[study on the genetic diversity of natural chestnut of shandong by issr].the genetic diversity of 279 indivdiuals from 10 populations in shandong province was investigated using inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) markers. as a result, 116 bands were amplified by 10 informative and reliable primers, of which 101 were polymorphic loci. a relatively high level of genetic diversity was revealed: ppl = 87.07, he = 0.2697, h0 = 0.3999 (at the species level); ppl = 64.58, he = 0.2004, h0 = 0.3010 (at the population level). a higher level of genetic differentiation was dete ...200717822034
[soil microbial diversity in typical karst peak-cluster depression under effects of different de-farming patterns].by using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) and biolog_eco micro-plate technique, this paper studied the soil microbial genetic taxonomic and bacterial metabolic functional diversities under four de-farming patterns, i. e., natural restoration (nt, dominant plant species neyraudia reynaudiana and miscanthus floridulus), economic plantation (cm, cajanus cajan and castanea mollissima), zero-tillage (pi, pennisetum purpureum and zenia insign), and conventional tillage (mb, maize-soybean ...201020462000
comparison of the transcriptomes of american chestnut (castanea dentata) and chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) in response to the chestnut blight infection.background1471-2229-9-51: american chestnut (castanea dentata) was devastated by an exotic pathogen in the beginning of the twentieth century. this chestnut blight is caused by cryphonectria parasitica, a fungus that infects stem tissues and kills the trees by girdling them. because of the great economic and ecological value of this species, significant efforts have been made over the century to combat this disease, but it wasn't until recently that a focused genomics approach was initiated. pri ...200919426529
resistance of castanea mollissima shuhe-wyl strain to dryocosmus kuriphilus and its molecular mechanism.the resistance of castanea mollissima shuhe-wyl strain to dryocosmus kuriphilus and its molecular mechanism were examined. the larvae of d. kuriphilus were inoculated on the shuhe-wyl and qingzha strains, and mortality was observed and compared; the relative mrna content of the oscdpk2, receptor-like protein, osnac6 protein, kh domain protein, rna-binding protein, and the bhlh genes was detected using real-time polymerase chain reaction, and then compared between the shuhe-wyl and qingzha strain ...201526436386
antioxidative activity of the polyphenols from the involucres of castanea mollissima blume and their mitigating effects on heat stress.polyphenols extracted from plants have multiple functions in animal production. to explore new sources of tannin-rich extracts, which have potential benefits for animal health, this study focused on the effects of polyphenolic extracts from involucres of castanea mollissima blume (picb) on heat-stressed broilers. in vitro experiments were first performed using intestinal cryptlike epithelial cell line-6 (iec-6) cells to evaluate the effects of picb on cell proliferation and antioxidative paramet ...201525805834
substantial genome synteny preservation among woody angiosperm species: comparative genomics of chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) and plant reference genomes.chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) has emerged as a model species for the fagaceae family with extensive genomic resources including a physical map, a dense genetic map and quantitative trait loci (qtls) for chestnut blight resistance. these resources enable comparative genomics analyses relative to model plants. we assessed the degree of conservation between the chestnut genome and other well annotated and assembled plant genomic sequences, focusing on the qtl regions of most interest to th ...201526438416
ectomycorrhizae of tuber huidongense and t. liyuanum with castanea mollissima and pinus armandii.tuber huidongense and t. liyuanum are common commercial white truffles in china that belong to the rufum and puberulum groups of the genus tuber, respectively. their mycorrhizae were successfully synthesized with two native trees--castanea mollissima and pinus armandii--under greenhouse conditions. the identities of the mycorrhizae were confirmed through internal transcribed spacer (its) sequence analyses, and their morphological characteristics were described. all of the obtained mycorrhizae ha ...201626452572
species-specific duplications of nbs-encoding genes in chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima).the disease resistance (r) genes play an important role in protecting plants from infection by diverse pathogens in the environment. the nucleotide-binding site (nbs)-leucine-rich repeat (lrr) class of genes is one of the largest r gene families. chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) is resistant to chestnut blight disease, but relatively little is known about the resistance mechanism. we identified 519 nbs-encoding genes, including 374 nbs-lrr genes and 145 nbs-only genes. the majority of ka/k ...201526559332
