spermatozoa characteristics in six psittacine species using light microscopy.even though breeding of companion birds has increased continuously for years, the fecundity assessment of birds has hardly been acknowledged. knowledge of the structure of spermatozoa is crucial for evaluation of the basic reproductive biology of any species as well as for phylogenetic research and cladistic analyses of internal relationships. spermatozoa of six different psittacine species (nymphicus hollandicus, myiopsitta monachus, agapornis roseicollis, melopsittacus undulatus, tanygnathus l ...200920456089
complete mitochondrial genome of blue-crowned parakeet (aratinga acuticaudata)--phylogenetic position of the species among parrots group called parakeet (aratinga acuticaudata) is a south american parrot species with a taxonomic position not confirmed by molecular studies. we sequenced full mitochondrial genome and constructed phylogenetic tree using sequences of mitochondrial nd2 gene from a. acuticaudata and some other representatives of conures group. our results confirmed previously described distribution of aratinga species into three clades, but surprisingly did not classify blue-crowned parakeet to any of them. we fo ...201323351080
hematologic reference values for clinically healthy captive golden conures (guaruba guarouba).golden conures or ararajubas (guaruba guarouba) are endangered parrots endemic to the brazilian amazon forest. body mass, blood cell counts, and total plasma protein were determined for 70 clinically healthy golden conures captive at zoologic parks and private breeder facilities in brazil. hematologic results (mean +/- sd) were: erythrocytes 3.6 +/- 0.5 x 10(6) cells/mm3, hemoglobin 12.8 +/- 1.4 g/dl, packed cell volume 46 +/- 3.8%, mean corpuscular volume 132 +/- 20 fl, mean corpuscular hemoglo ...201223397841
presumptive pit viper envenomation in psittacines in a brazilian zoo.snake bites represent a serious public health risk in many regions of the globe, especially in tropical areas. clinical signs and postmortem changes are well described in human and other mammalian species. however, detailed case reports about venomous snake attacks in avian species are limited. this report describes presumptive fatal envenomations in three psittacines caused by pit vipers in a brazilian zoo. in one case, a brazilian lancehead (bothrops moojeni) was captured in the aviary. in all ...201728920799
acth stimulation induced self-mutilation behavior in the golden conure (guaruba guarouba).psittacidae are very susceptible to chronic stress and behavioral disorders. information regarding the endocrinology of the golden conure is scarce, especially about adrenocortical activity. endocrine studies using non-invasive methods are useful, because they allow longitudinal analysis with high numbers of samples without causing additional stress and are viable in the psittacidae management. the objective was to physiologically validate an enzyme immunoassay for measuring glucocorticoid metab ...202032131558
successful reduction of feather-damaging behavior by social restructuring in a group of golden conures (guaruba guarouba).a variety of infectious and noninfectious causes may contribute to feather-damaging behavior (fdb) in birds. this paper describes an episode of fdb behavior related to an isosexual group composition in a group of 20 golden conures (guaruba guarouba) kept in a collective aviary. after ruling out infectious causative agents and analyzing the social bird group composition over a period of 10 yr, the male to female ratio of the group was reduced from 1.7 to 1.0. this intervention resulted in a signi ...201728920783
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