erhaia (gastropoda: rissooidea): phylogenetic relationships and the question of paragonimus coevolution in asia.the human lung fluke paragonimus is transmitted by gastropod taxa of two superfamilies: ceritheoidea and rissooidea. the question whether or not paragonimus shows the same specificity of host-parasite coevolved relationship as the human blood fluke schistosoma was inspired by the finding of two sympatric snail species as hosts for paragonimus skrjabini in fujian province, china: gammatricula and erhaia. the former species can clearly be classified as pomatiopsidae: triculinae. the latter has pre ...200011220760
triclabendazole in the treatment of paragonimiasis observe triclabendazole effect on paragonimus skrjabini in experimentally infected rats,and to develop a new drug for treating paragonimiasis.200314642135
[comparative disc electrophoretic study of paragonimus skrjabini and paragonimus westermani]. 19853919907
[detecting paragonimus skrjabini circulating antigen using a direct method of ast-elisa]. 19883219942
discovery of paragonimus skrjabini in vietnam and its phylogenetic status in the paragonimus skrjabini complex.two members of the paragonimus skrjabini complex, p. skrjabini and p. miyazakii, are now considered as two sub-species, p. skrjabini skrjabini and p. skrjabini miyazakii. they are well known as important pathogens for human paragonimiasis in china and japan. recently, members of this species complex have been reported from india. here we report the first discovery of p. skrjabini from freshwater crab hosts in thanh hoa province, vietnam. for morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies, adul ...201323067567
cerebral paragonimiasis: a retrospective analysis of 27 cases.the authors retrospectively analyzed the clinical characteristics, existing problems, and treatment experiences in recently diagnosed cerebral paragonimiasis (cp) cases and sought to raise awareness of cp and to supply reference data for early diagnosis and treatment.201525380173
effects of gentiana scabra bage on expression of hepatic type i, iii collagen proteins in paragonimus skrjabini rats with liver explore the effects of gentiana scabra bage on the expression of hepatic collagen proteins in paragonimus skrjabini rats with liver fibrosis.201525901926
conservation and diversification of the transcriptomes of adult paragonimus westermani and p. skrjabini.paragonimiasis is an important and widespread neglected tropical disease. fifteen paragonimus species are human pathogens, but two of these, paragonimus westermani and p. skrjabini, are responsible for the bulk of human disease. despite their medical and economic significance, there is limited information on the gene content and expression of paragonimus lung flukes.201627619014
a rare case of paragonimiasis miyazakii with lung involvement diagnosed 7 years after infection: a case report and literature review.we report a rare case of pulmonary paragonimiasis caused by paragonimus miyazakii that showed pulmonary manifestations and a long-term clinical course after infection. a 45-year-old japanese male developed cough and dyspnea in 2004 and was diagnosed with eosinophilic pneumonia. he had been treated with low-dose oral corticosteroid for 7 years. he recalled that he had consumed a large amount of raw freshwater crab (geothelphusa dehaani) several weeks before he had been admitted for the first time ...201525771073
evaluation of the mgl method to detect paragonimus eggs and its feces containing 500 paragonimus westermani eggs per gram were examined by the medical general laboratory (mgl), the simple sedimentation (ss), and the army medical school iii (ams iii) methods. the number of eggs per gram of feces (epg) obtained by the mgl method was 17.2 and was significantly lower than those obtained by the ss method (324.0) and the ams iii method (505.6). when isolated p. westermani eggs were processed by the mgl method and four layers (ether, ether-fecal, formalin layer ...201526243572
paragonimus and paragonimiasis in vietnam: an update.paragonimiasis is a food-borne parasitic zoonosis caused by infection with lung flukes of the genus paragonimus. in vietnam, research on paragonimus and paragonimiasis has been conducted in northern and central regions of the country. using a combination of morphological and molecular methods, 7 paragonimus species, namely p. heterotremus, p. westermani, p. skrjabini, p. vietnamensis, p. proliferus, p. bangkokenis and p. harinasutai, have been identified in vietnam. of these, the first 3, p. het ...201324516264
[survey on the foci of paragonimus in youxi, yongtai and pinghe counties of fujian province].to investigate the natural foci of paragonimiasis in youxi, yongtai and pinghe counties of fujian province.201021500525
[paragonimus skrjabini infection in animal reservoir hosts and questionnairing in residents at a village of hubei province].freshwater crabs (sinopotamon denticulatum) were examined for metacercariae. cats and dogs were also examined for paragonimus infection. questionnairing was carried out on health knowledge and behaviors among local residents in a village of baokang county, hubei province. results showed that the infection rate of paragonimus skrjabini metacercariae in sinopotamon denticulatum was 20.5% (46/214), with 15.6% (20/128) in a mining area and 30.2% (26/86) for the non-mining area respectively (chi2 = 6 ...200818637593