effect of cooking methods on nutritional quality and volatile compounds of chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima blume).this study aimed to evaluate the effects of different cooking methods on the content of important nutrients and volatiles in the fruit of chinese chestnut. the nutritional compounds, including starch, water-soluble protein, free amino acids, reducing sugar, sucrose, organic acids and total flavonoids, of boiled, roasted and fried chestnuts were significantly (p<0.05) lower than those of fresh chestnuts after cooking, while the amylose, fat, crude protein and total polyphenol content varied sligh ...201626868551
[determination the change of main trace elements in the ovary with self- and cross-pollination of chinese chestnut by icp-ms].castanea mollissima blume has potential as an non-wood forest trees that have been cultivated for thousands of years in china. in order to elucidate the trace elements of chestnut ovary, the major trace elements of self- and cross-pollination chestnut ovary were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. the results showed that self- and cross-pollination 5-50 d, six trace elements trends showed fluctuations. after cross-pollination 20 d, the content of ca was up to 6.50 mg x g( ...201526904834
abundance and frequency of the asiatic oak weevil (coleoptera: curculionidae) and defoliation on american, chinese, and hybrid chestnut (castanea).the asiatic oak weevil, cyrtepistomus castaneus roelofs (coleoptera: curculionidae), is a nonnative defoliator of trees in the fagaceae family in the united states but has not been studied on castanea species in the southern appalachian mountains. planted trees of castanea dentata (marsh.) borkh. (fagales: fagaceae), castanea mollissima blume (fagales: fagaceae), and four hybrid breeding generations were evaluated in 2012 for insect defoliation and c. castaneus abundance and frequency. defoliati ...201627001964
comparison of antioxidant activities of melanin fractions from chestnut shell.chestnut shell melanin can be used as a colorant and antioxidant, and fractionated into three fractions (fr. 1, fr. 2, and fr. 3) with different physicochemical properties. antioxidant activities of the fractions were comparatively evaluated for the first time. the fractions exhibited different antioxidative potential in different evaluation systems. fr. 1, which is only soluble in alkaline water, had the strongest peroxidation inhibition and superoxide anion scavenging activity; fr. 2, which is ...201627110763
gene expressions and metabolomic research on the effects of polyphenols from the involucres of castanea mollissima blume on heat-stressed broilers study the effects of polyphenolic extract from involucres of castanea mollissima blume ( picb: ), a novel approach using gene expression by real time polymerase chain reaction ( real-time pcr: ) coupled with metabolomic profiling technique was established to explain the mechanism of picb on heat-stressed broiler chicks. four thousand 28-day-old male arbor acres (aa) broilers were randomly assigned to 5 groups (4 replicates / group, 20 chicks / replicate), in which group 1 was normal control g ...201627209434
procyanidins, from castanea mollissima bl. shell, induces autophagy following apoptosis associated with pi3k/akt/mtor inhibition in hepg2 cells.procyanidins from castanea mollissima bl. shell (cspcs) induced autophagy and apoptosis in hepg2 cells and its mechanism remains to be examined. in this paper, autophagy was measured by the lipid modification of light chain-3 (lc3) and the formation of autophagosomes. hoechst 33258 staining and flow cytometer analysis were used to measure apoptosis. the western blot analysis was used to examine the effects of cspcs on the expression of lc3, pi3k, phosphorylation of akt, mtor, bcl-2, bad, bax, bi ...201627261572
host preference and performance of the yellow peach moth (conogethes punctiferalis) on chestnut cultivars.suitability of plant tissues as food for insects varies from plant to plant. in lepidopteran insects, fitness is largely dependent on the host-finding ability of the females. existing studies have suggested that polyphagous lepidopterans preferentially select certain host plant species for oviposition. however, the mechanisms for host recognition and selection have not been fully elucidated. for the polyphagous yellow peach moth conogethes punctiferalis, we explored the effect of chestnut cultiv ...201627326856
extraction, selenylation modification and antitumor activity of the glucan from castanea mollissima blume.the present study aimed to characterize the glucan from c. mollissima blume fruits and its selenium derivative, then investigate their antitumor activity in vitro. a glucan, designated as cpa, was firstly isolated from the fruits of c. mollissima blume. structure analysis indicated that cpa was a linear 1,6-α-d-glucan with the average molecular weight about 2.0 × 10(3) kda. the selenylation modification derivative of cpa (scpa), exhibited a stronger antiproliferative effect on tumor cells than c ...201727975161
