interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizae and heavy metals under sand culture experiment.a sand culture experiment was established to determine interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizae and heavy metals. mycorrhizal infection rates, spore densities, maize root and shoot weights, and heavy metal contents in maize were as indexes of responses of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (acaulospora laevis, glomus caledonium and glomus manihotis) to heavy metals (cu and cd). the mycorrhizal infection rates of g. caledonium were the highest among these three mycorrhizal fungi, but the sporulating ...200312688501
restriction analysis of pcr-amplified internal transcribed spacers of ribosomal dna as a tool for species identification in different genera of the order glomales.a technique combining pcr and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis was used to generate specific dna fragment patterns from spore extracts of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. with the universal primers its1 and its4, dna fragments were amplified from species of scutellospora and gigaspora that were approximately 500 bp long. the apparent lengths of the corresponding fragments from glomus spp. varied between 580 and 600 bp. within the genus glomus, the restriction enzymes mboi, hinfi, a ...199716535592
soil-strain compatibility: the key to effective use of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculants?consistency of response to arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) inoculation is required for efficient use of am fungi in plant production. here, we found that the response triggered in plants by an am strain depends on the properties of the soil where it is introduced. two data sets from 130 different experiments assessing the outcome of a total of 548 replicated single inoculation trials conducted either in soils with a history of (1) high input agriculture (hia; 343 replicated trials) or (2) in more pr ...201120552233
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