characterization of bacillus brevis with descriptions of bacillus migulanus sp. nov., bacillus choshinensis sp. nov., bacillus parabrevis sp. nov., and bacillus galactophilus sp. nov.thirty-five bacillus brevis strains obtained from culture collections, including protein-producing isolates, were taxonomically studied by using numerical analysis, dna base composition, and dna-dna hybridization. six dna relatedness groups were represented, and these groups correlated well with clusters based on the numerical analysis. the b. brevis strains were separated into b. brevis sensu stricto, four new species, and an unidentified species of the genus bacillus. bacillus migulanus sp. no ...19938494737
proposal for two new genera, brevibacillus gen. nov. and aneurinibacillus gen. nov.16s rrna gene sequences of the type strains of 11 species belonging to the bacillus brevis and bacillus aneurinolyticus groups were determined. on the basis of the results of gene sequence analyses, these species were separated into two clusters. the b. brevis cluster included 10 species, namely, bacillus brevis, bacillus agri, bacillus centrosporus, bacillus choshinensis, bacillus parabrevis, bacillus reuszeri, bacillus formosus, bacillus borstelensis, bacillus laterosporus, and bacillus thermo ...19968863420
reclassification of "bacillus pulvifaciens" group ii as brevibacillus agri.organisms formerly identified as strains of paenibacillus pulvifaciens group ii were reclassified as members of the species brevibacillus agri. the reclassification was based on phylogenetic analysis of 16s rrna gene sequences from selected bacillaceae. the analysis strongly supported placement of group ii strains in the genus brevibacillus. high dna relatedness of 87-100% and close phenotypic similarity demonstrated that group ii strains were members of the species brevibacillus agri.19979058544
polyphasic identification of bacillus and brevibacillus strains from clinical, dairy and industrial specimens and proposal of brevibacillus invocatus sp. nov..thirty-three clinical, dairy and industrial isolates of aerobic endospore-forming bacteria which were unreactive in routine identification tests were characterized genotypically by using amplified rdna restriction analysis (ardra), 16s rdna sequencing and dna-dna reassociation, and phenotypically by using fatty acid methyl ester (fame) analysis, sds-page of whole-cell proteins, api biotype 100 assimilation tests and 16 other routine phenotypic tests. three isolates were identified as strains of ...200212054263
heterotrophic bacteria growing in association with methylococcus capsulatus (bath) in a single cell protein production process.the methanotrophic bacterium methylococcus capsulatus (bath) grows on pure methane. however, in a single cell protein production process using natural gas as methane source, a bacterial consortium is necessary to support growth over longer periods in continuous cultures. in different bioreactors of norferm danmark a/s, three bacteria consistently invaded m. capsulatus cultures growing under semi-sterile conditions in continuous culture. these bacteria have now been identified as a not yet descri ...200212073128
study of the bacterial load in a gelatine production process focussed on bacillus and related endosporeforming genera.gelatine is an animal protein with many industrial applications. previous studies pointed out that endosporeforming bacteria, belonging to the genus bacillus or related genera, might contaminate and survive the production process of gelatine, leading to products of low quality and safety. the aim of this study is to determine the bacterial diversity of contaminants isolated from a gelatine production chain with emphasis on aerobic endosporeforming bacteria. contaminants were isolated from sample ...200212583722
a gene cluster involved in pyrimidine reductive catabolism from brevibacillus agri nchu1002.genes involved in pyrimidine reductive catabolism (pyd) were isolated from a moderate thermophile, brevibacillus agri nchu1002, and nine orfs in an 8.2-kb dna fragment were identified by dna sequence analysis. the pyd gene cluster included three closely spaced orfs, designated pyda, pydb, and pydc, transcribed in the same orientation. based on their amino acid sequence identity and enzyme activity assay, the gene products were identified as dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (pyda), dihydropyrimidi ...200312670488
reclassification of brevibacillus brevis strains ncimb 13288 and dsm 6472 (=nrrl nrs-887) as aneurinibacillus danicus sp. nov. and brevibacillus limnophilus sp. nov.comparison of the hypervariable region (269-279 bases in length) at the 5' end of the 16s rdna sequences of 29 bacterial strains that were identified previously as brevibacillus brevis showed that 13 strains clustered with aneurinibacillus species, eight strains clustered with bacillus species and eight strains clustered with brevibacillus species. based on dna-dna hybridization results, 27 strains, not including [brevibacillus brevis] ncimb 13288 and [brevibacillus brevis] dsm 6472, were reiden ...200415023954
isolation, characterization, and identification of bacterial contaminants in semifinal gelatin extracts.bacterial contamination of gelatin is of great concern. indeed, this animal colloid has many industrial applications, mainly in food and pharmaceutical products. in a previous study (e. de clerck and p. de vos, syst. appl. microbiol. 25:611-618), contamination of a gelatin production process with a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was demonstrated. in this study, bacterial contamination of semifinal gelatin extracts from several production plants was examined. since these extr ...200415184171