[characteristics of soil ph and exchangeable acidity in red soil profile under different vegetation types].the characteristics of soil ph and exchangeable acidity in soil profile under different vegetation types were studied in hilly red soil regions of southern hunan province, china. the soil samples from red soil profiles within 0-100 cm depth at fertilized plots and unfertilized plots were collected and analyzed to understand the profile distribution of soil ph and exchangeable acidity. the results showed that, ph in 0-60 cm soil from the fertilized plots decreased as the following sequence: citru ...201526785544
α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of polyphenols from the burs of castanea mollissima blume.polyphenol extracts from the burs of castanea mollissima blume (cmpe) exhibited potential antioxidant and hypoglycemic activities. the α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of cmpe were assessed as a means of elucidating the mechanism behind its hypoglycemic activities. in vitro studies showed that cmpe significantly inhibited both yeast α-glucosidase, through a noncompetitive mode with an ic50 of 0.33 μg/ml, and rat intestinal α-glucosidase. in vivo studies revealed that oral administration of cm ...201424950441
[effect of bamboo leaf biochar addition on soil co2 efflux and labile organic carbon pool in a chinese chestnut plantation].effect of biochar addition on soil co2 efflux in a typical chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) plantation in lin'an, zhejiang province, china was investigated from july 2012 to july 2013 by the static closed chamber-gc technique. soil temperature, soil moisture, wsoc and mbc concentrations were determined as well. results showed that soil co2 efflux exhibited a strong sea- sonal pattern. compared with the control (without biochar application), the biochar treatment increased the soil co2 effl ...201425898611
mycorrhizal synthesis of tuber indicum with two indigenous hosts, castanea mollissima and pinus armandii.tuber indicum is one of the most renowned commercialized fungi in china. mycorrhizal investigations, however, have been carried out mainly with exotic trees. up to now there is no detailed description of morphology of the mycorrhizae formed with the indigenous hosts of t. indicum. containerized seedlings of two indigenous hosts of the fungus in southwestern china, pinus armandii and castanea mollissima, were inoculated with aqueous spore suspension of t. indicum in two kinds of substrates. mycor ...200919404686
nutritional and microbiological evaluations of chocolate-coated chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) fruit for commercial recent years, china has become an increasingly important and the largest chestnut producer in the world. this study aimed to evaluate the nutritional value and microbiological quality of the roasted freeze-dried chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) (rfdc) coated with dark chocolate (dcc) and milk chocolate (mcc) for industrial use and commercial consumption. chocolate coating significantly improved the nutritional value of chestnut. rfdc had high levels of starch (66.23%) and fibers (3.85%) ...200818763299
[seasonal variation of light fraction organic matter in degraded red soil after vegetation restoration].this paper studied the seasonal variation of light fraction organic matter (lfom) in the red soils of severely eroded bare land, and of the bare lands restored to pinus massoniana forest land, castanea mollissima plantation, and paspalum notatum grassland in the hetian town of changting county, fujian province, with secondary forest soil as the control. the results showed that in the surface soil of the bare land, lfom content was between 0.05-0.14 g x kg(-1) and with no significant seasonal var ...200818533525
mollisin, an antifungal protein from the chestnut castanea mollissima.the isolation of a protein designated mollisin, with an n-terminal sequence manifesting some similarity to thaumatin-like proteins (tlps), and possessing a molecular mass of 28 kda which is higher than those of tlps, is reported herein from the seeds of the chestnut castanea mollisima. the protein was unadsorbed on deae-cellulose, and adsorbed on affi-gel blue gel and mono s. mollisin exhibited a molecular mass of 28 kda in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis as well as in ...200314598205
chestnutamide: a novel alkaloid from flowers of castanea mollissima blume.a novel alkaloid, chestnutamide, was isolated from the flowers of castanea mollissima blume. the structure was determined on the basis of spectral analysis.200111407819
synthetic antimicrobial peptide guide the design of potential plant pathogen-resistance genes, synthetic variants of naturally occurring antimicrobial gene products were evaluated. five 20-amino acid (esf1, esf4, esf5, esf6, esf13), one 18-amino acid (esf12), and one 17-amino acid (esf17) amphipathic peptide sequences were designed, synthesized, and tested with in vitro bioassays. positive charges on the hydrophilic side of the peptide were shown to be essential for antifungal activity, yet the number of positive charges co ...19957579625
