[anatomy of the neural apparatus of cestodes of the families amphicotylidae and diphyllobothriidae (pseudophyllidea)].studies were carried out of the nervous apparatus of eubothrium salvelini, e. rugosum, e. crassum, e. vittevitellatus, diphyllobothrium latum and d. dendriticum (cestoda, pseudophyllidea) at different stages of their life cycle. scolexes of adult cestodes are innervated with 5 pairs of longitudinal nerve trunks, the number of which in the strobile gradually increases up to 17 pairs in species of eubothrium and up to 60 pairs (in the wildest parts of the strobile) in species of diphyllobothrium. ...1978673446
is diphyllobothrium latum currently present in northern michigan? 1978722468
the development of the tapeworm diphyllobothrium latum (l. 1756) (cestoda; pseudophyllidea) in its definitive hosts, with special references to the growth patterns of d. dendriticum (nitzsch, 1824) and d. ditremum (creplin, 1827).when diphyllobothrium latum develops from larva to adult in a definitive host, it first sheds the entire larval 'body' before growth of an adult strobila starts. this process of shedding off the entire larval abothrial extremity, piece by piece, takes about 48 h. by this time the larva has usually reached the anterior third of the small intestine of the host. d. dendriticum and d. ditremum develop quite differently, although exhibiting similar anterior migrations. in these two species the larvae ...1978756522
[treatment of diphyllobothrium latum infections with a single oral dose of praziquantel (author's transl)]. 1977911434
[experimental evaluation of the effect of praziquantel against diphyllobothrium latum in vivo and in vitro (author's transl)]. 1977911437
public health significance of zoonotic tapeworms in korea.through an epidemiological review on the zoonotic tapeworms in korea, the frequency and severity of the zoonoses have been recognized. taeniasis and human cysticercosis are of importance to the public health in korea. the frequency of taeniasis is 0.3% to 12.7% discovered by stool examination and 4.5% to 38.0% discovered by questionaire survey. taeniasis occurs more frequently in males than in females and, especially, in both sexes in the age-group of 20 to 49. t. saginata is more common that t. ...1976977229
[diphyllobothrium latum induced megaloblastic anemia (author's transl)]. 19761023317
parasites of black bears of the lake superior region.parasites collected from free-ranging black bears, ursus americanus pallas, 1780, from northeastern minnesota or northern michigan include the dog tick, dermacentor variabilis (say, 1821), the winter tick, d. albipictus (packard, 1869), a louse, trichodectes pinguis euarctidoes hopkins, 1954, an ascarid worm, baylisascaris transfuga (rudolphi, 1819), a filarial worm, dirofilaria ursi yamaguti, 1941, taeniid tapeworms, and unidentified fleas. the broad fish tapeworm, diphyllobothrium latum (linna ...19751142551
an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnostic detection of taenia saginata copro-antigens in immunodiagnostic sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed for the detection of soluble taenia saginata antigens in stool samples (copro-antigens) of infected humans, using affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies obtained from rabbits hyperimmunized with excretory/secretory antigens derived from t. saginata maintained in vitro. investigation of operating characteristics showed very low cross-reactivity with crude antigens from helminths other than taenia, including dipy ...19911719664
cestode infections in korea.epidemiological surveys concerning cestodes of medical importance in korea have been sporadically reported by many workers. among various parasitic infections, cestode infections occur less frequently than other helminthiases, but they often cause serious clinical complications. cestodes reported so far in korea belong to the order pseudophyllidea or cyclophyllidea (subclass cestoda), i.e., diphyllobothrium latum, d. yonagoense, spirometra erinacei, sparganum, hymenolepis diminuta, h. nana, meso ...19902133417
[the first certain case of diphyllobothrium latum in cuba].the first certainty case of diphyllobothrium latum in cuba, is described. the diagnosis is based on the identification of proglottids, which shows the typical characteristics of this cestode.19902259787
[epidemiology of diphyllobothriasis in the valdivia river basin, chile].in the valdivia (chile) river basin 1,295 inhabitants of 6 riverside districts were examined between march and october 1987 and showed a 1.2% of prevalence by diphyllobothrium in the districts of riñihue and las huellas. prevalence of 5.3% and 9.8% respectively were registered in dogs of the districts of riñihue and malihue. no cat or pig infection was observed in the different districts. the parasites recovered after the treatment were identified as diphyllobothrium latum. human infection by d. ...19892814310
