[method of determining visual pigments in situ and their study in some vertebrates].a simple electrophysiological method for determining of visual pigments in isolated retina is described. the method is based on registration of the early receptor potential amplitude which is proportional to the visual pigment content and on measurement of the rate of the decrease of this amplitude under the action of the bleaching light of a known wavelength and intensity. the results of the determining of rod and cone visual pigments in the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis, teleosts diplodus annul ...1975814749
enhanced liver metabolism of mutagens and carcinogens in fish living in polluted seawater.specimens of the seawater fish annular seabream (diplodus annularis) were caught from a polluted harbor area and from a clean reference area. seawater concentrates and fish-muscle extracts were not mutagenic in the salmonella reversion test. liver preparations of fish from the 2 sources were comparatively assayed for microsomal mixed-function oxidases and cytosolic biochemical parameters, as well as for the ability of s12 fractions to activate promutagens or to detoxify direct-acting mutagens. a ...19911705659
the life cycle of monorchis parvus (digenea: monorchiidae) demonstrated by developmental and molecular data.cercaria cerastodermae i, a digenean parasite of cerastoderma edule, was recorded for the first time in the atlantic ocean off the iberian peninsula. sporocysts were present in the hemolymph of the digestive gland, gonad, gills, and foot of the mollusc. most of the cercariae present within sporocysts were encysted as metacercariae. the corresponding adult stages were obtained after experimental infection of several diplodus sargus artificially reared in fish farms and that had previously been pr ...200010864243
host switch of lamellodiscus elegans (monogenea: monopisthocotylea) and sparicotyle chrysophrii (monogenea: polyopisthocotylea) between cage-reared sparids.sharpsnout bream (diplodus puntazzo) has been used in adriatic aquaculture for less than a decade, but the decreasing trend of rearing this species will probably result in its complete substitution by more exploited sea bream (sparus aurata). only two facilities still rear both fish species in neighbouring cages in monoculture. a switch of parasites was observed between sparids during monitoring of the gill monogeneans of farmed fish. in wild fish of the adriatic sea, lamellodiscus elegans (mono ...200717187241
mercury accumulation and speciation in the muscle of red mullet (mullus barbatus) and annular sea bream (diplodus annularis) from izmir bay (eastern aegean). 200717959200
[use of properties and regulation peculiarities of enzymes of glycogenolysis in fish skeletal muscle depending on peculiarities of motor activity of species].levels of activity, properties, and peculiarities of activation of glycogen phosphorylase (gp; ec and glycogen phosphorylase kinase (gpk; ec were studied in the white skeletal muscle of fish differing in motor behavior. no differences in the gp and gpk activity levels were revealed in laskir diplodus annularis (l.), horse mackerel trachurus mediterraneus ponticus, salmon salmo trutta morphario, scorpena scorpaena porcus, scophtalnus maeoticus, and carp cyprinus carpio; however ...200818411509
molecular detection of the three major pathogenic vibrio species from seafood products and sediments in tunisia using real-time pcr.vibrio spp. have emerged as a serious threat to human health worldwide. v. parahaemolyticus , v. cholerae , and v. vulnificus pose a considerable public health risk in tunisia because they cause sporadic and epidemic foodborne infections associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked contaminated seafood. more recently, toxr-positive v. alginolyticus was also reported to be a potential source of contaminated seafood. a total of 247 samples, including 113 fishes ( labrus viridis , penaeus ...201628221954
[demonstration of the existence of a marine cycle in the strigeides: cardiocephalus longicollis szidat, 1928 (trematoda: strigeidae)].during their investigations on parasitism of fishes and birds in the lagoon of brusc (var), the authors have discovered the life cycle of cardiocephalus longicollis. cercariae of pharyngeate furcocercous type develop in sporocysts in the digestive gland of the marine prosobranch nassa corniculum. the cercaria is identified as cercaria nassae (dolgikh, 1965) from nassa reticulata in black sea; it closely resembles cercaria nassa (martin, 1945) from ilyanassa obsolseta (syn. nassa obsoleta) at woo ...20077458167
sun-compass orientation in mediterranean fish larvae.mortality is very high during the pelagic larval phase of fishes but the factors that determine recruitment success remain unclear and hard to predict. because of their bipartite life history, larvae of coastal species have to head back to the shore at the end of their pelagic episode, to settle. these settlement-stage larvae are known to display strong sensory and motile abilities, but most work has been focused on tropical, insular environments and on the influence of coast-related cues on ori ...201526308915
