white phosphorus poisoning of waterfowl in an alaskan salt marsh.the cause of the yearly death of an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 migrating dabbling ducks (anas spp.) and 10 to 50 swans (cygnus buccinator and c. columbianus) has remained a mystery for the last ten years in eagle river flats (erf), a 1,000 ha estuarine salt marsh near anchorage, alaska, used for artillery training by the u.s. army. we have gathered evidence that the cause of this mortality is the highly toxic, incendiary munition white phosphorus (p4). the symptoms of poisoning we observed in wild ...19921474672
the occurrence of theromyzon rude (annelida: hirudinea) in association with mortality of trumpeter swan cygnets (cygnus buccinator). 19863712659
avian bornavirus in free-ranging waterfowl: prevalence of antibodies and cloacal shedding of viral rna.we surveyed free-ranging canada geese (branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator), mute swans (cygnus olor), and mallards (anas platyrhynchos) to estimate the prevalence of antibodies to avian bornavirus (abv) and of cloacal shedding of abv rna in southern ontario, canada. blood samples and cloacal swabs were collected from 206 free-ranging canada geese, 135 trumpeter swans, 75 mute swans, and 208 mallards at 10 main capture sites between october 2010 and may 2012. sera were assesse ...201424779463
zinc toxicosis in a free-flying trumpeter swan (cygnus buccinator).a trumpeter swan (cygnus buccinator) was observed near a mill pond in picher, oklahoma, usa. it became weakened and emaciated after about 1 mo, was captured with little resistance, and taken into captivity for medical care. serum chemistry results were consistent with hepatic, renal, and muscular damage. serum zinc concentration was elevated at 11.2 parts per million (ppm). the swan was treated for suspected heavy-metal poisoning, but died overnight. gross postmortem findings were emaciation and ...200415650098
lead poisoning and other causes of mortality in trumpeter (cygnus buccinator) and tundra (c. columbianus) swans in western washington.lead poisoning and other causes of mortality of 115 trumpeter (cygnus buccinator) and 21 tundra (c. columbianus) swans from northwestern washington (usa) from 1986 to 1992 are reported. necropsies were performed on all 136 swans, liver lead analysis conducted on 110, and differentiation between lead and steel shot pellets recovered from gizzards in 97 swans. shot pellets were detected in 44 (32%) of 136 gizzards. lead shot was recovered from 32 (33%) of 97 gizzards and steel shot from 16 (16%). ...19948151825
surveillance of amyloidosis and other diseases at necropsy in captive trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator).the purpose of this study was to characterize the incidence and diagnostic features of amyloidosis and other diseases found at necropsy in captive trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator). a search of iowa state university's department of veterinary pathology and veterinary diagnostic laboratory databases yielded 31 trumpeter swan (c. buccinator) necropsy cases from captive swans in protected habitats. eleven of the 31 birds had amyloid deposition most commonly in the spleen (8 of 11), liver (7 of 11 ...200515945393
body size mediated coexistence in swans.differences in body sizes may create a trade-off between foraging efficiency (foraging gains/costs) and access to resources. such a trade-off provides a potential mechanism for ecologically similar species to coexist on one resource. we explored this hypothesis for tundra (cygnus columbianus) and trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator), a federally protected species, feeding solely on sago pondweed (stuckenia pectinata) tubers during fall staging and wintering in northern utah. foraging efficiency w ...201424672347
epidemiologic investigation of lead poisoning in trumpeter and tundra swans in washington state, usa, observational study was conducted to determine the proportionate mortality of wild trumpeter (cygnus buccinator) and tundra (cygnus columbianus columbianus) swans that died during the winters of 2000-02 in northwestern washington state, usa. among 400 swans necropsied, 81% were lead poisoned (302/365 trumpeter swans; 20/35 tundra swans). mortality started in mid-november and peaked from late december through mid-february; swan mortality that was not associated with lead poisoning was uniforml ...200616870857
pathology and diagnosis of avian bornavirus infection in wild canada geese (branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator) and mute swans (cygnus olor) in canada: a retrospective study.nine hundred and fifty-five pathology cases collected in ontario between 1992 and 2011 from wild free-ranging canada geese, trumpeter swans and mute swans were retrospectively evaluated for the pathology associated with avian bornavirus (abv) infection. cases were selected based on the presence of upper gastrointestinal impaction, central nervous system histopathology or clinical history suggestive of abv infection. the proportion of birds meeting at least one of these criteria was significantly ...201323581438
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