hirano body in an inflammatory cell of leptomeningeal vessel infected by fungus intracytoplasmic microfilamentous lattice, ultrastructurally identical to hirano body, was found in an inflammatory cell within a leptomeningeal vessel wall infected by fungus paecilomyces javanicus. the structure was well preserved and not associated with phagosomes. this is the first report of hirano body found in an inflammatory cell at the site of fungal infection. the present finding suggests that the formation of hirano body is non-specific and not restricted to the cell of the neuro-mu ...19863022534
cerebral paecilomyces javanicus infection. an ultrastructural study.a 41-year-old diabetic woman developed paecilomyces javanicus endocarditis and subsequent cerebral fungal embolism and vasculitis with massive infarction and hemorrhage 6 years after a mitral valve replacement with porcine heterograft. the organism was identified by the culture from the infected brain tissue and aortic valve. cerebral infection due to fungus paecilomyces is rare. this report documents the cerebral manifestations of fungus paecilomyces javanicus and describes for the first time t ...19863825513
paecilomyces javanicus endocarditis of native and prosthetic aortic valve.a 41-year-old diabetic woman developed endocarditis of the aortic valve caused by paecilomyces javanicus six years after insertion of a porcine mitral valve heterograft. the patient died shortly after aortic valve replacement. autopsy revealed vegetations of the aortic heterograft, valve ring abscess and ascending aortitis due to paecilomyces. there was no involvement of the mitral valve heterograft. lesions due to mycotic emboli were found in the kidneys, spleen, and brain. cultures of the surg ...19846540516
phylogenetic and structural analyses of the mating-type loci in clavicipitaceae.entomopathogens and other econutritional fungi belonging to clavicipitaceae were phylogenetically analyzed on the basis of the 18s rrna gene and mating-type genes (mat1-1-1 and mat1-2-1). the phylogenies of the mating-type genes yielded better resolutions than that of 18s rrna gene. entomopathogens (cordyceps bassiana, cordyceps brongniartii, cordyceps militaris, cordyceps sinclairii, cordyceps takaomontana, isaria cateniannulata, isaria farinosa, isaria fumosorosea, isaria javanica, lecanicilli ...200617064371
molecular cloning, characterization, and expression of a chitinase from the entomopathogenic fungus paecilomyces javanicus.paecilomyces javanicus is an entomopathogenic fungus of coleopteran and lepidopteran insects. here we report on cloning, characterization, and expression patterns of a chitinase from p. javanicus. a strong chitinase activity was detected in p. javanicus cultures added to chitin. the full-length cdna, designated pjchi-1, was cloned from mycelia by using both degenerate primer/reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) amplification and 5'-/3'-race extension. the 1.18-kb cdna gene co ...200717551789
influence of additives on the yield and pathogenicity of conidia produced by solid state cultivation of an isaria javanica isolate.recently, the q biotype of tobacco whitefly has been recognized as the most hazardous strain of bemisia tabaci worldwide, because of its increased resistance to some insecticide groups. as an alternative control agent, we selected an isaria javanica isolate as a candidate for the development of a mycopesticide against the q biotype of sweet potato whitefly. to select optimal mass production media for solid-state fermentation, we compared the production yield and virulence of conidia between 2 su ...201425606006
transplastomic nicotiana benthamiana plants expressing multiple defence genes encoding protease inhibitors and chitinase display broad-spectrum resistance against insects, pathogens and abiotic stresses.plastid engineering provides several advantages for the next generation of transgenic technology, including the convenient use of transgene stacking and the generation of high expression levels of foreign proteins. with the goal of generating transplastomic plants with multiresistance against both phytopathogens and insects, a construct containing a monocistronic patterned gene stack was transformed into nicotiana benthamiana plastids harbouring sweet potato sporamin, taro cystatin and chitinase ...201424479648
phosphatase-mediated bioprecipitation of lead by soil fungi.geoactive soil fungi were examined for their ability to release inorganic phosphate (pi ) and mediate lead bioprecipitation during growth on organic phosphate substrates. aspergillus niger and paecilomyces javanicus grew in 5 mm pb(no3)2-containing media amended with glycerol 2-phosphate (g2p) or phytic acid (pya) as sole p sources, and liberated pi into the medium. this resulted in almost complete removal of pb from solution and extensive precipitation of lead-containing minerals around the bio ...201626235107
uranium phosphate biomineralization by fungi.geoactive soil fungi were investigated for phosphatase-mediated uranium precipitation during growth on an organic phosphorus source. aspergillus niger and paecilomyces javanicus were grown on modified czapek-dox medium amended with glycerol 2-phosphate (g2p) as sole p source and uranium nitrate. both organisms showed reduced growth on uranium-containing media but were able to extensively precipitate uranium and phosphorus-containing minerals on hyphal surfaces, and these were identified by x-ray ...201525580878
species clarification of isaria isolates used as biocontrol agents against diaphorina citri (hemiptera: liviidae) in mexico.entomopathogenic fungi belonging to the genus isaria (hypocreales: cordycipitaceae) are promising candidates for microbial control of insect pests. currently, the mexican government is developing a biological control program based on extensive application of isaria isolates against diaphorina citri (hemiptera: liviidae), a vector of citrus huanglongbing disease. previous research identified three promising isaria isolates (che-cnrcb 303, 305, and 307; tentatively identified as isaria fumosorosea ...201626895870
identification and sequence determination of a new chrysovirus infecting the entomopathogenic fungus isaria javanica.a new double-stranded rna (dsrna) mycovirus has been identified in the isolate nb ifr-19 of the entomopathogenic fungus isaria javanica. isaria javanica chrysovirus-1 (ijcv-1) constitutes a new member of the chrysoviridae family, and its genome is made up of four dsrna elements designated dsrna1, 2, 3 and 4 from largest to smallest. dsrna1 and dsrna2 encode an rna-dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) and a coat protein (cp), respectively. dsrna3 and 4 encode hypothetical proteins of unknown function. ...201728004251
fungal transformation of metallic lead to pyromorphite in liquid medium.many approaches have been proposed to reduce the toxicity of hazardous substances such as lead in the environment. several techniques using microorganisms rely on metal removal from solution by non-specific biosorption. however, immobilization of metals through formation of biominerals mediated by metabolic processes offers another solution but which has been given limited attention. in this work, we have investigated lead biomineralization by paecilomyces javanicus, a fungus isolated from a lea ...201425065784
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