassay and preparing wet mount from the internal and external organs, ide ...201627226891
evolutionary relations and population differentiation of acipenser gueldenstaedtii brandt, acipenser persicus borodin, and acipenser baerii brandt.russian ( acipenser gueldenstaedtii), persian ( a. persicus) and siberian ( a. baerii) sturgeons are closely related 'ponto-caspian' species. investigation of their population structure is an important problem, the solution of which determines measures for conservation of these species. according to previous studies, 'baerii-like' mitochondrial genotypes were found in the caspian sea among 35% of russian sturgeon specimens, but were not found in persian sturgeons. this confirms genetic isolation ...201628003882
metabolic changes in droplet vitrified semen of wild endangered persian sturgeon acipenser persicus (borodin, 1997).comparative quantitative metabolite profiling can be used for better understanding of cell functions and dysfunctions in particular circumstances such as sperm banking which is an important approach for cryopreservation of endangered species. cryopreservation techniques have some deleterious effects on spermatozoa which put the obtained results in controversy. therefore, in the present study, quantitative (1)h nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance) based metabolite profiling was conducted to evaluate ...201728341134
histopathological study of gill, kidney and liver of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus borodin, 1897) and stellate (acipenser stellatus pallas, 1811) exposed to sublethal concentration of un-ionised ammonia uan.this study was carried out to investigate the histopathological changes of gill, kidney and liver of persian sturgeon and stellate in response to various sublethal concentration of ammonia. the sublethal doses were determined after a lethal pre-test and then the experiment was done in six treatments with three replicates for both species. in persian sturgeon, the treatments were including 5, 7, 9.7, 13.2, 18 and 25 mg/l ammonia. in stellate, the concentrations of 5, 6.23, 7.76, 9.66, 12.04 and 1 ...201627876965
histopathological and bacterial study of persian sturgeon fry, acipenser persicus (borodin, 1897) exposed to copper sulfate and potassium permanganate.persian sturgeon frys were exposed to different concentrations of copper sulfate and potassium permanganate in order to the evaluation of their impacts on bacterial load of skin, gill and surrounding water and also the histopathological alternations of gill tissue. for this purpose, the sublethal doses were determined after a pre-test and then the experiment was done in 4 (for copper sulfate: 0.07, 0.14, 026 and 0.5 mg/l) and 5 (for potassium permanganate: 0.07, 0.14, 026, 0.5 and 1 mg/l) treatm ...201627605784
effects of diazinon on adaptation to sea-water by the endangered persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus, replenish the depleting populations of sturgeon fishes especially persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus in the caspian sea, millions of persian sturgeon fingerlings are farmed through artificial propagation and released into the iranian river estuaries annually. fish osmoregulation is a vital physiological process that can be affected during the release. many iranian river estuaries are under the influence of pesticides originating from farming activities that may affect osmoregulation. in thi ...201627513221
salinity effects on osmoregulation and gill morphology in juvenile persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus).the effect of abrupt and 5-day gradual salinity transfers from freshwater (fw) to 11 ‰ caspian sea brackish water (bw) was investigated in juvenile persian sturgeon acipenser persicus with three different weight groups: 1-2 g (1.62 ± 0.27 g), 2-3 g (2.55 ± 0.41 g) and 3-5 g (4.28 ± 0.76 g). mortality rates, blood osmotic pressure, gill morphology and branchial na(+), k(+)-atpase (nka) activity were measured 4 and 10 days after abrupt transfer and 9 and 15 days after the initial gradual transfer ...201627341821
influence of glutamine supplementation on motility and fertilization success of frozen-thawed persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) sperm.amino acids have an important biological role for the prevention of cell damage during cryopreservation. the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of glutamine on post-thaw sperm motility and fertilization success in the persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus). sperm collected from six fish was cryopreserved in extenders containing different glutamine concentrations (2.5, 5 and 10 mm). sperm samples diluted at the ratio of 1 : 1 using the extenders were subjected to cryopreservation. af ...201627168189
erratum to: toxicity assessment of silver nanoparticles in persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) and starry sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) during early life stages. 201627040533
