molecular characterization of the genes involved in o-antigen modification, attachment, integration and excision in shigella flexneri bacteriophage sfv.bacteriophage sfv is a temperate phage of shigella flexneri responsible for converting serotype y (3,4) to serotype 5a (v; 3,4) through its glucosyl transferase gene. the glucosyl transferase (gtr) gene of sfv has been cloned and shown to partially convert s. flexneri serotype y to serotype 5a. in this study, we found that the serotype-converting region of sfv was approximately 2.5 kb in length containing three continuous orfs. the recombinant strain carrying the three complete orfs expressed th ...19979305767
experimental bacteriophage-mediated virulence in strains of vibrio harveyi.vibriosis is a major disease problem in prawn aquaculture. until now there has been no clear explanation why some strains of vibrio are pathogenic, while others are not. this study demonstrated that the presence of the bacteriophage v. harveyi myovirus like (vhml) may confer virulence to v. harveyi strain 642. this was demonstrated by infecting naïve avirulent v. harveyi strains 12, 20, 45 and 645 with the bacteriophage and converting them into virulent strains. the previously naïve strains of v ...200312803382
injection of ultraviolet-damage-specific enzyme by t4 bacteriophage.when uv-irradiated t4 bacteriophage (v(+)) infects in the presence of chloramphenicol, the phage dna rapidly acquires single-stranded breaks proportional to the dose of uv. in contrast, when uv-irradiated t4 v(1) (radiation sensitive mutant) infects under identical conditions, the phage dna remains integral. a series of coinfections with v(+) and v(1) phage (uv-v(1) + majority non-uv-v(+) and uv-v(+) and majority non-uv-v(1)) show that the enzyme responsible for breakage is injected by the phage ...19734579823
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