effects of cedilanid-d in combination with metoprolol on exercise tolerance and systolic time intervals in angina pectoris.the interaction between cedilanid-d and metoprolol, a selective beta receptor blocking agent, on exercise tolerance and systolic intervals was studied in 15 patients with angina pectoris. the patients had been treated with metoprolol for several months in a dose of 50 mg, three times daily (one patient received 25 mg three times daily). each patient participated in two studies separated by at least 1 week. after arriving at the laboratory each received 50 mg of metoprolol orally; thereafter, eit ...19763961
cephacetrile, a new cephalosporin: in vitro, pharmacological and clinical evaluation.cephacetrile, a parenteral cephalosporin, was evaluated for in vitro antibacterial activity, clinical pharmacology and effectiveness in the treatment of severe infections. the antibacterial activity against 187 isolates was determined by an agar-dilution technique. the mics were 0.06 to 0.5 mug/ml for group a streptococcus, d. pneumoniae, and staph. aureus, 4-6 mug/ml for e. coli and klebsiella-enterobacter 8-32 mug/ml for pr. mirabilis and more than 500 mug/ml for ps. aeruginosa. a few strains ...19754377
factors affecting production of mold mycelium and protein in synthetic media.the effects of certain cultural conditions on the yield of dry mycelium, protein, and total amino acid content of rhizopus oligosporus saito (nrrl 2710), rhizopus rhizopodiformis (cohn apud lichtheim) zopf (nrrl 6246), and absidia corymbifera (cohn) sacc. et trotter (nrrl 6247) were studied. the yield of mycelium was found to significantly increase as the spore inoculum was increased from 187,500 to 2,250,000 spores. but the total amino acids (grams/liter) did not change significantly, whereas t ...197610836
nosocomial bacteremia. potential for prevention of procedure-related cases.during a six-month period, 187 inpatients had bacteremia associated with community-acquired infection and 91 patients had bacteremia from a nosocomial infection. the most frequently identified sites of infection in both types of bacteremia were the respiratory and urinary tracts. escherichia coli and diplococcus pneumoniae were the organisms most frequently isolated from cultures of patients with community-acquired bacteremia, and e coli, staphylococcus aureus, and klebsiella were most frequentl ...197717018
red cell oxygen affinity, hemoglobin type, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, and ph as a function of fetal development.studies were carried out on fresh cord blood obtained at delivery from nonstressed normal fetuses ranging from 24 to 42 weeks of gestation, to determine the relationship of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (dpg), the intracellular red cell and extracellular ph, and the proportions of adult and fetal hemoglobin in regulating the position of fetal red cell oxygen affinity in utero. there was a significant positive correlation between p50 and gestational age (r = .62, p less than .001), the linear regression ...197940181
differing effects of acid versus neutral phosphate therapy of hypercalciuria.studies were performed on 12 patients with idiopathic hypercalciuria to evaluate the hypothesis that the acid load accompanying potassium acid phosphate would adversely affect renal calcium reabsorption and citrate excretion compared to the neutral form of the phosphate salt. during acute clearance studies, neutral phosphate (np) led to a fall in feca (2.2 +/- 0.6% to 0.8 +/- 0.1%, p less than 0.02) and no change in titratable acidity (ta) or net acid excretion (nae). acid phosphate (ap) did not ...197944888
total hip replacement in renal transplant recipients with aseptic necrosis of the femoral head.aseptic necrosis of the femoral head is a complication of renal transplantation which seriously delays the rehabilitation of the patient despite otherwise successful transplantation. of 187 renal allograft recipients, 8 underwent 14 total hip replacements. the most severe postoperative problem was an easily reducible dislocation. all patients were relieved of their severe preoperative pains and all were greatly improved in mobility and strength. renal function was not altered in any patient. it ...197661345
palliative urinary diversion for malignant ureteral analysis of 62 palliative urinary diversions for malignant ureteral obstruction is presented. the average postoperative survival was 187 days. cell type, duration of known disease, tumor grade and stage, renal function and previous therapy did not strongly influence survival. renal function returned to normal in 64 per cent of the azotemic patients. morbidity and mortality rates were high, largely because of underlying disease and adjuvant therapy . nearly two-thirds of the patients left the ...197878993
effect of propranolol and nitroglycerin plus methoxamine on transmural creatine kinase activity after acute coronary occlusion.transmural creatine kinase activity was determined 5 hours after acute occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery in 27 open chest anesthetized dogs. in seven dogs, propranolol, 2 mg/kg, was given intravenously over a 10 minute period 10 minutes after occlusion. in 10 dogs, nitroglycerin, 300 microgram/min, was infused intravenously for 1 hour 10 minutes after occlusion. methoxamine, 300 to 500 microgram, was administered to return blood pressure and heart rate to prenitroglycerin ...1978101067
properties of the nitrogenase system from a photosynthetic bacterium, rhodospirillum rubrum.soluble nitrogenase from rhodospirillum rubrum has been isolated and separated into its two components, the mofe protein and the fe protein. the mofe protein has been purified to near homogeneity and has a molecular weight or 215 000. it contains two mo, 25--30 fe and 19--22 acid-labile sulphide and consists of four subunits, mw 56 000. the fe protein has a molecular weight 65 000. it contains approximately four fe and four acid-labile sulphide and consists of two subunits, mw 31 500. the highes ...1978102339
radiographic manifestations of pulmonary mycobacterium kansasii infections.the radiographic characteristics of 187 pristine cases of pulmonary mycobacterium kansasii infection are reviewed. the cases were selected from a total of 309 patients with two positive sputum cultures. all but three of the 187 patients had pulmonary disease. the progenitive focus of disease almost always involved the upper lobes, the right side (72%) more often than the left (50%). upper lobe disease began posterior to the trachea in every case. only one patient had disease that originated in a ...1978104602
preparation of homogenous nadph cytochrome c (p-450) reductase from house flies using affinity chromatography techniques.nadph-cytochrome c (p-450) reductase (ec was purified to apparent homogeneity from microsomes of house flies, musca domestica l. the purification procedure involves column chromatography on three different resins. the key step in the purification scheme is the chromatography of the enzyme mixture on an affinity column of agarose-hexane-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate. the enzyme has an estimated molecular weight of 83,000 by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrop ...1979104996
