the activity of cholinesterase in human hookworms following expelling of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus. 1979105844
[isolation of ancylostoma duodenale antigens and production of immune sera].rabbits were immunized using intact larvae or homogenates from ancylostoma duodenale. antisera were tested by immunodiffusion. the homogenates promote the formation of antibodies but the intact worms were not able to induce them. the antisera were partially purified by precipitation with amonium sulphate 40% saturation and filtration through sephadex g-200. the purified material was attached to sepharose 6b and used as immunoabsorbent for the isolation of the antigens from the soluble extracts o ...1978116326
in vitro cultivation of ancylostoma duodenale and ancylostoma caninum. 1979117988
socio-agricultural factors and parasitic infections in the caspian littoral region of iran.surveys for intestinal parasites in villages in the babol area of the caspian littoral region of iran have been conducted for five years. during this period, mass chemotherapy and individual treatment have been administered. while the overall prevalence of parasitic disease was reduced after these campaigns, reinfection took place repeatedly, and at a rapid rate. this paper re-examines the prevalence of seven helminth species (ascaris lumbricoides), hookworms (ancylostoma duodenale and necator a ...1979317393
comparative studies on the evaluation of the effect of new anthelminthics on various intestinal helminthiasis in iran. effects of anthelminthics on intestinal helminthiasis.the effect of pyrantel pamoate, levamisole, mebendazole, thiabendazole and bephenium hydroxynaphthoate on various intestinal helminths were evaluated among the inhabitants of four villages in the dezful area southwest of iran. a total number of 328 persons, all infected simultaneously with ascaris and hookworm (ancylostoma duodenale) and 49.2% with trichostrongylus spp., were randomly divided into six groups. one group was kept as the control and the other five were each treated with one compoun ...1977318981
anthelmintics.this article describes the drugs used in helminthic infections and their therapeutic indications, mode of action, toxicity and other details of each of the recommended drugs, and discusses the nature and treatment of infection by helminths important in human medicine. infestation due to the roundworms enterobius vermicularis, ascaris lumbricoides and the hookworms, ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus can all be treated effectively with pyrantel pamoate. for enterobius vermicularis, howe ...1977319991
ancylostoma duodenale: maintenance through six generations in helminth-native pups. 1979437019
complete development of human hookworm, ancylostoma duodenale (dubini, 1843) in infant rabbits. 1979437023
[ancylostoma duodenale (dubini, 1843) creplin, 1843 (nematoda: ancylostomidae), parasite of the spotted hyena crocuta crocuta (erxleben) in ethiopia]. 1979554273
comparative single/dose treatment of hookworm and roundworm infections with levamisole, pyrantel and bephenium*.one-hundred and forty-five farmers aged 7-45 years who were infected with ancylostoma duodenale and/or ascaris were treated with a single dose of levamisole, pyrantel, or bephenium. the percentage cure rates were ascaris 100 per cent ahd hookworm 93 per cent for levamisole; ascaris 90 per cent and hookworm 78 per cent for pyrantel; and ascaris 73 per cent and hookworm 81 per cent for bephenium. the 3 drugs were well tolerated. the opinions and assertions contained herein are the private ones of ...1977592453
an unusual outbreak of hookworm disease in north unusual outbreak of hookworm disease occurred after a game of "kabaddi" (a local game which results in much body contact with the ground) in 27 young males from one village. it was characterized by an immediate incapacitating dermatitis, followed by severe pulmonary symptoms. progressive weakness, abdominal pain, weight loss and anemia developed within a few months. ancylostoma duodenale was found in all except four patients who had received antihelminthic treatment. specific treatment for ho ...1978626280
necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale: life history parameters and epidemiological implications of two sympatric hookworms of humans. 1978627275
human ancylostoma infections in estimate of the proportion of infections with ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus by the examination of larvae collected from the stools of 220 persons infected with hookworm was made. fifty-nine per cent of the infections were due to n. americanus only: a. duodenale always occurred in association with n. americanus. in 12% of the infections it is suggested that there were approximately three female a. duodenale to 95 female n. americanus. the highest numbers of a. duodenale in mixed ...1978697443