successful treatment of diphyllobothrium latum and taenia saginata infection by intraduodenal 'gastrografin' injection.tapeworm infections are very difficult to cure completely. thirteen patients with tapeworm infection, seven with diphyllobothrium latum and six with taenia saginata, were treated by the introduction of a radio-opaque contrast medium, 'gastrografin', into the duodenum through a duodenal tube. the whole tapeworm with the scolex was expelled unfragmented within 1 h in eleven cases. one patient expelled a tapeworm 3 days after treatment; the peristalsis of his intestine had been severely disturbed a ...19862877274
[megaloblastic anemia secondary to infection by diphyllobothrium latum]. 19863602700
[distribution of diphyllobothrium latum at the southern border of its areal]. 19873683292
letter: diphyllobothrium latum (fish tapeworm) in the sioux lookout zone. 19744472176
[taeniasis. 3. treatment of large tapeworm infection (taenia saginata and diphyllobothrium latum infections)]. 19734738286
determination of trace elements in the tissues of diphyllobothrium latum, fasciola hepatica (l) and in the liver of cattle. 19725025374
[effect of trichlorophene, phenasal, bithionol and their combinations on the tegument of different sections of diphyllobothrium latum strobilae]. 19715134374
the effect of household smoking on the infestiveness of diphyllobothrium latum from fish to man. 19705449098
the effect of low temperatures on the motility of diphyllobothrium latum plerocercoids. 19705449099
the infestiveness of heat and cold exposed diphyllobothrium latum plerocercoids on golden hamster. 19705449100
studies on the helminth fauna of alaska. xlix. the occurrence of diphyllobothrium latum (linnaeus, 1758) (cestoda: diphyllobothriidae) in alaska, with notes on other species. 19705533908
respiration of eudiaptomus gracilis infected with diphyllobothrium latum. 19685673652
the fine structure of the tegument of diphyllobothrium latum (l). a comparison of the plerocercoid and adult stages. 19685706743
an electron microscope study of the tegument and associated structures of the procercoid of diphyllobothrium latum (l). 19685706745
[the effect of dichlosal and phenasal on the development of eggs of diphyllobothrium latum]. 19685729437
[the effect of dichlosal and phenasal on the development of eggs of diphyllobothrium latum]. 19685729438
paromomycin in the treatment of diphyllobothrium latum infection. 19734719005
[on recent investigations of diphyllobothrium latum]. 19655840215
trace metals in broad fish tapeworm (diphyllobothrium latum) and blood of carriers. 19655856855
succinate dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase in adult and plerocercoid diphyllobothrium latum. 19744370415
the spermatozoon flagella in diphyllobothrium latum (fish tapeworm). 19655893479
[disinfestation of pike roe of diphyllobothrium latum plerocercoids]. 19655895678
the flagellar structure of the flame cell in fish tapeworm (diphyllobothrium latum). 19665987161
[operculated eggs of platyhelminths: description of atypias and attempted explanation of their genesis].the authors remind the formation of operculated eggs. atypical eggs of clonorchis sinensis, fasciola hepatica and diphyllobothrium latum are described: no operculum for the two first species and existence of non-described buttons for the two last species. these anomalies could be explained by the way of formation of these eggs.19836357030
pseudophyllidea in the south of chile. ix. types of plerocercoids in trouts from five lakes and new cases of diphyllobothrium latum in man and d. pacificum in a dog. 19836642901
[diphyllobothrium latum of the lung]. 19695775216
fish tapeworm, a disappearing health problem in finland.the occurrence of the tapeworm (diphyllobothrium latum) in eastern finland in 1975-81 was studied and findings were compared with previous results. the fish tapeworm has previously been shown to be a common health problem, especially in these parts of finland. the prevalence rates of fish tapeworm eggs in large consecutive routine series of hospital laboratories have decreased to a level of 1-4% among the population. the results also indicate some possible differences in the rates and trends bet ...19846710097
[the effect of paromomycin sulfate on diphyllobothrium latum].nine vital tapeworms were expelled from 7 patients with diphyllobothriasis latum by the modified damaso de rivas' method. seven worms of them placed in 1% and 5% paromomycin solution (37 degrees c, ph 6.8--6.9) and 2 were in physiological saline at 37 degrees c as controls. in both 1% and 5% solution, the movement of worms stopped completely within 15 minutes. when they were taken out from the solution and washed thoroughly with physiological saline solution, they did not move any longer and die ...19836876368