the effect of continued cigarette smoking on the patency of synthetic vascular grafts in leriche syndrome.the effects of continued smoking were studied in 187 consecutive patients who underwent aorto-iliac or aorto-femoral grafting because of leriche disease and who left the hospital with well-functioning grafts. the patients were divided into the following groups: (1) never smoked, (2) stopped smoking after the operation, (3) continued to smoke less than a pack a day and (4) continued to smoke more than a pack a day. the patency of the grafts was evaluated at regular intervals during a follow-up pe ...1975125365
replication of the linear mitochondrial dna of tetrahymena pyriformis.1. electron micrographs of the linear mtdna from tetrahymena pyriformis strain gl show linear molecules with a duplex 'eye' of variable size in the middle. this indicates that replication of this dna starts near the middle of the molecule and proceeds bidirectionally to the ends, as previously shown for the mtdna of strain st (arnberg, a.c., van bruggen, e.f.j., clegg, r.a., upholt, w.b. and borst, p. (1974) biochim. biophys. acta 361, 266-276). the mtdnas of these two strains have little base s ...1979110348
[morphological changes in triploidy in human ontogeny].cytological and morphological data of 187 spontaneous abortuses, 25 fetuses and infants with triploidy described in literature and 6 proper triploid abortuses were analyzed. it was established that in spite of polymorphism of phenotypical manifestations of triploidy in ontogenesis there are a number of permanent, often combining morphological changes (asymmetry of the body, syndactylism of the iii--iv fingers and toes, anomalies in the nervous and genito-urinary system). these features in additi ...1975127570
the measurement of cerebral blood flow in the rat.cerebral blood flow (cbf) was determined in the rat under 70% nitrous oxide anesthesia and pentobarbital anesthesia. the application of the fick principle technique of kety et al. was modified utilizing 133xe infused intravenously steadily for 30 seconds, at which time the animal was decapitated and the head frozen in liquid nitrogen. a prior femoral artery to femoral vein shunt was led through a polyethylene catheter of 0.13 ml volume. this catheter passed as a coil in a nai crystal well-counte ...1975128160
hla types in corneal diseases.evaluation of the results of hla typing of 187 patients grouped into herpetic keratitis (37), non-herpetic keratitis (43), keratoconus (42), endothelial dystrophy (23), stromal dystrophy (13), lues (5), and injuries (24), failed to show convincing deviations in any of the groups from a normal control series (2900 persons). yet, as for the herpes group, a rise in b5 must strongly be suspected. the data are presented and possible implications are discussed.197994740
[effect of peptidoglycan preparations on phage inactivation: decrease in phage 187 binding using monosaccharides].monosaccharides were found to be capable to decreasing the binding of phage 187 with peptidoglycan. galactosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine hydrochloride proved to be the most effective, followed in order of decreasing activity by n-acetylgalactosamine, n-acetylglucosamine, glucose and galactose; mannose produced a weak effect. ca2+ ions increased the reduction of phage peptiglycan binding with n-acetylgalactosamine and n-acetylglucosamine. both of these monosaccharides also reduced the adso ...1977143171
cardiac hypertrophy and antihypertensive therapy.biochemical (myocardial dna, rna, and hydroxyproline) and humoral (plasma [pra] and kidney [kra] renin activity) factors were determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and normotensive wistar controls (nr) before and following treatment with minoxidil or propranolol. minoxidil (150 mg.litre-1 drinking water) effectively controlled blood pressure (17.3 kpa vs 24.9 kpa [130 mmhg vs 187 mmhg], p less than 0.001) despite marked and sustained increases in both pra and kra ventricular weight ...1977145319
[effectivity of murein preparations in the phage inhibition test--effect of ca++ions and edta].the inactivating efficacy for the typing phages 54, 83a, and 187 of the peptidoglycan of staphylococcus aureus is decreased by increasing the ca++-content of the medium; the irreversible inhibition of phage 187 becomes reversible. the percentage of its inhibition is proportional to the ca++-content of the medium. minute amounts of phage 187 bound irreversibly under ca++-deprivation can be loosened by addition of ca++-ions. addition of edta up to the equivalence concentration of ca++ present in t ...1978148168
histamine release from rat neutrophils and mast cells as induced by ionophore--a pharmacological approach--.a comparative study was carried out on the histamine release from rat neutrophils and mast cells by calcium ionohpore a 23 187 (ionophore). a maximum release of histamine from neutrophils was induced by 10(-6) g/ml ionophore and that from mast cells was 5 x 10(-6) g/ml. a fairly good correlation was found between the 45ca incorporation into and the histamine release from both cells. the ionophore-induced histamine release from both cells was decreased in ca2+-free tyrode's solution and by pretre ...197994116
inhibition of histamine release and ionophore-induced calcium flux in rat mast cells by lidocaine and chlorpromazine.we studied the effects of lidocaine (l) and chlorromazine (c), two compounds known to affect the binding of calcium to cell membranes, on histamine release and calcium uptake by purified mast cells upon challenge with the ionophore a23,187 or with compound 48/80. at low concentrations l and c inhibited the ca++ flux as well as histamine release while higher concentration caused enhancement in this function. evidence was obtained that l 10(-4) m may displace ca++ from the cell membranes.197991313
fluorescent and spin label probes of the environments of the sulfhydryl groups of porcine muscle adenylate kinase.the environments of the two sulfhydryl groups of procine muscle adenylate kinase have been investigated by chemical modification reactions. the results indicate that the environments of the two-sh groups of procine muscle adenylate kinase are markedly different and that substrates induce conformational changes in the enzyme in the region of the sulfhydryl groups. the fluorogenic reagent 7-chloro-4-nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1, 3-diazole (nbd-chloride) reacts specifically with the -sh groups of the enzyme ...1975163231
[gynaecological laparoscopy (author's transl)].the double puncture laparoscopy was abandoned in our department in favor of the single puncture technique. 187 diagnostic laparoscopies and 617 laparoscopic tubal ligations are reviewed. in 46% of the diagnostic laparoscopies, the findings were confirmed. in 40% of the diagnostic laparoscopies, normal findings were seen and in 11%, a different abnormal finding than suspected was found. in 3% of women, the findings could not be elucidated by laparoscopy. none of the 617 patients who underwent lap ...1975126893