population biology of hookworms in children in rural west bengal. i. general parasitological observations.hookworm infection was studied over a 22-month period in 31-49% of a population of 1,803 1- to 10-year-old children in a rural area near calcutta where both necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale were prevalent. half of the children were infected before age 5 and 90% were infected by age 9, when the mean egg count reached 2,000 eggs/g of feces. infection was significantly heavier and more prevalent among males than among females, and greater among muslims than among hindus. these differenc ...1978727320
population biology of hookworms in children in rural west bengal. ii. acquisition and loss of hookworms.from changes in hookworm egg counts in feces of children in gangetic west bengal we estimate that, on the average, each child lost about 11.1 female hookworms during the 1969 post-monsoon dry period and gained about 10.3 females during the subsequent premonsoon and monsoon seasons, resulting in a net loss of worms over the 22-month study period. however, the mean fecal egg count for each 1-year age group of children from 3-11 years suggests an average net gain of 2.7 female worms/year. from seas ...1978727321
[efficacy of mebendazole in hookworm infection by ancylostoma duodenale (author's transl)]. 1978751651
transmammary passage of strongyloides sp. larvae in the human host.the prevalence of infection with strongyloides fuelleborni and hookworms (ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus), and the possible transmammary passage of these parasites, was studied in the people of a village in bulapé, zaire, africa. stool examinations revealed that 34% of 76 infants under 200 days of age were infected with s. fuelleborni and 8% were infected with hookworms. infection rates in the general population were 44% for s. fuelleborni and 90% for hookworms. the examination of ...1977848643
[vulvar exzema caused by ancylostoma duodenale]. 1977865385
[vulvitis due to ancylostoma duodenale (author's transl)].there is reported about a case of vulvitis, which was resistant to usual forms of therapy. infections as such of candida or of trichomonas as well as diabetes could be excluded. but there could be proved an incidence of ancylostoma duodenale, which is nowadays more often to be observed. adequate therapy was successful.1976967093
biology of soil-transmitted helminths: the massive infection.soil-transmitted helminth infections when light-to-moderate usually are well tolerated, but heavy-to massive infections invariably cause disease. a massive infection with ascaris lumbricoides may cause intestinal obstruction, liver abscess, or some other condition requiring surgical treatment; more regularly, however, ascaris disease is a form of malnutrition. trichuris trichiura causes diarrhea and dysentery and, at times, rectal prolapse. the hookworms, necator americanus and ancylostoma duode ...19751052507
massive intestinal haemorrhage due to infection with ancylostoma duodenale. 19761083436
the topographic distribution of necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale in the human intestine.during an investigation in dar es salaam, tanzania, 28 human intestinal tracts were systematically inspected on the presence of hookworms. in total, 643 hookworms (508 necator americanus and 135 ancylostoma duodenale) were isolated from 19 intestinal tracts. the localization of these hookworms was determined. n. americanus worms were concentrated in the duodenum and jejunum, whereas a. duodenale worms rather prefer the jejunum and proximal ileum. some preference of hookworms for the antimesenter ...19751179482
prevalence of hookworm species in pondicherry, india.a study was carried out to find out the hookworm species prevalent in pondicherry, india, based on the identification of filariform larvae recovered from coproculture of hookworm positive stools. a total of 184 hookworm positive stools were cultured using the harada-mori coproculture method. the results of the study for the first time showed both hookworm species, ancylostoma duodenale (60 cases) and necator americanus (49 cases) to be present in pondicherry. the former species was relatively mo ...19921295152
