[activity of the tincture of centranthus ruber administered orally]. 1976959369
mechanism of effect of aging on membrane transport in leaf strips of centranthus ruber: possible ethylene involvement in cutting shock.cerulenin has been used to investigate the mechanism by which leaf strips of centranthus ruber (l.) lam et d.c. increase their capacity for solute uptake during a period of incubation in caso4 ("aging"). α-aminoisobutyric acid was used to assess uptake capability. the leaf strips developed their uptake capacity for at least 8-10 h after excision. cerulenin, if added to the aging medium immediately after cutting or at any time during the aging process, almost completely halted this development, b ...198024306887
[pharmacological studies of centranthus ruber].the authors carried out pharmacologic studies on the valepotriate component-valtrate, isolated from the plant centranthus ruber, for its central depressive action. the data from the conducted studies showed that the valtrate possessed neurotropic activity, characteristic of psycholeptic (anxiolytic) properties. the orientation reflexes and motor activity were much manifestly inhibited, when specific tests for central depressive action were used. the convulsive effects of pentetrazol and the exci ...19817227278
valepotriate content in different in vitro cultures of valerianaceae and characterization of valeriana officinalis l. callus during a growth period.different in vitro cultures of valerianaceae were analysed for valepotriate content [(iso)valtrate, acevaltrate, didrovaltrate] in a study on properties of production in vitro (plant species, growth conditions, differentiation level, valepotriate content of the medium after growth). the in vitro cultures were: callus cultures of valeriana officinalis l., valerianella locusta l. and centranthus ruber l.dc.; a suspension culture of valeriana officinalis l. and a root organ culture of centranthus r ...19836646985
is nectar reabsorption restricted by the stalk cells of floral and extrafloral nectary trichomes?reabsorption is a phase of nectar dynamics that occurs concurrently with secretion; it has been described in floral nectaries that exude nectar through stomata or unicellular trichomes, but has not yet been recorded in extrafloral glands. apparently, nectar reabsorption does not occur in multicellular secretory trichomes (mst) due to the presence of lipophilic impregnations - which resemble casparian strips - in the anticlinal walls of the stalk cells. it has been assumed that these impregnation ...201524987788
the relationship between cell division and elongation during development of the nectar-yielding petal spur in centranthus ruber (valerianaceae).floral spurs are hollow, tubular outgrowths that typically conceal nectar. by their involvement in specialized pollinator interactions, spurs have ecological and evolutionary significance, often leading to speciation. despite their importance and diversity in shape and size among angiosperm taxa, detailed investigations of the mechanism of spur development have been conducted only recently.201525725007
[study of certain esters of the root of centranthus ruber and the pharmacodynamic action of some galenic preparations thereout (author's transl)]. 19751121535
[on the constituants of centranthus (centranthus ruber dc.); fractionation analysis of esters with sedative effect]. 19675611058
[method for differentiation of preparations of centranthus ruber dc from valeriana officinalis l; preliminary note]. 200613430454
production of valepotriates by hairy root cultures of centranthus ruber dc.hairy root cultures of centranthus ruber dc. were established by infection of sterile plantlets with agrobacterium rhizogenes, strain r1601. the transformed roots were grown in 12 different, hormone-free liquid media, and valtrate, isovaltrate, 7-desisovaleroyl-7-acetylvaltrate, 7-homovaltrate, didrovaltrate and isovaleroxyhydroxydidrovaltrate were quantified by high performance liquid chromatography. the highest overall valepotriate content (3.0% dry wt) was observed in half-strength gamborg b5 ...199524186763
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