effect of bithionol against paragonimus ohirai and paragonimus miyazakii in diffusion chambers implanted intraperitoneally or subcutaneously in rats. 19761255365
multi-dot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serodiagnosis of trematodiasis.a nitrocellulose membrane strip dotted with crude antigens of trematodes, such as paragonimus miyazakii, p. westermani, fasciola sp., clonorchis sinensis and schistosoma japonicum was applied for serodiagnosis of trematodiasis. with peroxidase conjugated anti-human igg and 4-chloro-1-naphthol as a substrate, antibodies in trematodiasis patient sera were clearly detected on the strip as bluish purple spots. densities of the spots correlated well with values obtained by standard micro-elisa. cross ...19902075490
susceptibility of inbred mice to paragonimus miyazakii infection.differences in the susceptibility among inbred strains of mice to paragonimus miyazakii infection were examined. recovery of worms varied among the strains used. more were recovered from balb/c mice than from any of the other strains; whereas, the fewest were recovered from c57bl/6 and c57bl/10. no worm formed a cyst in the lung or matured in any of the strains.19892723930
the effect of cyclosporin a on the course of paragonimus miyazakii infection in rats.the effect of the immunomodulatory fungal metabolite cyclosporin a (cya) on the course of paragonimus miyazakii infection in rats was studied. administration of cya 15 to 19 days post-infection resulted in a significantly lower recovery rate of worms and cyst formation in the host's lungs than in controls. administration of cya -1 to +3 days post-infection enhanced the growth and maturation of p. miyazakii, expressed as weight of worms and the number of worms with eggs in uteri with respect to c ...19883192918
an endogenous inhibitor of thiol protease from adult lung fluke paragonimus endogenous inhibitor of thiol protease from adult paragonimus miyazakii was found to occur during the gel filtration on sephacryl s-300. the partially purified inhibitor was specific for thiol proteases such as ficin and papain. the inhibitor also suppressed tosyl-l-lysine alpha-naphthylester hydrolytic activity of paragonimus thiol protease. the molecular weight of the inhibitor was found to be 430,000 by the gel filtration. this inhibitor was thermostable and resistant to trypsin and glycos ...19863514109
c-banding analysis of six species of lung flukes, paragonimus spp. (trematoda: platyhelminthes), from japan and korea.we examined c-banded karyotypes of six species of lung flukes from japan and korea; diploid and triploid paragonimus westermani, p. miyazakii, p. ohirai, p. iloktsuenensis and p. sadoensis, with special reference to their karyotypic diversification. c-band analysis between the diploid and the triploid westermani revealed that two of three homologues of the triploid resembled those of the diploid in c-band pattern, while the remaining chromosome showed a different pattern from any species examine ...19854050032
physiological and serological studies of paragonimus miyazakii infection in rats. 19674960573
studies on paragonimus miyazakii kamo, nishida, hatsushika et tomimura, 1961. 2. second intermediate host and intracrab stage. 19715151950
electron microscopic study of spermatogenesis in the lung fluke (paragonimus miyazakii). 19675627215
electron microscopy of the egg-shell formation in the lung fluke, paragonimus miyazakii. 19666010649
studies on paragonimus miyazakii kamo, nishida, hatsushika et tomimura, 1961. i. snail intermediate host and intrasnail stages. 19676066611
[technics for detection of the larval forms of metagonimus yokogawai, paragonimus miyazakii and anisakis spp. in the second intermediate hosts]. 19846737724
[a case of spontaneous remission of paragonimiasis miyazakii].a 52-year-old man was admitted with fever and chest pain. chest x-ray showed a soft infiltration in the right lung and bilateral pleural effusions. a strong tuberculin reaction was elicited. significant laboratory findings included eosinophilia (37% in peripheral blood and 78% in pleural fluid) and elevated ige levels (577 iu/ml in sera and 6700 iu/ml in pleural fluid). adenosine deaminase activity in the pleural fluid was high. no helminth eggs were detected after repeated examination of the pl ...19938255027
identification of a new fluke allergen identified by monoclonal ige antibodies for paragonimus miyazakii.ige-producing hybridomas were acquired from fusing splenic cells to myeloma cells of balb/c mice infected with paragonimus miyazakii. with the use of the monoclonal antibody (mab)xige obtained, the localization of the allergen in p. miyazakii, as well as its molecular weight, was evaluated. the allergen was present in the gut epithelium and luminal contents of adult flukes. because this allergen was absent in the related species paragonimus westermani and paragonimus ohirai, we believe that it i ...19989576503
