antioxidant activity of leaves and fruits of iranian conifers.cupressus semipervirens var. horizontalis, cupressus semipervirens var. semipervirens, cupressus semipervirens cv. cereifeormis, juniperus communis subsp. hemisphaerica, juniperus excelsa subsp. excelsa, juniperus excelsa subsp. polycarpos, juniperus foetidissima, juniperus oblonga, juniperus sabina, platycladus orientalis and taxus baccata are iranian conifers. the antioxidant activity of leaves and fruits of these 11 different taxons were evaluated. the leaves of both male and female, and frui ...200717965761
sesquiterpene quinones and related metabolites from phyllosticta spinarum, a fungal strain endophytic in platycladus orientalis of the sonoran desert.five new metabolites, (+)-(5 s,10 s)-4'-hydroxymethylcyclozonarone ( 1), 3-ketotauranin ( 3), 3alpha-hydroxytauranin ( 4), 12-hydroxytauranin ( 5), and phyllospinarone ( 6), together with tauranin ( 2), were isolated from phyllosticta spinarum, a fungal strain endophytic in platycladus orientalis. the structures of the new compounds were determined on the basis of their 1d and 2d nmr spectroscopic data and chemical interconversions. all compounds were evaluated for inhibition of cell proliferati ...200818247573
in-vitro antimicrobial activities of some iranian conifers.male and female leaves and fruits of eleven different taxons of iranian conifers (cupressus sempervirens var. horizontalis, c. sempervirens var. sempervirens, c. sempervirens cv. cereifeormis, juniperus communis subsp. hemisphaerica, j. excelsa subsp. excelsa, j. excelsa subsp. polycarpos, j. foetidissima, j. oblonga, j. sabina, platycladus orientalis and taxus baccata) were collected from different localities of iran, dried and extracted with methanol. the extracts were tested for their antimic ...201324250573
physicochemical characterization of a polysaccharide fraction from platycladus orientalis (l.) franco and its macrophage immunomodulatory and anti-hepatitis b virus activities.a polysaccharide fraction, here called pop1, was purified from the leaves of platycladus orientalis (l.) franco by water extraction and alcohol precipitation. physicochemical characterization indicated that pop1 had a relative molecular weight of 8.10 × 10(3) da and consisted of rhamnose (5.74%), arabinose (12.58%), mannose (10.97%), glucose (64.96%), and galactose (6.55%). the main linkage types of pop1 consisted of (1→5)-linked α-l-ara, (1→3)-linked α-l-man, (1→6)-linked β-l-rha, (1→4)-linked ...201627345527
cytokinin-producing, plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria that confer resistance to drought stress in platycladus orientalis container of the proposed mechanisms through which plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) enhance plant growth is the production of plant growth regulators, especially cytokinin. however, little information is available regarding cytokinin-producing pgpr inoculation on growth and water stress consistence of forest container seedlings under drought condition. this study determined the effects of bacillus subtilis on hormone concentration, drought resistance, and plant growth under water-stressed c ...201323982328
antiproliferative effects of essential oils and their major constituents in human renal adenocarcinoma and amelanotic melanoma cells.the purpose of this study was to evaluate cytotoxic activity of platycladus orientalis, prangos asperula and cupressus sempervirens ssp. pyramidalis essential oils and to identify active components involved in inhibition of population growth of human cancer cell lines.200819040575
geographic locality and host identity shape fungal endophyte communities in cupressaceous trees.understanding how fungal endophyte communities differ in abundance, diversity, taxonomic composition, and host affinity over the geographic ranges of their hosts is key to understanding the ecology and evolutionary context of endophyte-plant associations. we examined endophytes associated with healthy photosynthetic tissues of three closely related tree species in the cupressaceae (coniferales): two native species within their natural ranges [juniperus virginiana in a mesic semideciduous forest, ...200818308531
[physico-chemical characteristics of ambient particles settling upon leaf surface of six conifers in beijing].the study on the density of ambient particles settling upon the leaf surface of six conifers in beijing, the micro-configurations of the leaf surface, and the mineral and element compositions of the particles showed that at the same sites and for the same tree species, the density of the particles settling upon leaf surface increased with increasing ambient pollution, but for various tree species, it differed significantly, with the sequence of sabina chinensis and platycladus orientalis > cedru ...200717552180
[species diversity and community structure of forest communities in lishan mountain].lishan mountain is belonged to the zhongtiao ranges in southeast shanxi, and situated between 35 degrees 16'30" - 35 degrees 27'20" n and 111 degrees 51'-- 112 degrees 5'35" e. the climate is cool and arid in winter, but warm and rainy in summer. this paper studied the species diversity and community structure of forest communities there, based on field investigation data and by using diversity, richness and evenness indices. the results showed that the species diversity and evenness of the comm ...200616836078