[characteristics of carbohydrate metabolism in skeletal muscles of the sea carp diplodus annularis l].the activity of phosphorylase and glycogen level in white and red skeletal muscles of d. annularis was investigated after two minutes after swimming with the rate of 1.8 m/s. the indicated muscular load decreased the glycogen level in the white muscles by 70%. it has been found that changes in the carbohydrate metabolism of the d. annularis red muscles were negligible.20153188263
molecular evidence for the existence of species complexes within macvicaria gibson & bray, 1982 (digenea: opecoelidae) in the western mediterranean, with descriptions of two new species.morphological and molecular characterisation of specimens of macvicaria spp. (digenea: opecoelidae) from five species of mediterranean sparids (teleostei: sparidae) sampled in the bizerte lagoon and the bay of bizerte (tunisia) revealed the presence of two species complexes designated as "obovata" and "crassigula" groups. detailed comparative morphological and phylogenetic analyses revealed that two of the specimen sets, one from each complex, represent species new to science. m. maamouriae n. s ...201526063299
total and inorganic arsenic levels in some marine organisms from izmir bay (eastern aegean sea): a risk assessment.the arsenic compounds in marine biota were evaluated from izmir bay (eastern aegean) and found that inorganic arsenic occurred as a minor fraction. no information is available on the annual variations of arsenic in important edible biota species from izmir bay. fish and mussel samples were taken from different regions of izmir bay between 2009 and 2011 (n=854 individual specimens). the average percentages of inorganic arsenic to total arsenic for all biota samples were 3.43±3.38% with a range of ...201425048921
empirical evidence for species-specific export of fish naïveté from a no-take marine protected area in a coastal recreational hook and line marine protected areas (mpas) are assumed to enhance fisheries catch via the "spillover" effect, where biomass is exported to adjacent exploited areas. recent studies in spearfishing fisheries suggest that the spillover of gear-naïve individuals from protected to unprotected sites increases catch rates outside the boundaries of mpas. whether this is a widespread phenomenon that also holds for other gear types and species is unknown. in this study, we tested if the distance to a mediterra ...201526275290
heavy metal accumulation in diplodus annularis, liza aurata, and solea vulgaris relevant to their concentration in water and sediment from the southwestern mediterranean (coast of sfax).the concentrations of heavy metals (cd, cu, fe, pb, ni, and zn) were measured in the liver, gills, and muscle of solea vulgaris, liza aurata, and diplodus annularis, collected from the south coast of sfax (gabes gulf, southwestern mediterranean). the concentrations of heavy metals in water exhibited the following decreasing order (expressed in μg l(-1)): fe > ni > zn > cu > pb > cd whereas the trend is somewhat different in sediments (mg kg(-1) d.w.) fe > zn > pb > ni > cu > cd. the levels of he ...201627040537
a newly thermoactive and detergent-stable lipase from annular sea bream (diplodus annularis): biochemical properties.a lipolytic activity was located in the annular seabream pyloric caeca, from which a digestive lipase (asdl) was purified. pure asdl has an apparent molecular mass of 50 kda. the purified lipase is thermoactive as it displays its maximal activity on short- and long-chain triacylglycerols at a temperature of 50 °c. the enzyme is alkaline resistant as it retains 90% of its maximal activity when incubated during 1 h at ph 10. no colipase was detected in the annular seabream pyloric caeca. similar r ...201726350333
ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of monorchis parvus looss, 1902 (digenea, monorchiidae), a parasite of diplodus annularis (pisces, teleostei).the present paper describes the characteristic ultrastructural features of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of monorchis parvus (trematoda, digenea, monorchiidae). this spermiogenesis is characterized by a flagellar rotation of about 120 degrees and the formation of a novel ultrastructural element: a centriolar extension. it nevertheless follows the general pattern of digeneans. it begins with the formation of a differentiation zone, comprising striated rootlets associated with two centrioles ...200415118909
functional and structural characterization of a thermostable phospholipase a2 from a sparidae fish (diplodus annularis).novel phospholipase (pla2) genes from the sparidae family were cloned. the sequenced pla2 revealed an identity with pancreatic pla2 group ib. to better understand the structure/function relationships of these enzymes and their evolution, the diplodus annularis pla2 (dapla2) was overexpressed in e. coli. the refolded enzyme was purified by ni-affinity chromatography and has a molecular mass of 15 kda as determined by maldi-tof spectrometry. interestingly, unlike the pancreatic type, the dapla2 wa ...201728287729