viral hepatitis as an occupational hazard of estimate the risk of viral hepatitis for practicing dentists, a questionnaire survey was conducted in the greater los angeles area among the part-time faculty of the university of southern california school of dentistry. an icteric episode diagnosed as hepatitis had been experienced by 11, representing 3.9% of the 285 dentists to whom questionnaires were mailed or 4.5% of the 242 respondents. all illnesses occurred after graduation from dental school, and five were after 1967. for general den ...1975123933
the consequences of lipid peroxidation in isolated hepatocytes.lipid peroxidation was initiated by the addition of either adp-complexed fe3+ or cumene hydroperoxide to isolated rat hepatocytes and the resultant biochemical and morphological alterations investigated. as previously observed with microsomes, malonaldehyde formation was associated with the inactivation of glucose-6-phosphatase. inhibition of microsomal oxidative drug metabolism was correlated with the release and subsequent inactivation of nadph-cytochrome c reductase, whereas cytochrome p-450 ...1975173537
cardiovascular and respiratory effects of carotid body stimulation in the monkey.1. the carotid bodies were stimulated in the anaesthetized pig-tailed macaque monkey (m. nemestrina) using (i) brief injections of cyanide or co2-equilibrated bicarbonate solution into a common carotid artery, and (ii) longer perfusion with hypoxic hypercapnic blood in vascularly isolated chemoreceptor preparations. 2. in spontaneously breathing animals brief stimuli (thirty-one tests, seven monkeys) consistently increased pulmonary ventilation (by 97 +/- 10% of control), slowed the heart rate ( ...1978103667
[histological and electron microscopy studies on the adenocarcinomatosis of laying hens].histological examination of 187 tumours from 98 hens (laying hybrids of various lines, age 80-123 weeks) showed that highly-differentiated tubulo-alveolar adenocarcinoma was present in 95% of the birds; in 20% it had a scirrhus structure. histological and ultrastructural features of these carcinomas and their tendency to form secretory granules pointed to an origin from the protein-secreting part of the oviduct (magnum). in the remaining 5% of birds there were non-specific adenocarcinomas (proba ...1975179490
influence of fibrinogen degradation products (fdp) on the atpase activity in the rat heart.influence of fibrinogen degradation products (fdp) on the atpase activity in the rat heart. acta physiol. pol., 1978, 29 (2): 185--187. the influence of dialysable fibrinogen degradation products (fdp) on the atpase activity was studied. it was found that fdp augment the mg(2+)-- dependent atpase and slightly decrease the (na+--k+) dependent atpase in the rat heart. it is concluded that biological activity of examined peptides depend on other mechanisms than the direct effect on atpase in the he ...1978148831
[adenitis following bcg vaccination].the authors present a study on 167 cases of post-vaccinal adenitis after b.c.g. administration. these occured after the experimental application in 1,187 newborns of two vaccines produced by different laboratories. manifest adenitis developed only after the application of the vaccine with a higher virulence and a significant concentration of live germs (a), while the vaccine with a low concentration of live germs only determined inflammatory adenitis (vaccine b). in the cases when vaccine a was ...1975171727
a dimer--dimer binding region in beta-galactosidase.alpha complementation in beta-galactosidase is the restoration of enzyme activity by addition of the alpha donor cnbr2, from amino acid residues 3--92 of the polypeptide, to inactive m15 protein from the lacz deletion mutant strain m15. m15 protein lacks residues 11--41 and is a dimer; the active complex, like native beta-galactosidase, is tetrameric [langley, k. e., & zabin, i. (1976) biochemistry 15, 4866--4875]. a dimer--dimer binding region in beta-galactosidase has been identified by proteo ...197984682
mammary tumors, hepatocellular carcinomas, and pancreatic islet changes in c3h-avy mice.studies of tumor incidence and assorted lesions found in 187 c3h-avy mice throughout their natural life-spans revealed the following: hepatocellular carcinomas occurred in 54.3% of males, mammary carcinomas in 95% of females, pancreatic islet cell adenomas in 9.4% of males and in no females, and pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia in 41% of males and 23% of fefemales. islet cell hyperplasia and adenomas appeared to consist predominantly of alpha and delta cells. multiple tumors, or hyperplasia, or ...1978203711
the inhibition of histamine release by antiallergic drugs.three new antiallergic drugs, doxantrazole, prd-92 and n5', as well as disodium cromoglycate, inhibited the ige-mediated pca reaction in the rat triggered by the homologous antigen, but did not have an antagonistic effect on histamine itself. moreover, all the drugs examined caused in vitro inhibition of antigen-mediated histamine release from peritoneal mast cells and chopped lung tissue of sensitized rats producing ige antibodies. doxantrazole had a synergistic effect on the inhibition of hist ...197875849
lapine rotavirus: preliminary studies on epizoology and transmission.antibody to rotavirus was found in sera of domestic rabbits, wild cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares. eight out of 187 stools from a rabbitry contained rotavirus, though no clinical symptoms were apparent. the virus extracted from one such stool infected a five week old seronegative rabbit and led to distention and congestion of the colon, excretion of virus in the stool and a serological response to virus. human and simian rotaviruses did not replicate in the rabbits.1978206325
[surgical treatment of malignant neoplasms of the pancreatoduodenal zone].the experience with surgical treatment of 866 patients with malignant neoplasms of the pancreato-duodenal zone is analyzed. radical operations were carried out upon 220 (25.4%) patients, palliative ones-upon 459 (52.8%) and laparotomies-upon 187 (22.7%) patients. the authors draw the conclusion that a one-stage pancreato-duodenal resection is the operation of choice for cancer of the vater's papilla, distal portion of the common bile duct and of the head of the pancreas. extended pancreato-duode ...1978211689
structure of tetanus toxin. ii. toxin binding to ganglioside.the interaction between tetanus toxin and ganglioside containing 2 n-acetylneuraminic acid residues linked in sequence to one another has been investigated using a new method involving radioactively labeled ganglioside and tetanus toxin adsorbed to sephadex matrix. binding between the two components was demonstrated, and it was calculated that in the nanomolar concentration range, tetanus toxin becomes half-saturated at about 5 x 10(-8) m concentration of ganglioside. removal of the ceramide por ...197764469