[clinical observation on efficacy of ivermectin in the treatment of intestinal nematode infections].a total of 166 cases were divided into 3 groups: group a comprised 55, group b 54 and group c 57 cases. group a received ivermectin 0.1 mg/kg orally at a single dose, the cure rates were 100%, 3.8% and 50% for ascaris, hookworm and trichuris, infections respectively: group b received ivermectin 0.2 mg/kg orally at a single dose, the corresponding cure rates were 95.5%, 11.8% and 76.5% respectively; group c received pyrantel pamoate 10 mg/kg orally at a single dose, the corresponding cure rates w ...19921303336
intestinal parasitic infections in likupang, north sulawesi, indonesia.a parasitological survey was conducted on the inhabitants of 6 villages of likupang, minahasa peninsula, north sulawesi, indonesia, in august 1991. a total of 419 fecal samples were examined by using direct smear, flotation, formalin ether concentration, harada-mori culture and agar-plate culture techniques. five nematode and 7 protozoan parasites were detected, while trematode and cestode infection was not observed. soil-transmitted nematode infections were predominant. among the younger inhabi ...19921439973
resumption of feeding in vitro by hookworm third-stage larvae: a comparative study.third-stage infective larvae of the canine hookworm ancylostoma caninum resume feeding in vitro in response to several stimuli. experiments were conducted to characterize the in vitro feeding behavior of several hookworm species. reduced glutathione and, to a lesser extent, canine and human serum stimulated third-stage larvae of ancylostoma duodenale to resume feeding. glutathione-induced feeding reached a maximum by 16 hr and was concentration-dependent between 0- and 15-mm glutathione. oxidize ...19921491295
distinction of human hookworm larvae based on lectin-binding characteristics.a comparative study of lectin binding to ensheathed (enl3) and exsheathed (exl3) l3 larvae of necator americanus, ancylostoma duodenale and ancylostoma ceylanicum revealed a number of differences between these hookworm species. these differences could provide a novel approach to distinguish infective l3 larvae in field conditions. for example, binding of ulex europaeus agglutinin (uea) and ricinus communis agglutinin (rca120) to n. americanus enl3 distinguished them from those of a. duodenale an ...19921570175
[an imported human case of hookworm infection with worms in the rectum].an imported case of rectal hookworm infection was diagnosed by stool examination and recovery of adult worms from the rectal mucosa by sigmoidoscopy. the chief complaints of a patient were diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss for about 1 month after returning from his travel abroad to the southeast asia. leukocytosis(16,750/microliters) and peripheral eosinophilia(33.7%) were noticed without anemia. typical hookworm eggs were detected by stool examination, and 3 worms were collected by sigmo ...19921576114
molecular cloning and characterization of recombinant parasite antigens for immunodiagnosis of onchocerciasis.immunological cross-reactivity among nematodes has hampered the development of specific serodiagnostic assays for onchocerciasis. in the present study, an onchocerca volvulus adult worm complementary dna expression library was differentially screened with human sera from patients infected with o. volvulus and with an omnibus anti-nematode serum pool comprised of sera from patients infected with brugia malayi, loa loa, wuchereria bancrofti, mansonella perstans, strongyloides stercoralis, ancylost ...19911840605
[a case of ancylostoma duodenale dubini infection diagnosed by endoscopic removal]. 19911857004
[a case report of a patient repeatedly infected with ancylostoma duodenale, probably from himself through his artificial anus, and resistant against a single dose of pyrantel pamoate].a 88 year old japanese male was repeatedly infected with ancyclostoma duodenale. he underwent an artificial anus operation about 55 years ago. he appeared to be infected with hookworm earlier than in 1977 and developed severe anemia. though he was treated with pyrantel pamoate and mebendazole several times, reinfections developed in each time. a possible origin for his reinfections was his own feces defecated through his artificial anus. unsanitary handling of the anus and the feces exposed hims ...19911919119
epidemiological study of parasitic infestations in lower socio-economic group in chandigarh (north india).when stool samples from 970 subjects belonging to lower socio-economic groups were examined for parasites, a total of 121 subjects (12.5%) i.e., 57 (12.1%) males and 64 (12.9%) females showed positive results. the overall prevalence of parasitic infestation did not correlate with sex, caste or religion and living conditions. however, the prevalence was higher in hospital employees residing in well sanitated area. giardia lamblia (69.5%), entamoeba, histolytica (15.7%), hymenolepis nana (12.4%), ...19912022402