metal bioaccumulation in plant leaves from an industrious area and the botanical garden in beijing.the concentrations of fe, mn, al, zn, pb, ni, cr, and as were measured in soils and leaves from 21 plant species growing on hills near the beijing steel factory (bsf) and 17 plant species in the beijing botanical garden (bbg). the results showed that soils from bsf were zn contaminated according to the threshold of natural background of china. there was a metal contamination of the soils by ni, and cr in bsf comparing with those in bbg. the comparison between concentrations of metals in leaves f ...200516295909
[mechanism analysis of optimized model of conversion from farmland to forestland in the hill-gully sub-region of loess plateau].conversion from farmland to forestland program (cff) is one of the six great ecological forest programs in china. this study covered the cff model area of the hilly-gully sub-region of loess plateau, and introduced system dynamics and other latest theories and methodologies. based on the analysis of five modules including that of the site observation of field stations and extensive investigations, and over 10000 original data obtained in the fields of natural science, social science and economic ...200415669481
labdanes and isopimaranes from platycladus orientalis and their effects on erythrocyte membrane and on plasmodium falciparum growth in the erythrocyte host cells.six labdanes (1-6) and four isopimaranes (7-10), including three new natural products (7, 9, and 10), were isolated from platycladus orientalis, and their structures determined using 1d and 2d nmr methods, ion-cyclotron resonance hrms, and optical rotation data. relative configurations of all chiral centers in the isopimaranes were determined using noesy experiments at 600 and 800 mhz. specific optical rotation data were used to correlate absolute configurations. compounds 1-9 and aframodial (11 ...200415104493
[distribution patterns of root systems of main planting tree species in weibei loess plateau].the vertical patterns of root systems of pinus tabulaeformis, robinia pseudoacacia, platycladus orientalis, pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, pinus armandi, prunus armeniacia var. ansu planted in the weibei loess plateau were studied with soil auger. site conditions had a significant effect on the vertical root distribution of r. pseudoacacia, of which, soil moisture is the key factor. soil species and soil structure also had great effect on the distribution. p. tabulaeformis had a maximum rootin ...200011766584
dietary juniperis virginiensis seed oil decreased pentobarbital-associated mortalities among dba/1 mice treated with collagen-adjuvant emulsions.the propensity of the fatty acid 5,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid (5,11,14-eta) to replace arachidonic acid in cell membranes, and its inability to be converted to bioactive eicosanoids, suggest that it may be useful in the treatment of autoimmune disorders. previously, dietary application of oils extracted from 5,11,14-eta-rich platycladus orientalis delayed the onset of autoimmune disease in new zealand black mice. to gain more knowledge of the efficacy of this fatty acid toward alleviating immunol ...19968816989
dietary platycladus orientalis seed oil suppresses anti-erythrocyte autoantibodies and prolongs survival of nzb mice.dietary fish oils rich in 20:5(5,8,11,14,17) and 22:6(4,7,10,13,16,19) are known to replace arachidonic acid [20:4(5,8,11,14)] and to improve the immunopathology of new zealand mice. however, in humans, similar dietary strategies may be impractical because of the high levels of fish oils required. in contrast, we believe that beneficial effects in humans may be attainable using new exotic fatty acids. toward this end, we have focused on 5,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid [5,11,14-eta, 20:3(5,11,14)]. t ...19948200132
labdane diterpenes from the seeds of platycladus orientalis.two new labdane diterpenes, 14(r),15-dihydroxy-8(17),12(e)-labdadien-19-oic acid (1) and 16-methyl-12,15-epoxy-8(17),13-labdadien-19-oic acid (2), together with four known compounds, were isolated from the seeds of platycladus orientalis. their structures were established by spectroscopic methods. the stereochemistry of compound 1 was defined by x-ray crystallographic analysis.200617145654
[effects of mixed decomposition of populus simonii and other tree species leaf litters on soil properties in loess plateau].in this study, the leaf litters of populus simonii and other 11 tree species were put into soil separately or in mixture after grinding, and incubated in laboratory to analyze the effects of their decomposition on soil properties and the interactions between the litters decomposition. the decomposition of each kind of the leaf litters in soil increased the soil urease, dehydrogenase, and phosphatase activities and the soil organic matter and available n contents markedly, but had greater differe ...201222720599
[study on chemical constituents from petroleum ether-soluble parts of cones of platycladus orientalis].to study chemical constituents from petroleum ether-soluble parts of cones of platycladus orientalis.201223627129
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