[effects of paromomycin sulfate on diphyllobothrium latum infections].about 50 mg/kg of paromomycin sulfate was administered orally in a single or 2 divided doses to patients with diphyllobothrium latum infections. the following results were obtained. after the treatment with paromomycin sulfate mature strobilae were expelled in all of 7 patients with diphyllobothrium latum infections. we couldn't find scolices in all cases. although these stools were examined for 2 months after the treatment, the eggs of diphyllobothrium latum were not identified. no side effects ...19836876369
[diphyllobothrium latum infection in akita prefecture. infections occurring from 1974 to 1981 and the clinical effect of paromomycin sulfate].forty-one patients, aged 2 to 68 years old, infected with diphyllobothrium latum in akita prefecture were treated using paromomycin sulfate from 1974 to 1981. paromomycin sulfate was administered orally in a single dose of 20, 30 mg/kg or 50 mg/kg. twenty-three cases expelled tapeworms. however, only 9 (28.1%) out of 32 tapeworms expelled had their scolex. it can be said that all cases were successfully treated with paromomycin sulfate, since they showed the egg-negative on 3 weeks or 1 month af ...19836876370
[therapeutic effect of paromomycin sulfate in the treatment of diphyllobothrium latum infections and an observation on the worm tissues affected by the drug].paromomycin sulfate (aminosidine) at a single dose of 32 to 53 mg/kg was orally given to 24 cases with proven diphyllobothriasis. evaluation of efficacy of the drug was based on stool examination for the eggs after 3--4 weeks of treatment. the cure rate was obtained as 96% (23/24), and 30 worms were expelled from 24 patients. only 1 unsuccessfully treated case of 34-year-old man was retreated at the same dose of the drug 3 weeks later to obtain the cure. thirty worms were composed of a single wo ...19836876371
diphyllobothrium latum infection in a north carolina couple. 19827146983
[ultrastructural changes in diphyllobothrium latum from a man treated with paromomycin sulfate].the effect of paromomycin sulfate on diphyllobothrium latum in vivo in man was examined morphologically with a scanning and a transmission electron microscope. the worm used for this study was expelled from a man by treatment with paromomycin sulfate at 1 dose of 50 mg/kg. the surface of the neck region suffered great damage. the effect of paromomycin sulfate resulted in the progressive breakup of the microtriches and the tegument. even the basal lamina was lost in some parts. as a result, the m ...19827154254
castle's test (with vitamin b12 and normal gastric juice) in the ileum in patients with genuine and patients with tapeworm pernicious anaemia.a mixture of vitamin b12 and normal gastric juice, instilled through an intestinal tube into the ileum, produces haematological remission in patients with tapeworm pernicious anaemia. when a similar mixture is administered by mouth, this effect fails to occur. this observation constitutes evidence in favour of the view that diphyllobothrium latum, attached to the proximal portion (jejunum) of the intestine, absorbs the vitamin b12 contained in the food, thus preventing vitamin bound to the intri ...19807435259
diagnosis and treatment of intestinal helminths. i. common intestinal cestodes.increase in travel and immigration has led to a heightened awareness of parasitic diseases among health professionals. intestinal helminths are important human parasites. cestodes or tapeworms comprise an important group of helminths. the diagnosis of tapeworm infections requires a skilled laboratory because serological tests are unavailable. in this first part of our review of intestinal helminths, we describe the salient features of the diagnosis and treatment of several important intestinal c ...19938055223
the oxidation of external nadh by adult and plerocercoid diphyllobothrium latum. 19734405314
[second report on intestinal parasites among the patients of seoul paik hospital (1984-1992)].the results of fecal examination for helminth eggs and protozoan cysts in seoul paik hospital during 1984-1992 are reported. fecal specimens of a total of 52,552 out- or inpatients were examined by formalin-ether sedimentation and/or direct smear method. the overall egg positive rate of helminths was 6.5% and the cyst positive rate of protozoa 2.5%. the egg positive rate (number of positive cases) for each species of helminth was; clonorchis sinensis 3.2% (1,667), trichuris trichiura 2.0% (1,089 ...19948167105