prevalence of anisakid nematode larvae infecting some marine fishes from the libyan coast.this study examined eight hundred ninety six marine fishes belonging to nine different fish species; synodus saurus; merluccius merluccius; trachurus mediterraneus; serranus cabrilla; mullus surmuletus; diplodus annularis; spicara maena; siganus rirulatus and liza ramada. the fishes were bought from fish markets at five different sites on libyan coast, from january to december 2013, for study the anisakids larvae among them. the results showed that 344/896 fishes (38.4%) were infected with anisa ...201526939239
a case study of trace metals in suspended particulate matter and biota before wastewater treatment plant from the izmir bay, turkey.the concentrations of trace metals (cu, zn, mn, ni, and fe) from suspended particulate matter (spm) and biota in izmir bay (eastern aegean sea) were studied in order to evaluate the environmental impact of the anthropogenic metals before building of wastewater treatment plant. spm samples were collected in wet and dry periods from izmir bay. metal concentrations in spm (cu, 0.36-2.19; mn, 0.07-11.3; ni, 0.43-7.81; zn, 7.33-269; fe, 1.00-266-á++gdm(ôçë-ôçë3)) were comparable to those reported for ...201121701893
mercury contamination in human hair and some marine species from sfax coasts of tunisia: levels and risk assessment.the aim of this study was to measure the mercury (hg) contents of three marine fish and common seafood species (diplodus annularis, sarpa salpa and sepia officinalis) at two sampling sites in the gulf of gabes, i.e. sidi mansour (polluted site) and kerkennah (control site). these species are frequently consumed by the population living at the sfax coasts of tunisia, particularly by the families of fisherman. additionally, the hair mercury levels of 55 volunteers (28 women, 27 men) were analysed ...201021136288
new records of rare derogenids (digenea: hemiuroidea) from mediterranean sparids, including the description of a new species of magnibursatus naidenova, 1969 and redescription of derogenes adriaticus nikolaeva, 1966.records of derogenid digeneans in the mediterranean and black sea region are scarce and tend to be restricted to a small number of host-groups, but especially to sparid fishes. this work reports on the presence of derogenine and halipegine derogenids from two sparids, diplodus annularis (l.) and d. sargus (l.), from off the mediterranean coast of spain. five derogenid forms were recovered. derogenes adriaticus nikolaeva, 1966 is redescribed from diplodus annularis, and derogenes sp. is described ...200919789999
life-history- and ecosystem-driven variation in composition and residence pattern of seabream species (perciformes: sparidae) in two mediterranean coastal lagoons.species composition and length-frequency distributions of six sparid fish species were investigated in two central mediterranean coastal lagoons off the western coast of italy: fogliano and caprolace. in the former, the sparid fauna was dominated by the gilt-head seabream (sparus aurata), whereas in caprolace, species composition was more homogeneous across all six species. size structure varied considerably among species: s. aurata, diplodus puntazzo and diplodus vulgaris had a single-cohort st ...200616266729
mediterranean diplodus annularis (teleostei: sparidae) and its brain parasite: unforeseen outcome.patterns of parasite load and aggregation of the bird trematode cardiocephaloides longicollis in its main intermediate host in the mediterranean, the annular sea bream, diplodus annularis, were studied in a large sample collected off valencia (spain) and are discussed within the context of the parasite induced host mortality hypothesis. the metacercariae were located within large composite cysts of host origin in the ventricles of the optic lobes of the cerebrum. a weak immunological response wa ...200515982922
spermiogenesis and sperm ultrastructure of diphterostomum brusinae (digenea, zoogonidae), a parasite of diplodus annularis (pisces, teleostei).this paper constitutes the first ultrastructural study of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of a digenea belonging to the family zoogonidae, diphterostomum brusinae. spermiogenesis follows the general pattern found in the digeneans. it begins with the formation of a differentiation zone in the spermatid. the two centrioles give rise to flagella. these two flagella undergo a rotation of 90 degrees and fuse with the median cytoplasmic process. the proximo-distal fusion occurs at the level of att ...200415322926
[cerebral distomatosis in diplodus annularis l]. 196013740104
[lipid composition of the muscles and liver of mediterranean fish].studies have been made on lipid composition of the liver, white and red skeletal muscles in 9 species of mediterranean fishes (scomber scomber, scomberesox saurus, trachurus trachurus, t. mediteraneus. sprattus sprattus, engraulis engrasicholus, diplodus annularis, gadus merlangus, scorpaena porcus). lipids were fractionated by means of thin layer chromatography. it was shown that the content of lipids in red muscles is significantly higher than in white ones. muscles of highly active species ar ...2013664998
