echovirus 19 outbreak in auckland epidemic of echovirus 19 infection in auckland, new zealand, during the summer of 1975-76 is reported. echovirus 19 was recovered from 33 patients, 70 percent of whom had upper respiratory tract involvement, 55 percent presented with meningitis and 33 percent exhibited a rash. gastroenteritis was diagnosed in 9 percent. various clinical syndrome combinations were common. the overall male to female ratio was one. infants younger than six months were more seriously affected than older patients.1977272534
epidemic of echovirus 19 in the north-east of england.we report the first large-scale outbreak of echovirus 19 infection. it occurred in the north-east of england during the summer and autumn of 1974. the virus was isolated from 268 patients in the region. the infection spread from the urban to more rural areas, reaching a peak in mid-august. males were affected more often than females in the ratio 1-6:1. half of the patients were under eight years of age, relatively few were over 35 years. aseptic meningitis and upper respiratory infections were t ...19761063219
echovirus type 19 and herpes simplex type 2 infection in human placenta tissue explants.1. light and electron microscopy have been used to characterize echovirus 19 and herpes simplex type 2 infection of human placenta tissue in vitro. immunofluorescence, autoradiography and virus adsorption were used to determine virus replication in this system. 2. placental tissue was permissive to echovirus 19. trophoblast cells were lysed with liberation of mature virions. however, during the 48-h period of observation, few cells were damaged and the trophoblastic structure was maintained. 3. ...19938268819
[an outbreak of poliomyelitis in tajikistan in 1991 caused by the poliomyelitis virus type 1 in concomitant echovirus 19 infection].in 1991 in tajikistan 36 cases of acute poliomyelitis were recorded (spinal form 27, bulbospinal 3, pontospinal 6 cases) in children ranging in ages from 6 months to 6 years. the outcome of the disease was fatal in 4 cases and with crude residual effects in 32 children. out of 23 children examined, poliomyelitis virus type i was isolated from 13, antibodies to poliovirus type i in titres 1:16 to 1:1024 were detected in 21 children, echo 19 virus was isolated from 5 children and antibodies to thi ...19938284918
acute flaccid paralysis syndrome associated with echovirus 19, managed with pleconaril and intravenous immunoglobulin.we describe a 39-year-old woman who had undergone bilateral lung and renal transplantation and who was admitted to the hospital with acute onset of flaccid paralysis of the left leg due to echovirus 19 infection. the patient was treated with pleconaril and intravenous immunoglobulin, which correlated with clinical and laboratory evidence of improvement.200111477532
[molecular identification and genetic analysis of an echovirus 19-associated epidemic of aseptic encephalitis].to ascertain the pathogen of aseptic encephalitis epidemic in long-yan city in fujian, and to find out the genetic characteristics of the virus.200616981328
molecular epidemiological analysis of echovirus 19 isolated from an outbreak associated with hand, foot, and mouth disease (hfmd) in shandong province of elucidate the genetic characterization and molecular epidemiological features of echovirus 19 (e19) isolates collected from an outbreak associated with hand, foot and mouth disease (hfmd) in tai'an city of shandong province of china from july to september, 2003.200717948768
molecular epidemiological study of enteroviruses associated with encephalitis in children from india.enteroviruses have been reported in encephalitis cases. however, clinical and epidemiological characteristics of enteroviruses in encephalitis are not fully established. we prospectively investigated 204 children with encephalitis over a period of 2 years (2009 to 2010) for enterovirus. enterovirus was detected in 45 specimens (22.1%); of these, 40 were typed by seminested reverse transcription-pcr (rt-pcr) and sequencing of the vp1 gene. molecular typing of enterovirus revealed the predominance ...201222895040
environmental surveillance of enterovirus in northern india using an integrated shell vial culture with a semi-nested rt pcr and partial sequencing of the vp1 gene.enteroviruses have been reported in epidemic form during last 10 years in northern india. environmental surveillance of sewage is the method of choice in limited resources countries for detection of enterovirus serotypes circulating in the community. twenty-four sewage samples collected between january, 2009 and december, 2010 were tested for enterovirus by using a new modified integrated shell vial culture (isvc) with a semi-nested rt-pcr of a partial vp1 gene and virus isolation integrated wit ...201323341372