possible discovery of chinese lung fluke, paragonimus skrjabini in manipur, obtain more information about paragonimus species prevalent in manipur, india, hundreds of freshwater crabs, potamiscus manipurensis, were captured from mountain streams in the motbung mountains in senapati district, from december 1997 to january 1998. crab extracts were prepared by digestion, differential filtration, and sedimentation. the filtered sediments were critically examined under a stereomicroscope. isolated paragonimus metacercariae were used for morphological study and animal expe ...200617547053
distribution and clinical features of paragonimiasis skrjabini in three gorges reservoir region.paragonimiasis has previously been reported in the southwest provinces of china, including chongqing and sichuan. the construction of three gorges dam, which was begun in 1994, has resulted in substantial changes to the depth and the flow pattern of the yangtze river. to investigate epidemiology of the paragonimiasis, 724 people aged 2-49 years were selected and examined for paragonimus infection by intradermal test (idt), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). a survey of eating habits ...201222814214
dna sequences of paragonimus skrjabini populations from five provinces in study differences among paragonimus skrjabini (p. skrjabini) populations from five provinces in china (guangdong, fujian, yunnan, hubei, and sichuan) and paragonimus szechuanensis.200414975206
[study on dna sequences of paragonimus skrjabini populations from five provinces in china].to study differences among paragonimus skrjabini populations from five provinces (guangdong, fujian, yunnan, hubei, sichuan) and paragonimus szechuanensis and to analyze the taxonomic status of p. heterotremus and p. veocularis in the genus paragonimus braun, 1899.200312884612
hepatic damage in experimental and clinical paragonimiasis.the hepatic damage induced by paragonimus skrjabini, and the migration route of this species and that of p. westermani, were investigated in a series of animal experiments and in 34 clinical and four autopsy cases of paragonimiasis. the major symptoms and signs of an unique case reported from sichuan province included hepatic tenderness, disturbance of hepatic functions, remittent fever, and cough with bloody sputum. laparotomy revealed marked adhesions surrounding the liver, spleen and duodenum ...19827149101
[a new species of the genus nanhaipotamon (decapoda:potamidae) serving as intermediate host of paragonimus skrjabini].to describe a new species of the genus nanhaipotamon.201324812835
sequence analyses of its2 and co1 genes of paragonimus proliferus obtained in yunnan province, china and their similarities with those of p. hokuoensis.among about 50 paragonimus species, paragonimus proliferus is a rare species characterized by extremely large metacercariae, most of which are present excysted in the crab hosts. recently, this species was discovered by us in northern vietnam as the first record outside of china. dna sequences of both second internal transcribed spacer region (its2) and cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 gene (co1) genes of the metacercariae and adult worms of p. proliferus of the vietnamese isolates were identical wi ...200818368422
snail hosts of paragonimus in asia and the americas.we have undertaken a comprehensive review of snail hosts of paragonimus world-wide exclusive of africa based on modern malacological data, where available, and with consideration of the phylogeny of the snail groups involved. this is the first comprehensive review since those made by chen (1979) and chen et al. (1983), and there have been considerable taxonomic changes over the past decade. a number of names and concepts found in the medical malacological and parasitological literature up to the ...19947535537
preparation of colloidal gold immunochromatographic strip for detection of paragonimiasis skrjabini.paragonimiasis is a food-borne trematodiasis, a serious public health issue and a neglected tropical disease. paragonimus skrjabini is a unique species found in china. unlike paragonimiasis westermani, it is nearly impossible to make a definitive diagnosis for paragonimiasis skrjabini by finding eggs in sputum or feces. immunodiagnosis is the best choice to detect paragonimiasis skrjabini. there is an urgent need to develop a novel, rapid and simple immunoassay for large-scale screening patients ...201424643068
paragonimus skrjabini chen, 1959 (digenea: paragonimidae) and related species in eastern asia: a combined molecular and morphological approach to identification and taxonomy.a molecular and morphometric investigation is reported on the species complex of mammalian lungflukes of which paragonimus skrjabini chen, 1959 and p. miyazakii kamo, nishida, hatsushika & tomimura, 1961 are the best-known examples. this species complex (here called the p. skrjabini complex) is shown to be monophyletic using dna sequences from the nuclear its2 region and the mitochondrial cox1 gene. the latter marker permits the discrimination of populations, some previously named as distinct sp ...200515791397
development of an immunodiagnosis method using recombinant pscp for detection of paragonimus skrjabini infection in human.paragonimiasis skrjabini is a kind of zoonosis and prevalent in 16 provinces in china, such as chongqing, fujian, sichuan, and yunnan. however, sensitive and efficient diagnostic methods for the infection are limited. in order to provide a more convenient and simple method for serologic diagnosis, the recombinant p. skrjabini cysteine protease (pscp) was expressed, purified, and then used to develop an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for detecting anti-pscp antibodies in human ...201727796563
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