[antigenic relationships between salmonella choleraesuis strains and torulopsis (author's transl)].antigenic relationships between candida clausseni and salmonella choleraesuis were presented before. in this study, antigenic relationships between salmonella choleraesuis and different strains of torulopsis analyzed by immunodiffusion studies. antigenic relationships between intragroups of torulopsis were also studied. the results showed that the common thermostable component (s) of s. choleraesuis and torulopsis musae may probably be related to the common enterobacterial antigen. other results ...1979122004
mycological examinations on the fungal flora of the chicken comb.a total of 500 combs of adult chickens from two different locations in germany (hessen and schleswig-holstein) were clinically and mycologically examined. the chickens came from three battery cages (n = 79), one voliere system (n=32), six flocks maintained on deep litter (n = 69) and 12 flocks kept on free outdoor range (n=320). twenty-two of the 500 chicken combs (4.4%) were found to have clinical signs: only non-specific lesions neither typical of mycosis nor of avian pox such as desquamation ...200515743428
candida carvajalis sp. nov., an ascomycetous yeast species from the ecuadorian amazon the course of a yeast biodiversity survey of different ecological habitats found in ecuador, two yeast strains (clqca 20-011(t) and clqca20-014) were isolated from samples of rotten wood and fallen leaf debris collected at separate sites in the central region of the ecuadorian amazonia. these strains were found to represent a novel yeast species based on the sequences of their d1/d2 domain of the large-subunit (lsu) rrna gene and their physiological characteristics. phylogenetic analysis base ...200919459983
candida asparagi sp. nov., candida diospyri sp. nov. and candida qinlingensis sp. nov., novel anamorphic, ascomycetous yeast species.among ascomycetous yeasts that were isolated from several nature reserve areas in china, three anamorphic strains isolated from soil (ql 5-5t) and fruit (ql 21-2t and sn 15-1t) were revealed, by conventional characterization and molecular phylogenetic analysis based on internal transcribed spacer and large subunit (26s) rrna gene d1/d2 region sequencing, to represent three novel species in the genus candida. candida qinlingensis sp. nov. (type strain, ql 5-5t=as 2.2524t=cbs 9768t) was related cl ...200415280322
the incidence of killer activity and extracellular proteases in tropical yeast communities.the presence of killer and proteolytic yeasts was studied among 944 isolates representing 105 species from tropical yeast communities. we found 13 killer toxin producing species, with pichia kluyveri being the most frequent. other killer yeast isolates were candida apis, candida bombicola, candida fructus, candida krusei, candida sorbosa, hanseniaspora uvarum, issatchenkia occidentalis, kloeckera apis, kluyveromyces marxianus, pichia membranaefaciens, pichia ohmeri-like, and sporobolomyces roseu ...19979115090
yeast succession in the amazon fruit parahancornia amapa as resource partitioning among drosophila spp.the succession of yeasts colonizing the fallen ripe amapa fruit, from parahancornia amapa, was examined. the occupation of the substrate depended on both the competitive interactions of yeast species, such as the production of killer toxins, and the selective dispersion by the drosophilid guild of the amapa fruit. the yeast community associated with this amazon fruit differed from those isolated from other fruits in the same forest. the physiological profile of these yeasts was mostly restricted ...19958534092
[atigenic relationship among torulopsis insectalen, torulopsis musae and several other torulopsis strains (author's transl)].in this paper, the antigenic relationship among standard t. insectalens and t. musae strains and other 11 standard torulopsis are investigated using simultaneous agglutination and absorption experiments. these experiments also showed that t. insectalens and t. musae have special antigenic fractions, different from torulopsis antigens.1977563966
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