antitumor polysaccharide fraction from the culture filtrate of fomes fomentarius. 19761017096
fungi in khanty folk medicine.the fungal flora of the forest zone of west siberia contains an average number of species. the khanty living there consume only half a score of them. several fungi are used for different purposes. the article presents data on the use of amanita muscaria, fomes fomentarius, inonotus obliquus, phellinus nigricans and the puff-ball in folk medicine.19912023426
glucose-2-oxidase activity in mycelial cultures of basidiomycetes.the activity of intracellular glucose-2-oxidase was tested in 40 species of 26 basidiomycete genera. the enzyme catalyzing the oxidation of d-glucose to the dicarbonyl sugar d-arabino-2-hexosulose was demonstrated in mycelial extracts of 9 species of aphyllophorales and 6 species of agaricales cultivated in liquid media. in the majority of species exhibiting this activity hexosulose was detected in the cultivation medium. the highest enzyme activity was detected in oudemansiella mucida, coriolop ...19853996982
southern blot screening for lignin peroxidase and aryl-alcohol oxidase genes in 30 fungal species.screening to detect genes encoding lignin peroxidase (lip) and aryl-alcohol oxidase (aao) has been carried out with 30 fungal strain using dna probes from genes lpo of phanerochaete chrysosporium (encoding lip isoenzyme h8) and aao of pleurotus eryngii. evidence for the presence of genes closely related to lpo was found in bjerkandera adusta, fomes fomentarius, ganoderma applanatum, ganoderma australe, lentinula degener, peniophora gigantea, p. chrysosporium, phanerochaete flavido-alba and trame ...200011051421
[history of the therapeutic uses of the tinder polypore, fomes fomentarius (l. : fr].this paper presents the major therapeutic uses of fomes fomentarius (l. : fr.) fr., tinder polypore. the context of this fungus is a wooly and soft material so called amadou (tinder). during the xviii and xixth centuries, the fungal material was used as haemostatic dressing and bandage to keep the temperature and compress parts of the body. it was also used as cautery for moxibustion and was reported in several traditional pharmacopoeias (hungarian, chinese, indian).200212712985
weakening of the b-antigen by the presence of a1 as shown by reactions with fomes fomentarius (anti-b) extract. 196013705328
investigations on lignins and lignification. 28. the degradation by polyporus versicolor and fomes fomentarius of aromatic compounds structurally related to softwood lignin. 196313956863
inhibition and stimulation effects in communities of wood decay fungi: exudates from colonized wood influence growth by other species.the effects of exudates from uncolonized and from partly decayed beech wood on the extension rates of 16 later stage decay fungi were investigated. the partly decayed wood had been colonized by the pyrenomycete eutypa spinosa, or the basidiomycetes fomes fomentarius, stereum hirsutum, and trametes versicolor, all known as common early decay agents in european beech forests. sterilized wood pieces were placed onto 0.5% malt agar, opposite to small agar plugs containing the test fungi. the latter ...200516003479
biosorption of dyes using dead macro fungi: effect of dye structure, ionic strength and ph.biosorbents prepared from dead macro fungi, namely fomes fomentarius and phellinus igniarius, were applied for the uptake of methylene blue (mb) and rhodamine b (rb). equilibrium isotherm data could be well described by the langmuir and freundlich models. methylene blue was found to be more adsorbable than rhodamine b. langmuir monolayer coverage was determined as 204.38-232.73 mg/g and 25.12-36.82 mg/g for mb and rb, respectively. molecular structure and ionic radius of dyes were found to be re ...200616216733
identification of medicinal mushroom species based on nuclear large subunit rdna sequences.the purpose of this study was to develop molecular identification method for medical mushrooms and their preparations based on the nucleotide sequences of nuclear large subunit (lsu) rdna. four specimens were collected of each of the three representative medicinal mushrooms used in korea: ganoderma lucidum, coriolus versicolor, and fomes fomentarius. fungal material used in these experiments included two different mycelial cultures and two different fruiting bodies from wild or cultivated mushro ...200616554714
the chemistry of the white rots of wood: the effect on wood substance of ganoderma applanatum (pers.) pat., fomes fomentarius (linn.) fr., polyporus adustus (willd.) fr., pleurotus ostreatus (jacq.) fr., armillaria mellea (vahl.) fr., trametes pini (brot.) fr., and polystictus abietinus (dicks.) fr. 193216745007
primary fluorescence (autofluorescence) of fruiting bodies of the wood-rotting fungus fomes fomentarius.autofluorescence of fruiting bodies of the wood-rotting fungus fomes fomentarius has been observed and is described among native macrofungi for the first time. the strongest yellow autofluorescence with blue excitation was displayed by pith sets, a weaker yellow, yellow-green to yellow-red fluorescence was due to generative thin-walled hyphae while the weakest yellow-reddish fluorescence was emitted by thick-walled skeletal hyphae (though their parts may emit a more intensive yellow fluorescence ...200616821719
