drift, not selection, shapes toll-like receptor variation among oceanic island populations.understanding the relative role of different evolutionary forces in shaping the level and distribution of functional genetic diversity among natural populations is a key issue in evolutionary and conservation biology. to do so accurately genetic data must be analysed in conjunction with an unambiguous understanding of the historical processes that have acted upon the populations. here, we focused on diversity at toll-like receptor (tlr) loci, which play a key role in the vertebrate innate immune ...201526509790
population history of berthelot's pipit: colonization, gene flow and morphological divergence in macaronesia.the fauna of oceanic islands provide exceptional models with which to examine patterns of dispersal, isolation and diversification, from incipient speciation to species level radiations. here, we investigate recent differentiation and microevolutionary change in berthelot's pipit (anthus berthelotii), an endemic bird species inhabiting three atlantic archipelagos. mitochondrial dna sequence data and microsatellite markers were used to deduce probable colonization pathway, genetic differentiation ...200717908210
454 screening of individual mhc variation in an endemic island passerine.genes of the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) code for receptors that are central to the adaptive immune response of vertebrates. these genes are therefore important genetic markers with which to study adaptive genetic variation in the wild. next-generation sequencing (ngs) has increasingly been used in the last decade to genotype the mhc. however, ngs methods are highly prone to sequencing errors, and although several methodologies have been proposed to deal with this, until recently ther ...201525515684
two new feather mites of the genus proctophyllodes robin, 1868 (acari: proctophyllodidae) from european passerines (aves: passeriformes).two new species of the feather mite genus proctophyllodes robin, 1868 (analgoidea: proctophyllodidae) are described from two passerine birds (passeriformes) in europe: proctophyllodes markovetsi n. sp. from the tawny pipit anthus campestris (l.) (motacillidae) and p. loxiae n. sp. from the red crossbill loxia curvirostra (l.) (fringillidae). males of p. markovetsi are most clearly distinguished from the closely related p. tchagrae atyeo & braasch, 1966 by having greater terminal lamellae (30-40  ...201728130674
sex-dependent differences in avian malaria prevalence and consequences of infections on nestling growth and adult condition in the tawny pipit, anthus campestris.parasites play pivotal roles in host population dynamics and can have strong ecological impacts on hosts. knowledge of the effects of parasites on hosts is often limited by the general observation of a fraction of individuals (mostly adults) within a population. the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of malaria parasites in adult (≥ 1 year old) and nestling (7-11 day old) tawny pipits anthus campestris, to evaluate the influence of the host sex on parasite prevalence in both groups o ...201627001667
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