replication of eubenangee virus in culicoides nuberculosus (mg.) and culicoides variipennis (coq.).eubenangee virus multiplied to a high titre in both culicoides variipennis and c. nuberculosus after intrathoracic inoculation but only in c. varriipennis after oral ingestion. 7.9 per cent of the orally infected c. variipennis supported virus replication and transmission of virus was demonstrated after 15 days' incubation at 26 degrees c. the significance of low infection rates when assessing vector potential in the laboratory and the relevance of these infection rates to the field situation ar ...19807356396
enhanced arbovirus surveillance with deep sequencing: identification of novel rhabdoviruses and bunyaviruses in australian mosquitoes.viral metagenomics characterizes known and identifies unknown viruses based on sequence similarities to any previously sequenced viral genomes. a metagenomics approach was used to identify virus sequences in australian mosquitoes causing cytopathic effects in inoculated mammalian cell cultures. sequence comparisons revealed strains of liao ning virus (reovirus, seadornavirus), previously detected only in china, livestock-infecting stretch lagoon virus (reovirus, orbivirus), two novel dimarhabdov ...201324314645
full genome sequencing and genetic characterization of eubenangee viruses identify pata virus as a distinct species within the genus orbivirus.eubenangee virus has previously been identified as the cause of tammar sudden death syndrome (tsds). eubenangee virus (eubv), tilligery virus (tilv), pata virus (patav) and ngoupe virus (ngov) are currently all classified within the eubenangee virus species of the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae. full genome sequencing confirmed that eubv and tilv (both of which are from australia) show high levels of aa sequence identity (>92%) in the conserved polymerase vp1(pol), sub-core vp3(t2) and outer ...201222438872
full genome characterization of the culicoides-borne marsupial orbiviruses: wallal virus, mudjinbarry virus and warrego viruses.viruses belonging to the species wallal virus and warrego virus of the genus orbivirus were identified as causative agents of blindness in marsupials in australia during 1994/5. recent comparisons of nucleotide (nt) and amino acid (aa) sequences have provided a basis for the grouping and classification of orbivirus isolates. however, full-genome sequence data are not available for representatives of all orbivirus species. we report full-genome sequence data for three additional orbiviruses: wall ...201425299687
the rna genome of tilligerry virus.rna extracted from tilligerry virus, a member of the eubenangee group of orbiviruses, separated into ten segments after electrophoresis in acrylamide gels. the molecular weights of most segments differed from the corresponding segments of eubenangee virus.1978708325
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