axenic growth in vitro of ancylostoma duodenale to the filariform (resting) larvae.large numbers of free-living stages of ancylostoma duodenale can be grown in vitro on formalin-killed escherichia coli supplemented with cholesterol and dulbecco's minimum essential medium (dmen). eggs at 28 degrees c hatched and released first-stage larvae in 24 hr. first-stage larvae molted in 36 hr. at 28 degrees c. second-stage larvae, molted in 2-3 days at 28 degrees c, but retained the old cuticle. third-stage larvae characterized by the presence of a buccal cap capsule; sheath; filariform ...19912033286
[clinical analysis of 90 cases of eosinophilia and pulmonary infiltrates with peripheral eosinophilia].90 patients diagnosed as eosinophilia and pulmonary infiltrates with peripheral eosinophilia in pumc hospital from 1957 to 1986 were reported. the cause of the eosinophilia was unknown in 42% of the patients. among these patients, hypereosinophilic syndromes (hes) were suspected in 11 patients. the most common presenting symptoms of hes were fever, skin lesions gastrointestinal symptoms and hepatosplenomegaly, the mean peripheral blood eosinophil count was as high as 25.6 x 10(9) cells/l. biopsi ...19902086006
a survey of gastrointestinal parasites in pigs of the plateau and rivers states, nigeria.faecal samples were collected from a total of 1,000 pigs from the port harcourt and jos areas of the rivers and plateau states, respectively, between january 1987 and march 1988. in the jos area the parasite incidence was: ascaris suum 53.1%, trichuris suis 8.5%, hyostrongylus rubidus 13.1%, metastrongylus salmi 3.7%, strongyloides ransomi 87.7%, oesophagostomum dentatum 35.1% and eimeria spp. 2.4% while in port harcourt the incidence rate was ascaris suum 10.4%, trichuris suis 47.2%, oesophagos ...19902092354
[clinical observations on the treatment of hookworm, ascaris and trichuris infection with oxibendazole].340 cases of hookworm infection, 196 cases of ascariasis and 178 cases of trichuriasis were treated with an anthelmintic, oxibendazole, 15mg/kg.d x 3d; 102, 70 and 66 cases of respective infections were treated with pyrantel 10mg/kg.d x 3d and 108, 74 and 63 cases took placebo for comparison and as control under double-blind observations. re-examinations of the stool were performed after the treatment. among the cases treated with oxibendazole, the egg negative conversion rates of hookworm, asca ...19902208619
[effect of albendazole and pyrantel in treating intestinal helminthiasis and controlling the recurrence of hookworm infections].a total of 720 human intestinal helminthic infections were divided into 4 groups and treated with albendazole 400mg/d x 3d, 400mg/d x 5d, pyrantel 1,500mg/d x 3d, or 1,500mg/d x 5d. half a month after treatment, the negative rates of hookworm egg were 98.6, 98.6, 86.2 and 93.5%, those of ascaris egg were 96.5, 98.2, 92.9 and 96.3%, and those of whipworm egg were 86.4, 89.0, 68.9 and 67.0% respectively. reduction rate of hookworm egg reached more than 98% in all the 4 groups. six months after tre ...19902208633
metalloproteases of infective ancylostoma hookworm larvae and their possible functions in tissue invasion and infect their hosts, hookworm larvae must exsheath and migrate through connective tissue. a modified in vitro skin chamber was used to show that the human hookworm ancylostoma duodenale and the zoonotic canine hookworm ancylostoma caninum penetrate epidermis, basement membrane, and dermis in similar ways. these similarities in tissue invasion properties reflect the observed biochemical similarities in parasite protease composition. the larvae of both species contain protease activity that is i ...19902254016
epidemiology and immunology of necator americanus infection in a community in papua new guinea: humoral responses to excretory-secretory and cuticular collagen antigens.baseline data from an immuno-epidemiological study of hookworm infection in a rural village in madang province, papua new guinea are reported. necator americanus was found to be the commonest helminth infection, with a prevalence of near 100% and intensity of 40 worms per host in adults. enterobius vermicularis, ascaris lumbricoides and trichuris trichiura were also present, at prevalences of 53, 10 and 3% respectively; ancylostoma duodenale was absent. the frequency distribution of n. americanu ...19902345664
