[leaf decomposition of two species in a mangrove community in futian of shenzhen].using litter bags, the authors studied the dynamics of dry weight and organic c, n and p of leaves of two species (kandelia candel, aegiceras corniculatum) in a mangrove community in shenzhen during their decomposition in situ. leaves of k. candel degraded more rapidly than those of a. corniculatum. for a. corniculatum, it needed 35 days to lose half initial ash-free dry weights (afdw) of the leaves, while for k. candel, only 12 days. despite the difference in loss rate of litter bags with the t ...200111813429
sensitivity to chilling temperatures and distribution differ in the mangrove species kandelia candel and avicennia marina.we compared the effects of short-term (hours) and long-term (days) exposure to chilling temperatures on the photosynthetic gas exchange, leaf characteristics and chlorophyll a fluorescence of seedlings of the mangrove species kandelia candel druce and avicennia marina (forsk.) vierh. both species occur along the west coast of taiwan, but k. candel occurs further north than a. marina. we hypothesized that temperature was one of the major environmental factors limiting the northern distribution of ...200415123458
[dynamics and species-diversities of artificial sonneratia apetala, sonneratia caseolaris and kandelia candel communities].studies on the dynamics and species-diversities of artificial sonneratia apetala, sonneratia caseolaris and kandelia candel communities showed that the arbor layer of s. apetala and s. caseolaris communities contained two distinctive sub-layers. the upper layer was composed of s. apetala or s. caseolaris, and the medium layer was composed of k. candel and aegiceras corniculatum. the dominant population s. apetala or s. caseolaris in s. apetala and s. caseolaris communities only had old-aged indi ...200415362609
[niches of several mangrove species in dongzhai harbor of hainan island].employing the succession series of kandelia candel-aegiceras corniculatum community in non-indigenous species sonneratia apetala extension area as resource axes, and with three axes, commonly used calculation formulae, this paper determined the niche breadth and overlap of mangrove populations. the results showed that the niche breadth decreased in order of aegiceras corniculatum (3.8357) > kandelia candel (3.3421) > bruguiera gymnorrhiza (3.3180) > avicennia marina (3.0975) > sonneratia apetala ...200515943346
cyclic peptides from an endophytic fungus obtained from a mangrove leaf (kandelia candel).two new cyclic depsipeptides, 1962a (1) and 1962b (2), along with the three known cyclodipeptides cyclo-(leu-tyr) (3), cyclo-(phe-gly) (4), and cyclo-(leu-leu) (5) were isolated from the fermentation broth of the mangrove endophytic fungus (no. 1962) isolated from an old leaf of kandelia candel collected in hong kong. through spectroscopic experimentation, x-ray crystallographic analysis, and acid hydrolysis followed by chiral hplc analysis, their structures were established to be 1962a, cyclo-( ...200717944538
sympodiomycopsis kandeliae sp. nov., a basidiomycetous anamorphic fungus from mangroves, and reclassification of sympodiomycopsis lanaiensis as jaminaea lanaiensis comb. nov.three ustilaginomycetous anamorphic strains were isolated from flowers of kandelia candel in mangrove forests of taiwan. phylogenetic analyses based on the combined sequences of internal transcribed spacer 1 (its1)-5.8s-its2 and the d1/d2 domain of the large-subunit (lsu) rdna indicated that the closest recognized species was sympodiomycopsis paphiopedili. the results of a dna-dna hybridization experiment and the physiological characteristics showed that the three strains represent a novel speci ...201120348316
a family of multicyclic indolosesquiterpenes from a bacterial endophyte.three novel indolosesquiterpenes, xiamycin b (1b), indosespene (2), and sespenine (3), along with the known xiamycin a (1a) were isolated from the culture broth of streptomyces sp. hki0595, a bacterial endophyte of the widespread mangrove tree kandelia candel. agar diffusion assays revealed moderate to strong antimicrobial activities against several bacteria, including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecalis, while no cytotoxicity against human ...201121528153