the occurrence of human intestinal parasites in finland.the survey of the occurrence of intestinal parasites presented here covers 726 hospital patients, 175 healthy adults and 212 children, and 976 healthy finnish holiday-makers prior to their trip abroad. two faecal samples from each individual were examined. further, 344 children were tested for enterobius vermicularis. the total prevalence of intestinal parasites in the hospital patients was 4.2%, and that of pathogenic parasites 2.9%. the prevalence rates in healthy subjects were 4.9% and 1.5%, ...19938284655
[seven cases of diphyllobothrium latum infection].seven cases of diphyllobothrium latum infection were proved by collection of worms after praziquantel treatment between october, 1986 and july, 1987. the patients were all males aged 20-44 years residing in seoul or ulungdo, kyungpook province. all of them had the history of eating several kinds of raw marine fishes, and they had never been to abroad. one of them experienced abdominal pain and 6 experienced natural discharge of a chain of worm segments, but none revealed any sign of anemia. tota ...19892486932
[recent features of parasites detected from clinical specimens].it is generally considered that we have already been through with problems caused by various kinds of parasites which had once raged throughout the country. on the contrary to our common concept, we occasionally encounter some kinds of parasites in a laboratory as well as in clinical fields, which have become unfamiliar to us in these days. parasitic diseases are in the first place, proper and limited to certain local regions, but the present situation has been greatly changed. nowadays, specifi ...19968847822
diphyllobothriasis: fish tapeworm disease in the circumpolar north.although fish tapeworm infections in arctic and subarctic residents are often attributed to the cestode diphyllobothrium latum, other diphyllobothrium species are frequently responsible. d. dendriticum, for example, occurs throughout the circumpolar area at high latitudes beyond the range of d. latum. several additional species are also implicated in human infections in northern communities bordering the pacific: d. ursi from northern canada and alaska, d. dalliae from alaska and siberia, and d. ...19912021393
comparison of restriction fragment length polymorphisms of ribosomal dna between diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense and d. latum.restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) of ribosomal dna (rdna) were compared between diphyllobothrium latum and d. nihonkaiense using seven kinds of restriction endonucleases. no intra-specific variation in restriction fragment profiles was shown within both species of diphyllobothrium. digestion of the genomic dna with three endonucleases. smai, hinfi and hhai, provided one or two different bands between two species, although the hybridization patterns generated with the others. hind ...19921363430
[possible uses of radiofrequency spectroscopy (epr) in the study of the kinetics of biological systems (demonstration of manganese in diphyllobothrium latum eggs) (proceedings)]. 19761035980
tests with a new compound (praziquantel) against diphyllobothrium latum.praziquantel (droncit) is a new anthelminthic agent with a strikingly wide therapeutic index. the efficiency of the drug against diphyllobothrium latum was tested in vivo and in vitro. with a drug dose of 50 mg/kg, artificially infected hamsters were completely cured. the threshold value of the active dose was between 2-5 and 10-0 mg/kg. clinical trials with praziquantel against human diphyllobothriasis show great promise, all of ten patients treated with 25-0 mg/kg of the drug being cured. praz ...1977886176
[an experimental study of the susceptibility of the snakehead ophiocephalus argus to infestation by larvae of the tapeworm diphyllobothrium latum].experiments were made to infect young ophiocephalus argus, the fish of prey delivered from eastern asia in the amu-dar'ya river basin, outside the area of the broad tapeworm diphyllobothrium latum. the dalags were infected mainly by ingesting the local copepods arctodiaptomus salinus, the experimentally invaded larvae of the broad tapeworm. the latter larvae were obtained from the development of eggs of the helminth isolated from strobilae from the patients treated in perm province. d. latum ple ...199810050553
tapeworms.tapeworms are among the oldest afflictions of humans. they continue, even today, to be an important cause of morbidity and mortality, worldwide. taenia saginata and taenia solium infections are still common in many developing countries. diphyllobothrium latum infections, are decreasing, but this tapeworm, transmitted to humans through the eating of raw salmon, can cause severe anemia. hymenolepis and dipylidium infections may occur to children. hydatid disease is a common cause of morbidity, esp ...200111177734