paragonimiasis miyazakii associated with bilateral pseudochylothorax.a 37-year-old man who suffered from bilateral pleural effusions, subcutaneous abdominal induration and blood eosinophilia, was admitted to our hospital. he had ingested raw crabs at a pub-restaurant before the onset of his symptoms. his pleural effusions were chyliform containing cholesterol crystals, and a high level of immunoglobulin e (36,580 iu/ml) and anti-paragonimus miyazakii antibody were detected. he was effectively treated with praziquantel. this case suggests that paragonimiasis shoul ...200010888216
infection by paragonimus miyazakii cercariae of their crab hosts, geothelphusa dehaani, by percutaneous penetration.identification of the transmission routes of the trematode parasite paragonimus miyazakii into different intermediate hosts would help to explain the natural distribution of the parasite. the behavior of p. miyazakii cercariae released from snails into water and in the presence of a living host or a whole crab leg was observed by stereoscopic or light microscopy at various times after exposure started. on encountering a crab leg or cheliped, the cercariae became entangled with the host via mucoi ...200011191913
a rare case of paragonimiasis miyazakii with lung involvement diagnosed 7 years after infection: a case report and literature review.we report a rare case of pulmonary paragonimiasis caused by paragonimus miyazakii that showed pulmonary manifestations and a long-term clinical course after infection. a 45-year-old japanese male developed cough and dyspnea in 2004 and was diagnosed with eosinophilic pneumonia. he had been treated with low-dose oral corticosteroid for 7 years. he recalled that he had consumed a large amount of raw freshwater crab (geothelphusa dehaani) several weeks before he had been admitted for the first time ...201525771073
current status of lung fluke metacercarial infection in freshwater crabs in the kawane area of shizuoka prefecture, japan.feline cases of lung fluke infection were recently reported in the upper basin of the oi river in shizuoka prefecture. the causative species of these cases were not identified, although a field survey conducted about 40 years ago in this area demonstrated the prevalence of paragonimus miyazakii metacercariae in intermediate host crabs. to clarify the current status of lung fluke metacercarial infection in host crabs, we collected the japanese freshwater crab or sawagani, geothelphusa dehaani, at ...201323076034
evaluation of the mgl method to detect paragonimus eggs and its feces containing 500 paragonimus westermani eggs per gram were examined by the medical general laboratory (mgl), the simple sedimentation (ss), and the army medical school iii (ams iii) methods. the number of eggs per gram of feces (epg) obtained by the mgl method was 17.2 and was significantly lower than those obtained by the ss method (324.0) and the ams iii method (505.6). when isolated p. westermani eggs were processed by the mgl method and four layers (ether, ether-fecal, formalin layer ...201526243572
pulmonary paragonimiasis: the detection of a worm migration track as a diagnostic clue for uncertain eosinophilic pleural effusion.a 38-year-old woman with sustained right chest pain was referred to our hospital. she showed pleural effusion and peripheral blood eosinophilia. thoracentesis revealed eosinophilic pleural effusion in which the smear, culture and cytological examinations were all negative. although she had no notable dietary history, chest ct revealed linear opacities, which suggested the migration tracks of paragonimiasis. the diagnosis was confirmed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, which showed elevat ...201626935371
ectopic (subcutaneous) paragonimus miyazakii infection in a dog.ectopic infection with paragonimus miyazakii was determined to be the cause of a subcutaneous inguinal mass in a 15-month-old, male, boar-hunting dog. on histologic examination, the mass comprised granulomatous panniculitis, intralesional adult trematodes and eggs, and lymphadenitis. extrapulmonary paragonimosis in animals is rare. this appears to be the first report in a dog of ectopic p. miyazakii infection with mature trematodes and eggs that involved the inguinofemoral lymphocenter and surro ...200919429999
[a case of paragonimus miyazakii with migrating infiltrates: use of elisa in diagnosis and treatment].a 47-year-old man was referred to our clinic with abnormal chest radiographs. he was free of symptoms, but his chest ct demonstrated transient migrating infiltrates. peripheral blood revealed eosinophilia and eosinophilic pneumonia was suspected. however, the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid showed no increase in eosinophils. later, the patient's pleural effusion did contain eosinophils. his total ige level was continuously elevated despite the absence of allergic disease, and so parasitic infection ...200211974897