occurrence of anaerobic bacteria in diseases of the dog and cat.a survey for anaerobic bacteria was conducted in 314 clinical specimens from dogs and cats. a total of 187 anaerobic isolates in pure and mixed culture were isolated from 111 of the specimens that contained anaerobic bacteria. common isolated included actinomyces (9.1%), clostridium perfringens (19.3%), other clostridium spp (11.2%), peptostreptococcus anaerobius (7.5%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (13.4%), other bacteroides spp (17.6%), and fusobacterium necrophorum (5.3%). anaerobic bacteria w ...1979224739
establishment and some biological characteristics of human hepatoma cell lines.two cell lines of human hepatoma, hle and hlf lines, were established in vitro from the hepatocellular carcinoma of a 68-year-old patient. one clone (hlec) was obtained from a single hle cell. the cells of hle and hlec were epithelial-like and both of these cells demonstrated glycogen granules in the cytoplasm when stained with periodic acid and schiff reagent. although hlf cells resembled fibroblasts in morphology, they appear to have originated from hepatoma cells, judging from epithelial char ...197552570
orchidopexy in cryptorchidism assessed by clinical, histologic and sperm examinations.a study was undertaken of 187 patients with unilateral and 41 patients with bilateral cryptorchidism before and after orchidopexy. the mean tubular diameter and the mean tubular fertility index were used as quantitative criteria for assessment of the development of the testes. before orchidopexy, no significant differences were found between scrotal and cryptorchid testes in patients up to six years of age. thereafter, the scrotal testis showed marked development in distinction to the cryptorchi ...197936676
[value of and indications for noxythiolin in generalized peritonitis].the favourable experience of m. brown with noxythiolin in fecal peritonitis has prompted us, over the last seven years, to use this product in all forms of generalized peritonitis. this study involved 187 cases of generalized peritonitis : 102 males and 85 females, whose mean age was 53 years. noxythiolin was reserved for severe cases (after having deliberately decided not to perform a comparative control series), the severity being related to the advanced age of the patients, the delay in inter ...197835068
x-ray diffraction studies of fibers and crystals of deoxygenated sickle cell hemoglobin.paracrystalline fibers of deoxygenated sickle hemoglobin in erythrocytes or concentrated solutions exhibit a phase transformation to a fully crystalline state. x-ray diffraction patterns of the fiber and crystallites are similar except in two respects: the equatorial spacings of the fibers suggest that they pack into a square lattice with a = 220 a, whereas those of the crystals can be indexed on the basis of a net of 187 a by 54 a, and the second-order near-meridional reflections are strong on ...197934149
subcellular distribution of glycosidases in human polymorphonuclear leucocytes.the subcellular distribution of nine glycosidases were studied in fractions of homogenized human polymorphonuclear leucocytes (neutrophils) obtained by isopycnic centrifugation through linear sucrose density gradients. the substrates were 4-methylumbelliferyl glycosides. all nine glycosides were hydrolysed by enzymes in neutrophil cytosol fractions, and by enzymes in at least one granule population. alpha-glucosidase activity sedimented in sucrose density gradients to a point (p = 1.180 g/ml) ju ...197829608
survey of contraceptive services available to college students.questionnaire were sent to 187 directors of college student health services; 71% returned usable replies. 3 sources of contraceptive services were identified: local family planning agencies, the student health service, and private physicians. it was found students had easy access to information, the pill, the iud, over-the-counter methods, diaphragms, and referral services. sterilizations were difficult to obtain and generally not available through a student health center. every questionna ...1977267994
effect of abdominal radiation therapy on drug absorption in humans.the absorption of oral digoxin and of desmethyldiazepam, from its precursor clorazepate, was studied in seven patients who had received abdominal and/or pelvic radiation therapy for neoplastic disease. all patients were in remission and had normal renal function and no evidence of malabsorption. single 0.5-mg doses of digoxin tablets and 15-mg doses of clorazepate were administered in the fasting state. concentrations of digoxin (by radioimmunoassay) and desmethyldiazepam (by gas chromatography) ...197829058
chromatin structure in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum.the structure of dictyostelium discoideum chromatin has been studied by the following techniques: electron microscopy, staphylococcal nuclease digestion, acrylamide gel electrophoresis, sucrose gradient centrifugation, and melting. the basic unit of chromatin is the nucleosome, which is a particle 98.6 a in diameter. approximately 50% of the chromatin is protected from nuclease digestion, but this decreases when protease activity is not inhibited. the nucleosome contains 187 base pairs of dna, i ...1978273233
a general method to assess similarity of protein structures, with applications to t4 bacteriophage lysozyme.a method is proposed that permits the structural similarity between any pair of proteins to be analyzed in a completely general manner. in the proposed procedure, all possible structural segments of a given length from one protein are compared with all possible segments from the other protein. this set of comparisons reveals any structural similarities between the two proteins being compared, and also provides a basis for estimating the probability that a particular degree of structural homology ...1978276859
effect of dietary fat saturation on survival of mice with l1210 leukemia.we examined l1210 murine leukemia growth rate and survival of host male dba/2j mice fed a diet rich in either polyunsaturated fat (16% sunflower oil) or saturated fat (16% coconut oil). the survival of mice that received transplants of l1210 leukemia cells was longer among the animals that had ingested a diet rich in the saturated fat as compared to those fed the more unsaturated fat. in duplicate experiments, the mean survivals of mice fed coconut oil were 200.9 +/- 1.6 and 202.5 +/- 3.4 hours ...1978277734
keeping abreast of the times: the tauranga infant feeding infant feeding survey revealed that 77% of 187 mothers, whose babies were born over a three month period in the tauranga maternity annexe, were breast feeding on discharge. fifty-seven percent of the total breast fed for at least three months. the feeding pattern did not vary with ethnic group nor with previous breast feeding experience. short-term breast feeders were younger and had fewer children than either the bottle feeders or long-term breast feeders. bottle feeding tended to occur with ...1979286210