a simple method for differentiation of streptomycin-producing strain of streptomyces from streptothricin-producing strain by their bacteriostatic spectra against bacillus agri. 194915396950
molecular characterisation of bacterial contamination in semi-final gelatine extracts, using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.contamination of gelatine may affect the safety and/or quality of its applications. characterisation of bacterial isolates from semi-final gelatine batches revealed thermotolerant, aerobic, endosporeforming contaminants. in this paper, bacterial contamination in gelatine batches is analysed without previous isolation, by means of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) of pcr-amplified 16s rdna sequences. v9 and v6-v8 regions of the 16s rdna gene were found more suitable for this purpose ...200415490563
a novel hydantoinase process using recombinant escherichia coli cells with dihydropyrimidinase and l-n-carbamoylase activities as biocatalyst for the production of l-homophenylalanine.a dihydropyrimidinase gene (pydb) was cloned from the moderate thermophilic brevibacillus agri nchu1002 and expressed in escherichia coli. the purified dihydropyrimidinase exhibited strict d-enantioselectivity for d,l-p-hydroxyphenylhydantoin and d,l-5-[2-(methylthio)ethyl]hydantoin, and non-enantiospecificity for d,l-homophenylalanylhydantoin (d,l-hpah). the hydrolytic activity of pydb was enhanced notably by mn2+, with a maximal activity at 60 degrees c and ph 8.0. this enzyme was completely t ...200818342972
effects of organic solvents on immobilized lipase in pectin microspheres.lipase from brevibacillus agri 52 was found stable up to 90% diethylenglycol (deg), glycerol (gly), and 1,2 propanediol (1,2 pro) at 37 degrees c for 1 h and the stability was reduced only approximately 20% after 12 h incubation, but in 40% dimethylsulfoxide (dmso), lipase activity was stable only for 1 h. inhibition of the biocatalysts with dimethylformamide (dmf) was detected at 20% solvent concentration. in water immiscible systems, the stability of lipase in n-hexane, n-tetradecane and n-hep ...200818543116
characterization of an organic-solvent-tolerant brevibacillus agri strain 13 able to stabilize solvent/water emulsion.brevibacillus agri strain 13 was isolated and characterized as a gram-positive organic-solvent-tolerant bacterium able to grow at 45 degrees c. it can tolerate high concentrations (5% and 20%, v/v) of various organic solvents with a broad range of log p(ow) when the organic solvent was provided as a nonaqueous layer. although it can tolerate a number of aromatic solvents, it cannot utilize them as a sole carbon source. the surface characteristics of cells exposed to organic solvent were investig ...200919548892
identification and characterization of microorganisms from earthworm viscera for the conversion of fish wastes into liquid fertilizer.five bacteria isolated from earthworm viscera and identified as brevibacillus agri, bacillus cereus, bacillus licheniformis, and brevibacillus parabrevis by 16s rrna sequencing were employed in the conversion of fish wastes generated from a restaurant specializing in sliced raw fish into fertilizer. within 120h after inoculation of autoclaved fish waste with 5.15 x 10(5) cfu ml(-1) mixed isolates, the amount of dry sludge decreased from 29.4 to 0.2g, the ph changed from 7.05 to 5.70, and the cel ...201020189380
vinyl acetate degradation by brevibacillus agri isolated from a slightly aerated methanogenic a previous paper, the authors showed that a slight aeration of a methanogenic reactor treating wastewater from the manufacture of polymeric resins could improve its performance, by increasing or allowing the removal of some of its contaminants, including vinyl acetate (va). this paper reports the isolation under aerobic conditions of a va-biodegrading axenic culture (strain c1) retrieved from the sludge of a slightly aerated methanogenic reactor at 1 mg l(-1) d(-1) of dissolved oxygen (do). t ...201020232673
bioproduction of vanillin using an organic solvent-tolerant brevibacillus agri 13.nowadays, majority of vanillin supplied to the world market is chemically synthesized from a petroleum-based raw material, raising a concern among the consumers regarding the product safety. in this study, an organic solvent-tolerant brevibacillus agri 13 previously reported for a strong predilectic property was utilized as a whole-cell biocatalyst for bioproduction of vanillin from isoeugenol (ig). b. agri 13 is the first biocatalyst reported for bioproduction of vanillin at a temperature as hi ...201121814805
the noncommensal bacterium methylococcus capsulatus (bath) ameliorates dextran sulfate (sodium salt)-induced ulcerative colitis by influencing mechanisms essential for maintenance of the colonic barrier function.dietary inclusion of a bacterial meal has recently been shown to efficiently abolish soybean meal-induced enteritis in atlantic salmon. the objective of this study was to investigate whether inclusion of this bacterial meal in the diet could abrogate disease development in a murine model of epithelial injury and colitis and thus possibly have therapeutic potential in human inflammatory bowel disease. c57bl/6n mice were fed ad libitum a control diet or an experimental diet containing 254 g/kg of ...201323064342
