soil-to-plant transfer of native selenium for wild vegetation cover at selected locations of the czech selenium (se) contents were determined in aboveground biomass of wild plant species growing in two uncultivated meadows at two different locations. the soils in these locations had pseudototal (aqua regia soluble) se in concentration ranges of between 0.2 and 0.3 mg kg(-1) at the first location, and between 0.7 and 1.4 mg kg(-1) at the second location. the plant species represented 29 plant families where the most numerous ones were poaceae, rosaceae, fabaceae , and asteraceae. the seleniu ...201525975239
effects of light, temperature and seed age on the germination of the winter annuals veronica arvensis l. and myosotis ramosissima rochel ex. schult.germination assays are performed on seeds of the winter annuals veronica arvensis l. and myosotis ramosissima rochel ex schult. after various periods of storage of the seeds, at different temperatures and in constant darkness as well as under a daily light regime. the differences in germination characteristics between the two annuals as related to light, temperature and seed age are discussed in relation to differences in their microdistribution.197328308143
[fast catalogue of alien invasive weeds by vis/nir spectroscopy].the feasibility of visible and short-wave near-infrared spectroscopy (vis/wnir) techniques as means for the nondestructive and fast detection of alien invasive weeds was evaluated. selected sensitive bands were found validated. in the present study, 3 kinds of alien invasive weeds, veronica persica, veronica polita, and veronica arvensis linn, and one kind of local weed, lamiaceae amplexicaule linn, were employed. the results showed that visible and nir (vis/nir) technology could be introduced i ...200920101962
shared and host-specific microbiome diversity and functioning of grapevine and accompanying weed plants.weeds and crop plants select their microbiota from the same pool of soil microorganisms, however, the ecology of weed microbiomes is poorly understood. we analysed the microbiomes associated with roots and rhizospheres of grapevine and four weed species (lamium amplexicaule l., veronica arvensis l., lepidium draba l. and stellaria media l.) growing in proximity in the same vineyard using 16s rrna gene sequencing. we also isolated and characterized 500 rhizobacteria and root endophytes from l. dr ...201727871147
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