development of a highly specific recombinant toxocara canis second-stage larva excretory-secretory antigen for immunodiagnosis of human toxocariasis.the specificity of the recombinant toxocara canis antigen developed for the immunodiagnosis of human toxocariasis was compared with that of the excretory-secretory antigen from t. canis second-stage larvae (tes) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. a total of 153 human serum samples from patients infected with 20 different helminths, including 11 cases of toxocariasis, were examined. no false-negative reactions were observed for the toxocariasis cases. when the tes was used at concentrations of ...200010747116
a molecular perspective on the genera paragonimus braun, euparagonimus chen and pagumogonimus chen.the status of the genera euparagonimus chen, 1963 and pagumogonimus chen, 1963 relative to paragonimus braun, 1899 was investigated using dna sequences from the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (co1) gene (partial) and the nuclear ribosomal dna second internal transcribed spacer (its2). in the phylogenetic trees constructed, the genus pagumogonimus is clearly not monophyletic and therefore not a natural taxon. indeed, the type species of pagumogonimus, p. skrjabini from china, is ver ...199910654398
ultrastructure of the foregut and associated glands in the lung fluke, paragonimus miyazakii (digenea: troglotrematidae), with particular reference to their functional roles.the foregut and associated glands of a digenetic trematode, paragonimus miyazakii, were examined in the forebody by transmission and scanning electron microscopy as well as by light microscopy, and their functional roles were discussed. the foregut is lined with a general tegument without spines and sensory receptors throughout its length, although it consists of the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus. this foregut tegument is regionally and intraregionally modified in appearance, suggesting the perf ...19989642791
[a case of paragonimus miyazaki with pleuritis and meningoencephalitis].a 35-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with fever and headache. chest x-ray revealed right pleural effusion. lab tests revealed increase of eosinophils in his serum and pleural effusion. after admission he complained of doplopia and neck stiffness. lumber puncture revealed eosinophilia in the cerbrospinal fluid. brain ct and mri showed characteristic images of meningoencephalitis. the patient had eaten raw potamon dehaani and the case was diagnosed as paragonimus miyazaki after administr ...19979396257
localization of peroxidase activity in tegumental, muscle, and parenchymal cells of the lung fluke paragonimus miyazakii (digenea: troglotrematidae).the distribution and localization of peroxidase activity were examined in adults of paragonimus miyazakii in sections stained with 3,3'-diaminobenzidine in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. peroxidase activity was detected in tegumental cell mitochondria. with cell development, the reaction intensity became greater. activity extended from the inner membrane (undifferentiated stage) to the intermembrane space (differentiating stage) and then to the matrix (differentiated stage). mitochondria wit ...19947520490
electrophoretic demonstration of polymorphism of glucosephosphate isomerase in natural populations of paragonimus miyazakii. 19817264833
geographical distribution of the lung fluke, paragonimus miyazakii kamo et al., 1961, in the southern prefectures of the kinki district, japan: observations on the incidence of encysted larvae of p. miyazakii in geothelphusa dehaani in the central part of wakayama prefecture. 19854046266
[cerebral paragonimiasis with peculiar calcified foci: a case report].in japan more than 400 cases of intracranial invasion of paragonimus westermani have been reported. in recent years, however, because of the decrease of incidence of parasitic disease, erroneous diagnosis is apt to be made. peculiar but characteristic calcified cystic lesions in chronic stage of cerebral paragonimiasis were described as "soap bubble appearance" in x-rays by oh in 1968. we report such a case with calcified lesions of soap bubble appearance in plain x-ray films in the right pariet ...19863724976
in vitro cultivation of paragonimus miyazakii and p. ohirai.excysted metacercariae of paragonimus miyazakii and p. ohirai were cultured in various media at 37.5 c in a 5% co2 atmosphere. paragonimus miyazakii grew rapidly and showed a well-developed ovary, uterus, and testes at 172 days in nctc 109 supplemented with 30% rabbit serum, 50% egg yolk-109, and rabbit red blood cells (rbc's). however, none of the worms formed yolk or eggs in these cultures. on the other hand, p. ohirai grew to the adult stage, in which vitellaria and imperfect ova were formed, ...19873625430