different antihypertensive effect of beta-blocking drugs in low and normal-high renin hypertension.the treatment response to beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs was compared in two groups of patients with primary (essential) hypertension and different renin levels. each group consisted of 25 patients and was equally distributed regarding age, severity and stage of hypertension. in the first group (group 1), the mean upright plasma renin activity was 0.8 ng ml-1h-1 (range 0.3 to 1.5) and the patients were considered to have low renin hypertension. in the other group (group 2) the patients had a m ...197614504
chromosomal abnormalities in maintenance hemodialysis patients.forty bone marrow aspirates from maintenance hemodialysis patients were prepared for chromosomal analyses. among the 1,187 metaphases studied, only 58% were diploidies. other abnormalities included: pseudodiploidies (5.8%), acentric fragments (3.6%), translocated chromosomes (1.9%) and one dicentric chromosome. the abnormalities found may be due to abnormal dna synthesis in chronic renal failure or uremia, or infusion of formaldehyde which can denature dna. this chemical was used to sterilize di ...1979289716
light-dependent changes of the mg2+ concentration in the stroma in relation to the mg2+ dependency of co2 fixation in intact chloroplasts.(1) light-dependent changes of the mg2+ content of thylakoid membranes were measured at ph 8.0 and compared with earlier measurements at ph 6.6. in a nacl and kcl medium, the light-dependent decrease in the mg2+ content of the thylakoid membranes at ph 8.0 is found to be 23 nmol mg2+ per mg chlorophyll, whereas in a sorbitol medium it is 83 nmol mg2+ per mg chlorophyll. (2) a light dependent increase in the mg2+ content of the stroma was detected wjem chloroplasts were subjected to osmotic shock ...197611816
a respiratory survey of cedar mill workers. ii. influence of work-related and host factors on the prevalence of symptoms and pulmonary function abnormalities.the influence of certain work-related and host factors on the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function abnormalities in 405 red cedar workers and 187 control workers was examined. in cedar workers, but not in controls, the prevalence of chest symptoms increased with duration of exposure. the decline in pulmonary function with increasing duration of exposure was also more marked in cedar workers, but in both groups smoking was a more important determinant. substantial proportions ...1978306425
[evaluation and use of the coronary and anti-arrhythmic drug lidoflazin. clinical, electrocardiographic, hemodynamic, and laboratory-chemical studies on 187 patients]. 1977321914
mutagenicity of pesticides containing 1, a systematic study of the mutagenic effect of chemical compounds used as pesticides, we found that d. d. soil fumigant and telone are mutagenic. the test was performed using the bacterial tester strains following the procedure developed by ames. the active principle of d. d. soil fumigant and telone is a mixture of the cis and trans isomers of 1,3-dichloropropene. both isomers are mutagenic in salmonella strains ta 1535 and ta 100. 2,3-dichloro-1-propene, a minor component (5%) of the commerc ...1977322862
properties of washed human platelets.we have shown previously that washed human platelets resuspended in tyrode solution containing albumin and apyrase maintain their disc shape and their ability to aggregate upon the addition of low concentration of adp, providing fibrinogen is added to the suspending medium. we have now examined their responses to other aggregating and release-inducing agents. collagen, arachidonate, thrombin, immune serum globulin, the ionophore a23, 187 and phytohaemagglutinin from phaseolus vulgaris caused agg ...1977327607
the genetic control of molybdoflavoproteins in aspergillus nidulans. a xanthine dehydrogenase i half-molecule in cnx- mutant strains of aspergillus nidulans.the cnx- group of mutants of aspergillus nidulans lacks xanthine dehydrogenase (xanthine: nad+ oxidoreductase, ec and nitrate reductase (ec activities and are thought to be defective in the synthesis of a molybdenum-containing cofactor, 'cnx', common to xanthine dehydrogenase and nitrate reductase [pateman, j.a., rever, b.m., cove, d.j. and roberts, d.b. (1964) nature (lond.) 201, 58-60]. the cnx cofactor has a role in maintaining the aggregated multimeric structure of nitrate ...1977330163
mechanisms of platelet shape change, aggregation, and release induced by collagen, thrombin, or a23,187. 1977333044
release of immunoreactive serotonin following acid perfusion of the duodenum.cannulas were placed in the portal vein, hepatic vein, and infrarenal vena cava in eight anesthetized dogs. the duodenum of each dog was irrigated with saline (control) and 0.1 n hci (50 ml in 10 min). heparinized blood samples were taken from each cannula 5 min before, and 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 min after each irrigation for measurement of immunoreactive serotonin concentrations. serotonin concentrations did not change during saline irrigation of the duodenum. in contrast, serotonin release was co ...197610857
interrelationships between ca2+ and adenylate and guanylate cyclases in the control of platelet secretion and aggregation.ca2+ is a powerful inhibitor (ki is congruent to 16 mum) of basal and prostaglandin e1 (pge1)-stimulated adenylate cyclase atp pyrophosphate-lyase (cyclizing); ec activity in membranes obtained from homogenized human platelets. ca2+ (but not the ionophore a23,187) decreased v(max) of the reaction without an effect on the ks for atp. neither atp nor pge1 affected ki for ca2+. in intact platelets a23,187 induced ca2+ influx and markedly inhibited pge1-stimulated rise in adenosine 3':5'-cyc ...19766960
pulmonary infections in renal transplant recipients.forty-six episodes of pulmonary infection occurred in 41 patients during a seven year period in which 187 renal transplants were performed in 168 patients. thirty-seven episodes followed 152 cadaveric transplants (24.39%), and four episodes followed 35 living related donor transplants (11.4%). five patients had two episodes of pulmonary infection. twenty-four patients recovered, and 17 died (41.5%). pulmonary infections appeared from two days to three years after transplantation, but predominate ...1978343733
the subcellular distribution and properties of crithidia sp. hydrolases with particular reference to pyrophosphate and orthophosphate monoester phosphohydrolases.a cell fractionation scheme was developed for studying the distribution of certain hydrolases, especially phosphohydrolases in a crithidia sp. (trypanosomatidae). whilst between 26-56% of the total cellular hydrolase activities were soluble (probably of flagellar pocket origin), a certain percentage, 5-40%, was sedimentable. a particulate fraction obtained after isopycnic density gradient centrifugation (p = 1.187-1.241), designated fraction fa/fb, was enriched in various acid hydrolases (relati ...19765183
the activation of lymphocytes by the ionophore a 23 187. 1978351052
treatment of histiocytic and mixed lymphomas: a comparison of two, three and four drug chemotherapy.the eastern cooperative oncology group has studied 187 patients with generalized progressive malignant lymphoma classified as having the histologic sub-types histiocytic or mixed. histology review by the pathology panel for lymphoma clinical trials demonstrated a 31% disparity with contributing institution's pathologists in regard to cell type, but good agreement with interpretation of nodular or diffuse nodal pattern. patients were assigned at random to treatment with cyclophosphamide 1 g/m2 on ...1978352507