toxicity assessment of silver nanoparticles in persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) and starry sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) during early life stages.silver nanoparticles (agnps) are widely used in consumer products mainly due to their antimicrobial action. the rapidly increasing use of nanoparticles (nps) has driven more attention to their possible ecotoxicological effects. in this study, the acute toxicity of colloidal agnps was evaluated during the embryonic stage of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) and starry sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) at concentrations of 0, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 8 mg/l. fertilized eggs (75 eggs per replicate) ...201626873823
cryopreservation of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) embryos by dmso-based vitrificant solutions.vitrification could provide a promising tool for the cryopreservation of fish embryos. to achieve successful cryopreservation, several parameters should be taken into account in the design of a vitrification protocol. in the present study, some relevant factors were investigated (choice of a proper vitrificant solutions and temperature for thawing) using neurulation-stage embryos. six dmso-based vitrificant solutions (v1-v6) were tested using a 6-step incorporation protocol. dmso-based vitrifica ...201626768541
exposure of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) to cadmium results in biochemical, histological and transcriptional alterations.sturgeon is one of the endangered families of fish in the caspian sea region, where there is up to 80% of their global caching. unfortunately, in recent years, increase of pollutants has been resulted in their total population reduction. due to their benthic nature, sturgeons are at great risk of exposing to contaminants such as cadmium. despite their endangered status in the caspian sea, there are only a few studies on characterizing the relative sensitivity of sturgeons to cadmium. adverse eff ...201626687766
effect of freezing rate for cryopreservation of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) spermatozoa.this study examined the effect of freezing rate (-10 °c, -15 °c, -20 °c, -30 °c, and -40 °c/min) on motility parameters, rates of fertilization and hatching, atp content, and indices of oxidative stress including thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and carbonyl derivatives of proteins in persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) sperm. after sampling, sperm was diluted in an extender composed of 23.4-mm sucrose, 0.25-mm kcl, and 30-mm tris-hcl, ph 8.0, containing 10% methanol and subsequently fr ...201626549121
effects of dietary β-glucan on the growth and innate immune response of juvenile persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus.the present study evaluated the effects of different levels of dietary β-glucan (macrogard(®)) on growth performance and innate immune parameters in juvenile persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus). fish (20.1 ± 0.8 g) were allocated into 12 tanks (15 fish per tank) and triplicate groups were fed a control diet or diets containing 0.1%, 0.2% and 0.3% β-glucan. after six weeks of daily feeding (3.0% body weight day(-1)), humoral innate immune parameters (serum immunoglobulin (ig) levels, lysozyme a ...201526453793
distribution and composition pattern of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in different tissues of sturgeons collected from iranian coastline of the caspian sea.the levels of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) were determined in the liver, kidney, gills and muscle tissues of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus; n=16), and stellate sturgeon (acipenser stellatus; n=7) collected from coastal waters of the south caspian sea from march and april 2011. the distribution and composition pattern of pahs in the different tissues of sturgeons, and the effects of lipid content in sturgeon tissues and the octanol-water partition coefficient (kow) of pahs co ...201525462300
motility and fertility of cryopreserved semen in persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus, stored for 30-60 min after thawing.we investigated the effect of storage times of frozen-thawed persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) semen on the duration of sperm motility, percentage of motile sperm, and fertilization and hatching rates of fresh sperm and sperm stored for 0, 30, and 60 min at 4°c post-thawing. frozen thawed semen analyzed immediately after thawing had similar quality characteristics as fresh semen. for cryopreserved semen stored for 30 min after thawing the characteristics did not differ to fresh semen and cry ...201425445465
ontogeny and osmoregulatory function of the urinary system in the persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus (borodin, 1897).the structure of the kidney and the localization of na(+), k(+)-atpase (nka) immunopositive cells were examined throughout the postembryonic development of the persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus, from newly hatched prelarvae (10mm) to 20 days post hatch (20 dph) larvae (31mm). investigations were conducted through histology and immunohistochemistry by using the light and immunofluorescence microscopy. the pronephros was observed in newly hatched prelarvae. the cells lining the distal pronephri ...201425024093
