molecular cloning and functional analysis of three type d endogenous retroviruses of sheep reveal a different cell tropism from that of the highly related exogenous jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus.integrated into the sheep genome are 15 to 20 copies of type d endogenous loci that are highly related to two exogenous oncogenic viruses, jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (jsrv) and enzootic nasal tumor virus (entv). the exogenous viruses cause infectious neoplasms of the respiratory tract in small ruminants. in this study, we molecularly cloned three intact type d endogenous retroviruses of sheep (enjs56a1, enjs5f16, and enjs59a1; collectively called enjrsvs) and analyzed their genomic structures, ...200010933716
the transdominant endogenous retrovirus enjs56a1 associates with and blocks intracellular trafficking of jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus gag.the sheep genome harbors approximately 20 endogenous retroviruses (enjsrvs) highly related to the exogenous jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (jsrv). one of the enjsrv loci, enjs56a1, acts as a unique restriction factor by blocking jsrv in a transdominant fashion at a late stage of the retroviral cycle. to better understand the molecular basis of this restriction (termed jlr, for jsrv late restriction), we functionally characterized jsrv and enjs56a1 gag proteins. we identified the putative jsrv gag m ...200717135320
evolutionary dynamics of endogenous jaagsiekte sheep retroviruses proliferation in the domestic sheep, mouflon and pyrenean chamois.the oncogenic exogenous jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (jsrv), responsible for ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma, has several endogenous counterparts termed enjsrvs. although many of these elements have been inactivated over time by the accumulation of deleterious mutations or internal recombination leading to solo long terminal repeat (ltr) formation, several members of enjsrvs have been identified as nearly intact and probably represent recent integration events. to determine the level of enjsrv pol ...201424690757
advances in the study of transmissible respiratory tumours in small ruminants.sheep and goats are widely infected by oncogenic retroviruses, namely jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (jsrv) and enzootic nasal tumour virus (entv). under field conditions, these viruses induce transformation of differentiated epithelial cells in the lungs for jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus or the nasal cavities for enzootic nasal tumour virus. as in other vertebrates, a family of endogenous retroviruses named endogenous jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (enjsrv) and closely related to exogenous jaagsiekte s ...201526340900
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