removal of potassium from tuberous root vegetables by determine analytically the amount of potassium in raw tuberous root vegetables (trv); to estimate the amount of potassium that can be leached from raw trv by soaking in water; and to determine whether the duration of soaking and the cooking method selected affect potassium extraction.200617046614
permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 june 2010 - 31 july 2010.this article documents the addition of 205 microsatellite marker loci to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: bagassa guianensis, bulweria bulwerii, camelus bactrianus, chaenogobius annularis, creontiades dilutus, diachasmimorpha tryoni, dioscorea alata, euhrychiopsis lecontei, gmelina arborea, haliotis discus hannai, hirtella physophora, melanaphis sacchari, munida isos, thaumastocoris peregrinus and tuberolachnus salignus. these loci were cro ...201021565125
high genetic diversity, distant phylogenetic relationships and intraspecies recombination events among natural populations of yam mosaic virus: a contribution to understanding potyvirus evaluate the genetic diversity and understand the evolution of yam mosaic virus (ymv), a highly destructive pathogen of yam (dioscorea sp.), sequencing was carried out of the c-terminal part of the replicase (nib), the coat protein (cp) and the 3'-untranslated region (3'-utr) of 27 ymv isolates collected from the three main cultivated species (dioscorea alata, the complex dioscorea cayenensis-dioscorea rotundata and dioscorea trifida). ymv showed the most variable cp relative to eight other p ...200010640564
[evaluation of the possible technological uses of some dioscoreas tubers: name congo (dioscorea bulbifera) and mapuey (dioscorea trifida)].a comparison between the chemical composition and physical characteristics of ñame congo (dioscorea bulbifera) and mapuey (dioscorea trifida) white and purple varieties, was made. the tubers were evaluated for their physical attributes (morphology, size and weight). the chemical analysis was done according to aoac methods (1990) and the pasting properties of the flours were evaluated using the brabender viscoamilograph. the mapuey tubers have an elongated shape, with one end wider while ñame con ...200011347300
distribution, management and diversity of the endangered amerindian yam (dioscorea trifida l.).the objective of this study was to verify the occurrence of dioscorea trifida in brazil and to obtain information concerning its distribution, management and diversity. farmers from 21 communities were interviewed in the states of são paulo, santa catarina and mato grosso. during the visits, semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect socio-economic, management and diversity data for this crop. fifty-one collected accessions, plus two accessions obtained at local markets of amazonas, we ...201525945627
physicochemical, functional, and macromolecular properties of waxy yam starches discovered from "mapuey" (dioscorea trifida) genotypes in the venezuelan amazon."mapuey" tubers in venezuela are staple food for indigenous peoples from the caribbean coast and amazon regions. noticeable differences between genotypes of yam starches were observed. granules were large, triangular, or shell-shaped with monomodal particle size distribution between 24.5 and 35.5 μm. differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) analyses revealed onset gelatinization temperatures from 69.1 to 73.4 °c with high gelatinization enthalpy changes from 22.4 to 25.3 j g(-1). all x-ray diffra ...201121158430
evidence of diploidy in the wild amerindian yam, a putative progenitor of the endangered species dioscorea trifida (dioscoreaceae).the fundamental question about dioscorea trifida (dioscoreaceae), the most important amerindian yam, that remains unresolved concerns its evolutionary origin, since no wild relative has been reported. in this paper we report the existence of d. trifida's wild relative for the first time. the diploidy of wild d. trifida (2n = 40) is clearly demonstrated by flow cytometry, chromosome counts, and microsatellite pattern analysis, whereas the cultivated form was previously shown to be autotetraploid ...201020616868
[evaluation of the flour and starch from white and purple varieties of mapuey (dioscorea trifida)].mapuey (dioscorea trifida), is a tropical america tuber, which is appreciated for its taste and fine texture. it has not been fully cultivated in venezuela, even though products like its flour and starch could replace conventional used products. in this work physical and chemical characteristic of flours from mapuey (varieties white and purple), were assessed, as well as some of their micronutrients. physical, physicochemical and rheological properties, and chemical composition of isolated starc ...200617425184
microsatellite segregation analysis and cytogenetic evidence for tetrasomic inheritance in the american yam dioscorea trifida and a new basic chromosome number in the dioscoreae.despite the economic and cultural importance of the indigenous "amerindian" yam dioscorea trifida, very little is known about their origin, phylogeny, diversity and genetics. consequently, conventional breeding efforts for the selection of d. trifida genotypes resistant to potyviruses which are directly involved in the regression of this species have been seriously limited. our objective of this paper is to contribute to the clarification of the cytogenetic status, i.e., inheritance and chromoso ...200616775695
digestibility of starches isolated from stem and root tubers of arracacha, cassava, cush-cush yam, potato and taro.digestibility of arracacha, cassava, cush-cush yam, potato and taro starches was evaluated. in vitro (potentially-available starch and total resistant starch) and in vivo digestibility in the rice weevil (sitophilus oryzae) bioassay (survival, weight variation, α-amylase like activity [ala], and uric acid excretion [uae] as biomarkers) were estimated. in in vitro assays, all starches presented high resistant starch content (14-56%, dry basis), except for cassava starch. in in vivo assays, cush-c ...201728927626
molecular characterization of yam virus x, a new potexvirus infecting yams (dioscorea spp) and evidence for the existence of at least three distinct potexviruses infecting yams.the genome of yam virus x (yvx), a new member of the genus potexvirus from yam (dioscorea trifida), was completely sequenced. structural and phylogenetic analysis showed that the closest relative of yvx is nerine virus x. a prevalence study found yvx only in plants maintained in guadeloupe and showed that it also infects members of the complex d. cayenensis rotundata. this study provides evidence for the existence of two additional potexviruses, one of which infects d. nummularia in vanuatu and ...201425204410
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