kandenols a-e, eudesmenes from an endophytic streptomyces sp. of the mangrove tree kandelia candel.five novel eudesmene-type sesquiterpenes, kandenols a-e (1-5), have been isolated from streptomyces sp. hki0595 derived from the mangrove plant kandelia candel. their structures were established through nmr and mass spectrometry, and absolute configurations were established by the mosher method and comparison of cd spectra with α-rotunol and β-rotunol. the kandenols are reminiscent of various plant-derived eudesmenes, yet kandenols b and c are unusual because of their hydroperoxide moieties. kan ...201223234344
potential use of mangroves as constructed wetland for municipal sewage treatment in futian, shenzhen, china.a pilot-scale mangrove wetland was constructed in futian, shenzhen for municipal sewage treatment. three identical belts (length: 33m, width: 3m, depth: 0.5m) were filled with stone (bottom), gravel and mangrove sand (surface). seedlings of two native mangrove species (kandelia candel, aegiceras corniculatum) and one exotic species (sonneratia caseolaris) were transplanted to the belts with one species for each belt. the hydraulic loading was 5m(3)d(-1) and hydraulic retention time 3d. high leve ...200818342338
effect of heavy metal stress on antioxidative enzymes and lipid peroxidation in leaves and roots of two mangrove plant seedlings (kandelia candel and bruguiera gymnorrhiza).the effects of multiple heavy metal stress on the activity of antioxidative enzymes and lipid peroxidation were studied in leaves and roots of two mangrove plants, kandelia candel and bruguiera gymnorrhiza, grown under control (10 per thousand nacl nutrient solution) or five levels of multiple heavy metal stress (10 per thousand nacl nutrient solution containing different concentration of pb2+, cd2+, and hg2+). leaves and roots of control and heavy metal-stressed plants were harvested after two ...200717123580
changes of plasma membrane atpase activity, membrane potential and transmembrane proton gradient in kandelia candel and avicennia marina seedlings with various salinities.the salt-secreting mangrove, avicennia marina, and non-salt-secreting mangrove, kandelia candel were cultivated in sand with various salinities(0 per thousand, 10 per thousand, 20 per thousand, 30 per thousand, 40 per thousand) for 60 d. plasma membrane vesicles of high-purity in leaves and roots of a. marina and k. candel seedlings were obtained by two-phase partitioning. the function of the plasma membranes, the activity of atpase, membrane potential and transmembrane proton gradient, at vario ...200415559803
identification and expression analysis of the cyclophilin gene in kandelia candel under stress of salt.two cdna fragments, named for srgkc2 and srgkc3, encoding cyclophilin in kandelia candel were isolated by representational difference analysis of cdna. the two cdna fragments were 282 bp and 160 bp, respectively. sequence analysis shows that both of the srgkc2 and srgkc3 come from the same gene region, and srgkc3 is a part of srgkc2. in addition the srgkc2 displayed 90% sequence identity over a region of 84 amino acids to the cyclophilin from euphorbia esula and the srgkc3 displayed 93% sequence ...200312966731
floral scent chemistry of mangrove plants.the flowers of mangrove plants are pollinated by a variety of pollinators including birds, bats, and insects. this study analyzed the floral scent chemistry of mangroves on iriomote island (located near taiwan) including bruguiera gymnorrhiza (l.) lamk. (rhizophoraceae), kandelia candel (l.) druce (rhizophoraceae), rhizophora stylosa griff. (rhizophoraceae), sonneratia alba j. smith (sonneratiaceae), nypa fruticans (thunb.) wurmb. (palmae), lumnitzera racemosa willd. (combretaceae), avicennia ma ...200212884048
screening for potential α-glucosidase and α-amylase inhibitory constituents from selected vietnamese plants used to treat type 2 diabetes.the 18 plant species investigated in this study have been used as herbal antidiabetic remedies in vietnamese traditional medicines. this study aimed to evaluate their ability to inhibit α-glucosidase and α-amylase, two key enzymes involved in serum glucose regulation.201627041401
