a serological survey of australian wildlife for antibodies to leptospires of the hebdomadis serogroup.a serological survey for antibodies to leptospira interrograns serovar hardjo was conducted on 574 serum samples from 10 native and 4 introduced wildlife species in south-eastern australia. the microscopic agglutination (ma) test was used, and titres to hardjo antigen were detected in 33.5% of 352 brushtailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) sampled in several areas of victoria. prevalence of reactors ranged from 14 to 66% in 4 populations examined intensively. serovar balcanica was isolated from ...1979485984
kinetics of the in vitro gelation of a sickling haemoglobin from hog deer (axis porcinus).in order to distinguish the molecular mechanisms involved in the polymerisation of animal and human sickling haemoglobins, the gelation properties of hog deer (axis porcinus) haemoglobin have been studied. continuous monitoring of viscosity and minimum gelling concentration measurements of hog deer haemolysates were made over a range of ph, temperature, ionic strengths and in the presence of urea and tris(hydroxymethyl)methylamine. the inhibition of gelling caused by lowering the ph or increasin ...1979534653
on a species of lipoptena (diptera, hippoboscidae, melophaginae) from indian spotted deer and hog deer. 19695780489
the prevalence of anti-leptospiral agglutinins in sera of wildlife in southeastern australia.anti-leptospiral agglutinins were found in the serum from 18 (7 species) of 419 (25 species) animals sampled from various areas of southeastern australia. positive serologic reactions were observed in 5 of 25 (20%) brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula), 1 of 26 (3.8%) tammar wallaby (macropus eugenii), 2 of 12 (16.7%) swamp wallaby (wallabia bicolor), 1 of 3 (33.3%) koala (phascolarctos cinereus), 3 of 41 (7.3%) common wombat (vombatus ursinus), 2 of 100 (2%) bush rat (rattus fuscipes) and ...19817241704
secretory ribonuclease genes and pseudogenes in true ruminants.mammalian pancreatic ribonucleases (rnase) form a family of extensively studied homologous proteins. phylogenetic analyses, based on the primary structures of these enzymes, indicated that the presence of three homologous enzymes (pancreatic, seminal and brain ribonucleases) in the bovine species is due to gene duplication events, which occurred during the evolution of ancestral ruminants. in this paper the sequences are reported of the coding regions of the orthologues of the three bovine secre ...19989611269
detection of trypanosoma evansi in brains of the naturally infected hog deer by streptavidine-biotin immunohistochemistry.twenty-four percent of hog deer (cervus porcinus) that ranged free on a farm in samut prakarn province, thailand, died showing nervous signs between september 1997 and february 1998. the nervous signs shown by most of them included ataxis, paresis of hind limbs, lateral recumbency, excitation and convulsion. six animals and one carcass were submitted for diagnosis at the national institute of animal health, bangkok. trypanosoma evansi was detected in blood and cerebrospinal fluid of four and fiv ...200010622614
development of pcr assay for differentiation of some important wild animal meat of sri lanka.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay was developed to differentiate meat of ceylon spotted deer (axis axis ceylonensis), ceylon hog deer (a. porcius oryzus), ceylon sambhur (cervus unicolor unicolor) and barking deer (muntiacus muntijak malabaricus) from meat of cattle, goat, buffalo, pig, dog and sheep. a set of primers was designed according to the sequence of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of c. elaphus canadensis and by pcr amplification about 450 bp band was observed for all four an ...200212420866
effect of anaerobic fungi on in vitro feed digestion by mixed rumen microflora of buffalo.five strains of anaerobic fungi isolated from the faeces of wild (hog deer, cervus porcinus; blackbuck, antelope cervicapra; spotted deer, axis axis; nilgai, baselophus tragocamelus) and rumen liquor of domestic (sheep, ovies aries) ruminants showing high fibrolytic enzyme producing ability were added to mixed rumen microflora of buffalo to study their effect on the digestibility of lignocellulosic feed (wheat straw and wheat bran in the ratio of 80:20), enzyme production and fermentation end pr ...200415535463
development of novel heminested pcr assays based on mitochondrial 16s rrna gene for identification of seven pecora species.characterization of molecular markers and the development of better assays for precise and rapid detection of wildlife species are always in demand. this study describes a set of seven novel heminested pcr assays using specific primers designed based on species-specific polymorphism at the mitochondrial 16s rrna gene for identification of blackbuck, goral, nilgai, hog deer, chital, sambar and thamin deer.200516095528
sequence characterization and polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism of the mitochondrial dna 12s rrna gene provides a method for species identification of indian deer.characterization of species-specific molecular markers and development of a method for identification of indian deer species is necessary to monitor illegal trade of parts and products for better conservation and management of the endangered species. in this investigation, we characterized the 12s rrna gene sequence for differentiation of indian deer species and developed a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp)-based method for their identification. univer ...200819462513
multilocus genotypes and broad host-range of enterocytozoon bieneusi in captive wildlife at zoological gardens in china.enterocytozoon bieneusi is a common opportunistic pathogen that is widely detected in humans, domestic animals and wildlife, and poses a challenge to public health. the present study was performed to evaluate the prevalence, genotypic diversity and zoonotic potential of e. bieneusi among wildlife at chengdu and bifengxia zoological gardens in sichuan province, china.201627391225
effect of human disturbance on the prey of tiger in the chitwan national park--implications for park management.chitwan national park is surrounded by large settlements of people who exploit the areas where tigers and their prey occur. in this study, we measured the associations between the abundance of the prey of tiger with habitat, topographic, predator and human disturbance variables, using canonical correspondence analysis. we show that the abundance of hog deer is closely associated with areas of tall grassland and floodplains, while that of other ungulate species is associated with that of forests ...201324211382
