serologic survey of selected zoonotic disease agents in black-tailed jack rabbits from western texas.a serologic survey for the agents of rocky mountain spotted fever (rmsf) (rickettsia rickettsii), borrelia spp. including the causative agent for lyme disease (borrelia burgdorferi), and plague (yersinia pestis) was conducted on blood samples collected from 30 and 46 black-tailed jack rabbits (lepus californicus) from an urban environment in lubbock, texas (usa) during winter 1987 and the following spring 1988, respectively. antibody titers to the agents of rmsf and borreliosis were detected in ...19902106044
persistence of mosquito-borne viruses in kern county, california, 1983-1988.the persistence of arboviruses was studied from 1983 to 1988 in mixed agriculture, marsh, riparian, and foothill habitats in kern county, ca. western equine encephalomyelitis (wee) virus was isolated frequently during 1983 from culex tarsalis and aedes melanimon and was detected by the seroconversion of sentinel chickens. wee virus then disappeared, even though vector competence studies during 1984-1986 showed that cx. tarsalis was able to transmit wee virus. st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus w ...19902240370
spirochetes in mammals and ticks (acari: ixodidae) from a focus of lyme borreliosis in northern california, antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi were detected in 58 of 73 (79%), and spirochetemias in one of 26 (4%) black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus californicus), by indirect and direct immunofluorescence, respectively. five species of ticks (dermacentor occidentalis, d. parumapertus, ixodes neotomae, i. pacificus, and haemaphysalis leporispalustris) were collected from rabbits. two of these species of ticks were found to contain spirochetes; two of 10 (20%) i. neotomae ...19883280837
helminths of sympatric black-tailed jack rabbits (lepus californicus) and desert cottontails (sylvilagus audubonii) from the high plains of eastern new mexico.thirty-five desert cottontails (sylvilagus audubonii) and 35 black-tailed jack rabbits (lepus californicus), occurring sympatrically near the clovis-portales area of eastern new mexico were infected with four species of eucestoda (adults of raillietina salmoni and raillietina selfi, larvae of taenia pisiformis and taenia serialis). raillietina salmoni and t. pisiformis more commonly infected s. audubonii. raillietina selfi was found in near equal prevalence in both host species. taenia serialis ...19883373649
hematology of the black-tailed jack rabbit, (lepus californicus californicus). 19724340299
body measurements of black-tailed jackrabbits of southeastern new mexico with implications of allen's rule. 19744850805
reproductive anomalies in black-tailed jackrabbits. 19725016680
identification of an isolate of rickettsia canada from california.a strain of rickettsia canada was recovered in 1980 an adult rabbit tick, haemaphysalis leporispalustris, taken from a black-tailed jack rabbit, lepus californicus, in mendocino county, california. in all examined biologic characteristics, this isolate, ca410, is indistinguishable from the prototype, strain 2678, isolated in ontario, canada, in 1963. these similarities include serologic and immunologic reactivity in laboratory mice and guinea pigs, cultural characteristics in vero cells, chick e ...19826756179
survey for evidence of colorado tick fever virus outside of the known endemic area in california.a virus very similar or identical to colorado tick fever (ctf) virus was recovered from the blood clot of one of 104 black-tailed jack rabbits (lepus californicus) examined during a survey for various zoonotic agents in mammals and ticks from the university of california, hopland field station, mendocino county, california, 1974--79. this is the first reported isolation of a ctf-like virus from l. californicus, and only the second time such a virus has been found in northwestern california. mend ...19827102919
lung morphology of cursorial and non-cursorial mammals: lagomorphs as a case study for a pneumatic stabilization hypothesis.gross lung morphology is examined in representative species from four genera within the order lagomorpha (lepus californicus, sylvilagus nuttalli, oryctolagus cuniculus, ochotona princeps), and compared with a representative rodent out-group (spermophilus richardonsii). examination of pulmonary morphology reveals several correlations between the thoracic morphology and locomotor behavior. lepus, the most cursorial species, exhibits a distinct suite of characteristics: 1) tissue of the right cran ...19968916430
disseminated staphylococcal infections in wild jack rabbits (lepus californicus). 196014429203
a molecular survey for francisella tularensis and rickettsia spp. in haemaphysalis leporispalustris (acari: ixodidae) in northern california.francisella tularensis and rickettsia spp. have been cultured from haemaphysalis leporispalustris packard, but their prevalence in this tick has not been determined using modern molecular methods. we collected h. leporispalustris by flagging vegetation and leaf litter and from lagomorphs (lepus californicus gray and sylvilagus bachmani (waterhouse)) in northern california. francisella tularensis dna was not detected in any of 1,030 ticks tested by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), whereas 0.4% of ...201628031350