lipid composition of mangrove and its relevance to salt tolerance.lipid compositions of mangrove trees were studied in relation to the salt-tolerance mechanism. leaves and roots were obtained from seven mature mangrove trees on iriomote island, okinawa: bruguiera gymnorrhiza, rhizophora stylosa, kandelia candel, lumnitzera racemosa, avicennia marina, pemphis acidula and sonneratia alba. lipids of mangrove leaves mainly consisted of 11 lipid classes: polar lipids, unknown (uk) 1-6, sterols, triacyl glycerols, wax ester and sterol ester (uk 3 and 4 were found to ...200312605298
a novel metallothionein gene from a mangrove plant kandelia candel.a new metallothionein (mt) gene was cloned from kandelia candel, a mangrove plant with constitutional tolerance to heavy metals, by rapid amplification of cdna ends and named kmt, which is composed of two exons and one intron. the full length of kmt cdna was 728 bp including 121 bp 5' noncoding domain, 240 bp open reading frame and 384 bp 3' termination. the coding region of kmt represented a putative 79 amino acid protein with a molecular weight of 7.75 kda. at each of the amino- and carboxy-te ...201222711547
suspended sediment in tidal currents: an often-neglected pollutant that aggravates mangrove this study, the influence of sediments deposited on the leaves of different mangrove species due to tidal movements on photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescence of the species was explored. the degree of accelerated degradation among different mangrove species was also obtained. results show that the leaves of mangrove species have varying degrees of sediment deposition. sediment deposition leads to photosynthetic reduction and physiological stress among kandelia candel, aeg ...201424855977
in situ simultaneous determination the photolysis of multi-component pahs adsorbed on the leaf surfaces of living kandelia candel seedlings.a fiber-optic fluorimetry for in situ simultaneous determination of fluorine (flu), phenanthrene (phe) and fluoranthene (fla) adsorbed on the leaf surfaces of kandelia candel (kc) seedlings was developed. experimental results showed that the linear ranges for determination of flu, phe and fla adsorbed on kc leaves were 35-700, 5-900 and 2-450 ng/spot, respectively. the detection limits for flu, phe and fla were 9.11, 1.65 and 0.90 ng/spot and with the relative standard deviations less than 10.32 ...201021111141
[distribution of hg in mangrove plants and correlation with hg speciation in sediments].plant is an important role in biogeochemical cycle of hg. the aim of this study is to ascertain hg accumulation in several kinds of mangrove plants, and to discuss relationship among hg concentrations in mangrove plants and different hg speciation in sediments. contents of total mercury (thg) in mangrove plants and sediments were determined. hg speciation was determined with a modified tessier's method. contents of thg of the mangrove plants were in the range of 817.5-3 197.6 ng/g. in detail, hg ...201021072952
mating system, pollen and propagule dispersal, and spatial genetic structure in a high-density population of the mangrove tree kandelia candel.mangrove tree species form ecologically and economically important forests along the tropical and subtropical coastlines of the world. although low intrapopulation genetic diversity and high interpopulation genetic differentiation have been detected in most mangrove tree species, no direct investigation of pollen and propagule dispersal through paternity and/or parentage analysis and spatial genetic structure within populations has been conducted. we surveyed the mating system, pollen and propag ...200819140988
a novel analytical approach for investigation of anthracene adsorption onto mangrove leaves.a solid surface fluorimetry approach was established for direct determination of anthracene (an) adsorbed onto fresh mangrove leaves. the experimental results showed that the linear dynamic ranges for determination of an adsorbed onto avicennia marina (am), bruguiera gymnorrhiza (bg), kandelia candel (kc) and rhizophors stylosa (rs) leaves varied from 0.92 to 8.71, 0.089 to 0.70, 0.063 to 5.61 and 0.11 to 1.82 microgg(-1), with detection limits of 5.77, 1.79, 4.29 and 1.42 ngg(-1), respectively, ...200818761174