predicting spacing behavior and mating systems of solitary cervids: a study of hog deer and indian muntjac.this study investigates the validity of current theory for predicting ecological and allometric effects on space use, social structure and mating systems of poorly known solitary cervids, based on a comparative analysis of radio-telemetry data on hog deer axis porcinus (n=32) and indian muntjac muntiacus muntjak (n=28). the larger and sexually size-dimorphic hog deer inhabit highly productive alluvial floodplains, where resource distribution is patchy and spatiotemporally unpredictable. as predi ...200717614268
genetic analysis of endangered hog deer (axis porcinus) reveals two distinct lineages from the indian subcontinent.the hog deer (axis porcinus) is threatened by habitat alteration, fragmentation, and poaching, which have led to a drastic decline of its wild population. two subspecies of a. porcinus have been described from its distribution range. a. p. porcinus is reported to occur from pakistan along the himalayan foothills through nepal, india and myanmar, and a. p. annamiticus is found in thailand, indo-china, laos, cambodia, and vietnam. however, the current distribution range of a. p. annamiticus is sti ...201830397218
the sequence and de novo assembly of hog deer genome.hog deer (axis porcinus) is a small deer species in family cervidae and has been undergoing a serious and global decline during the past decades. chengdu zoo currently holds a captive population of hog deer with sufficient genetic diversity in china. we sequenced and de novo assembled its genome sequence in the present study. a total of six different insert-size libraries were sequenced and generated 395 gb of clean data in total. with aid of the linked reads of 10x genomics, genome sequence was ...201930620341
demographic and genetic structure of a severely fragmented population of the endangered hog deer (axis porcinus) in the indo-burma biodiversity hotspot.the population of the globally endangered hog deer (axis porcinus) has declined severely across its geographic range. intensive monitoring of its demographic and genetic status is necessary. we examined the demographic and genetic structure of a small hog deer population in keibul lamjao national park (klnp), located on the western fringe of the indo-burma biodiversity hotspot for conservation planning. the distribution pattern of hog deer in the park was derived based on the presence/absence of ...202032027650
rapid molecular assays for species and sex identification of swamp deer and other coexisting cervids in human-dominated landscapes of the terai region and upper gangetic plains, northern india: implications in understanding species distribution and population parameters.burgeoning pressures of habitat loss is a major cause of herbivore decline across india, forcing them to coexist with humans in non-protected areas. their conservation in such landscapes is challenging due to paucity of ecological and demographic information. the northern subspecies of swamp deer, rucervus duvaucelii duvaucelii, is one such herbivore that lives across human dominated landscapes in terai region and upper gangetic plains of north india. here, we describe species-specific molecular ...201931204725
the placenta of the hog-deer (cervus porcinus). 187817231236
use of medetomidine-ketamine and atipamezole for reversible immobilization of free-ranging hog deer (axis porcinus) captured in drive nets.a combination of 0.05 mg/kg medetomidine and 1.5 mg/kg ketamine was used to immobilize nine adult free-ranging hog deer (axis porcinus) captured in drive nets in the royal bardia national park, nepal, 22-23 february 2000. the drugs were administered intramuscularly from separate syringes and the mean time (+/-sd) to complete immobilization was 4.6+/-1.0 min. muscle relaxation was good and no major clinical side effects were seen. mean values for physiologic parameters, recorded at 10-12 and 18-2 ...200516107687
cryopreservation of adult cervid testes.several species of cervids are currently classified as threatened or endangered due to a rapid decline in their populations. sperm cryopreservation, in association with assisted reproductive technologies, can find application for the conservation of endangered cervids. in cases of unsuccessful sperm retrieval through other means prior to the death of the animal, adult testis is the only source of sperm. recovery of viable sperm from adult testes depends on the effective preservation of testicula ...201727890704
discovery of genome-widesnps by rad-seqand the genetic diversity of captive hog deer (axis porcinus).the hog deer (axis porcinus) is a small deer whose natural habitat is the wet or moist tall grasslands in south and southeast asia. wild populations have dramatically decreased in recent decades. while wild hog deer were recently acknowledged to be extinct in china, a few captive populations have been maintained. in the present study, we successfully employed the restriction-site-associated dna sequencing (rad-seq) technique to generate a genome-wide profile of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (s ...201728323863
sequence characterization of mitochondrial 12s rrna gene in mouse deer (moschiola indica) for pcr-rflp based species identification.mitochondrial 12s rrna has proven to be a useful molecular marker for better conservation and management of the endangered species. polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) of the mitochondrial 12s rrna gene has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool for the identification of different indian deer species of family cervidae. in the present study, mitochondrial 12s rrna gene sequence of mouse deer (moschiola indica) belonging to the family tragulidae was c ...201324455258
prevalence of parasitic infection in captive wild animals in bir moti bagh mini zoo (deer park), patiala, punjab.the study was conducted to know the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites of captive wild animals at bir moti bagh mini zoo (deer park), patiala, punjab.201627397973
widespread hybridization in the introduced hog deer population of victoria, australia, and its implications for australia, many species have been introduced that have since undergone drastic declines in their native range. one species of note is the hog deer (axis porcinus) which was introduced in the 1860s to victoria, australia, and has since become endangered in its native range throughout south-east asia. there is increased interest in using non-native populations as a source for genetic rescue; however, considerations need to be made of the genetic suitability of the non-native population. three m ...201931624584
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