[uveitis in ancylostomiasis].a 42-year-old patient from sri lanka presented with unilateral panuveitis. the only possible cause detected was ancylostoma duodenale, a parasitosis occurring frequently on the indian subcontinent. the link between this and uveitis, and the therapeutic consequences, are discussed.19902366489
[ancylostomiasis].ancylostomiasis, i.e., infestation by ancylostoma duodenale or necator americanus, involves several thousands of subjects every year throughout the world and especially in tropical and subtropical regions where it is endemic. in italy, after a severe epidemic during the construction of the st. gotthard tunnel in the 1880s, and after a period of endemic infestation limited to some areas (1955-60), the last few years have witnessed a marked drop in the incidence of this disease which is neverthele ...19892529085
a study on intestinal helminths causing human anaemia in cairo.haematological and biochemical studies were done for 50 urban and rural egyptians, from cairo, suffering from ancylostoma duodenale, ascaris lumbricoides, enterobius vermicularis, hymenolepis nana, schistoosma mansoni and taenia saginata. anaemia of varying degrees was noticed in all cases. the lowest hb% and hematocrit value and highest eosinophilia were found in cases of ancylostomiasis with severe hypochromia compared with the other parasitic infections. total blood protein was normal in all ...19892708858
[blastocystis hominis, a parasitic cause of diarrhea].the frequency of detection of blastocystis hominis in the stools of patients with gastroenteritis is reported. over a twelve-month period b. hominis was identified in the stools of 69 (4.72%) out of 1460 patients. of these 69 positive samples, 45 (65%) contained b. hominis alone and in 24 (35%) it was present together with other parasites such as lamblia intestinalis, entamoeba histolytica, entamoeba coli, endolimax nana, iodamoeba buetschlii, ancylostoma duodenale, ascaris lumbricoides, trichur ...19892717900
ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus: effect of temperature on egg development and mortality.the development and mortality of the eggs of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in distilled water were monitored over a range of temperatures between 15 and 35 degrees c. egg demography was examined within the context of a four-parameter mathematical model of development and mortality. over the range of temperatures studied, egg mortality (mu) was an increasing exponential function of temperature (t) measured in degrees celsius. a single model adequately described the mortality of bot ...19892797868
hookworm and roundworm infections in farm-worker communities in the large-scale agricultural sector in zimbabwe.surveys were carried out to assess the prevalences and intensities of hookworm and roundworm infections in 15 farm-worker communities in zimbabwe with poor living conditions. examination of 1635 faecal samples showed that hookworms (necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale) were the commonest helminths (61.7% of infections). they were followed by ascaris lumbricoides and trichuris trichiura at less than 3%. there were striking differences in prevalences and intensities of infection of the di ...19892810452
ivermectin for human strongyloidiasis and other intestinal helminths.since ivermectin, a mixture of 2 closely related macrocyclic lactones, has proven highly effective against animal intestinal nematodes, trials were undertaken to determine its efficacy against human intestinal nematodes. we tested 110 patients with strongyloidiasis and 90 with enterobiasis; many had other intercurrent intestinal nematode infections. stool examinations were done before and after patients were given a single dose of oral ivermectin capsules (50, 100, 150, or 200 micrograms/kg body ...19892929853
[in vitro cultivation of juvenile ancylostoma duodenale]. 19873109720
antiepidemic measures against ancylostomiasis and their efficiency in our conditions.coprological examinations were made in 358 foreigners, 51 of which (14.2%) were positive from the point of view of hookworm eggs presence. on the basis of the discovered infection prevalence, which is still high in foreigners arriving to the cssr from the tropics and subtropics and on the basis of the new information about the developmental cycle of ancylostoma duodenale the author recommends to alter the so far valid antiepidemic measures in the following sense: persons should be regarded as pa ...19883221092
[in vitro cultivation of ancylostoma duodenale from 14th day juveniles to egg-laying adults]. 19883242966