environmental and ecological impacts of water supplement schemes in a heavily polluted estuary.water supplement has been used to improve water quality in a heavily polluted river with small base flow. however, its adverse impacts particularly on nearby sensitive ecosystems have not been fully investigated in previous studies. in this paper, using the shenzhen river estuary in china as a case study, the impacts of two potential water supplement schemes (reclaimed water scheme and seawater scheme) on water quality improvement and salinity alteration of the estuary are studied. the influence ...201424333992
[distribution of littoraia melanostoma gray (littorinidae) and nerita lineata gmelin (neritadae) in rehabilitated mangroves].an investigation was made in april and july 2005 on the abundance and biomass of littoraia melanostoma ( littorinidae) and nerita lineata (neritadae) in the rehabilitated mangrove forests with different mangrove species and stand ages at the jiulongjiang estuary of fujian province. the results showed that nerita lineata was more abundant in mature stands, and had greater biomass and density in kandelia candel stand than in aegiceras corniculatum stand. a. corniculatum stand had greater density a ...200617147188
[analysis of typical mangrove spectral reflectance characteristics].acquisition of mangrove spectrum properties and detecting the sensitive bands provide technology basis for inverse modeling and estimation by remote sensing for various indexes of mangrove. the typical mangroves of guangxi shankou mangrove reserve were taken for study objects, the standard spectrum curves of bruguiera gymnorrhiza (linn.) savigny, rhizophora stylosa, kandelia candel, avicennia marina, aegiceras corniculatum, spartina anglica and mudflat were gained by denoising analysis of field- ...201323697131
[critical tidal level for planting kandelia candel seedlings in xiamen].plantable tidal flat is one of the most important factors affecting the survival rate of mangroves seedlings in forestation. in this paper, an experiment was conducted in the tidal zones of umbrette natural reserve in the dayu island of xiamen in may 2003 to investigate the critical tidal level for kandelia candel forestation. the results showed that the tidal level of 0.99 m above the zero tidal level of the huang ocean was not suitable for planting k. candel seedlings, because the waterlogging ...200616706033
bioconcentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in roots of three mangrove species in jiulong river estuary.the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(pahs) concentrations were determined in the root of three mangrove species (kandelia candel, avicennia marina and bruguiera gymnorrhiza) and their growing environment (sediment) in mangrove wetlands of jiulong river estuary, fujian, china. the total pahs (16 parent pahs) in mangrove sediments ranged from 193.44 to 270.53 ng/g dw, with a mean value of 231.76 +/- 31.78 ng/g dw. compared with other mangrove and coastal marine sediments, the pahs concentrations o ...200516295907
structure determination of germacrane-type sesquiterpene alcohols from an endophyte streptomyces griseus subsp.three germacrane-type sesquiterpene alcohols were isolated from an endophyte of mangrove plant kandelia candel. their structures were characterized as 1(10)e,5e-germacradiene-11-ol (1), 1(10)e,5e-germacradiene-3,11-diol (2), 1(10)e,5e-germacradiene-2,11-diol (3) based on the extensive nmr studies. among them, 2 and 3 are identified as new compounds.200516170856
p-aminoacetophenonic acids produced by a mangrove endophyte: streptomyces griseus subsp.three new p-aminoacetophenonic acids, named 7-(4-aminophenyl)-2,4-dimethyl-7-oxo-hept-5-enoic acid (1), 9-(4-aminophenyl)-7-hydroxy-2,4,6-trimethyl-9-oxo-non-2-enoic acid (2), and 12-(4-aminophenyl)-10-hydroxy-6-(1-hydroxyethyl)-7,9-dimethyl-12-oxo-dodeca-2,4-dienoic acid (3), were isolated from an endophyte of the mangrove plant kandelia candel. the structures of 1-3 were elucidated using spectroscopic analyses, primarily nmr and ms.200516124760