description of microfilariae of micipsella brevicauda lyons and hansen, 1961 (filarioidea), from the black-tailed jackrabbit, with notes on microfilariae of hares. 196213865391
the life cycle of raillietina (r.) loeweni bartel and hansen, 1964 (cestoda) from the black-tailed jackrabbit, lepus californicus melanotis mearns. 19655857280
abundance and bloodfeeding patterns of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in an oak woodland on the eastern slope of the northern coast range of california.the abundance and bloodfeeding patterns of mosquitoes was studied from 2008 to 2010 at an 18 ha. oak woodland in lake county, ca. host-seeking females were collected weekly from sunset to sunrise by paired dry-ice-baited cdc style traps, whereas resting females were aspirated from paired walk-in red boxes. sequences of the coi gene amplified from bloodmeals from engorged resting females were used to identify the bloodmeal hosts. aedes sierrensis (ludlow) and aedes increpitus dyar complex mosquit ...201728874011
weather and prey predict mammals' visitation to water.throughout many arid lands of africa, australia and the united states, wildlife agencies provide water year-round for increasing game populations and enhancing biodiversity, despite concerns that water provisioning may favor species more dependent on water, increase predation, and reduce biodiversity. in part, understanding the effects of water provisioning requires identifying why and when animals visit water. employing this information, by matching water provisioning with use by target species ...201526560518
natural and experimental arboviral infections in a population of blacktail jackrabbits along the sacramento river in butte county, california (1971-1974).a serologic survey of the blacktail jackrabbit ( lepus californicus ) for infections with 10 arboviruses was conducted from 1971 through 1974 along the sacramento river in butte county, california. of 325 animals captured and bled a total of 493 times, 40% were found positive for hemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibody to california encephalitis (ce) virus, 34% to western equine encephalomyelitis (wee) virus, 20% to buttonwillow virus, 15% to st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus and 12% to main ...197724228958
effects of protective fencing on birds, lizards, and black-tailed hares in the western mojave desert./ effects of protective fencing on birds, lizards, black-tailed hares (lepus californicus), perennial plant cover, and structural diversity of perennial plants were evaluated from spring 1994 through winter 1995 at the desert tortoise research natural area (dtna), in the mojave desert, california. abundance and species richness of birds were higher inside than outside the dtna, and effects were larger during breeding than wintering seasons and during a high than a low rainfall year. ash-throated ...19999950700
ectoparasites of sympatric cottontails (sylvilagus audubonii nelson) and jack rabbits (lepus californicus mearns) from the high plains of eastern new mexico.eight species of ectoparasites were recovered from 35 sylvilagus audubonii and 35 lepus californicus occurring sympatrically near the clovis-portales area of eastern new mexico. recovered were anoplura (haemodipsus setoni), diptera (cuterebra lepusculi and cuterebra ruficrus), siphonaptera (echidnophaga gallinacea and euhoplopsyllus glacialis), and acari (ornithodoros parkeri, dermacentor parumapertus, and haemaphysalis leporispalustris). jaccard's index showed a 50% ectoparasitic overlap with h ...19883418460
borrelia sp. infection in coyotes, black-tailed jack rabbits and desert cottontails in southern texas.coyotes (canis latrans) from southern texas were sampled for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi from 1980 to 1986; black-tailed jack rabbits (lepus californicus) and desert cottontails (sylvilagus audubonii) were sampled in 1986. coyote fetuses, adult coyote kidneys, and black-tailed jack rabbit and desert cottontail kidneys were cultured for b. burgdorferi in 1986. results of indirect immunofluorescent antibody (ifa) tests for b. burgdorferi in coyotes were as follows (number positive at a dilu ...19892644452
comparison of the karyotypes in the jack rabbit (lepus californicus deserticola) and the european hare (lepus europaeus). 1978701097
evaluation of host preferences by helminths and ectoparasites among black-tailed jackrabbits in northern california.fifty-four black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) (five juvenile males, 22 adult males, five juvenile females, and 22 adult females) from humboldt county, california (usa) were evaluated for sex and age-specific differences in parasite prevalences and intensities, 26 february through 30 october 1996. nematodes found included biogastranema leporis in 42 hares (78% prevalence), rauschia triangularis in 26 hares (48%), trichostrongylus calcaratus in 14 hares (26%), and trichuris sylvilagi in ...200010941744