effects of multiple collections on spermatozoa quality of persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus: motility, density and seminal plasma this study, we investigated the effects of multiple collections of sperm on the endangered persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus, in terms of a number of sperm functional parameters (percentage of motile spermatozoa, total time period of motility and sperm concentration) as well as on the ionic composition, protein concentration and osmolality of seminal plasma. semen samples were collected from 12 induced male fish in three experimental groups that had been injected intramuscularly with lhrh- ...201524931708
persian sturgeon insulin-like growth factor i: molecular cloning and expression during various nutritional conditions.the effects of different periods of starvation (1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks) and subsequent re-feeding (over a 4 week) on the compensatory growth performance and insulin-like growth factor i (igf-i) mrna expression in liver and white muscle were investigated in juvenile persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus). first, a fragment of 617 nucleotides coding for igf-i was cloned from liver, which included an open reading frame of 486 nucleotides, encoding a 162 amino acid preproigf-i. this is composed of a 45 ...201424430509
effects of short-term storage on the motility, oxidative stress, and atp content of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) sperm.the effective short-term storage of semen is essential when processing multiple sperm samples and when semen must be transported from collection sites to hatcheries for the fertilization of ova, or to laboratories for cryopreservation. in the present study, the spermatozoa of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) were used to evaluate the effects of short-term storage on quality parameters (the percentage of motile cells and the total period of sperm motility), oxidative stress indices, and the ...201324238724
the species and heme pocket properties of sturgeon hemoglobins upon interaction with n-dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.the variations in fish hemoglobin (hb) structures play a vital role in their respiratory performance under various environmental conditions and are impacted by their physiological properties. the major hemoglobins from two species of sturgeon were studied upon interaction with n-dodecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (dtab) using the uv-vis absorption, circular dichroism (cd), fluorescence spectroscopy, and oxygen affinity measurement methods as well as chemometric analysis. the uv-vis absorption sp ...201424000823
study of sperm concentration, seminal plasma composition and their physiological correlation in the persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus.the objectives of the present study were to determine ionic and organic composition of seminal plasma, sperm concentration and their relationships in the persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus). in this regard, ionic content (na(+) , k(+) , cl(-) , ca(2+) and mg(2+) ) and organic content (total protein, glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride) along with sperm concentration were measured in 17 specimens of the persian sturgeon. the seminal plasma contained 59.53 ± 2.56 mm/l sodium, 9.1 ± 1.42 mm chl ...201323879448
selected heavy metals analysis of persian sturgeon's (acipenser persicus) caviar from southern caspian sea.the present research reports the heavy metal (fe, cr, pb, as, and co) contamination in caviar of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) caught from southern caspian sea sampling site using icp-oes. heavy metal concentrations (microgram per gram, wet weight; means ± s.d.) in caviar samples were: fe, 71.33 ± 0. 37; cr, 0.27 ± 0.019; pb, <0.01 ± 0.002; as, <0.01 ± 0.002; and co, <0.01 ± 0.001, respectively. comparative evaluation of these metals in different samples showed that except fe, the averag ...201323824563
developmental transcription of genes putatively associated with growth in two sturgeon species of different growth the present study, we surveyed developmental changes in the transcription of growth hormone (gh), insulin-like growth factor-i (igf-i), ghrelin (ghrl) and vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) genes in the largest freshwater fish, european sturgeon (beluga, huso huso) and compared the same parameters to that of its phylogenically close moderate-sized species, persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus). the transcripts of gh, igf-i, ghrl and vegf were detected at all developmental time-points o ...201323229003
denaturation and intermediates study of two sturgeon hemoglobins by n-dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.varieties of hemoglobin (hb) forms exist in fish, which are usually well adapted to the different ecological conditions or various habitats. in the current study, hbs from two sturgeon species of the southern caspian sea basin were purified and studied upon interaction with n-dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide (dtab; as a cationic surfactant) by various methods including uv-visible absorption, dynamic light scattering (dls), and ans fluorescence spectrophotometry. the chemometric analysis of hbs ...201323142155