sex pheromones of five olethreutine species (lepidoptera: tortricidae) associated with the seedlings and fruits of mangrove plants in the ryukyu islands, japan: identification and field evaluation.the sex pheromones of three cryptophlebia, one centroxena, and one eucosma species (lepidoptera: olethreutinae) inhabiting mangroves in the ryukyu islands, japan, were studied with coupled gas chromatography-electroantennographic detection, and gc-mass spectrometry (gc-ms). the larvae of each cryptophlebia species are specifically associated with viviparous seedlings from one of three mangrove rhizophoraceae plants. whereas three eag-active alcohol components, (z)-8-dodecen-1-ol, (e)-8-dodecen1- ...200516124256
cytotoxic and antimicrobial metabolites from marine lignicolous fungi, diaporthe sp.a new compound (1), named diaporthelactone, together with two known compounds (2 and 3) were isolated from the culture of diaporthe sp., a marine fungus growing in the submerged rotten leaves of kandelia candel in the mangrove nature conservation areas of fugong, fujian province of china. the new compound was elucidated to be 1,3-dihydro-4-methoxy-7-methyl-3-oxo-5-isobenzofuran-carboxyaldehyde (1), which showed cytotoxic activity against kb and raji cell lines (ic50 6.25 and 5.51 microg ml(-1), ...200516102912
[polychaete community in mangrove and salt marsh in zhangjiang river estuary, fujian province of east china].in order to understand the community structure of polychaete in different botanic habitats in zhangjiang river estuary, an investigation was conducted in the habitats of kandelia candel, aegiceras corniculatum, spartina alterniflora, and avicennia marina in four seasons, 2010. a total of 15 polychaete species were recorded, and 6 species including eteone delta, namalycastis abiuma, paraleonnates uschakovi, polydora ciliata, capitella capitata, and mediomastus californiensis were found in the fou ...201222803456
variations in the isotopic composition of stable mercury isotopes in typical mangrove plants of the jiulong estuary, se china.variations in the composition of stable isotopes of mercury contained in tissues (root, stem, leaf, and hypocotyl or flower) of three typical mangrove plants (kandelia candel, aegiceras corniculata, and bruguiera gymnorhiza), collected from the mangrove wetland of jiulong estuary, se china, were used to investigate the sources and transformation of mercury in the mangrove plants. tissue samples from the plants were digested and mercury in the solution was pre-concentrated with purge-trap method ...201727783251
[effects of livestock wastewater on seedlings of two mangrove species].effects of livestock wastewater on growth and physiology of seedlings of two mangrove species (kandelia candel and bruguiera gymnorrhiza) in greenhouse pot-cultivation systems were studied under different salinity conditions. in terms of stem height, stem basal diameter, leaf production, maximum leaf area and relative growth rate, livestock wastewater enhanced the growth of kandelia candel and bruguiera gymnorrhiza, the effects of salinity and livestock wastewater on biomass partitioning were si ...200312924137
cloning and functional expression of cycloartenol synthases from mangrove species rhizophora stylosa griff. and kandelia candel (l.) obtain cdnas encoding oxidosqualene cyclase (osc), we cloned two cdnas, kccas and rscas, from roots of kandelia candel (l.) druce and leaves of rhizophora stylosa griff. by homology based pcr method respectively. the deduced amino acid sequences of both oscs showed 82% homology to cycloartenol synthases from lotus japonicus (osc5) and ricinus cummunis (rccas), suggesting that these are cycloartenol synthases of k. candel and r. stylosa. the genes obtained were expressed in a lanosterol syntha ...200717617700
molecular cloning and functional expression of a multifunctional triterpene synthase cdna from a mangrove species kandelia candel (l.) druce.homology based pcrs with degenerate primers designed from the conserved sequences among the known oxidosqualene cylases (oscs) have resulted in cloning of a triterpene synthase (kcms) from the young roots of kandelia candel (l.) druce (rhizophoraceae). kcms consists of a 2286 bp open reading frame, which codes for 761 amino acids. the deduced amino acid sequence showed 79% homology to a lupeol synthase from ricinus communis suggesting it to be a lupeol synthase of k. candel. kcms was expressed i ...200617078982
