a study of risk factors for infection with hpai h5n1 in small poultry farms in thailand using a questionnaire survey.a questionnaire was used to collect data on small poultry farm management and wild bird observed in poultry keeping areas to identify putative risk factors for infection with hpai h5n1. the study was conducted in 2008 in four subdistricts of central thailand that had experienced outbreaks of hpai h5n1 in poultry. descriptive and inferential analyses including univariable analyses and multivariable logistic regression were used to identify putative risk factors. risk factors included purchasing n ...201322835016
genetic characterization of influenza a virus subtype h12n1 isolated from a watercock and lesser whistling ducks in thailand.monitoring of influenza a virus (iav) was conducted in wild bird species in central thailand. four iav subtype h12n1 strains were isolated from a watercock (order gruiformes, family rallidae) (n = 1) and lesser whistling ducks (order anseriformes, family anatidae) (n = 3). all h12n1 viruses were characterized by whole-genome sequencing. phylogenetic analysis of all eight genes of the thai h12n1 viruses indicated that they are most closely related to the eurasian strains. analysis of the ha gene ...201222367500
the complete mitochondrial genomes of the whistling duck (dendrocygna javanica) and black swan (cygnus atratus): dating evolutionary divergence in galloanserae.galloanserae is an ancient and diverse avian group, for which comprehensive molecular evidence relevant to phylogenetic analysis in the context of molecular chronology is lacking. in this study, we present two additional mitochondrial genome sequences of galloanserae (the whistling duck, dendrocygna javanica, and the black swan, cygnus atratus) to broaden the scope of molecular phylogenetic reconstruction. the lengths of the whistling duck's and black swan's mitochondrial genomes are 16,753 and ...201019823953
multispecies detection of antibodies to influenza a viruses by a double-antigen sandwich elisa.a double-antigen sandwich elisa was developed for the detection of antibodies to influenza a viruses. a recombinant nucleoprotein (rnp) of influenza a virus was used as a capture antigen and an hrp-conjugate for detecting the antibodies. a total of 125 serum samples from birds of different species including chickens, geese, open-billed storks, khaki campbell ducks, lesser whistling ducks, and pigeons with known antibodies were tested by elisa. the sensitivity and the specificity of elisa were fo ...201019819261
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