the localization of allergens of paragonimus westermani by pleural exudates from patients.the allergens of the lung fluke paragonimus westermani were localized by indirect immunostaining in adult fluke sections using pleural exudates from 3 patients with p. westermani. immunostaining performed by using pleural exudate with the highest level of specific ige revealed that the p. westermani major allergen (or allergens) was located in the gut epithelium and luminal contents and that minor allergens were in the tegument and parenchyma. the antigens recognized by specific igg were located ...19911779297
[a case of paragonimiasis miyazakii with bilateral pleural and pericardial effusion].a 38-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for further examination of bilateral pleural and pericardial effusion. he had complained of dyspnea on exertion occurring six months after ingestion of raw freshwater crabs, patomon dehaani. x-ray films and ct scan of the chest taken on admission revealed massive bilateral pleural and pericardial effusion. high serum ige level and eosinophilia were noted on laboratory examination. antibody against paragonimus miyazakii antigen was detected in patien ...19911753521
[a case of paragonimiasis westermani with pleural effusion eight months after migrating subcutaneous induration of the abdominal wall].patients with paragonimiasis westermani show a typical ring form or nodular shadow on chest x-ray, cough, sputum, and hemosputum. recently, case reports of paragonimiasis westermani, accompanied by pneumothorax and pleural effusion, as for paragonimiasis miyazakii, have been increasing. paragonimus westermani often causes an ectopic infection in various organs such as the peritoneal cavity, pleural cavity, pericardium, liver, adrenal gland and brain. cutaneous paragonimiasis is considered one of ...19921387180
[a rare case of paragonimus miyazakii infection in man showing a solitary nodular shadow (author's transl)]. 19751172108
immunoglobulin e: raised levels in sera and pleural exudates of patients with paragonimiasis.serum ige concentrations of patients with paragonimiasis were determined by a radioimmunosorbent test. the mean concentration was 3,462.3 iu/ml in a group of 13 cases of paragonimiasis miyazakii in which patients showed clinical symptoms and/or positive immunological diagnostic tests, and 1,026.6 iu/ml in a control group of 13 individuals who had eaten uncooked freshwater crabs, potamon dehaani, but had been found to be free from the infection. moreover, the ige level of the pleural exudates obt ...1976961976
influence of immunosuppressants on the establishment of paragonimus miyazakii in albino rats.the present investigation has shown that combined treatment with dexamethasone and prednisolone of with hydrocortisone and dexamethasone enhances the susceptibility of albino rats to paragonimus miyazakii, presumably by suppressing the host's immune responses. in the rats given these combined treatments, the size and egg production of worms were markedly increased. use of dexamethasone or prednisolone alone had relatively little influence on the growth and maturity of p. miyazakii. in serologica ...1977864230
epidemiological survey of lung fluke, paragonimus miyazakii in shizuoka prefecture, japan. 1978744704
[two cases of pulmonary paragonimus miyazakii found by mass survey (author's transl)]. 1978702965
[a case of paragonimus miyazakii infection in man showing bilateral pleural, interlobar and pericardial effusion with spontaneous pneumothorax (author's transl)]. 1977560591
studies on the in vitro effects of bithionol and menichlopholan on flukes of clonorchis sinensis, metagonimus takahashii and paragonimus miyazakii. 1979387627
paragonimus & paragonimiasis in india.ever since the discovery of the first indigenous case in 1981, paragonimiasis has gained recognition as a significant food borne parasitic zoonosis in india. the data available on the occurrence of paragonimiasis, until today, may be just the tip of an iceberg as the study areas covered were restricted to northeast indian states. nevertheless, the results of research on paragonimiasis in india have revealed valuable information in epidemiology, life cycle, pathobiology and speciation of indian p ...201222960885
characterization of antigens of paragonimus miyazakii by elisa.the characterization of adult worm and excretory-secretory (es) antigens of p. miyazakii was performed with a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) igg and fab' fragments were prepared from p. miyazakii-infected rat sera. the former was purified by affinity column chromatography. the latter was prepared from igg2c by passage through a protein a affinity column, then conjugated to horseradish peroxidase. cross-reactivity of the elisa with fasciola hepatica. fischoederius elongatus. t ...19892772708
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