endophytic fungus purpureocillium sp. a5 protect mangrove plant kandelia candel under copper stress.mangrove is an important ecosystem in the world. mangrove ecosystems have a large capacity in retaining heavy metals, and now they are usually considered as sinks for heavy metals. however, the mechanism of why the soil of mangrove ecosystems can retain heavy metal is not certain. in this research, endophytic fungus purpureocillium sp. a5 was isolated and identified from the roots of kandelia candel. when this fungus was added, it protected the growth of k. candel under cu stress. this can be il ...201728237674
reproductive biology and population genetic structure of kandelia candel (rhizophoraceae), a viviparous mangrove species.the pollination biology, mating system, and population genetic structure of kandelia candel were investigated. field observations on its pollination and reproductive biology suggested that this species is pollinator dependent for fruit set, and bee activities can lead to substantial geitonogamous selfing. quantitative analysis of the mating system parameters was performed using progeny arrays assayed for allozyme markers. multilocus outcrossing rates (t(m)) were estimated to be 0.697 ± 0.091 and ...199821680324
identification and expression analysis of a full-length cdna encoding a kandelia candel tonoplast intrinsic protein.soil salinity is an important issue, as most crop plants are low in salt tolerance. salt tolerance, a complex, multifactorial, and multigenic process, has been known to be a quantitative trait. the identification of the salt stress responsive genes or salt tolerance genes is essential for the breeding programs. most recent efforts have been focused on the products of structural genes (transport proteins, ion channels, enzymes of solute synthesis) while little attention were paid to the regulator ...200315966312
botryoisocoumarin a, a new cox-2 inhibitor from the mangrove kandelia candel endophytic fungus botryosphaeria sp. kcf6. 201525966851
new phenyl derivatives from endophytic fungus botryosphaeria sp. scsio kcf6 derived of mangrove plant kandelia candel.two new phenyl derivatives (1 and 3), along with two new natural products (4 and 5), and three known compounds (2, 6 and 7), were isolated from an endophytic fungus botryosphaeria sp. scsio kcf6. the structures of these compounds 1-7 were elucidated by the extensive 1d and 2d-nmr and hresims data analysis, and compared with those of reported data. the absolute configuration of the compounds 1 and 3 were assigned by optical rotation and cd data. the isolated compounds were evaluated for their cyt ...201626156623
cladosporone a, a new dimeric tetralone from fungus cladosporium sp. kcfl6' derived of mangrove plant kandelia candel. 201525248726
possible food sources of macrozoobenthos in the manko mangrove ecosystem, okinawa (japan): a stable isotope analysis approach.identifying potential food sources in mangrove ecosystems is complex because of the multifarious inputs from both land and sea. this study, which was conducted in the manko mangrove ecosystem of okinawa, japan, determined the composition of the stable isotopes δ(13)c and δ(15)n in primary producers and macrozoobenthos to estimate the potential food sources assimilated and to elucidate the target trophic levels of the macrozoobenthos. we measured the two stable isotope signatures of three gastrop ...201526019747
thiodiketopiperazines from the marine-derived fungus phoma sp. oucmdz-1847.three new thiodiketopiperazines, named phomazines a-c (1-3), along with 10 known analogues (4-13), were isolated from the fermentation broth of an endophytic fungus, phoma sp. oucmdz-1847, associated with the mangrove plant kandelia candel. the structures including the absolute configurations of the new compounds were unambiguously elucidated by spectroscopic, x-ray crystallographic, and mosher's methods along with quantum ecd and (13)c nmr calculations. compounds 2, 4, 5, 11, and 12 showed cyto ...201424370114