dynamics of bacterial class bacilli in the deepest valley lake of kashmir-the manasbal recognition of the importance of bacteria as ecological indicators of the aquatic systems a comprehensive and systematic analysis was carried out on manasbal lake, the deepest spring fed valley lake of kashmir. the main objective envisaged was to analyze bacterial community composition (bcc) and for this purpose systematic and regular sampling of waters from ten different sampling stations, predetermined in the lake according to differences in degree of human interference and also as zones of ...201728087491
[diversity of bacillus species inhabiting on the surface and endophyte of lichens collected from wuyi mountain].the present work reported the isolation, identification and diversity of bacillus species colonizing on the surface and endophyte in lichens collected from wuyi mountain.201526259479
identification of bacillus species occurring in kantong, an acid fermented seed condiment produced in ghana.kantong is a condiment produced in ghana by the spontaneous fermentation of kapok tree (ceiba pentandra) seeds with cassava flour as an additive. fermentation is over a 48h period followed by a drying and a kneading process. although lactic acid bacteria (lab) have previously been identified other micro-organisms may also be involved in the fermentation process. in this study we examined the occurrence of aerobic endospore-forming bacteria (aeb) in raw materials, during fermentation and in the f ...201424747716
kinetic analysis and degradation pathway for m-dichlorobenzene removal by brevibacillus agri dh-1 and its performance in a biotrickling filter.a strain, brevibacillus agri dh-1, isolated from dry lands was used to remove m-dichlorobenzene. after 48h culturing, the concentrations of m-dichlorobenzene decreased from 26-130 to 7.87-28.87mg/l and dry cell weight for bacterial growth reached 52.43-75.05mg/l. the growth and degradation kinetics were analyzed by the fitting of haldane-andrews model and pseudo first-order model. a degradation pathway was proposed according to major intermediates (phenol), chloride ion variation, ring-opening e ...201728189989
effects of inoculation with organic phosphorus-mineralizing bacteria on soybean (glycine max) growth and indigenous bacterial community diversity.three organic phosphorus-mineralizing bacteria (opmb) strains were inoculated to soil planted with soybean (glycine max) respectively, and their effects on soybean growth and indigenous bacterial community diversity were investigated. inoculation with pseudomonas fluorescens z4-1 and brevibacillus agri l7-1 increased organic phosphorus degradation by 22% and 30%, respectively, compared with the control at the mature stage. strains p. fluorescens z4-1 and b. agri l7-1 significantly improved the s ...201728177785
brevibacillus gelatini sp.nov., isolated from hot spring in turkey.two gram-positive, moderately thermophilic, endospore-forming, rod-shaped, motile bacteria were isolated from camkoy hot spring in the provinces of aydın, turkey and were characterized in order to determine their phylogenetic positions. these strains were designated as pdf4t and pdf10. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis revealed that the two strains belonged to the genus brevibacillus; strain pdf4t showed highest sequence similarity to strain pdf10 (99.5 %), brevibacillus brevis dsm 30t (98.9 %), b ...201526585900
biodegradation of malodorous thiols by a brevibacillus sp. strain isolated from a tunisian phosphate factory.hydrogen sulfide (h2s) and thiols (rsh) generated by the phosphate industry cause harmful effects on human health and quality of life. the present study aims to investigate and evaluate a bacterial strain cat37 isolated from gas-washing wastewaters in terms of its properties and ability to degrade malodorous thiols. gas-washing wastewater samples were submitted to physicochemical analyses and used for the isolation of thiol-degrading bacteria. the results from gas chromatography-mass spectrometr ...201526085487
genome sequence of brevibacillus agri strain 5-2, isolated from the formation water of petroleum reservoir.brevibacillus agri strain 5-2 was isolated from the formation water of a deep oil reservoir in changqing oilfield, china. this bacterium was found to have a capacity for degrading tetradecane, hexadecane and alkanesulfonate. to gain insights into its efficient metabolic pathway for degrading hydrocarbon and organosulfur compounds, here, we report the high quality draft genome of this strain. two putative alkane 1-monooxygenases, one putative alkanesulfonate monooxygenase, one putative alkanesulf ...201425194923
transformation of brevibacillus, a soil microbe to an uropathogen with hemagglutination urinary tract infection (uti) with brevibacillus agri, an aerobic soil bacteria is discussed. the preliminary urine analysis tested negative for uti, while the patient was diagnosed with focal pyelonephritis. the urine sample was analyzed for the presence of possible micro-organisms. the isolated micro-organism was phenotypically characterized and compared with a standard b. agri strain and an established uropathogen eschericia coli, cft073. each experimental mouse was trans-urethrally infect ...201424464621
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