the pattern of parasitic infection in human gut at the specialist hospital, benin city, a survey of 6213 persons conducted between january 1973 to december 1974, at the specialist hospital, benin city, the most common helminths were necator americanus (16.8%), ascaris lumbricoides (19l5%) and trichuris trichiur (5-9%). dicrocoelium hospes (0-06%) was also recorded and this may become an important liver parasite of man in nigeria. its snail vectors are believed to be species of limicolaria and achatina which are widely dispersed in nigeria. entamoeba coli and e. histolytica showe ...1977849017
diphyllobothrium latum infection in a hawaiian male. 1979541206
diphyllobothrium latum infection after eating domestic salmon flesh.diphyllobothrium latum infection in human is not common in korea and only thirty seven cases have been reported since 1921. we report two cases of fish tapeworm infection after ingestion of raw cherry salmon (oncorhynchus masou) caught in the domestic river. among four family members who ate together raw salmon flesh six months ago, just two, mother and daughter, were infected. it is our expectation that the salmon associated tapeworm infections would be enlisted as one of the major parasitic pr ...200111775333
optic neuropathy caused by vitamin-b12 deficiency in carriers of the fish tapeworm, diphyllobothrium latum. 19664159602
[treatment of diphyllobothrium latum and taenia saginata infections with aminosidine (author's transl)].recently, it has been known that the aminosidine has marked anthelmintic efficacy against tapeworm. in this investigation, aminosidine was used for treating 14 cases with ciphyllobothrium latum infection and 5 cases with taenia saginata infection. aminosidine was administered orally in a single dose of 50 mg/kg, followed by a purge after the treatment. fourteen patients with d. latum infection and 5 patients with t. saginata infection expelled long strobila in all cases. although only 7 scolices ...1979513300
diphyllobothriasis: update on human cases, foci, patterns and sources of human infections and future considerations.diphylobothriasis is a well documented disease of humans. on a world scale new infections are reported regularly, especially from russia and parts of japan. globally, new species have been discovered and the etiology of the disease may be changing. human infections appear to be in decline but it is not clear if the sources of infection are also in decline or if public health awareness has improved. in north america there has been a decline in human cases while in south america an increase in rep ...200112041607
diphyllobothriasis: the first case report from malaysia.diphyllobothriasis is a disease caused by infection with adult tapeworms of the genus diphyllobothrium. humans acquire the infection by consuming the raw or inadequately cooked flesh, roe, liver, or other organs of infected fish. diphyllobothrium latum infection has not been reported in malaysia; we are reporting the first case. the patient was a 62 year old chinese male seen at the outpatient clinic with complaints of watery stools and slight abdominal discomfort for four days. physical examina ...200212236417
the diagnostic yield of colonoscopy and the therapeutic value of intraduodenal amidotrizoic acid injection in intestinal diphyllobothrium latum infection: report of a case. 200212358277
[cestode infections in poland in 2000].in 2000, 439 intestinal cestode infections were registered in poland. among them 359 were caused by taenia saginata, three by t. solium, 52 by taenia sp., two by hymenolepis nana, two by diphyllobothrium latum, and one by dipylidium caninum. moreover, 29 cases of echinococcosis were also registered. the obtained results confirmed the low frequency of intestinal cestodoses in poland.200212371373
[disinfecting effect of ammonia on the eggs of helminths (trichocephalus muris and diphyllobothrium latum) and enterobacteria]. 1978349341
[intestinal parasite survey in seoul by stool examination at hanyang university hospital]the present study was undertaken to evaluate the present status of intestinal parasitic infection in seoul area, korea. during the period from june 1985 to july 1986, a total of 5,251 stool samples were collected in department of clinical pathology, hanyang university hospital and examined by formalin-ether sedimentation technique once for helminth ova and protozoan cysts. the results were summerized as follows: the overall egg positive rate of intestinal helminthes was 2.53 per cent; and 1.43 p ...198612886099
studies on intestinal trematodes in korea xi. two cases of human infection by heterophyes heterophyes nocens.two human cases of heterophyes heterophyes nocens infection were proved by identifying adult worms after treatment with bithionol or praziquantel in 1983 in korea. they are 37 (case 1) and 24-year old (case 2) males whose residence or native village is a southern coastal area in kohung-gun, chollanam-do. the case 1 had the gastrointestinal symptoms such as epigastric pain and indigestion, and the case 2 heart problems such as arrhythmia and ventricular premature beat in ekg and digestive symptom ...198412891029
