molecular characterization of 3'utrs of j subgroup avian leukosis virus in passerine birds in assess the status of avian leukosis virus subgroup j (alv-j) infection in passerine birds in china, 365 passerine birds collected from northeast china from 2011 to 2013 were tested, and two alv-j strains were isolated from yellow-browed warbler and marsh tit. the 3'untranslated regions (3'utrs) of the two strains were amplified, cloned, and sequenced, with the results showing that the 3'utrs of the two strains contained multiple mutations and deletions, which are similar to viral strains isol ...201525577165
environmental and genotype-by-environment influences on chick size in the yellow-browed leaf warbler phylloscopus inornatus.i investigated genetic and environmental factors affecting fledgling chick size in the yellow browed leaf warbler phylloscopus inornatus. the proportion of variation among broods is >45% for both tarsus length and body weight; this can be attributed at least in part to effects of the shared nest environment. a high off-spring-parent regression for weight also appears to be partly due to an environmentally induced correlation and the regression is reduced when effects of laying date are controlle ...199128313335
complete mitochondrial genome of yellow-browed warbler phylloscopus inornatus inornatus (passeriformes: sylviidae).yellow-browed warbler phylloscopus inornatus inornatus (passeriformes: sylviidae) is a small insectivorous leaf-gleaning bird which breeds in forests of the east palaearctic. in this study, we used pcr-based method to determine the complete mitochondrial genome (mtdna) of this warbler species. the complete mtdna is a 16,875 bp circular molecule, containing 37 typical genes and an extra pseudo-control region. the gene order differs from the standard gene order in birds, but similar to genus sylvi ...201524409868
the evolution of multiple male traits in the yellow-browed leaf warbleri examined how male competition and female choice influence the evolution of multiple male traits in the yellow-browed leaf warbler, phylloscopus inornatus, by investigating the roles of colour patches, territory size, body weight and song rate in sexual selection. comparison of 3 years of observational studies and 3 years of experimental studies, in which the colour patches on the wings of males were experimentally altered, suggest several mechanisms that may explain the evolution of multiple c ...19989480704
[genetic polymorphism of blood protein of six passeriformes species in zhalong national nature reserve].the polymorphism of hemoglobin (hb), serum albumin (alb), trandferring (tf) and adenosin deaminase (ada) in the blood of emberiza elegans, phylloscopus inornatus, e. aureola, lanius tigrinus, passer montanus, and e. spodocephala in zhalong national nature reserve were studied by sds-polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis. all the protein loci of the six passeriformes species exhibited polymorphism, and ada locus had a relatively high heterozygosity. the analysis of average heterozygosity demonstrate ...200919795660
phylogenetic and pathogenic analyses of three h5n1 avian influenza viruses (clade isolated from wild birds in northeast china.from april to september 2012, periodic surveillance of avian influenza h5n1 viruses from different wild bird species was conducted in northeast china. three highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1 viruses were isolated from a yellow-browed warbler, common shoveler, and mallard. to trace the genetic lineage of the isolates, nucleotide sequences of all eight gene segments were determined and phylogenetically analyzed. the data indicated that three viruses belonged to the same antigenic virus ...201525461692
[patterns of bird nocturnal migration at shenyang taoxian international airport, northeast china].the high frequency of bird strikes at night during the migration season is a remarkable characteristic of bird strikes at airports. understanding the nocturnal migration patterns of birds is important for improving the methods to prevent bird strikes at night. in this study, we combined the methods of mist-net capture and sound recording to examine the composition of bird species and the patterns of nocturnal migration at taoxian airport. we found that 56 species of birds (88.9% of the total) mi ...201930907552
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