[clinical aspects and therapy of villous colonic and rectal adenomas. report on 187 cases]. 1978353440
continuous monitoring of urea levels during ammonium ion-specific electrode system is evaluated for analysis of blood urea nitrogen from serum, plasma ultrafiltrate, or hemodialyzer dialysate fluid. the electrode shows a high sensitivity over clinically useful concentration ranges. free serum ammonia, volatile amines, or urea ammonia after hydrolysis can be measured. in a double blind study excellent correlation was found for 187 blood urea nitrogen samples measured with the electrode with standard auto-analyzer techniques. continuous ...1978357303
further studies on lipid-peroxide formation in isolated hepatocytes.lipid peroxide formation was initiated by the addition of either adp-complexed fe3+ or cumene hydroperoxide to a suspension of isolated hepatocytes. the reaction was monitored by malonaldehyde measurements. upon the addition of iron, malonaldehyde production in the cells started immediately but ceased within 30-60 min, and the response was dose-related with iron concentrations ranging from 19 to 187 mum. malonaldehyde formation was associated with increased oxygen uptake and conjugated diene pro ...19751255
human platelet secretion and aggregation induced by calcium ionophores. inhibition by pge1 and dibutyryl cyclic amp.ca2+, mg2+-ionophores x537a and a23,187 (10(-7)-10(-6) m) induced the release of adenine nucleotides adenosine diphosphate (adp, adenosine triphosphate (atp), serotonin, beta-glucuronidase, ca2+, and mg2+ from washed human platelets. enzymes present in the cytoplasm or mitochondria, and zn2+ were not released. the rate of atp and ca2+ release measured by firefly lantern extract and murexide dye, respectively, was equivalent to that produced by the physiological stimulant thrombin. ionophore-indu ...1975172596
[results of 200 renal transplantations (author's transl)].two hundred renal transplantations were performed on 187 patients between july, 1972 and june, 1978. on a follow-up of 6--78 months the survival rate after allogenic transplantation was 80% at one year and 64% at five years. satisfactory renal function was present in 62% at one year and 31% at six years. gastrointestinal complications were common and caused about 40% of all deaths. severe infections were the second most common cause of death. local complications required explantation in 4%, and ...1979380956
effects of sodium periodate on platelet functions.removal of n-acetylneuraminic acid from the platelet surface causes rapid removal of platelets from the circulation but causes little change in other platelet functions. we have now investigated the effects of sodium periodate which is thought to oxidize the sialic acid of glycoproteins on cell surfaces and has been shown to affect the functions of other cells. naio4 (1 to 10 mm) caused aggregation of stirred suspensions of washed platelets from rabbits. calcium was required in the suspending me ...1976178961
a phase ii trial of ftorafur: adriamycin and mitomycin-c (fam ii) in advanced gastric adenocarcinoma.fifteen patients with advanced gastric cancer were treated with the combination of ftorafur, adriamycin and mitomycin-c (fam ii). three patients showed partial responses, in five the disease remained stable for at least 3 months and seven showed progression while on treatment. all responding patients showed survival in excess of 12 months. hematologic toxicity was of only moderate severity. median white count nadir was 3500 cells/mm3 and median platelet nadir was 187,000 cells/mm3. four patients ...1979387203
net atp synthesis by running the red cell calcium pump backwards.ca2+ loaded inside-out vesicles from human red blood cells, yielding c2+ into a ca2+ free medium with 4 mm egta, 2 mm adp and 10 mm phosphate, produced an excess of 14.9 pmoles . min-1 . (mg protein)-1 of atp compared to controls in which the transmembrane ca2+ gradient was abolished by the ionophore a 23 187.1979391586
lymphocytes with immunoglobulin e fc receptors in patients with atopic disorders.lymphocytes from normal nonallergic donors and patients with atopic disorders were analyzed for subpopulations bearing fc receptors for immunoglobulin (ig)e (fc(epsilon)) and igg (fc(gamma)), surface igm (sigm) and igd (sigd), and for t cells forming spontaneous rosettes with sheep erythrocytes (e). the patients were divided into three groups according to serum ige concentrations and systemic corticosteroid treatment. group i consisted of 12 atopic patients with either normal or moderately incre ...1979112109
identifying needs and services for the aged.the assessment and placement service (aps) of the hamilton-wentworth district health council assists health professionals in identifying the needs of persons with chronic disabling diseases, and in finding appropriate resources or programs. more than 80 percent of the 9,300 persons referred between september 1971 and december 1975 were over the age of 64. although most referrals were local, some came as far away as british columbia and florida for persons wishing placement locally. of the 2,005 ...1977405411
[differentiation of several species of lactobacilli of the subgenus thermobacterium according to their bacteriocin sensitivity spectra].the method of retarded antagonism was applied to the study of l. acidophilus (187 cultures), l. salivarius (65 cultures), l. jugurti (16 cultures), l. helveticus (4 cultures) sensitivity to the action of 39 bacteriocines produced by various lactobacilli species. by the sensitivity spectra to bacteriocines l. ècidophilus cultures were divided into 76, l. salivarius--22, l. jugurti--15, and l. helveticus into 2 bacteriocines. by bacteriocine typing it was possible to differentiate into a number of ...1977405827
[intramural anterior interventricular artery. anatomical study].in an anatomical study of 187 patients who had died from various heart disorders, the anterior descending artery (ada) had an intra-mural course in 33 cases (17.65 p. 100). this abnormal course had had no correlation with the sex of the patients, the nature of the disease, length of the trunk of the left coronary artery, and to the relative sizes of the coronary vascular supply on the right and the left. it is associated, to a degree which may reach statistical significance, with certain abnorma ...1977413516
comparative studies on the structure and aggregative properties of the myosin molecule. i. the structure of the lobster myosin molecule.myosin purified from the abdominal flexor muscle of the lobster, homarus americanus, has a number average length of 1559 +/- 218 a, a rod like tail 1335 a long and a globular head 225 x 45 a as determined from electron microscopic observations on platinum shadowed preparations. the mass of the molecule was determined to be ca. 486,000 daltons from high speed equilibrium centrifugation studies at neutral and alkaline ph, and by sds-acrylamide gel electrophoresis. both sedimentation equilibrium ce ...1976132506
