bioactive iridoids and a new lignan from allamanda cathartica and himatanthus fallax from the suriname rainforest.bioassay-guided fractionation of the etoac extract of both allamanda cathartica and himatanthus fallax (apocynaceae) using the sc-7 yeast strain resulted in the isolation of the weakly cytotoxic isoplumericin and plumericin. in addition, the new lignan 7(r)-methoxy-8-epi-matairesional and three known compounds, plumieride, matairesinol, and pinoresinol, were isolated from h. fallax.19979428163
antinematodal activity of some tropical rainforest plants against the pinewood nematode, bursaphelenchus xylophilus.sixty five methanolic extracts of sumatran rainforest plants representing 63 species of 21 families were assayed in vivo for antinematodal activity against bursaphelenchus xylophilus using our cotton ball-fungal mat method. extracts of 27 plants species from 14 families exhibited antinematodal activity, while 37 species were inactive. among them, three extracts of bischofia javanica, knema hookeriana and areca catechu exhibited very strong activity at minimum effective dose (med) of 0.7 mg/cotto ...200010817223
snakebites and ethnobotany in the northwest region of colombia. part iii: neutralization of the haemorrhagic effect of bothrops atrox venom.thirty-one of 75 extracts of plants used by traditional healers for snakebites, had moderate or high neutralizing ability against the haemorrhagic effect of bothrops atrox venom from antioquia and chocó, north-western colombia. after preincubation of several doses of every extract (7.8-4000 microg/mouse) with six minimum haemorrhagic doses (10 microg) of venom, 12 of them demonstrated 100% neutralizing capacity when the mixture was i.d. injected into mice (18-20 g). these were the stem barks of ...200011025161
plumieride from allamanda cathartica as an antidermatophytic agent.plumieride has been isolated as an active principle of the leaves of allamanda cathartica. it showed strong fungitoxicity against some dermatophytes causing dermatomycosis to animals and human beings. it exhibited a noncytotoxic nature against a p(388) mouse leukaemia cell line.200212112301
evaluation of wound healing activity of allamanda cathartica. l. and laurus nobilis. l. extracts on rats.allamanda cathartica. l. is a perennial shrub used in traditional medicine for treating malaria and jaundice. laurus nobilis. l. is a tree and has been used for its astringent, healing and diuretic properties. the objective of this study was to investigate the aqueous extracts of allamanda and laurus nobilis to evaluate their wound healing activity in rats.200616597335
reversible antifertility effect of aqueous leaf extract of allamanda cathartica l. in male laboratory mice.the efficacy of oral administration of aqueous leaf extract of allamanda cathartica (150 mg kg(-1) body weight day(-1) for 14, 28 and 42 days) in inducing infertility and changes in various male reproductive endpoints was evaluated in parkes strain mice. the effect of the treatment on organ weight, histopathology, sperm parameters, testosterone level, haematology, serum biochemistry and on fertility indices was assessed. histologically, testes in extract-treated mice showed nonuniform degenerati ...200819032682
molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus infecting allamanda cathartica in guangdong, china.virus isolate g10 was obtained from diseased allamanda plants showing leaf curl symptoms in guangdong, china. the full-length nucleotide sequence of a dna-a-like molecule of g10 was cloned and sequenced; it comprises 2755 nucleotides and has a typical begomovirus genome organization with six conserved open reading frames. when compared with the dna-a sequences of other begomoviruses, the complete nucleotide sequence of dna-a of g10 had the highest sequence identity (81.2%) to tomato leaf curl gu ...200919609637
antiproliferative and phytochemical analyses of leaf extracts of ten apocynaceae species.the anticancer properties of apocynaceae species are well known in barks and roots but less so in leaves.201121772753
isolation and structural elucidation of allamandin, an antileukemic iridoid lactone from allamanda cathartica. 20154414009
effects of changes in micro-weather conditions on structural features, total protein and carbohydrate content in leaves of the atlantic rain forest tree golden trumpet (tabebuia chrysotricha).golden trumpet, tabebuia chrysotricha, is a native tree from the brazilian atlantic rain forest, with a broad latitudinal distribution. in this study, we investigated the potential effects of short-term changes in micro-weather conditions on structural features, and total protein and carbohydrate content of golden trumpet leaves, using structural and histochemical approaches. leaves were harvested in four different micro-weather conditions: 1. afternoon, after a hot, sunny day; 2. at dawn, after ...201627783764
comparative analysis of the properties of acid-base indicator of rose (rosa setigera), allamanda (allamanda cathartica), and hibiscus (hibiscus rosa-sinensis) flowers.the need to develop effective alternative for synthetic indicators is the demand of present-day chemistry. the acid-base indicator properties of rose (rosa setigera), allamanda (allamanda cathartica), and hibiscus (hibiscus rosa-sinensis) flowers were examined. colour pigments were extracted from the flowers via cold and solvent extraction using soxhlet extractor. the ph value of the extracts with wavelengths of absorption was determined using ultraviolet spectrophotometer. from the results obta ...201526819757
molecular characterization of phytoplasmas of 'clover proliferation' group associated with three ornamental plant species in india.suspected phytoplasma symptoms of little leaf, yellowing, chlorosis, phyllody, witches' broom, and stunting were observed on ten different ornamental plant species at new delhi, andhra pradesh, haryana, bengaluru, and pune, india, during march to july 2016. to investigate the possibility of phytoplasma etiology, pcr assays were performed using universal primer pairs (p1/p7 followed by 3far/3rev) specific to the phytoplasma 16sr rna gene. first round pcr amplification with primer pair p1/p7 did n ...201628330309
allotides: proline-rich cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors from allamanda cathartica.cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors belong to a knottin family of peptidyl inhibitors of 30-32 residues and contain two to four prolines. thus far, only four members of the group of cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors have been characterized. herein, the discovery and characterization of five cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors, allotides c1-c5 (ac1-ac5) (1-5), from the medicinal plant allamanda cathartica are reported using both proteomic and genomic methods. proteomic analysis showed that 1-5 are 30 ...201525832441
chemical composition, antioxidant activities and protein profiling of different parts of allamanda cathartica.the phytochemical screening and protein profiling of allamanda cathartica was performed. biochemical analysis revealed that peroxidase (8730 ± 307 units/g), superoxide dismutase (181 ± 3.79 units/g), catalase (529 ± 28.9 units/g), protease (3598 ± 79.8 units/g), total phenolic contents (19,344 ± 657 μm/g), β-esterases (342 ± 46.5 units/g) and the total oxidant status were highest in the roots as compared to other plant parts. however, total soluble proteins (128 ± 1.54 mg/g), lycopene (5.70 ± 0. ...201424931146
in vivo antioxidant assessment of two antimalarial plants-allamamda cathartica and bixa determine the free radical scavenging potentials pytochemical constituents of ethanol leaves extracts of allamanda cathartica (a. cathartica) and bixa orellana (b. orellana) and thus their effects in antimalarial activities.201323646303
a ringspot-disease of allamanda cathartica linn. and some physical properties of its causal agent. 19695396078
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