experimental infection of domestic sheep with trichostrongylus colubriformis from natural infections in black-tailed jackrabbits. 19705504526
evaluation of jackrabbits as nonruminant hosts for anaplasma marginale.two black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus), 1 splenectomized and 1 intact, were inoculated with 0.2 ml of a 1:5 dilution of a florida anaplasma marginale stabilate. five months later, both hares were inoculated with 1 ml of whole blood from a calf with acute anaplasmosis. neither hare developed any signs of clinical anaplasmosis. pooled blood (7 ml) from these jackrabbits which was inoculated into 2 anaplasma-susceptible, splenectomized calves failed to induce hematologic or serologic sig ...19853994131
conservation implications of the evolutionary history and genetic diversity hotspots of the snowshoe hare.with climate warming, the ranges of many boreal species are expected to shift northward and to fragment in southern peripheral ranges. to understand the conservation implications of losing southern populations, we examined range-wide genetic diversity of the snowshoe hare (lepus americanus), an important prey species that drives boreal ecosystem dynamics. we analysed microsatellite (8 loci) and mitochondrial dna sequence (cytochrome b and control region) variation in almost 1000 snowshoe hares. ...201424814937
the hidden history of the snowshoe hare, lepus americanus: extensive mitochondrial dna introgression inferred from multilocus genetic variation.hybridization drives the evolutionary trajectory of many species or local populations, and assessing the geographic extent and genetic impact of interspecific gene flow may provide invaluable clues to understand population divergence or the adaptive relevance of admixture. in north america, hares (lepus spp.) are key species for ecosystem dynamics and their evolutionary history may have been affected by hybridization. here we reconstructed the speciation history of the three most widespread hare ...201425113393
sacral variability in tailless species: homo sapiens and ochotona princeps.homo sapiens is variable in number of sacral vertebrae, and this variability can lead to obstetrical complication. this study uses the comparative method to test the hypothesis that sacral variability in h. sapiens is associated with absence of a tail. three species of lagomorphs are studied: ochotona princeps (n = 271), which is tailless, and lepus californicus (n = 212) and sylvilagus audubonii (n = 206), which have tails. results show that o. princeps has (1) higher diversity index for number ...201728406565
growth and architecture of small honey mesquites under jackrabbit browsing: overcoming the disadvantage of being eaten.browsing is an important mortality factor in seedlings and small plants. however, the induced changes in the architecture of plant survivors may influence subsequent browsing, opening the possibility of compensating for the damage done. how jackrabbit (lepus californicus) browsing affects the growth and architecture of small individuals of honey mesquite, prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana, a tree/shrub that produces spines at every node, was explored. naturally established mesquites of unknown ...200312871845
competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison-cattle conflict in the western usa.1. competition between livestock and wild ungulates is commonly perceived to occur on shared rangelands. in the henry mountains (hm) of utah, a free-ranging population of bison bison bison has raised concerns among ranchers holding grazing permits on these public lands. bison are the most conspicuous potential competitors with cattle, but lagomorphs (mainly jackrabbits lepus californicus) are also abundant in this area. the local ranching community is applying political pressure on state and fed ...201525960573
effect of diet on condition indices in black-tailed jackrabbits.changes in blood, urine and physical condition indices in 23 adult male black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) with ad libitum feeding and 25% feed restriction were measured over a 2 wk period from 30 may to 12 june 1988. feed restricted jackrabbits had (1) lower post-trial body weights and kidney fat indices, (2) higher femur marrow fat, serum bilirubin and cortisol concentrations, and adrenal cortex width, and (3) depressed immune function. no single index alone could best measure the n ...19902304200
isolation and characterization of a unique strain of rickettsia parkeri associated with the hard tick dermacentor parumapertus neumann in the western united 1953, investigators at the rocky mountain laboratories in hamilton, montana, described the isolation of a spotted fever group rickettsia (sfgr) species from dermacentor parumapertus collected from black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) in northern nevada. several decades later, investigators characterized this sfgr by using mouse serotyping methods and determined that it represented a distinct rickettsial serotype, related closely to rickettsia parkeri; nonetheless, the parumapertus ag ...201728213544