unexpected pressor responses to propranolol in essential hypertension. an interaction between renin, aldosterone and sympathetic activity.the blood pressure response to propranolol treatment was analyzed retrospectively in 187 patients with benign essential hypertension. in most patients (102 patients, 54 per cent) systolic and/or diastolic blood pressure was decreased by more than 10 per cent (responders). no significant change in blood pressure occurred in 35 per cent (65 patients) of the patients (nonresponders). surprisingly, in 20 patients (11 per cent) systolic (8 patients) and/or diastolic (14 patients) blood pressure was i ...1976190882
in-vitro observations on isolated adipose tissue cells from hyperobese subjects.isolated adipose tissue cells were prepared from subcutaneous samples obtained from nine morbidly obese subjects weighing from 187 to 306% of ideal body weight. the responsiveness of these adipocytes to a number of test substances was determined by measuring cellular cyclic amp concentration at one-half hour and glycerol release at four hours. theophylline (10(-3) m) and epinephrine (10(-5) m) stimulated lipolysis; theophylline stimulated an increase in cyclic amp, while epinephrine failed to pr ...1977194809
[classification of acquired aortic stenosis (based on electrocardiographic study data)].the article is based on the case records of 192 patients with acquired aortic stenosis and interpretation of the ecg of 187 patients. in this group, 143 patients underwent operation and 8 died in the period of their examination. the purpose of the examination consisted in determining whether or not the ecg could characterize the stage of the cardiac disease. four types of electrocardiographic changes of the ventricular complex characteristic of left-ventricular hypertrophy were distinguished. on ...1979159969
control of blood glucose levels in the streptozotocin diabetic rat using a long-acting heat-treated insulin.diurnal plasma glucose levels have been studied two hourly in streptozotocin diabetic rats during insulin treatment. protamine zinc insulin induced a very steep fall in plasma glucose level from 359 +/- 100 (sd) mg/100 ml to 91 +/- 49 mg/100 ml within two hours. plasma glucose was then low (13-60 mg/100 ml) until after 18 hours when an equally steep rise in glucose concentration ocurred. six other insulin preparations and several insulin treatment regimens were tested with the aim of normalising ...1979428689
angiotensin ii infusion increases vasopressin, acth, and 11-hydroxycorticosteroid secretion.the effects of intravenous infusion of asp1. ile5-angiotensin ii on blood pressure, plasma vasopressin, acth and 11-hydroxycorticosteroid levels and on plasma renin activity were studied in five trained, conscious dogs. the dogs were prepared with bilateral carotid loops. infusion of angiotensin ii at rates of 5, 10, and 20 ng/kg.min raised its plasma concentration from 23 +/- 7 to 48 +/- 8, 125 +/- 8, and 187 +/- 21 pg/ml, respectively. the lowest rate of infusion was mildly pressor, the two hi ...1978203199
comparison of two forms of pig heart phosphoprotein phosphatase.a phosphoprotein phosphatase (phosphoprotein phosphohydrolase, ec was partially purified from pig heart using as substrate h2b histone which had been phosphorylated at ser-32 and ser-36 by adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase (ec the enzyme had a molecular weight of approx. 250 000 and was converted to a smaller form with a molecular weight of approx. 30 000 upon treatment with ethanol. phosphorylase alpha (ec and phosphorylated h1 histone also ser ...1978204353
dna sequence alterations in hr-t deletion mutants of polyoma virus.we have investigated the dna sequence alterations in several hr-t mutants of polyoma virus. these mutants are defective in one of the two known viral functions essential for transformation and are altered with respect to several minor t antigen species. the lesions in some of these mutants have been mapped previously by marker rescue experiments to hpa ii fragment 4 (hpa ii-4, 78.4--91.7 map units) in the proximal part of the early region of the viral dna. thirteen of sixteen hr-t mutants examin ...1979222464
simian virus 40 mutants with deletions at the 3' end of the early region are defective in adenovirus helper function.coinfection of monkey cells with simian virus 40 (sv40) and adenovirus type 2 (ad2) increased the ad2 yield 1,000-fold over that obtained by ad2 infection alone of monkey cells (a. s. rabson, g. t. o'conor, i. k. berezesky, and f. j. paul, proc. soc. exp. biol. med. 116:187-190, 1964). the ability of viable mutants of sv40 that contain deletions at various sites in the viral dna to enhance ad2 growth in monkey cells was examined. only those mutants with deletions near the 3' end of the early reg ...1979225537
sterilization of cerebral metastases by radiation is generally acknowledged that radiation therapy (rt) provides effective palliative treatment for the majority of patients with brain metastases. it is less well known that rt can be "curative." in 10 years, we examined five patients with brain metastases treated with whole-brain radiotherapy and with no residual tumor in the brain at autopsy. these five patients represented about 3 percent (5 of 187) of patients treated for brain metastases and later examined at autopsy. some metastatic brai ...1979225696
characterization of a stable intermediate in the unfolding of diazoacetylglycine ethyl ester--pepsin by urea.the irreversible unfolding of covalently inhibited swine pepsin by urea was studied by spectrophotometric and viscosity measurements. at ph 4.5 and 25 degrees c in 8 m urea, a stable intermediate form of the protein was detected. it differed from the native protein by a slight loss of secondary structure and an increased intrinsic viscosity ([pi] = 7.5 ml g-1), indicating the intermediate to have an increased molecular volume or to be more asymmetric in shape. the protein was transformed into a ...197944220
the stoichiometry and stability of the nadp complexes with manganese(ii) ions as studied by electron paramagnetic resonance.magnetic resonance techniques have been applied to study the stability of the complexes formed between mn(ii) ions and nadp in aqueous solutions at a ph of 7.5 and 20 degrees c. the electron paramagnetic resonance (epr) data indicate that at low mn(ii) ion concentrations ([mn(ii)] less than 1 mm; [nadp] approximately 5 mm), a 1:1 complex is formed with an apparent stability constant k1 = 370 +/- 50 m-1 at an ionic strength of 0.22 in the presence of 0.20 m cl-. at high mn(ii) ion concentrations, ...197939671
ion-pair formation as a source of enhanced reactivity of the essential thiol group of d-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.the reactivity and the mode of activation of the essential--sh group (cys-149) of d-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase have been studied by means of a spectrophotometric method [polgár, l., febs lett. 38, 187-190 (1974)], capable of detecting the dissociated form of the thiol group in proteins. alkylations of cys-149 of nad-free d-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase with iodoacetamide and iodoacetate were investigated. the corrected absorbance change on alkylation at 250 nm (which is ...1975235434