[study of various aspects of variability in infestation of the young of perch with plerocercoids of diphyllobothrium latum]. 1978148566
[five cases of diphyllobothrium latum infection]five cases of diphyllobothrium latum infection were proved by collection of worms after treatment with bithionol, niclosamide or praziquantel, during 1975~1983. the patients were 4 males and one female aged 10-64 years residing in seoul or wando-gun, chollanam-do, korea. all of them remembered the history of eating several kinds of raw marine fish and 2 persons said they ate the raw flesh of perch, lateolabrax japonicus. three among them experienced abdominal pain, 2 natural discharge of a chain ...198312902645
[asymtomatic infection by diphyllobothrium latum in a spanish 3-year-old child]. 200211882284
treatment of pernicious anemia with intramuscular injections of tapeworm extracts. xiv. diphyllobothrium latum and pernicious anemia. 195313039956
[therapy of tapeworm infections; concerning taenia solium, taenia saginata, diphyllobothrium latum, dipylidium caninum and hymenolepsis nana; fundamentals and practical performance]. 195313086288
some morphologic characters of diphyllobothrium latum. 195213092493
[diphyllobothrium latum and pernicious anemia]. 195313104085
[radioautography of diphyllobothrium latum]. 19655868514
[studies on the development of diphyllobothrium latum]. 195513257555
[survival of plerocercoids of diphyllobothrium latum in the presence of low temperatures and salt]. 195513265016
diphyllobothrium latum as a cause of pernicious anemia. 195613317942
cholinesterase in diphyllobothrium latum and taenia saginata. 195613382009
[epidemiology of diphyllobothrium latum infection in japan, with special reference to infection of cherry salmon].the most characteristic difference of japanese diphyllobothrium latum from those of european and canadian species is it's second intermediate host. the japanese diphyllobothrium latum take genus oncorhynchus as it's most important 2nd intermediate host and plerocercoids are always found in their fillet not in their viscera which phenomena can not be observed in the cases of the latter diphyllobothrium. from 1977 to 1982, we examined 723 cherry salmon, oncorhynchus masou which were caught in the ...19836876363
[diphyllobothrium latum pernicious anemia in bertel von bonsdorff's work]. 195613401698
the in vitro uptake of vitamin b12 by diphyllobothrium latum and its blockage by intrinsic factor. 195713495354
is vitamin b12 in bound or free form in the tapeworm diphyllobothrium latum. 195713495367
absorption and excretion of vitamin b12 in subjects infected with diphyllobothrium latum and in non-infected subjects following oral administration of radioactive b12. 195813520252
[eight cases of diphyllobothriasis].eight cases of diphyllobothriasis have been experienced in the juntendo university hospital. seven of the 8 patients excreted tapeworm fragments. eggs of diphyllobothrium latum were found in the feces in 5 cases. one patient had a history of ingestion of raw trout (sushi), and 2 raw salmon. one might have been infected in foreign countries, and 3 could not tell the source of infection. bithoinol was administered orally to 7 patients. four of the 7 excreted the worm and the scolex was recognized ...19902358713
[the effect of cold on the developmental capacity of the fish tapeworm (diphyllobothrium latum) ova]. 195813553031
urinary excretion of radiovitamin b12 in carriers of diphyllobothrium latum. 195813566452
[anemia in pregnancy due to infestation by diphyllobothrium latum]. 195813582743
[an experimental study of host-parasite relations in "procercoids diphyllobothrium latum (l.)-copepoda" systems]. 196113710045
serum vitamin b12 levels and incidence of tapeworm anemia in a population heavily infected with diphyllobothrium latum. 196113729951
the influence of diphyllobothrium latum on the vitamin b12-intrinsic factor complex. 2. in vitro studies. 196013729953
the influence of diphyllobothrium latum on the vitamin b12-intrinsic factor complex. i. in vivo studies with schilling test technique. 196013729954
absorption of co60-labeled vitamin b12 in man and uptake by parasites, including diphyllobothrium latum. 196113749442
eosinophil cells in fish tapeworm (diphyllobothrium latum) carriers. 195413186777
cestodicidal efficacy of mebendazole with particular reference to diphyllobothrium latum. 19836685690
[another case of pernicious anemia in diphyllobothrium latum infection in hungary]. 196213882545
lognormal distribution of serum vitamin b12 levels and dependence of blood values on the b12 level in a large population heavily infected with diphyllobothrium latum. 196213901185
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