bioaccumulation of zn, cu and mn in the caviar and muscle of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) from the caspian sea, iran.concentrations of zn, cu and mn were examined in caviar and muscle of the persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) collected from coastal waters of south caspian sea during march and april, 2011. mean zn, cu and mn concentrations in caviar samples were 21.48, 2.05 and 1.66 μg g(-1) wet weight basis, respectively. the mean zn, cu and mn concentrations in muscle tissues were 7.49, 1.00 and 0.34 μg g(-1) wet weight basis, respectively. the mean concentrations of zn and cu in caviar and muscle samples ...201223080537
bioaccumulation of cd, pb and zn in the edible and inedible tissues of three sturgeon species in the iranian coastline of the caspian sea.the accumulations of cd, pb and zn were determined in edible and inedible tissues of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus; n=27), stellate sturgeon (acipenser stellatus; n=5) and beluga (huso huso; n=4) collected from coastal waters of the south caspian sea from march to april 2011. concentrations of metals evaluated in the caviar, muscle, liver, kidney, gills, ovary and heart of the three species of sturgeons have been assessed using the flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophoto ...201322990022
effects of replacing fish meal by soybean meal along with supplementing phosphorus and magnesium in diet on growth performance of persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus.looking for replacing fish meal by cheaper and more sustainable protein sources is essential for reducing the cost of fish feeds. soybean meal is a suitable alternative protein sources for carnivorous fish such as persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus. however, it contains antinutritional factors that may affect bioavailability of minerals and lead in reduced growth. achieving a cost-effective diet that does not have negative effects on growth is the goal of aquaculture programs. a 10-week experi ...201221735241
ultrastructure and osmoregulatory function of the kidney in larvae of the persian sturgeon acipenser persicus.the localization of na(+) , k(+) -atpase (nka) and the ultrastructural features of kidney were examined in larvae of the persian sturgeon acipenser persicus (l 31-41 mm total length and 182·3-417·3 mg). investigations were conducted through light and electron microscopy and through immunofluorescence for nka detection. the kidney nephrons consisted of a large glomerulus and tubules (neck, proximal, distal and collecting), which connected to the ureters. posteriorly, ureters extended and joined t ...201121539547
the transcription of l-gulono-gamma-lactone oxidase, a key enzyme for biosynthesis of ascorbate, during development of persian sturgeon acipenser persicus.l-gulono-gamma-lactone oxidase (gulo) is a key enzyme for the biosynthesis of ascorbate, which is essential for several cellular functions. in the present study, mrna expression of gulo gene was evaluated during the early development of persian sturgeon. first, because there are no comparative studies that have established suitable quantitative real-time pcr reference genes in sturgeons for any physiological conditions, we evaluated six candidate reference genes (actb, rpl13, ubq, rpl6, gapdh an ...201121199677
serum electrolyte and nonelectrolyte status in freshwater juvenile persian sturgeon acipenser persicus.status of serum electrolyte and nonelectrolyte variables can be used for managing sturgeon species cultured in freshwater or living in seawater. the aim of the present study was to evaluate serum biochemical variables in clinically healthy juvenile persian sturgeon acipenser persicus cultured in freshwater. serum samples from 11 females and 10 males were analyzed, and levels (mean +/- sd) of the following variables were compared between sexes: glucose (glc; 5.58 +/- 1.25 mmol/l for females and 8 ...201021192546
morphology and fine structure of acipenser persicus (acipenseridae, chondrostei) spermatozoon: inter-species comparison in acipenseriformes.this study describes morphology and fine structure of the persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) (acipenseridae, chondrostei) spermatozoon. the results show that the spermatozoon of a. persicus is differentiated into an elongated head (length: mean±sd: 7.1±0.5μm) with an acrosome (length: 1.2±0.2μm), a cylindrical midpiece (length: 1.8±0.5μm), a flagellum (length: 50.3±5.9μm) and a total length of 59.2±6.2μm. ten posterolateral projections (plps) arise from the posterior edge of the acrosome and ...201121144681
metallothionein as potential biomarker of cadmium exposure in persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus).metallothionein (mt) concentration in gills, liver, and kidney tissues of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) were determined following exposure to sublethal levels of waterborne cadmium (cd) (50, 400, and 1,000 μg l(-1)) after 1, 2, 4, and 14 days. the increases of mt from background levels were 4.6-, 3-, and 2.8-fold for kidney, liver, and gills, respectively. the results showed that mt level change in the kidney is time and concentration dependent. also, cortisol measurement revealed elevat ...201121053096