transcriptomic identification and expression of starch and sucrose metabolism genes in the seeds of chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima).the chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) seed provides a rich source of carbohydrates as food and feed. however, little is known about starch biosynthesis in the seeds. the objectives of this study were to determine seed composition profiles and identify genes involved in starch and sucrose metabolism. metabolite analysis showed that starch was the major component and rapidly accumulated during seed endosperm development. amylopectin was approximately 3-fold of amylose content in chestnut star ...201525537355
transgenic american chestnuts show enhanced blight resistance and transmit the trait to t1 progeny.american chestnut (castanea dentata) is a classic example of a native keystone species that was nearly eradicated by an introduced fungal pathogen. this report describes progress made toward producing a fully american chestnut tree with enhanced resistance to the blight fungus (cryphonectria parasitica). the transgenic american chestnut 'darling4,' produced through an agrobacterium co-transformation procedure to express a wheat oxalate oxidase gene driven by the vspb vascular promoter, shows enh ...201425438789
extracts and compounds with anti-diabetic complications and anti-cancer activity from castanea mollissina blume (chinese chestnut).castanea mollissima blume (chinese chestnut), as a food product is known for its various nutrients and functional values to the human health. the present study was carried out to analyze the anti-diabetic complications and anti-cancer activities of the bioactive compounds present in c. mollissima.201425351676
[nitrogen and phosphorus loss in different land use types and its response to environmental factors in the three gorges reservoir area].the control of agricultural non-point source pollution (agnps) is an urgent problem to be solved for the ecological environment construction in the three gorges reservoir area. we analyzed the nitrogen (n) and phosphorus (p) loss and its response to environmental factors through monitoring the nutrient loss in different land use types after returning farmland to forest. the results showed that: 1) the variability of nutrient concentration loss was strong in different land use types under differe ...201223233964
hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of polyphenols from burs of castanea mollissima blume.substantial evidence suggests that phenolic extracts of castanea mollissima spiny burs (cmpe) increase pancreatic cell viability after stz (streptozotocin) treatment as a result of their antioxidant properties. in the present study, the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities of cmpe were studied in normal and stz-induced diabetic rats cmpe were orally administrated at doses of 150 and 300 mg/kg twice a day for 12 consecutive days. serum glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, hdl- and ldl-c ...201122116046
impact of fertilization on chestnut growth, n and p concentrations in runoff water on degraded slope land in south china.growing fruit trees on the slopes of rolling hills in south china was causing serious environmental problems because of heavy application of chemical fertilizers and soil erosion. suitable sources of fertilizers and proper rates of applications were of key importance to both crop yields and environmental protection. in this article, the impact of four fertilizers, i.e., inorganic compound fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, pig manure compost, and peanut cake (peanut oil pressing residue), ...200717966870
[quantitative analysis on sharp-tooth oak stands in qinling mountains].the arbor stratum of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata stands included two substratums. phanerophyta synusium was in first position, and hemicryptophyta was inferior to it. the dbh structures of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata and pinus armandii were sinister normal school, which could finish self-regeneration under the natural conditions. the small dbh class individuals of pinus tabulaeformis were dominant, their dbh classes being distributed irregularly and absent very much. the large dbh clas ...200315031900
[nutrient cycling in castanea mollissima b1 forest at the miyun reservoir watershed, beijing].studies on the nutrient cycling in castanea mollissima b1 forest at the miyun reservoir watershed, beijing, showed that the total biomass of the castanea mollissima b1 stands at age 22 was 38,638, and the biomass of their stem, branch, leaf, blossom, chestnut, seed capsule and root was 20,160, 8,430, 1429, 873, 1024, 800 and 5,922, occupying 52.18%, 21.82%, 3.70%, 2.26%, 2.65%, 2.07%, 15.33% of the total biomass, respectively. the annual average growth amount of stem, branch, and ...200314986347
molecular characterization of a gene encoding a cystatin expressed in the stems of american chestnut (castanea dentata).a cdna clone with similarity to genes encoding cystatin was recently isolated from a cdna library created using mrna extracted from stem tissues of castanea dentata (marsh.) borkh. (casde:pic1). all of the requisite motifs for inhibitory activity were found upon examination of the deduced amino acid sequence. reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction was used to detect the cystatin transcript in healthy stem, leaf and seed tissues, as well as in diseased tissues. gene fragments encoding th ...200212111235