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using excretory/secretory and somatic antigens as a diagnostic test for human hookworm infection.excretory/secretory (e/s) and somatic antigens prepared from third stage infective larvae of ancylostoma duodenale were evaluated for the diagnosis of human hookworm infection by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). taking the mean absorbance plus 2 standard deviations (sd) of normal serum as the cut-off value, the positivity rates in 30 hookworm cases were 97% and 93% respectively. false positivity with e/s antigen was 8-20% in 61 control subjects; with somatic antigen it was slightly low ...19883252592
alternate treatment of ancylostoma duodenale and ascaris lumbricoides with albendazole and levamisole. 19873334574
an investigation of hookworm infection and reinfection following mass anthelmintic treatment in the south indian fishing community of vairavankuppam.hookworm infections, as assessed by counting worms expelled following anthelmintic treatment and by egg output, were found to be of low prevalence and intensity in a south indian fishing community. the initial overall prevalence of infection in the community was 43%, and the average burden was estimated at 2.2 hookworms per person. the age profiles of prevalence and intensity differed between males and females, with the latter harbouring significantly higher levels of infection. children of both ...19883405641
[anthelmintics against migrating-stage larvae of ancylostoma duodenale in mice]. 19873450449
[effects of various anti-hookworm drugs on the cholinesterase activity of necator americanus, ancylostoma duodenale, ancylostoma caninum and nippostrongylus braziliensis]. 19873621504
thirty generations of ancylostoma duodenale in laboratory-reared beagles. 19873625436
comparative study of different doses of mebendazole in hookworm infection.sixty six children (40 males, 26 females) aged from 4 to 14 years with hookworm infection were treated with mebendazole. thirty one and 35 children were treated with mebendazole 300 mg single dose and 600 mg conventional regimen respectively. stool examination by kato-katz technique were done for 3 consecutive days before treatment and on day 14-16, 21-23 after treatment. the cure rate with 300 mg mebendazole was 16.1% with 90.9% egg reduction while 600 mg mebendazole gave 91.4% cure rate with 9 ...19873672183
prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in riyadh district, saudi arabia.a total of 23,516 stool specimens collected from patients attending three medical centres in riyadh, saudi arabia, were examined for intestinal parasites. of these 5737 (24.4%) were positive. entamoeba histolytica (8.8%) and giardia lamblia (6.3%) were the commonest parasites found, and in the age group of one to 15 years. giardia was found in 14.8% of males and 11.9% of females. other intestinal parasites present included ascaris lumbricoides, trichuris trichiura, schistosoma mansoni, hymeolepi ...19863675035
hookworm burdens and faecal egg counts: an analysis of the biological basis of variation.the relationships between various measures of faecal egg output and hookworm burdens were investigated in 84 villagers from west bengal with mixed necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale infections. the pattern of day to day variability in egg counts from individuals can be characterized by the linear relationship between the logarithms of the variances and means. egg output is shown to be non-periodic in long runs of day-to-day records. the distribution of worm numbers per host is well des ...19853832493
necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale in dhaka city. 19853837662
distribution of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in ethiopia. 19853876932
selective primary health care: strategies for control of disease in the developing world. xvii. hookworm infection and anemia.approximately one-quarter of the world's population is infected with either ancylostoma duodenale or necator americanus. humans transmit the hookworm by fecal contamination of the soil. the eggs hatch and the larvae may survive several months in warm, damp soil. humans are infected when the larvae penetrate the skin and migrate through the body to the intestines, where the median survival time of the hookworm is one year. the loss of red blood cells into the gut is proportional to the worm load. ...19853983524
albendazole in the treatment of intestinal helminthiasis in hundred sixteen children between 2 and 15 years of age entered a clinical trial of albendazole after examination of their stools revealed ova of one or more intestinal helminths. the drug was administered as a single 400-mg dose (20 ml of 2% suspension) to all the patients except those having hymenolepis nana infection, who received treatment for three consecutive days. the stools were reexamined on days 7 and 14 posttreatment and after three months for taenia infections. patients were consi ...19853986860
ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in the abay (blue nile) gorge. 19854006926
albendazole in the treatment of intestinal helminthiasis in children.a single dose of 2% albendazole suspension (400 mg in 20 ml) was administered to 77 patients (42 males and 35 females), ages ranging between 2 to 12 years, with helminthic infections. ascariasis was the most prevalent infection. patients were followed-up for 3 weeks. the results showed that albendazole was highly effective against ascaris lumbricoides, ancylostoma duodenale and enterobius vermicularis. significant improvement was also observed in patients having infections due to trichuris trich ...19854028809
[distribution of necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale in santa cruz, bolivia]. 19854037896
ovicidal effects of albendazole in human ascariasis, ancylostomiasis and trichuriasis.albendazole, a broad spectrum anthelmintic, was administered as a 400 mg single dose to 20 patients harbouring ascaris (ten cases), hookworms (four cases each of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus) and trichuriasis (ten cases). faeces were obtained before treatment and during the following five days. coprocultures were made for 90 days for ascaris and trichuris eggs, hookworm eggs were cultured by the harada-mori technique for at least eight days. albendazole was ovicidal against all f ...19854039128
intestinal parasites in kampuchea, takeo province.fresh stool samples obtained from 1407 adult patients who sought treatment in takeo province hospital and 332 takeo preschool and school-age children from 3 to 18 years of age were examined for the presence of intestinal parasites using the technique of native preparation and the flotation method of faust with subsequent staining with lugol solution to demonstrate cysts. in hospital patients, a total of 13 protozoan and 9 helminth species were diagnosed. the prevalence of entamoeba histolytica ( ...19854086816
survey for soil-transmitted helminths in asahan regency, north sumatra, indonesia.the survey on soil-transmitted helminthiasis was carried out in the three villages of asahan regency, north sumatra, indonesia, between october 1981 and december 1982. the prevalence rates of geohelminthiasis proved to be extremely high (average 97%) in the three villages and more than 70% harboured three or more helminths, especially ascaris lumbricoides, trichuris trichiura and hookworm. necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale were detected in 61.1% and 52.2% of 835 fecal specimens, respe ...19854095609
[comparison of affects of bephenium hydroxynaphthoate, tetramisole hydrochloride and tetramisole pamoate in the treatment of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus infections]. 19734200747
arrested development in ancylostoma duodenale: course of a self-induced infection in man.the course of self-induced infection with about 100 ancylostoma duodenale larvae was followed by twice-weekly blood and stool examinations. after a small initial increase, no further change in eosinophil counts occurred until the 33rd week of infection when they began to increase sharply. seven weeks later, eggs were first observed in stools. thus, in this infection, the prepatent period was five times the expected. it is suggested that a strain of a.duodenale exists which either 1) has an inher ...19744451228
scanning electron microscopy of hookworms. 2. adults and infective-stage larvae of ancylostoma duodenale (dubini, 1843). 19744458074
distribution of necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale in the first country-wide survey of hookworm infection in liberia, diagnosis by test-tube filter-paper cultivation revealed a prevalence of more than 90%. this sensitive technique also permitted differential species determination. necator americanus was found to occur in all regions and in a high proportion of the persons examined. ancylostoma duodenale was mainly confined to a narrow coastal belt, and usually parasitized individuals harbouring n. americanus as well. the average number of eggs p ...19724539819
a comparative evaluation of the therapeutic effect of pyrantel pamoate and bepenium hydroxynaphthoate on ancylostoma duodenale and other intestinal helminths. 19724564701
letter: tetramisole in the treatment of ancylostoma duodenale and ascaris lumbricoides infections in egyptian farmers. 19734778202
in vitro action of tetramisole on the hookworm, ancylostoma duodenale. 19715092404