study of epidermis development in sturgeon (acipenser persicus) skin is essential for survival, maintenance of body shape, and protection against the shock and infection. during week 1 of sturgeon larval development, the epidermis is thin and not differentiated in various layers yet, but by week 4-6 the thickness increases and various layers appear, depending upon the region of the body. mucous cells differentiate early in development on the surface of epithelium and contain acid and neutral mucopolysaccharides. primordial sensory buds are visible withi ...201020645956
comparative proteomics analysis of male and female persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) sturgeon aquaculture, the fish are sexed by an invasive surgical examination of the gonads. development of a non-invasive procedure for sexing fish based on a molecular method is of special interest. in the present study a proteomics approach has been utilized to analyze a differential protein expression between mature male and female persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) gonads. when comparing protein patterns on the 2-de gels of the testis and ovary, 48 unique spots were distinguished in te ...200918440735
proteome analysis of persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) ova.the persian sturgeon ova are a key material both for inevitable artificial propagation and for caviar production. in this study, the proteome profile of persian sturgeon ova was analyzed using 2-de and maldi-tof/tof in order to determine its protein composition. out of 192 spots analyzed with maldi-tof/tof, 107 spots corresponding to 73 different proteins were identified. the identified proteins were classified into 11 groups with regard to their main known function involving cell structure (24. ...200818054827
serum biochemical parameters of acipenser persicus.serum biochemical parameters are important aspects in the management of endangered species, such as acipenser persicus. the values of these parameters can be used for confirming the maturity and for monitoring any changes in the quality of waters and related soils. serum samples of 44 a. persicus fishes were analyzed and their serum parameter values were determined as mean+/-sd in four groups: mature males and females and immature males and females, respectively. we compared the levels of calciu ...200620035477
spermatozoa motility in the persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus: effects of ph, dilution rate, ions and osmolality.sperm motility is a prerequisite factor determining semen quality and fertilizing capacity. the effects of environmental factors including ph, cations and osmolality as well as the role of dilution rate on sperm motility parameters in acipenser persicus were studied. the best ph and dilution rate for activation of spermatozoa were ph 8.0 and dilution ratio 1:50. ionic factors can stimulate the initiation of sperm activation. the maximum percentage of motile sperm and total duration of sperm moti ...200415579600
contamination by organochlorine compounds in the edible tissue of four sturgeon species from the caspian sea (iran).this study focused on accumulation of organochlorine compounds (ocs), including dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethanes (ddts), hexachlorobenzene (hcb), hexachlorocyclohexanes (hchs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) accumulation in the muscle of four sturgeon (persian sturgeon, acipenser persicus; stellate sturgeon, acipenser stellatus; ship sturgeon, acipenser nudiventris and beluga sturgeon, huso huso) from the southern caspian sea. the ddt group was prominent in all of the sturgeon muscle tes ...200818657287
helminth parasites of stellate sturgeon acipenser stellatus pallas, 1771 and persian sturgeon acipenser persicus borodin, 1897 (pisces: acipenseridae) from the south-east caspian sea.a total of 182 specimens of two sturgeon species, stellate sturgeon acipenser stellatus (n=112) and persian sturgeon acipenser persicus (n=70), from three coastal stations in the south-east caspian sea were examined for endohelminth parasites. four helminth species were recorded: cucullanus sphaerocephala (nematoda: cucullanidae) and skrjabinopsolus semiarmatus (digenea: acanthocolpidae), found in both host species, and leptorhynchoides plagicephalus (acanthocephala: rhadinorhynchidae) and amphi ...200818317807
concentrations of trace elements in muscle of sturgeons in the caspian sea.concentrations of 21 trace elements were determined in muscle of beluga (huso huso), persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus), russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstaedtii), ship sturgeon (acipenser nudiventris) and stellate sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) collected from coastal regions of azerbaijan, iran, kazakhstan and turkmenistan, surrounding the caspian sea during 2000-2001. concentrations of mn, co, cu, mo, sn, hg, pb and bi in the muscle were apparently different among the five species of stu ...200415530523
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