exploration of a rare population of chinese chestnut in north america: stand dynamics, health and genetic relationships.with the transport of plants around the globe, exotic species can readily spread disease to their native relatives; however, they can also provide genetic resistance to those relatives through hybrid breeding programmes. american chestnut (castanea dentata) was an abundant tree species in north america until its decimation by introduced chestnut blight. to restore chestnut in north america, efforts are ongoing to test putative blight-resistant hybrids of castanea dentata and chinese chestnut (ca ...201425336337
salicylic acid inhibits enzymatic browning of fresh-cut chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima) by competitively inhibiting polyphenol oxidase.the inhibitory effect and associated mechanisms of salicylic acid (sa) on the browning of fresh-cut chinese chestnut were investigated. shelled and sliced chestnuts were immersed in different concentrations of an sa solution, and the browning of the chestnut surface and interior were inhibited. the activities of polyphenol oxidase (ppo) and peroxidase (pod) extracted from chestnuts were measured in the presence and absence of sa. sa at concentrations higher than 0.3g/l delayed chestnut browning ...201525308637
autophagic cell death of human hepatoma g2 cells mediated by procyanidins from castanea mollissima bl. shell-induced reactive oxygen species generation.the autophagy of human hepatoma g2 (hepg2) cells induced by procyanidins from chestnut (castanea mollissima bl.) shell (cspcs) was investigated, and the inherent relationship between autophagic levels and reactive oxygen species (ros) generation was studied. the results showed that cspcs induced hepg2 cell death in a time- and concentration-dependent manner, increased the accumulation of autophagolysosomes and microtubule-associated proteins light chain 3-ii (lc3-ii, a marker of autophagy). howe ...201425289774
chemical composition, properties, and antimicrobial activity of the water-soluble pigments from castanea mollissima shells.agricultural residues castanea mollissima shells represent a promising resource for natural pigments for the food industry. this study provides a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of water-soluble pigments (csp) from c. mollissima shells, which were obtained by 50% ethanol with microwave-assisted extraction. spectroscopic techniques (uv, ft-ir, (13)c nmr), elemental analysis, and chromatographic techniques (hpaec, gpc) revealed that the main components in the csp were flavonoids procyanidi ...201424447047
[effects of fertilization on soil co2 flux in castanea mollissima stand].in june 2011-june 2012, a fertilization experiment was conducted in a typical castanea mollissima stand in lin' an of zhejiang province, east china to study the effects of inorganic and organic fertilization on the soil co2 flux and the relationships between the soil co2 flux and environmental factors. four treatments were installed, i. e., no fertilization (ck), inorganic fertilization (if), organic fertilization (of), half organic plus half inorganic fertilization (oif). the soil co2 emission ...201324417098
cytotoxic effects of procyanidins from castanea mollissima bl. shell on human hepatoma g2 cells in vitro.significant cytotoxic effects of procynadins from chestnut (castanea mollissima bl.) shell (cspc) on human hepatoma g2 (hepg2) cells were found in vitro. cspc could inbibit hepg2 proliferation in a dose-dependent manner (100-400 μg/ml), arrest cell cycle in the g0/g1 phase, induce apoptosis and trigger necrosis of hepg2. proapoptotic effect of cspc was evidenced by nuclear condensation, internucleosomal dna fragmentation. treatment of hepg2 cells with cspc caused a loss of mitochondrial membrane ...201424291453
[effects of biological organic fertilizer on microbial community's metabolic activity in a soil planted with chestnut (castanea mollissima)].a field experiment was conducted in zhashui county of shaanxi province, northwest china in 2011 to study the effects of biological organic fertilizer on the microbial community's metabolic activity in a soil planted with chestnut (castanea mollissima). three treatments were installed, i. e., control, compound fertilizer, and biological organic fertilizer. soil samples were collected at harvest, and the metabolic activity was tested by biolog method. in the treatment of biological organic fertili ...201324066550
chilling and heat requirements for flowering in temperate fruit trees.climate change has affected the rates of chilling and heat accumulation, which are vital for flowering and production, in temperate fruit trees, but few studies have been conducted in the cold-winter climates of east asia. to evaluate tree responses to variation in chill and heat accumulation rates, partial least squares regression was used to correlate first flowering dates of chestnut (castanea mollissima blume) and jujube (zizyphus jujube mill.) in beijing, china, with daily chill and heat ac ...201423958788