[protolamellodiscus raibauti n. sp., a new species of diplectanidae bychowsky, 1957 (monogenea, monopisthocotylea), parasite of diplodus annularis (linnaeus, 1758) (sparidae)].the authors describe protolamellodiscus raibauti n. sp., which differs from protolamellodiscus serranelli (euzet et oliver, 1965) by the shape of the male copulative pieces, the haptor bars and hamuli.19873662326
[mixed-function oxidase induction as a test for the biological monitoring of water: limitations and prospects].the induction in fish liver of some enzyme activities, and typically of microsomal mixed-function oxidases (mfo), provides the earliest biological warning signal of exposure to pollutants. our studies provided evidence that the basal levels of cytochrome p-450 and specific mfo activities, such as arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase (ahh) and ethoxyresorufin deethylase (erod), were strongly influenced by the diet in freshwater fish (oncorhynchus mykiss). the response of fish liver to a known enzyme induc ...20061294203
[the rodlet cells of some species of freshwater and marine bony fishes of orders cypriniformes and perciformes].the fine structure of rodlet cells from pronephros of cobitis taenia (l.), mesonephros of tinca tinca (l.), rutilus rutilus (l.), stizostedion volgense (gmelin), stizostedion lucioperca (l.), perca fluviatilis (l.), trachurus mediterraneus (staindachner) and diplodus annularis (l.) was studied. in the organs examined, cells at developmental stages iii, iv and v were detected. it is shown, that the rodlet cells have the structural organization similar to that described in different organs of fish ...201121539089
host-parasite relationship of ceratomyxa puntazzi n. sp. (myxozoa: myxosporea) and sharpsnout seabream diplodus puntazzo (walbaum, 1792) from the mediterranean with first data on ceratomyxid host specificity in sparids.sparidae are economically important fishes to both, fisheries and aquaculture in the mediterranean. species diversification is an important strategy for the development of mediterranean aquaculture. one of the species recently introduced is the sharpsnout seabream diplodus puntazzo (walbaum, 1792). during a parasitological study of fish from the gulf of valencia and the mar menor (spain), myxozoan spores belonging to the genus ceratomyxa were found in the gall bladder of d. puntazzo. a morpholog ...201121680098
seasonal variation of sarpa salpa fish toxicity, as related to phytoplankton consumption, accumulation of heavy metals, lipids peroxidation level in fish tissues and toxicity upon mice.the aim of this work was to investigate for sarpa salpa the seasonal trend in the food sources, heavy metals bioaccumulation and the oxidative stress in the organs. in addition, the toxicity was assessed by mouse bioassay of extract of the fish's organs collected in autumn, the peak of occurrence of hallucinatory syndrome. the toxicity was further studied for compounds present in epiphyte collected from the sea at the end of spring and in summer that are digested by the s. salpa in these seasons ...201322535366
life cycle of ceratothoa oestroides, a cymothoid isopod parasite from sea bass dicentrarchus labrax and sea bream sparus aurata.ceratothoa oestroides (risso, 1826) (isopoda: cymothoida) is a protandric hermaphrodite parasite on a wide range of wild fish species. in recent years it has become a threat to cage-reared fish facilities, where high fish density provides optimal conditions for transmission. its impact on fish health and economical gain is significant, varying from growth retardation and decreased immunocompetency to direct loss due to mass mortalities of juvenile fishes. because of the sheltered location of the ...200314735926
distribution of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in red mullet (mullus barbatus) and annular sea bream (diplodus annularis) from the izmir bay (eastern aegean).polycyclic aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons were analyzed in red mullet and annular sea bream from the izmir bay. these fishes were selected because of their multitude, wide distribution and common use in the turkish diet; they were sampled and analyzed in 2000-2001 and 2004-2005 periods at five locations by trawling. red mullet showed higher pahs and aliphatics than annular sea bream. pah levels for red mullet and annular sea bream ranged from 202 to 556 and 78.7 to 415; aliphatics ranged fr ...201222080328
ultrastructure and phylogeny of ceratomyxa diplodae (myxosporea: ceratomyxidae), from gall bladder of european seabass dicentrarchus labrax.the myxosporean parasite ceratomyxa diplodae lubat et al. 1989 sensu sitjà-bobadilla & álvarez-pellitero, 1993, originally described from the annular seabream diplodus annularis in the adriatic sea, has subsequently been reported from several other sparid hosts, and also a moronid fish, the european seabass dicentrarchus labrax from the mediterranean sea. here, molecular identity and additional morphological data are given for this parasite infecting the gall bladder of d. labrax in a southern p ...201627667809
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