cell surface display of chi92 on escherichia coli using ice nucleation protein for improved catalytic and antifungal activity.the gene encoding chitinase 92 (chi92) from aeromonas hydrophila jp10 has been displayed on the cell surface of escherichia coli using the n-terminal region of ice nucleation proteins (inpn) as an anchoring motif. immunofluorescence microscopy confirmed that chi92 was anchored on the cell surface. western blot analysis further identified the synthesis of inp derivatives containing the n-terminal domain inpn-chi92 fusion protein of the expected size (112 kda). whole cell enzyme assay indicated th ...200616487328
purification and biochemical characterization of an alkaline pectin lyase from fusarium decemcellulare mtcc 2079 suitable for crotalaria juncea fiber extracellular pectin lyase secreted by fusarium decemcellulare mtcc 2079 under solid state fermentation condition has been purified to electrophoretic homogeniety by using ammonium sulfate fractionation, carboxymethyl cellulose and gel filtration (sephadex g-100) column chromatographies. the purified enzyme showed single protein band corresponding to molecular mass 45 ± 01 kda on sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the enzyme had maximum activity at ph 9.0 and showed ma ...201425088294
in vitro interactions of antifungal agents against clinical isolates of fusarium spp.the in vitro activities of amphotericin b (amb), itraconazole (itc), voriconazole (vcz) and terbinafine (tbf) alone and in the combinations amb+vcz, tbf+itc and tbf+vcz were evaluated against 29 clinical isolates of fusarium spp. (15 fusarium solani, 7 fusarium oxysporum, 2 fusarium decemcellulare, 2 fusarium dimerum and 3 other fusarium spp.). minimum inhibitory concentrations were determined using the method of the clinical and laboratory standards institute and the interaction activity was ca ...200818054469
antimicrobial and antitumor activity and diversity of endophytic fungi from traditional chinese medicinal plant cephalotaxus hainanensis li.endophytes from cephalotaxus hainanensis li, an important source of anti-leukemia drugs, have not been widely explored. in this study, 265 endophytic fungal isolates from c. hainanensis li were screened for antimicrobial activities against tilapia, banana, rice, and rape and for antitumor activities against human leukemia cell lines (k562, nb4, and hl-60). diversity was also analyzed. the results showed that 17.7% of the endophytic fungi had antimicrobial activities against at least three differ ...201627323030
concordant evolution of trichothecene 3-o-acetyltransferase and an rdna species phylogeny of trichothecene-producing and non-producing fusaria and other ascomycetous fungi.the cereal pathogen fusarium graminearum species complex (e.g. fusarium asiaticum, previously referred to as f. graminearum lineage 6) produces the mycotoxin trichothecene in infected grains. the fungus has a gene for self-defence, tri101, which is responsible for 3-o-acetylation of the trichothecene skeleton in the biosynthetic pathway. recently, trichothecene non-producers fusarium oxysporum and fusarium fujikuroi (teleomorph gibberella fujikuroi) were shown to have both functional (tri201) an ...200515699200
pyrrolidinones from the ascomycete fungus albonectria rigidiuscula.the new pyrrolidinones, rigidiusculamides a-d (1-4), have been isolated from the crude extract of the ascomycete fungus albonectria rigidiuscula. the structures of these compounds were elucidated primarily by nmr experiments. the absolute configuration of the 3,4-diol moieties in 1 and 4 was assigned using snatzke's method. compounds 1 and 2 showed modest cytotoxicity against the human tumor cell lines hela and mcf-7.200919919065
[observations on the effect of copper ii ions and mercury ii ions on the conidia of fusarium decemcellulare]. 196013769979
[adaptation of the phytopathogenic fungus fusarium decemcellulare to oxidative stress].the adaptive response of the phytopathogenic fungus fusarium decemcellulare to the oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide and juglone (5-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone) was studied. at concentrations higher than 1 mm, h2o2 and juglone completely inhibited the growth of the fungus. the 60-min pretreatment of logarithmic-phase cells with nonlethal concentrations of h2o2 (0.25 mm) and juglone (0.1 mm) led to the development of a resistance to high concentrations of these oxidants. the stationary ...201311338833
[respiratory activity and naphthoquinone synthesis in the fungus fusarium decemcellulare exposed to oxidative stress].the effect of oxidants (hydrogen peroxide and juglone) on the growth, respiration, and naphthoquinone synthesis in the fungus fusarium decemcellulare was studied. the addition of the oxidants to the exponential-phase fungus inhibited cell respiration (either partially or completely, depending on the oxidant concentration), culture growth, and naphthoquinone synthesis. the treatment of fungal cells with nonlethal concentrations of h2o2 (below 0.25 mm) and juglone (below 0.1 mm) induced the resist ...201312024815
[biosynthesis of naphthoquinone pigments by fungi of the genus fusarium].we studied biosynthesis of colored naphthoquinone metabolites by fusarium decemcellulare, f. graminearum, and f. bulbigenum fungi. f. bulbigenum and f. graminearum synthesized bikaverin and aurofusarin, respectively, which depended on the conditions of cultivation. f. decemcellulare synthesized soluble extracellular naphthoquinones of the naphthazarin structure (javanicin, anhydrojavanicin, fusarubin, anhydrofusarubin, bostricoidin, and novarubin) or extracellular dimeric naphthoquinone aurofusa ...201716240659
[copper uptake in conidia of fusarium decemcellulare]. 195713435806
[fungicidal effect of copper on fusarium decemcellulare]. 195613382187
[the synergism of heavy metal ions (divalent cu, cd, pb, hg) and colloidal sulfur in the fungicidal effect on conidia of fusarium decemcellulare]. 196013769981
[on the physiology of the effect of copper on the conidia of fusarium decemcellulare (brick)]. 196013778117
[studies on the fungicidal effect of elementary sulfur on the conidia of fusarium decemcellulare (brick)]. 196113769980
on two fungal rots of cacao.two new fungal rots, phomopsis folliculicola and fusarium decemcellulare, of cacao fruits collected from kerala (southern india) are described together with their etiology.199124425033
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