detection of lawsonia intracellularis by real-time pcr in the feces of free-living animals from equine farms with documented occurrence of equine proliferative enteropathy.the objective of this study was to determine whether lawsonia intracellularis was present in the feces of free-living animals collected on two equine premises with documented occurrence of equine proliferative enteropathy (epe). fresh feces from black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus, n=100), striped skunks (mephitis mephitis, n=22), feral cats (felis catus, n=14), brewer's blackbirds (euphagus cyanocephalus, n=10), virginian opossums (didelphis virginiana, n=9), raccoons (procyon lotor, n ...200818957657
relationships between human disturbance and wildlife land use in urban habitat fragments.habitat remnants in urbanized areas typically conserve biodiversity and serve the recreation and urban open-space needs of human populations. nevertheless, these goals can be in conflict if human activity negatively affects wildlife. hence, when considering habitat remnants as conservation refuges it is crucial to understand how human activities and land uses affect wildlife use of those and adjacent areas. we used tracking data (animal tracks and den or bed sites) on 10 animal species and infor ...200818254856
detection of babesia and anaplasma species in rabbits from texas and georgia, usa.rabbits have been shown to harbor a suite of zoonotic organisms, including a babesia species, borrelia burgdorferi, and anaplasma phagocytophilum. in this study, we conducted a molecular survey for various tick-borne pathogens in three species of rabbits from texas and georgia. of 18 black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) tested from texas, six (28%) were polymerase chain reaction (pcr) positive for babesia, and nucleotide sequencing revealed two distinct species or strains. two jackrabbi ...200616584322
direct and indirect effects of environmental variability on growth and survivorship of pre-reproductive joshua trees, yucca brevifolia engelm. (agavaceae).201525587151
limb bone morphology, bone strength, and cursoriality in lagomorphs.the primary aim of this study is to broadly evaluate the relationship between cursoriality (i.e. anatomical and physiological specialization for running) and limb bone morphology in lagomorphs. relative to most previous studies of cursoriality, our focus on a size-restricted, taxonomically narrow group of mammals permits us to evaluate the degree to which 'cursorial specialization' affects locomotor anatomy independently of broader allometric and phylogenetic trends that might obscure such a rel ...201425046350
effects of sublethal, cerebral x-irradiation on movement, activity and home-range patterns of black-tailed jackrabbits. 19734786581
lagomorphs as sentinels for surveillance of borreliosis in the far western united states.brush rabbits (sylvilagus bachmani) and black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) from california (usa) were assayed for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme borreliosis. significant antibody titers were detected in 90% (range, 67 to 100%) of brush rabbits from four of six localities, and in 90% of jackrabbits from a single locality, in northern california. one of the populations of brush rabbits that did not yield seropositive individuals inhabited an oceanic isla ...19892716099
parasites of the black-tailed jackrabbit in north central colorado.forty-four black-tailed jackrabbits, lepus californicus melanotis mearns, 1890, were collected near denver from august, 1972, through july, 1973, and amined for parasites. recovered parasites and their infection rates were: eimeria sp. 100%, cittotaenia sp.27%, coenuri of multiceps sp. 57%, cediopsylla inaequalis 14%, hoplopsyllus affinis 9%, haemodipsus setoni 2%, dermacentor andersoni 14%, and haemaphysalis leporis-palustris 25%.19751142561
creosotebush vegetation after 50 years of lagomorph 1939, an experiment was established on the jornada experimental range to evaluate the effects of shrub removal, rabbit exclusion, furrowing, and seeding in creosotebush [larrea tridentata (dc.) cov] vegetation. sixteen plots (21.3×21.3 m) were laid out in four rows of four plots per row with a buffer zone of 7.6 m between plots and rows. a barbed wire fence excluded cattle and poultry wire fencing excluded lagomorphs. treatments were factorially applied at two levels. plant cover in the plots ...199328314034
iodine in terrestrial wildlife on the u.s. department of energy's hanford site in southcentral washington.iodine-129 in controlled amounts has been released into the air from the operating chemical separations facilities on the hanford site. small amounts of (129)i have accumulated in surface soils especially at locations near the chemical separations facilities. enriched levels of (129)i also occur in the thyroid glands of mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) residing on the hanford site.stable iodine is present in low concentrations in hanford site soils and it is not avidly accumulated by wild plants. ...198424257864
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