the bioactive metabolites of the mangrove endophytic fungus talaromyces sp. zh-154 isolated from kandelia candel (l.) druce.bioactivity-directed fractionation of the extract of the mangrove endophytic fungus talaromyces sp. zh-154, which was isolated from the stem bark of kandelia candel (l.) druce, rhizophoraceae, afforded two new metabolites, 7-epiaustdiol ( 1) and 8-o-methylepiaustdiol ( 2), together with the known compounds, stemphyperylenol ( 3), skyrin ( 4), secalonic acid a ( 5), emodin ( 6), and norlichexanthone ( 7). their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidences including cd, ms, a ...201019670161
effects of leaf litter addition on meiofaunal colonization of azoic sediments in a subtropical mangrove in hong kong.the responses of major meiofaunal taxa and nematode species assemblage to the decaying leaf litter of the mangrove kandelia candel were investigated through a field colonization experiment in subtropical hong kong. sixty-four replicate azoic and organic-free sediment cores were treated with leaf litter additions of 0x, 0.5x, 1x and 2x natural sediment organic concentration, respectively, and retrieved 1, 10, 30 and 60 days post-placement. replicate cores of ambient sediment were also taken at ea ...200111137508
[the secondary metabolites of the mangrove endophytic fungi zzf13 and guignardia sp. 4382 from the south china sea].the secondary metabolites of the fungus zzf13 isolated from the leaves of the mangrove sample kandelia candel in zhanjiang and guignardia sp. 4382 isolated from bark of kandelia candel (endophyte) of mai po, hong kong were studied.200920034211
friedmanniella endophytica sp. nov., an endophytic actinobacterium isolated from bark of kandelia candel.a coccus-shaped, non-spore-forming actinobacterium, designated strain 4q3s-3t, was isolated from surface-sterilized bark of the mangrove plant kandelia candel collected from cotai ecological zones in macao, china, and tested by a polyphasic approach to clarify its taxonomic position. this actinobacterium was gram-stain-positive and aerobic. neither substrate nor aerial mycelia were formed, and no diffusible pigments were observed on the media tested. strain 4q3s-3t grew optimally without nacl at ...201627169592
a new anti-acetylcholinesterase α-pyrone meroterpene, arigsugacin i, from mangrove endophytic fungus penicillium sp. sk5gw1l of kandelia candel.arigsugacin i (1), a new α-pyrone meroterpene, along with two known compounds, arigsugacins f (2) and territrem b (3), were isolated from the mangrove endophytic fungus penicillium sp. sk5gw1l from kandelia candel. their structures were identified through mass spectrometry and nmr experiments, and the absolute configuration of compound 1 was further confirmed by low-temperature (100 k) single crystal x-ray diffraction with cu kα radiation. the absolute configuration of compound 2 was first repor ...201324081685
two new derivatives of griseofulvin from the mangrove endophytic fungus nigrospora sp. (strain no. 1403) from kandelia candel (l.) druce.two new compounds, methyl 3-chloro-6-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxy-2-methoxy-6-methylphenoxy)-4-methoxybenzoate (1) and (2 s,5' r,e)-7-hydroxy-4,6-dimethoxy-2-(1-methoxy-3-oxo-5-methylhex-1-enyl)-benzofuran-3(2h)-one (2), together with four known compounds, griseofulvin (3), dechlorogriseofulvin (4), bostrycin (5), and deoxybostrycin (6), were isolated from the marine endophytic fungus nigrospora sp. (no. 1403) collected from the south china sea. the structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, 1 ...201121512970
nakamurella endophytica sp. nov., a novel endophytic actinobacterium isolated from the bark of kandelia candel.a gram-stain-positive, aerobic, coccus-shaped, non-spore-forming actinobacterium, designated strain 2q3s-4-2t, was isolated from the surface-sterilized bark of kandelia candel, collected from cotai ecological zones in macao, pr china. it was tested using a polyphasic approach to determine its taxonomic position. strain 2q3s-4-2t grew optimally without nacl at 28-30 °c and at ph 7.0. substrate mycelia and aerial mycelia were not formed and no diffusible pigments were observed on the media tested. ...201626813967
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