screening of fungal isolates and properties of ganoderma applanatum intended for olive mill wastewater decolourization and investigate different autochthonous isolates of wood-rotting fungi for the removal of both colour and phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewaters (omw).200717718838
affinity chromatography as a rapid and convenient method for purification of fungal laccases.a rapid and convenient method for graduation, isolation, and purification of laccase from trametes versicolor and fomes fomentarius culture fluids was developed. for purification affinity chromatography on syringyl- and vanillyl-controlled porosity glass (cpg) columns was applied. the purified laccase of f. fomentarius was immobilized on porous glass. some properties of the immobilized enzyme in comparison to the free one are discussed.199118600674
[immunomodulatory effects of fomes fomentarius polysaccharides: an experimental study in mice].to investigate the immunomodulatory effects of fomes fomentarius polysaccharides (ffp) in mice.200919304524
autofluorescence of the fruiting body of the fungus macrolepiota rhacodes.the autofluorescence (primary fluorescence, af) of the freshly collected fruiting bodies of the fungus macrolepiota rhacodes was studied in a zeiss jenalumar fluorescence microscope at a blue and a green excitation. the strongest yellow af at blue excitation was displayed by irregular granules on the surface of the fungal pileus. a weaker yellow-green af was exhibited by spherical cells and hyphae in the central part of the pileus while basidiospores emitted somewhat stronger af. at green excita ...200919381481
effect of culturing processes and copper addition on laccase production by the white-rot fungus fomes fomentarius mucl produce high laccase activities from the white-rot fungus fomes fomentarius.200919413764
host preference and species richness of wood-inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi in a cool temperate area of japan.we examined the species richness and host utilization patterns of wood-inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi (polypores and related fungi) in an old-growth beech and oak forest in a cool, temperate area of japan. coarse woody debris (cwd) > or = 20 cm diam within a 6 ha plot was surveyed in sep 2002. tree genus, diameter, decay class and tree part of cwd samples were recorded. fruiting bodies of aphyllophoraceous fungi that arose from the cwd were surveyed three times and identified to species. in ...201020120223
whole-cell fungal transformation of precursors into dyes.chemical methods of producing dyes involve extreme temperatures and unsafe toxic compounds. application of oxidizing enzymes obtained from fungal species, for example laccase, is an alternative to chemical synthesis of dyes. laccase can be replaced by fungal biomass acting as a whole-cell biocatalyst with properties comparable to the isolated form of the enzyme. the application of the whole-cell system simplifies the transformation process and reduces the time required for its completion. in the ...201020598166
ecology of coarse wood decomposition by the saprotrophic fungus fomes fomentarius.saprotrophic wood-inhabiting basidiomycetes are the most important decomposers of lignin and cellulose in dead wood and as such they attracted considerable attention. the aims of this work were to quantify the activity and spatial distribution of extracellular enzymes in coarse wood colonised by the white-rot basidiomycete fomes fomentarius and in adjacent fruitbodies of the fungus and to analyse the diversity of the fungal and bacterial community in a fungus-colonised wood and its potential eff ...201020668917
Anti-infective properties of the melanin-glucan complex obtained from medicinal tinder bracket mushroom, Fomes fomentarius (L.: Fr.) Fr. (Aphyllophoromycetideae).The goal of this investigation was to comparatively study the efficiency of traditionally used anti-infective drugs and biopolymer complexes originated from the medicinal mushroom Fomes fomentarius (L.:Fr.) Fr.: 1) water-soluble melanin-glucan complex (MGC; -80% melanins and -20% beta-glucans) and 2) insoluble chitin-glucan-melanin complex (ChGMC; -70% chitin, -20% beta-glucans, and -10% melanins). Infectious materials (Helicobacter pylori, Candida albicans, and Herpes vulgaris I and HIV-1(zmb) ...201122135899
Decolorization of Solophenyl Red 3BL Polyazo Dye by Laccase-Mediator System: Optimization through Response Surface Methodology.The decolorization of direct Solophenyl red 3BL (SR), a polyazo dye extensively used in textile industry was studied. The Fomes fomentarius laccase alone did not decolorize SR. The natural redox mediator, acetosyringone (AS), was necessary for decolorization to occur. Box-Behnken design was used to evaluate the effects of three parameters, namely, enzyme concentration (0.5-2.5?U?mL(-1)), redox mediator concentration (3-30?µM), and incubation time (1-24?h), on the SR decolorization yield. The fit ...201121869923
[process optimization for extraction of immune active polysaccharides from fomes fomentarius by introduction of ultrasonication].to study the optimal extraction process of immune active polysaccharides from fomes fomentarius by introduction of ultrasonication.201122233044
