experimental infection of artibeus intermedius with a vampire bat rabies virus.experimental infection of artibeus intermedius, the great fruit-eating bat, was performed with vampire bat rabies isolates. bats (n=35) were captured in the wild and quarantined prior to experimental infection. no rabies antibodies were detected by rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (rffit) prior to infection. three doses of rabies virus (rv) and three different routes of infection were used. one out of 35 bats died without showing any clinical signs at day 14 and was positive for rabies. n ...201728673461
novel waddlia intracellular bacterium in artibeus intermedius fruit bats, intracellular bacterium was isolated from fruit bats (artibeus intermedius) in cocoyoc, mexico. the bacterium caused severe lesions in the lungs and spleens of bats and intracytoplasmic vacuoles in cell cultures. sequence analyses showed it is related to waddlia spp. (order chlamydiales). we propose to call this bacterium waddlia cocoyoc.201526583968
experimental infection of artibeus intermedius bats with serotype-2 dengue virus.dengue fever is caused by a flavivirus that primarily infects humans and aedes sp. mosquitoes. however, viral replication in wild animals other than non-human primates has been scarcely studied. in this report, the susceptibility of artibeus intermedius frugivorous bat to serotype-2 dengue virus (denv-2) infection was tested. twenty-three bats were intraperitoneally inoculated with different viral loads of denv-2 (new guinea-c strain). forty-three percent of the infected bats developed bruises o ...201323312108
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