evaluation of predatory mite (acari: phytoseiidae) releases to suppress spruce spider mites, oligonychus ununguis (acari: tetranychidae), on juniper.a laboratory trial evaluated four phytoseiid species for their potential as biological control agents of spruce spider mite, oligonychus ununguis (jacobi) (acari: tetranychidae). an augmentative biological control approach, using the predatory mites neoseiulus fallacis garman and galendromus occidentalis nesbitt (acari: phytoseiidae), was evaluated for reducing pest mite densities and injury, and economic costs on juniperus chinensis 'sargentii' a. henry (cupressaceae) in an outdoor nursery. seq ...200314977103
acarological diagnostic research at the diagnostic centre for plants during the period 2004-2006.during the period 2004-2006, 1691 samples of different origin were examined at the diagnostic centre for plants. we received 1046 samples of imported plant material for detection and identification of quarantine organisms. more than 200 samples were checked on mites and insects to get a phytosanitary certificate for export and 391 samples were investigated for diagnostic reason. the berlese-funnel and dissecting microscopy technique were used to separate mites from the samples. for identificatio ...200718399474
volatiles from a mite-infested spruce clone and their effects on pine weevil behavior.induced responses by norway spruce (picea abies) seedlings to feeding damage by two mite species were studied by analyzing the volatiles emitted during infestation. four specimens of a norway spruce (picea abies l.) clone were infested with mites of nalepella sp., another four with oligonychus ununguis, and four were kept mite-free as controls. after a year of infestation, spruce volatiles were collected, analyzed, and identified using spme-gc-ms. in addition, enantiomers of chiral limonene and ...200919902304
notes on the occurrence of oligonychus milleri (mcgregor) and oligonychus ununguis (jacobi) (acari: tetranychidae) in brazil.we verified infestation of oligonychus milleri (mcgregor) on plantations of pinus caribaea (pinaceae) and of oligonychus ununguis (jacobi) on plantations of eucalyptus urophylla x eucalyptus grandis (myrtaceae) in state of rondônia, northern region of brazil. this represents the first record of o. milleri in brazil. oligonychus ununguis was recorded previously, on cypress. the damage caused by these two spider mites in the plantations is described herein.201728840501
beat sampling accuracy in estimating spruce spider mite (acari: tetranychidae) populations and injury on juniper.the use of a standardized beat sampling method for estimating spruce spider mite, oligonychus ununguis (jacobi) (acari: tetranychidae), densities on a widely used evergreen ornamental plant species, juniperus chinensis variety 'sargentii' a. henry (cupressaceae), was examined. there was a significant positive relationship between total spruce spider mite densities and spider mite densities from beat sampling on juniper. the slope and intercept of the relationship may be used by pest managers to ...200415384359
influence of monoterpene vapors on spruce spider mite,oligonychus ununguis, adult female spruce spider mite,oligonychus ununguis (jacobi), were exposed to various concentrations of four host conifer monoterpene vapors (limonene,β-pinene,α-pinene, and δ(3)-carene) for 24 hr to determine the lethal and sublethal effects. all four compounds were toxic to the mites. further, at concentrations below the calculated lc50s, all four compounds decreased oviposition by the mites and three of the compounds (limonene,β-pinene, andα-pinene) influenced movement. whereaso. ununguis po ...199224254281
[an approach to a graphical representation of regulation and determination in population dynamics].the present paper continues a line which has been marked by publications of wilbert (1962) and schwerdtfeger (1968) and aims at a cybernetical interpretation of the dynamics of animal (especially insect) populations. here, the author tries to apply this conception to concrete situations in the population dynamics of two arthropoda.on two spruce plantations, one of them being experimentally differentiated in plots, the plants of the other being classified according to their needles' length, diffe ...196828306904
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