application of asymetrical and hoke designs for optimization of laccase production by the white-rot fungus fomes fomentarius in solid-state fermentation.statistical approaches were employed for the optimization of different cultural parameters for the production of laccase by the white rot fungus fomes fomentarius mucl 35117 in wheat bran-based solid medium. first, screening of production parameters was performed using an asymmetrical design 2(5)3(3)//16, and the variables with statistically significant effects on laccase production were identified. second, inoculum size, cacl(2) concentration, cuso(4) concentration, and incubation time were sel ...201123008760
differences in defensive volatiles of the forked fungus beetle, bolitotherus cornutus, living on two species of fungus.forked fungus beetles, bolitotherus cornutus, feed, mate, and live on the brackets of several species of shelf fungus that grow on decaying logs. in response to the specific threat stimulus of mammalian breath, b. cornutus beetles produce a volatile defensive secretion. we tested beetles collected from different host fungi to determine whether defensive secretion blends varied with host type. using solid phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, we detected large amounts of ...200919936835
use of differential scanning calorimetry for structural analysis of fungally degraded wood.this paper assesses the potential use of differential scanning calorimetry for analyzing sound and decayed wood. with sound wood, this method permitted the detection of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin components as discrete peaks of combustion at defined temperatures. characteristic changes in the calorimetric thermogram of birchwood (temperature of maxima, peak height, and peak area) were obtained from wood samples degraded by the basidiomycetes fomes fomentarius and piptoporus betulinus. ...198616347209
anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of the methanol extract of fomes an attempt to find bioactive natural products with an anti-inflammatory activity, we evaluated the effects of the methanol extract of fomes fomentarius (meff) on in vivo anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activities. meff (50, 100 mg/kg/d, p.o.) reduced acute paw edema induced by carrageenin in rats, and showed meff analgesic activity, as determined by an acetic acid-induced writhing test and a hot plate test in mice. to investigate the mechanism of the anti-inflammatory action of meff, w ...200415467201
constituents of various wood-rotting basidiomycetes.phytochemical investigation of n-hexane and methanol extracts of fruiting bodies of the wood-rotting fungi fomitopsis pinicola. ganoderma lipsiense, fomes fomentarius and gloeophyllum odoratum led to the isolation and identification of several triterpene derivatives and some aromatic compounds derived from lignin. these are the new natural products, namely, pinicolic acid e (16alpha-hydroxy-3-oxolanosta-8,24-dien-21-oic acid) and pinicolol c (3-oxolanosta-7,9(11),24-trien-15alpha,21-diol) from t ...200010963454
studies on lectins. xxxvi. properties of some lectins prepared by affinity chromatography on o-glycosyl polyacrylamide gels.a number of lectins has been purified by affinity chromatography on o-glycosyl polyacrylamide gels. the lectins isolated (and the particular sugar ligands used in the affinity carriers) are as follows: anguilla anguilla, serum (alpha-l-fucosyl-), vicia cracca, seeds; phaseolus lunatus, seeds; glycine soja, seeds; dolichos biflorus, seeds; maclura pomifera, seeds; sarothamnus scoparius, seeds; helix pomatia, ablumin glands; clitocybe nebularis, fruiting bodies (all n-acetyl-alpha-d-galactosaminyl ...1978563738
optimization for the production of exopolysaccharide from fomes fomentarius in submerged culture and its antitumor effect in vitro.a medicinal mushroom fomes fomentarius, was isolated from the fruiting body of a wild f. fomentarius and identified by its-5.8s rdna sequencing analysis. then, the optimization of submerged culture conditions and nutritional requirements of mycelial biomass and exopolysaccharide (eps) production from f. fomentarius was studied using orthogonal matrix method. under the optimal culture condition, the maximum eps concentration reached 3.64 g l(-1), which is about four times higher than that at the ...200817624770
The occurrence and rapid discrimination of Fomes fomentarius genotypes by ITS-RFLP analysis.Sequence comparison of available Fomes fomentarius (L.) J. Kickx f. internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of ribosomal DNA sequences demonstrated genetic non-homogeneity of the species. Multiple sequence alignment indicated the presence of two genotypes with overall similarity of about 97% and a strong statistics support. Rapid and reliable method for discrimination of F. fomentarius genotypes based on restriction digestion of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-amplified ITS sequences was developed. Bs ...201222208610
european species of hypocrea part i. the green-spored present 75 species of hypocrea have been identified in temperate europe. nineteen green-spored species and their trichoderma asexual states are here described in detail. extensive searches for hypocrea teleomorphs in 14 european countries, with emphasis on central europe, yielded more than 620 specimens within five years. the morphology of fresh and dry stromata was studied. in addition, available types of species described from europe were examined. cultures were prepared from ascospores and ...200919826500
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