the effects of deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest on systemic metabolic state of infants undergoing corrective open heart surgery: a comparison of two methods.fortyone of 187 infants undergoing corrective surgery for their congenital cardiac lesions using profound hypothermic circulatory arrest were randomly selected for metabolic studies. deep hypothermia of 21 to 22 degrees c core temperature was reached by two different techniques: 1. perfusion cooling by extracorporeal circulation (ecc-c) 2. surface cooling with ice bags combined with perfusion cooling (sc + ecc-c) after circulatory arrest (34.2 min. ecc-c v.s. 46.7 min. sc + ecc-c) bypass rewarmi ...1979462466
gas-blood pco2 gradients during avian gas exchange.the avian respiratory system is a crosscurrent gas exchange system. one of the aspects of this type of gas exchange system is that end-expired pco2 is greater than arterial pco2, the highest possible value being equal to mixed venous pco2. we made steady-state measurements of arterial, mixed venous, and end-expired pco2 in anesthetized, spontaneously breathing chickens during inhalation of room air or 4-8% co2. we found end-expired pco2 to be higher than both arterial and mixed venous pco2, the ...1975240800
ankylosing spondylitis without hla b27.a series of 187 patients with definite ankylosing spondylitis was studied. seventeen of these lacked the antigen hla b27, but had signs and symptoms identical to the 170 hla b27 positive patients. the study provides additional confirmation that other factors besides hla b27 are involved in the development of ankylosing spondylitis.1977266598
[hyaluronic acid in pleural fluids: an additional parameter for clinical diagnosis on diffuse mesotheliomas (author's transl)].187 pleural fluids of various etiology are examined with the intention to find hyaluronic acid. the colorimetric method of morgan-elson was used for this purpose. the mucopolysaccharid was identified in 34 cases: 18 in 30 cases of diffuse mesotheliomas 1 in 74 cases of secondary tumours of the pleura 8 in 20 cases of tuberculous pleurisy 5 in 37 cases of nonspecific pleurisy 2 in 6 cases of purulent pleursy. a level from more than 212 mg/litre was detected in 10 cases of mesotheliomas only. such ...1979475551
isolation and characterization of the third component of rat complement.the third component of complement from rat plasma was isolated by precipitation with polyethyleneglycol in the presence of benzamidine, followed by chromatography of the precipitate on cm-cellulose, hydroxyapatite, and qae a50-sephadex, and gel-filtration on sephadex g-200 superfine. c3 was isolated in its native form, as assessed by its specific functional activity and its immunoelectrophoretic mobility. the recovery of c3 was between 18 and 26%, and the final material was homogenous on sds-pag ...1979422228
[the effects of a gigant-pulse-laser upon the iris of the pigmented rabbit eye (author's transl)].the eyes of 10 pigmented rabbits were irradiated by a q-switched nd:yag laser. the pulse energy delivered to the right eye was 187 mj while the left eye was irradiated with 58 mj. the pulse duration in both cases was 25 ns. the destructive effects were analysed for two different positions of the focus. in the upper half of the eye the focus was positioned at the anterior iris surface. in the lower half it was adjusted near the pigment epithelium. the eyes were analysed by electron microscopy at ...1979480831
structure of the orgin of dna replication of bacteriophage rna-polymerase-protected dna fragment of 125 nucleotides from the origin of single-strand to double-strand replication of bacteriophage fd (ori-dna) was located on the physical map of the phage genome. a stretch of 187 base pairs of dna including the ori-dna was sequenced. this dna segment contains regions with a highly asymmetric pyrimidine/purine distribution next to regions with 2-fold symmetry that form stable hairpin structures in the viral dna strand.1978272666
evaluation of a pit- and fissure-sealing program in a public dental health service after 2 years.the aim of the present study was to test the caries-preventive effect of a bis-gma type fissure sealant (concise enamel bond system) in a public dental health service for children. the study compared one group of children, in which all sound permanent teeth were sealed, and a control group in which no sealants were placed. during the study period all children received systematic restorative care, while sealing was performed on the basis of diagnoses made at subsequent examinations by one of the ...1979287586
sensory transduction in escherichia coli: role of a protein methylation reaction in sensory adaptation.the behavioral response of escherichia coli to the addition of a stimulatory compound is transient; thus the organism undergoes sensory adaptation. when the compound is removed, e. coli undergoes the inverse process, called deadaptation, and very rapidly regains its sensitivity to the stimulus. in this communication we demonstrate that the previously reported methylation of several cytoplasmic membrane proteins is correlated with, and very likely controls, the state of adaptation of the cell. in ...1977337305
[polychemotherapy of advanced breast cancer. triple combination with doxorubicin. analysis of 209 observation].two hundred and nine patients with breast cancer in an advanced stage were treated according to a chemotherapeutic regimen associating doxorubicin, vincristine and methotrexate, administered in courses of 5 days every three weeks. this analysis deals only with the short range results; they confirm those of a previous randomized study. a global objective response was obtained in 187 cases (89%) and a measurable regression of the lesions in 150 cases (71%); in these later cases 90 (43%) had a regr ...1977343839
platelet-activating factor and macrophages. i. evidence for the release from rat and mouse peritoneal macrophages and not from mastocytes.platelet-activating factor (paf) is a phospholipid mediator of anaphylaxis, released from basophils of several mammalian species, that aggregates platelets and releases their vasoactive amines. the ionophore a23 187 induced the release of paf from rat and mouse peritoneal cells, a mixed cell population that was fractionated using 5--15% ficoll gradients and adherence to plastic petri dishes. paf was associated with large, acid phosphatase-containing, adherent mononuclear cells. mastocytes did no ...1979385330
serum cholesterol levels in a nigerian population sample.serum cholesterol was determined in 104 healthy nigerians (57 males and 47 females). the average cholesterol concentration was 187 +/- 72.8 mg/100 ml (mean +/- sd) with a range of 60-480 mg/100 ml. cholesterol levels were higher in males than in females and increased with age. distribution of cholesterol level was generally skew to the left.1979510466
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