pyrantel embonate in treatment of hookworm infestation.the efficacy of pyrantel embonate (1,4,5,6-tetrahydro-1-methyl-2-(trans-2-(2-thienyl)-vinyl)-pyrimidine embonic acid salt; combantrin) was evaluated in 60 cases of hookworm infestation. they were divided into six groups of 10 cases. pyrantel embonate was administered orally, in dosage schedules (randomized) of 100, 75, 50, 20, 15, and 10 mg/kg of body weight. the stool examination for hookworm ova and coproculture were positive in each case. the predominant species was ancylostoma duodenale (in ...19715124439
in vitro immobilization of ancylostoma duodenale infective larvae in immune serum. 19715151048
comparison of pyrantel pamoate and bephenium hydroxynaphthoate in the treatment of ancylostoma duodenale infections. 19715162722
[study of ecologic adaptation of ancylostoma duodenale larvae in an endemic region of ankylostomiasis at bosanski brod]. 19695202420
studies on the relative prevalence of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in taiwan with reference to employment of test-tube filter-paper cultivation method. 19655217006
blood loss in egyptian farmers infected with ancylostoma duodenale. 19665297223
on a new treatment regimen with thiabendazole against ancylostoma duodenale. 19665299047
[from the discovery of ancylostoma duodenale to the victory over anemia in miners]. 19665332990
[ernesto parona and the discovery of ancylostoma duodenale]. 19665332994
iron loss and reabsorption in ancylostoma duodenale infection and bilharzial colonic polyposis.individuals infected with ancylostoma duodenale may lose up to 6 mg of iron daily and those infected with bilharzial colonic polyposis may lose an average of 3 mg daily; patients suffering with both infections may lose up to 9 mg of iron daily. 1 study has shown that some iron loss to the upper gastrointestinal tract was reabsorbed. a study was undertaken to ascertain whether any iron lost in the lower gastrointestinal tract is reabsorbed and to measure the amount of iron reabsorbed in patient ...19705495636
in vitro action of tetramisole on hookworm, ancylostoma duodenale. 19715567085
incidence of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in patients with hookworm disease in the agricultural areas near bombay. 19675596456
[infection in lombardy byjapanese strains of ancylostoma duodenale from brazil]. 19675617785
[infection with ancylostoma duodenale in the province of pavia]. 19685747406
[from the discovery of ancylostoma duodenale to the victory over the anemia of miners]. 19655866461
pathogenicity of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus. 19655882627
morphological differences between ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus in the fourth larval stage. 19665910445
[an insidious enemy of progress: ancylostoma duodenale in the history of nervous pathology]. 19665926100
albendazole in the treatment of ancylostoma duodenale and ascaris lumbricoides infections. 19836346589
albendazole: placebo-controlled study in 870 patients with intestinal helminthiasis.a total of 870 patients, both males and females, from 3 to 79 years old, received either albendazole or a placebo for the treatment of nematode and cestode infections. each patient was interviewed and underwent a complete physical examination on the initial visit. in addition, complete blood count, clinical blood chemistry values and routine urinalysis were performed before and at least 24 hours after the last treatment. stool examinations were performed before, 7 and 21 days after treatment. di ...19836362125
the prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites and bacteria in the game scouts at the kainji lake national park of nigeria.the faeces of twenty scouts working at borgu games were examined for the presence of parasites and bacteria. cysts of entamoeba histolytica, giardia lamblia and trichomonas hominis were found. helminth ova encountered included those of ancylostoma duodenale, ascaris lumbricoides, stronglyloides stercoralis and trichuris trichiura. escherichia coli and shigella flexneri were isolated from one faecal sample each. in all, parasites were found in the faeces of only 9 scouts. the epidemiological sign ...19846389403
average values of ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus cholinesterase activity in humans. 19836403314
ancylostoma duodenale and the saint gothard anaemia. 19836418279
persistent migration of ancylostoma duodenale larvae in human infection. 19846432471
paratenesis in ancylostoma duodenale suggests possible meat-borne human infection. 19846464107
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