identification of new genotype of echovirus 19 from children with acute flaccid paralysis in pakistan.enteroviruses are known to cause childhood paralysis. the purpose of this study was to examine the genetic diversity and to determine the association of non-polio enteroviruses (npevs) with acute flaccid paralysis (afp). stool samples (n = 1191) of children with afp were collected from khyber pakhtunkhwa and federally administered tribal areas of pakistan. poliovirus was isolated in 205 (17.2%) samples and npevs were found in 215 (18.0%) samples. out of 215 viruses, 124 (57.7%) were typed into 1 ...201526644348
echovirus 19 associated with a case of acute flaccid paralysis.acute flaccid paralysis can be caused by many members of the enterovirus genus, most notably the three poliviruses types 1 to 3. we report the case of acute flaccid paralysis caused by echovirus 19. the western pacific region has been declared polio free by the who since 2000. australia is now using inactivated polio vaccine in the national immunization schedule. this vaccine does not carry the extremely rare risk of vaccine associated acute flaccid paralysis but it does leave our newly vaccinat ...201323252472
non-diarrhoeal increased frequency of bowel movements (ifobm-nd): enterovirus association with the symptoms in children.infectious and non-infectious causes are associated with increased frequency of bowel movements (ifobm). but, a viral aetiology to non-diarrhoeal ifobm (ifobm-nd) has not been described. owing to an accidental infection by an echovirus 19 strain, persistent diarrhoea-associated virus, isolated from a child with persistent diarrhoea, dcr experienced persistent ifobm-nd with an urgency to pass apparently normal stools more than once each day for about 3 months. a follow-up study was undertaken to ...201426462266
an outbreak of encephalitis associated with echovirus 19 in uttar pradesh, india, in 2011.a sequence-independent single-primer amplification method and a modified enterovirus vp1 gene typing primer were used for identification of echovirus 19 and enterovirus 101, which remained undiagnosed by standard enterovirus molecular typing methods. six different serotypes were identified during this study, with the predominance of ecv 19 (n = 20) followed by echovirus 21 (n = 3), ev 69 and ev 101 (n = 2 each), coxsackievirus b5 and ecv 27 (n = 1 each). to our knowledge, this is the first repor ...201626695770
an epidemic of encephalitis associated with human enterovirus b in uttar pradesh, india, 2008.human enteroviruses (hevs) are a rare cause of encephalitis, presenting in endemic or epidemic form.201121444241
phylogenetic and serological characterization of echovirus 11 and echovirus 19 strains causing uveitis.the strains of echovirus 19 (ev 19) and echovirus 11 (ev11), isolated from infants with similar clinical symptoms of acute enterovirus uveitis (eu) in russia (siberia) in 1980-1989, were investigated phylogenetically (nucleotide sequence of a 300 nt fragment in 5' ntr and vp4 junction) and serologically. the result confirmed that viruses belong to the enterovirus genus, with 58-80% nt sequence homology with previously sequenced enteroviruses, and showed the genetical identity between the strains ...200211855627
primary biliary cirrhosis: geographical clustering and symptomatic onset seasonality.patients with primary biliary cirrhosis (primary non-suppurative destructive cholangitis) in the north east region of england were studied over a five year period and, to evaluate epidemicity, compared with two contemporaneous disease series of known occurrence. these were: terminal renal failure, all causes (low or absent epidemicity n = 106) and an outbreak of echovirus 19 disease (high epidemicity n = 201). eight primary biliary cirrhosis-affected men and 109 women from an estimated catchment ...19836618273
comparative study of seven picornaviruses of man.jamison, richard m. (baylor university college of medicine, houston, tex.), and heather d. mayor. comparative study of seven picornaviruses of man. j. bacteriol. 91:1971-1976. 1966.-the buoyant densities in cscl and potassium tartrate of seven acid-resistant picornaviruses of man were determined. the viruses studied were found to be a relatively homogeneous group. buoyant densities ranged from 1.32 to 1.35 g/cc in cscl and 1.21 to 1.23 g/cc in potassium tartrate. the buoyant density of each viru ...19664287079
fatal outcome of neonatal echovirus 19 infection. 19911945586
echovirus 19 infection in infants under six months.twenty-four infants under 6 months infected with echovirus 19 are described, they were the youngest of the many children admitted to hospitals in newcastle and gateshead during an epidemic in the north-east of england in 1974. generally, the younger the child the more severe the illness, which affected the upper respiratory tract, the gut, the skin, and the meninges, and sometimes caused as state of collapse resembling septicaemic shock. polymorphonuclear pleocystosis of the cerebrospinal fluid ...1976962374
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