characterization of sck1, a novel castanea mollissima mutant with the extreme short catkins and decreased gibberellin.a novel chinese chestnut (castanea mollissima bl.) mutant with extreme short catkins, here was named sck1 and has been characterized in the present study. this sck1 caused 6-fold shorter than wild-type catkins. endogenous gibberellic acids markedly decreased in the mutant, and application of exogenous ga(3) could partially restore the sck1 phenotype to the wild-type phenotype. paclobutrazol (pp(333)), an antagonist of gas biosynthesis, could significantly inhibit the wild-type catkins growth, an ...201222905227
programmed cell death is responsible for replaceable bud senescence in chestnut (castanea mollissima bl.).in the chestnut "replaceable bud" cultivar 'tima zhenzhu', the auxiliary bud formed on the fruiting branch dies after fruiting, giving rise to a morphology more suitable than the wild type's for intensive cultivation and heightened production. here, we show that many of the hallmarks of programmed cell death (pcd) occur during the senescence of the replaceable bud, including dna degradation, a high ratio of pcd cells and the breakdown of cell ultrastructure. the time course of the senescence was ...201222660903
isolation, fractionation and characterization of melanin-like pigments from chestnut (castanea mollissima) shells.melanins are known as versatile biopolymers, but the utilizations are restricted by their poor solubilities. therefore, well soluble ones or their analogs are much desired. in this article, a new procedure was developed for fractionation of the pigments isolated from chestnut (castanea mollissima) shells, and 3 fractions (fr. 1, fr. 2, and fr. 3) were obtained. the solubilities of all the fractions in waters of different ph and in common organic solvents were studied. the physicochemical propert ...201222583104
chestnut resistance to the blight disease: insights from transcriptome analysis.a century ago, chestnut blight disease (cbd) devastated the american chestnut. backcross breeding has been underway to introgress resistance from chinese chestnut into surviving american chestnut genotypes. development of genomic resources for the family fagaceae, has focused in this project on castanea mollissima blume (chinese chestnut) and castanea dentata (marsh.) borkh (american chestnut) to aid in the backcross breeding effort and in the eventual identification of blight resistance genes t ...201222429310
[query: distinguish between dicot and monocot according to whether free vein termination exist or not].to observe and study the correctness of the proposition dicot have free vein termination but monocot have not. to evaluate the reliability of the identification principle that is based on above proposition.201122032128
antioxidant potential of polyphenols and tannins from burs of castanea mollissima blume.spiny burs of castanea mollissima blume (chinese chestnut) are usually discarded as industrial waste during post-harvesting processing. the objective of this study was to establish an extraction and isolation procedure for tannins from chestnut burs, and to assess their potential antioxidant activity. aqueous ethanol solution was used as extraction solvent, and hpd 100 macroporous resin column was applied for isolation. the influence of solvent concentration in the extraction and elution process ...201121993248
constituents from the testas of castanea mollissima blume with alpha-glucosidase inhibitory the screening of biologically active constituents from medicinal plants, the 75% etoh extract of the testas of castanea mollissima blume showed potent alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity. by means of various chromatographic methods, the extract gave a new dammarane-type triterpene 1 along with 17 known compounds. the structure of 1 was determined to be 3beta-acetoxy-20-oxo-21-nordammaran-23-oic acid by hrms and nmr studies including 2d nmr experiments. the new compound and some known compou ...201020390758
structure and absolute configuration of a diterpenoid from castanea mollissima.from the nuts of castanea mollissima blume, a new kauranoid diterpene glycoside, named mollioside (1), was isolated. its structure was established as (4r, 5s, 6r, 8r, 9s, 10s, 13r, 16r) 17-o-beta-d-glucopyranoside, ent-6,7-epoxy-6alpha-hydroxyl-6,7-secokaur-19-oic acid, 6, 19-lactone-16beta, 17-diol on the basis of hr-fab-ms, 1d, 2d-nmr and cd spectral analysis. the aglycone (1a, named mollissin), also as a new compound, was obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis of 1. both compounds exhibited sign ...201020184011
[a new lignan glycoside from the flower of castanea mollissima blume].to study the bioactive constituents of the flower of castanea mollissima blume.200415493844
[two new flavonoids from the flower of castanea mollissima blume].to study the bioactive constituents from the flower of castanea mollissima blume.200415491102
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